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Teabaggers: Seething Hate and Shameful Hypocrisy

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Joanne98 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Sep-16-09 11:30 AM
Original message
Teabaggers: Seething Hate and Shameful Hypocrisy

For OpEdNews: Bill Hare - Writer

The Teabaggers turned out for a major Washington, D.C. demonstration September 12 and displayed the seething hate and shameful hypocrisy for which the movement has become infamous.

Two notable elements of the demonstration and the explanations on television and radio that followed from their supporters on their significance were the economic perils America currently faces along with sympathy for the nation's middle class for the beating it is taking.

How interesting that these Teabagger events began after Democratic President Barack Obama took office. America already had compiled over a $10 trillion debt before Obama and a Democratic Congress assumed office.

Who was minding the store when the U.S. debt became the highest in the history of the planet? How did this come to pass?

Remember those tax cut bills and how they dismembered so many of those folks out there in America's heartland whose plights Teabaggers proclaim to be so concerned about?

At the time that food banks were overwhelmed, unemployment increased, and more Americans had economically descended to poverty levels, just where were today's Teabaggers?

Where was this concern now being displayed about the economic tragedies encountered by so many Americans?

Remember what the response was from the same spectrum of the political barometer that comprises today's Teabag movement? How many times was the face of 9/11 hurled at progressives concerned about the tragedies confronting so many Americans?

They would use 9/11 to accuse those registering the same concerns they suddenly discovered after Obama took office of disloyalty. No criticism was allowed of the Bush-Cheney team since America was at war. Any criticism of any kind involved giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Oddly enough, there was no interest evidenced in independently investigating the same 9/11 Twin Tower tragedies that led to this state of war.

It was also never explained how the war powers of the U.S. Constitution circumscribed that such a declaration must be invoked against a specific nation or nations.

How many Teabaggers at Saturday's and other meetings have carried signs referring to Obama as a Nazi? Were these wholesome expressions of good old American grassroots protest?

On the subject of what constitutes totalitarian tyranny, based on the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals following World War Two the major thrust of the U.S. prosecution team led by Chief Justice Robert Jackson and Telford Taylor was the act of waging aggressive warfare without the legitimacy of self-defense.

What happened when this very thing occurred with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld attacking Iraq and waging war without sufficient proof, inflicting death on more than 1.3 million Iraqis while another 2 million became refugees?

How did these individuals now calling Obama a Nazi react when a Swedish UN weapons inspector along with the governments of France and Germany sought sufficient time to investigate Bush-Cheney claims that the U.S. stood in imminent peril of a nuclear attack from Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein?

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