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What's up with all this anti-Arab/Iraq stuff?

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Original message
What's up with all this anti-Arab/Iraq stuff?
What's up with all this anti-Arab/Iraq stuff?

The Iraqis are defending their homeland from a foreign invader. They never came here. They didn't attack us on 9-11. They didn't threaten us.

We've been bombing them for over 10 years for having weapons we sold them.

How would you like to have a no fly zone over Amerika from California to the Mississippi? Citizens here will soon be carrying a national ID card (might as well count the drivers license as one already) but the boarder stays open and those who try and close it are villified and arrested.

Saddam didn't have any of the weapons of mas-distraction we sold him left so the war became about his rape factories. You know what? If he had rape factores at least he had factories in his country instead of sending it all to Mexico and now India.

Those damn Arabs hang some agents doing wet work off a bridge and they are bad but it's okay for us to ventilate men, women and children in another country because mistakes happen. All the time. Saddam is bad to torture but we are good when we torture.

Why write a new Constitution for Iraq? Why not use ours since as Jay Leno said we're not using it anymore. That wouldn't work since the Iraqis are enjoying the new "freedoms" we gave them.

No petition and redress
No free press that is not US approved
No non US apporved religions
No assembly
Confiscation of guns
No due process
No habeus corpus

No wonder "terrorists" hate our "freedom". I don't like it either

All the people with red, white and blue glasses on cheering the deaths of people thousands of miles away will you also cheer when the US/UN forces are used here against the militia?
The government says the militia, Christians, Homeschoolers, Constituionalsits, pro-lifers are terrorists. You cannot serve to masters.Is the LORD God or is it the government?

We're killing "illegal Iraqi militia" according to the news right now. Why use that specific term?

Are you gonna hang blue helmeted UN peacekeepers off bridges here? What if they have US Army on their uniforms? Gonna fight them or join them when they search house to house for guns? They are already praticing it here.

Were you waving a flag as US soldiers, JBTs and US military equipment was used to murder women and children in Waco 11 years ago? So what if they shot people running out of a burning church it's Amerika right or wrong and if you don't like genocide get out of the country. When they shot Vicki Weaver and blew her brains out did you stand up and yell "support our troops". Maybe we should of dropped MOAB on the Davidian Children?

Why not direct the same death and hate towards those people in this country that make Saddam look like an angel? Other than the fact you would dissapear and everyone would be to scared to ask what happened to you.

Why not call the thugs who arrest people for owning "illegal" guns or carrying guns without the government blessing the same names? They are 1000Xs more dangerous than people herding goats across the sea. They are right here bending us over the table.
Why trade one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants one mile away?

Why is not the same hate directed at the Senators, Congressman and Presidents who took our God given rights, turned them into privlidges and then took them away? Why not call for retaliation against them? 20,000 guns laws not enough? Maybe your saving the real anger till after the assault weapons ban is passed again with even more restrictions on our liberties. If we have any left.

Gun and God free public schools turn out kids with no conscience, no knowledge of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Magna Carta. They come out non-thinking, hairless ape descended killers with no moral compass. Then they join the army and kill for Mom and apple pie (HOORAY!). As long as it's not here it's okay. Well it will probably be okay when they do it here to cause if you resist you will be a terrorist too. I was the same way at 18. I would of killed anyone the gov told me too. But you know what? As I got older I realized the government used me and lies to us. It is my responsibility to warn the next generation the way the prevous didn't warn me. Go get that cheap oil John. Kill kill kill.

Saddam never taxed me at the rate of 50-60% of my income. We're probably gonna spend a few trillion over there and guess who pays for it? Your gonna have to have 2 McDonalds jobs to pay for this 1000 year war king george has for us.

Didn't the first Gulf War teach anyone how evil and dishonest this government is? Bush the first lied about the reasons (remember killing babies and Saddam massing his army against Saudi Arabia, heck they still lie about the gassed kurds who we blamed it on Iran for 20 years) and then how many died of Gulf War illness? It only took the government amost 10 years to admit there is such a thing but just like agent orange, yellow, purple when all the soldiers are dead no one cares anymore. Just the next generation of "atomic soldiers" or black men injected with syphillis.

Thousands of Amerikan soldiers went to sperm banks before they deployed in case their shots made them sterile. Doesn't anyone else see something wrong with this? You say you support our troops but practically murder them either in combat or out of it for no reason.

How many Gulf War 2 children will be born over the next few years missing hearts arms and legs? We're sure as hell spreading depleted uranium around so it should be interesting. I'm sure the Iraqi mothers who we've kept life saving medicine from all the years will love what happens to their "enriched" children next.

In 200 years we've gone from a British coloney to the worlds strongest nation possibly ever to the worlds most despised empire. And things are just beginning.

Lincoln did a better job of preserving the individuals rights than Bush is doing. We're fighting a foreign enemy but the people living in the homeland are the ones who are losing. If you don't think Patriot Act 1 and 2 (which ashcroft says doesn't exist) as well as Victory act and whatever else isn't gonna end up screwing you, well... hope you enjoy you chocolate ration. I heard it's going up.

Author Unknown
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