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Its My Party and Ill Fly if I Want To

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Daveparts Donating Member (854 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Oct-05-07 10:34 AM
Original message
Its My Party and Ill Fly if I Want To
By David Glenn Cox

We find ourselves as Americans lost in a quandary; our political parties no longer answer the helm. We turn the wheel but like an amusement park ride it goes where it will regardless of what direction we turn the wheel. Conservatives long opposed to international nation building find themselves the authors of just such a dilemma and on a massive scale. Their policies of limited government are made a mockery with the most intrusive governments actions since Hitlers enabling acts. Six years of compassionate conservatism have brought neither compassion nor conservatism. Huge debts initiated by a Republican President and Republican Congress run contrary to their own political philosophy.

Only a strong commitment to the military reminds the average Republican who it was they had voted for originally. But the huge deployments and over reaching commitments have left us weaker in the event of a national emergency. The conservative mantra of let someone else pay the taxes is exacerbated by the tax cuts designed to fuel growth. Globalism and outsourcing have shrunk the tax base once used to finance America namely the middle class. Conservatives have fostered sales tax schemes forgetting that those taxes only generate revenue if there are sales.

The Republican candidates find themselves muted John McCain tried running with the President and found both money and support evaporated. Rudy ran on his 9-11 record but as more information has been disclosed about his record and his penchant for cross-dressing Rudy is hardly the darling of conservatives. Fred Thompson ran a successful campaign until he entered the race and it makes my point. The Republican Party is just as splintered and dissatisfied with their party as the democrats are.

What about Mitt? Many evangelical Christians are uneasy about the prospect of a Mormon President. Mormonism to many evangelicals is to Christianity as a neurosurgeon is to a chiropractor. The churchs tendency to follow a radical ideology based on another testament other than the New Testament leaves evangelicals cold. The church that taught until 1965 that African Americans were a different species of human being can hardly sit well with people of color.

The Democrats fare no better, the opposition party that agrees with its opposition most of the time. Unwilling to fight for much more than the language in legislation they denounce on TV and vote for in conference committee. Impeachments off the table once the votes are counted. The war will be decried as the funding is approved the corporate candidates are anointed while all others are ignored. The democrats are the party of inclusion, the party of the big tent. Sadly, however it has become the big corporate tent.

So here we are, the bulk of the American population dissatisfied with its government, its courts and its political parties. There is an opportunity in disaster a light shining between the dark clouds. For in disaster comes the acceptance, acceptance to modify views for the sake of the political disaster. We could form a third party but we would have to fight political battles in all fifty states against entrenched party bureaucracies just to get on the ballot.

Or we could form new Democratic and Republican parties and then move to decertify the originals. Its the parties who have left us after all and pushed us out claiming our mantle as their own. A mantle that doesnt reflect our beliefs in either party and parties that agree more than they disagree and disagree only in nuance. The construction of new parties apparatus is critically important. Winning an election without a party apparatus is like trying to go to the moon without a rocket. You can suit up and go to the pad but youll get no further.

Second, it moves us down the revolutionary path. The gauntlet is thrown down, just as it was to those of us who favored impeachment because it forced the issue and would make all to declare where they stood. It pushes the issue of public sentiment without direct assault on the government but the parties will feel the assault as donors begin to question for themselves as to who are the real Republicans and Democrats. Forced they will be to declare, Im a Democrat that supports this war verses a New Democrat that does not.

A Republican that supports nation building and huge deficits verses a new Republican that does not. For the true issue here is that both parties are usurped and corrupted. An invisible third party residing like a parasite in the bodies of both parties no longer our own. It would be easier to build again than to fight over the corpse of what once was.

I say revolutionary path because failing the assumption of the current parties what other path is left open to us. In either case the establishment of a leadership cadre is essential to assure a peaceful process. Law enforcement clubs should be established and encouraged to educate our youth in true democratic principles. Physical education and self-defense should be taught and stressed.

Local civic hiking and marching groups should be formed to show public solidarity with the new parties along with an aggressive corporate education campaign. To show the advisability of supporting the new parties over the old. The answer in a word is unity for Republicans and Democrats successfully managed this country for decades. Only in the past twenty-five or so years that both parties have morphed from their ideological roots into Recorporacrats.

The Recoporacrats agreed on Nafta and GATT the Iraq war, the Patriot Act, the new bankruptcy law. Outsourcing, illegal immigration as they trade wage slave level minimum wage increase for billions in war funding and of course impeachment is off the table. Secret prisons, illegal wire taps Haliburton contracts for detention camps now ask yourself, why is Hillary laughing? And why is George Bush sending her campaign advice?

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