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Where have all the abductees gone, long time town hall meetings, every one.

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JohnWxy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Sep-17-09 03:23 PM
Original message
Where have all the abductees gone, long time town hall meetings, every one.
Edited on Thu Sep-17-09 04:03 PM by JohnWxy
NOt so long ago every summer included the standard assortment of entertainments, 4th of July parades, kids playing kick the can ("all-ie allie in free!!"), trips to the beach or pool, or running through the sprinkler ...and inevitable treatments for bee-stings for bawling kids. As summer days waned there were the Labor day parades and packed cars to the Drive-in ("Hey, get your foot outa my face"). And of course, the perennial convocations of ardent acolytes of alien invasions ...topped off with the rivetting performances of the 'headliners' of such events, the 'alien abductees'.

These were the ardent recounters of tales of being taken into alien spaceships where wierd medical experiments were performed on the hapless abductees. Spooky stories (something like, in effect, the stories we heard when younger at summer camp about the 'crazy miner', or the 'lost camper', who relished the blood of little children, "eeeuw-w-w-w-w-w-ooh") (told with the utterly convincing sincerity of a brilliant actor ....or a maniac) that never failed to impress the multitude of wide eyed True Believers ("eeuw-w-w-w-w-w-ooh"). They were telling their stories not merely to entertain, but to WARN us - of the coming alien invasion. (We were powerless to stop it! ("NOthing to do, ohhhh, nothing can stop them.")

Well, seems like we haven't heard from these brave survivors in quite some time. They used to be so reliably entertaining. But wait! There BAAA-AAACK. Where have all the abductees gone? .... gone to town hall meetings, every one. (When will they ever learn when will they eh-hever learn.)

But, they have returned. It's no fun being an exhibitionist without an audience. Since the flying saucer movement has waned they found a better gig - at town hall meetings on Health Care Reform! Yes, now they tell spookie stories of the Government sending Godzilla to grab your grandma, and the alien controlled Government take-over of the vaunted Red-White and Blue American for-profit Health Insurance industry. The "Blob" is gonna absorb your for-profit Health insurer ("eeuwwwwwww").(told with the utterly convincing sincerity of a brilliant actor ....or a maniac) OH yeah, and, and ....instead of deadly "death rays" we have "death panels"!("augh-gh-gh-gh!!").

You know, hysteria can be fun. And to some people it certainly seems preferable to facing tough problems in the real world. Ah, escapism, it's a powerful anxiolytic .....and so convenient. Just use your imagination (paranoia is a plus). I mean who really believes the Governments gonna get Godzilla to grab your grannie,,,,,,,,E-E-E-U-U-W-W-W-W-W-W-W!!!

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