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On wisdom scale of 1 to 10, humans in general are less than 1 -- hence elites and enablers.

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wcepler Donating Member (591 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-15-08 01:39 PM
Original message
On wisdom scale of 1 to 10, humans in general are less than 1 -- hence elites and enablers.

How about an operating definition of wisdom as: "in touch with reality".

Yes, "reality" is a biggie, but we could just as well have said "truth", since the dynamic is the same.

The very fact that most people recoil at words like reality and truth, is a measure of the cowardly and slothful nature of our species.

Why is this the case? Why do people masturbate away their lives with duh-brained politics, when they could be actualizing their potential and using their birthright intelligence and sensitivity to eagle-wing their way into transcendence?

Politics is a straight jacket of delusion which is leading directly to Homo sapien extinction because wisdom on this planet is virtually nonexistent. At least relative to the billions of deadweight, deadhead enablers of evil, it's the exception that tragically proves the rule.

The "moral" to all this is that we humans are pathetically doomed unless we have much, much more wisdom. Look at the world. Do we need any more proof? What you see in a virtual vacuum of wisdom.

Here's an odd way to say it. How many dilettantes or even practioners of science REALLY take it in that ultimate realness is where we already are? I mention science to emphasize that a random sample of scientists probably doesn't significantly differ from any other random sample of humans.

Said differently, the challenge of wisdom is MUCH more fundamental than the challenge of science. Good God, you can be a cockroach religious fundamentalist and still have a PhD in chemistry and/or a position at some prestigious lab. The skills and politics are secondary. ALL THAT COUNTS is whether or not science, for you, is categorically dealing with reality. Which it is. It really, really is, but almost certainly hundreds of thousands of "scientists" are scientists in name only. It's just a job and it has NOTHING to do with truth. For that they've got their religious fanaticisms or neurotic/psychotic games.

It all comes back to our operating definition of wisdom, i.e., being in touch with reality (in this case, nature).

Here's a totally different case. Most people (practically everyone?) are bogglingly out of touch with their own emotional, psychological reality. What's REALLY going on "inside us" is almost always light years away from the actual, factual truth of things. For example, we are in denial about so many things its amazing we aren't transparent as ghosts. We all know this is true, even though it certainly doesn't have to be true. It's our choice. We choose in live in loony tunes and pretend that the world (inside and outside) is TOTALLY different from what it is. And then (this is the denial part), we pretend we're not pretending.

You want a specific example (from tens of thousands)? No problema. How about death? How many of us are anywhere near being 100% realistic that DEATH IS REAL and "we're all the other guy"? And what's so pitiful about this is that (1.) denial of death doesn't "eliminate" death (hardly!), and (2.) we even KNOW we're doing it. After all if you are pretending you're not going to die, and also pretending you're NOT pretending you're not going to die (tricky), you have to KNOW what to pretend or you can't pretend it. So, talk about much ado about nothing! Nobody is fooling anybody. Every bloody one of us IS going to die, and every bloody one of us (if you look deeply enough) KNOWS we're going to die.

The big picture of all this death chaos and lying that it's simply another example of a world utterly without wisdom (i.e., seeing things like they are). But for us, this IS the world. And we wonder why nothing every works, unless, of course, you turn to evil to get your goodies since a life of denial is a perfect "host" for the machinations of evil. Since our species is basically in such as stupor of denial and fear, we can be (and are) treated like cattle; which, of course, is exactly how the vampire elites control the human race.

After all, the less wisdom in our life (i.e., the less we are in touch with reality), the easier it is to be treated like cattle. Airhead humans are just begging to be herded.

The infinite tragedy is that all this COULD be different, but it can only happen one life at a time. It's called "waking up" and it's completely within the reach of the human race.

Will our generation hear the call of wisdom? No other generation has, but this time, far more than most, if we don't daringly and aggressively actualize our nearly limitless human potential, it's straight to the Bush/neo-Nazi slaughterhouse.

And that's reality.

W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

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