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Republicans Like the mob.Hate Socialists. Oh yea and Love Nazi's

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Republicans Like the mob.Hate Socialists. Oh yea and Love Nazi's
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Good Article

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The alliance of U.S. intelligence agencies with organized crime goes back at least as far as the U.S.' entry into the Second World War. In 1942, in an effort to protect New York harbors from acts of sabotage by axis agents, naval intelligence enlisted the help of Joseph Lanza, mafia boss of the East Side docks. Later in 1943, seeking to expand the operation to the West Side, they contacted the boss of bosses, Charles "Lucky" Luciano, then in prison. The West Side docks were controlled at the time by the heavily Italian longshoremen's union; through "Operation Underworld," partly arranged by Luciano's associate Meyer Lansky, the Mob's union contacts were mobilized in this wartime effort.4 The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) also contacted Luciano, through Lansky and Luciano's deputy August del Gracio; the OSS wanted Luciano to use his contacts in the "old country" to pave the way for the U.S. invasion of Sicily. American military officials could presumably have pursued similar cooperation with the Italian anti-Fascist underground, but fears of potential Communist advances in postwar Italy led them to favor the mafia, cutting back support to the leftist underground. The Italian Mafia were more than willing to cooperate because the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini had driven them underground for twenty-five years. The Mafia arranged enthusiastic welcomes for the allied liberators and provided guides for Patton's troops. After the invasion, Mafia heads in western Sicily were installed in mayoral posts by the American occupation force.5 The OSS also plotted with the Mafia against the Italian Communist party. It was as a direct result of his cooperation with the intelligence services that Luciano was paroled from a U.S. prison in 1946 and deported to Sicily.6


In their fear and loathing of Leftist politics, the Republicans were joined by one very select group of recent immigrants whose feelings in that regard were unsurpassed in their intensity. The Nazi Germans and their eastern European collaborators whom the U.S. government saw fit to grant American citizenship aligned themselves with hard-line Republicans. Many of these much later took key positions in the Republican Party's ethnic outreach program, the Republican National Heritage Groups Council. During the Truman administration, the forces of fascism and quiet conservatism joined to denounce Democratic policy toward Communism. Charges of treason were even brought forward. State Department officials were chief among the accused, partly because of socialist sympathies among some employees at State and partly because of a need for America to find a scapegoat for the so-called "sellout" of eastern Europe to the Soviets at the Yalta conference, the betrayal of our nation's atomic secrets, and the fall of China to the Maoists. Their principal accuser was the legendary Senator Joseph McCarthy, whose alarming tales of Communist subversion in government were true in principle but exaggerated in magnitude and unsupported by documented proof. McCarthy and his movement lasted long enough to break the Democrats' hold on the White House; when he had outlived his usefulness, he became a mere embarrassment to the Republican Party and was censured by his peers in the Senate. Ironically, the case that precipitated his downfall was an accusation against an Army officer which was never disproven but was politically unpopular.


As America gained hegemony over the world economy, the State Department and CIA worked to protect and expand this hegemony. In the words of author Dick Russell, "In the guise of guarding the Free World, the CIA propped up puppet governments whose strings were pulled by American multinational corporations," and brought down governments who threatened to go to "the other side." By the mid-1950s, partly through the connections of Vice President Richard Nixon, the Syndicate (as the American crime network was sometimes called) had moved into a close partnership with the CIA, working to protect U.S. political, criminal, and financial interests in Latin America, Asia, and the Near East. Indeed, the partnership could almost be described as a "merger," with both parties cooperating in the smuggling of guns and drugs, the laundering of money, the overthrow of governments, and the rigging of elections. Nixon is now known to have had extensive contacts in organized crime and was said to have "run the CIA" as Vice President.15 By early 1954, Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana was boasting that his "Outfit" and the CIA were "two sides of the same coin." The following quotation, an excerpt from Giancana's biography, speaks volumes:

Sometimes our government can't do s--- on the up and up. Sometimes they need a little trouble somewhere or they need some b-----d taken care of. . . . they can't get caught doin' s--- like that. What if people found out? But we can. Guns, a hit, muscle . . . whatever dirty work needs to be done. Right now, we're workin' on Asia, Iran, and Latin America. . . . we got this deal all sewn up. Ike , all he does is play golf. . . . S---, he's a pigeon . . . it's Nixon that's got the power. He's the one with the backing of the big money, like Hughes and the guys in California and the oilmen in Texas. . . . Hump says Nixon's gonna call us if he needs a little hardball behind the scenes.16

Long Live Castro

American organized crime played a major role in CIA plots against Fidel Castro, the Communist premier of Cuba. In the case of Cuba, the mafia had vital interests in common with the CIA; before Castro's 1959 overthrow of the Batista regime, Havana had been the single greatest source of revenue for organized crime in the western hemisphere. The Havana casinos, drug dealers, and abortion clinics brought the mob hundreds of millions of dollars every year. But when Castro came to power, he closed the casinos and imprisoned mafia figures like Meyer Lansky and Santos Trafficante. It follows that when CIA representative (and high-level Howard Hughes employee) Robert Maheu contacted John Roselli, the Las Vegas representative of the Chicago Mob, about a CIA plot on Castro's life, Roselli was listening very intently. Roselli introduced Maheu to Sam Giancana, and then on Giancana's behalf he contacted Santos Trafficante, the boss in Miami who had controlled the Havana underworld. Trafficante and Carlos Marcello of the New Orleans mob both had extensive Cuban connections and became involved in the CIA assassination plot, known as Operation ZRRIFLE.17 Trafficante and Marcello supplied the CIA with Cuban hit men to take Castro out in a military-style ambush. When it became apparent that subtler methods were needed, this unholy alliance began trying out poison pills; still, they couldn't get to Castro.18

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1. On Randi Rhodes a guy theorized
the october surprise could be the overthrow of castro.
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