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Dumber Than A Bag of Rocks, a Small Bag

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Daveparts Donating Member (854 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu May-17-07 09:29 AM
Original message
Dumber Than A Bag of Rocks, a Small Bag
Watching C spin the other day discussing the second Republican debate it struck me that there wasnt enough presidential timber on that stage to make a box of Ohio blue tip kitchen matches. In case you missed it I will give you a brief synopsis, the answer to the Iraq war is more war just not the way Bush is doing it. You see they maintain you can go about going in the wrong direction in the wrong way and what they offer is going in the wrong direction but in the right way.

The answer to Americas trade problems is through more free trade and tax credits to bring industry back from .50 cent an hour labor to $5.15 an hour labor. Maybe lolli pops and free ice cream might do the trick? And my favorite my very very favorite is America needs a more regressive tax system. Bush proposed the Blue skies initiative to allow corporate polluters to carry on full speed ahead and then the conquest of Iraq was entitled titled operation Iraqi freedom so when a Republican says we need the Fair tax it means Mr. and Mrs. Main Street America bend over and cough.

There was a tragic comic aspect to this like watching a stage full of Willy Loemans the pro Iceberg party meeting on the deck of the Titanic. Hydrogen salesman waiting for the Hindenberg to arrive hoping to make the sale. George Bush hasnt just destroyed Iraq and damaged and disparaged Americas economy and reputation hes done damage that will take a generation to recover from. Yet its but a glancing blow in comparison to what hes done to the Republican Party.

How can you charge off chasing after an idiot yelling me too! And then after the folly is exposed come back saying, Listen Ive got some other ideas too! Like the Democrats theyve strayed so far from their intellectual roots they themselves dont even know what their party represents. If you ask the media, the star of the debate was Governor Mike Huckabee with his one liner about John Edwardss haircut. Thats a good strategy Governor, keep them laughing so they don t find out your nuts a few more comedy writers and maybe youll be President.

If I were John Edwards I would respond, Thats a good one coming from an Arkansas politician weve all seen how cleaver they can be Thats called a two fer. But to the media that was the number one stupid pet trick of Republican politics was a snappy one liner.Maybe they should nominate Robin Williams and following that philosophy Groucho Marx would have been the greatest leader since Solomon.

But if you ask the C spin callers the winner was Ron Paul a heretic among the Republican faithful. Rep. Paul to his credit comes to the table with honest legitimate ideas. Bad ideas but honest bad ideas which is what draws the Republicans to him not his ideas his honesty he honestly believes his bad ideas and it raises him above snappy one liners marionettes, sock puppets and Polaroid Rudis. Even the Republican faithful are sick and tired of being lied to and thats George Bushes millstone and legacy left to his party they dont believe the lies anymore hes ruined the franchise!

Thats the scariest aspect of our current political situation and the most instructive as well the most honest politicians of both parties are disparaged by the media. Ron Paul is a Libertarian, which I dont agree with politically but he is honest about it, he says what thinks regardless of the party line. Dennis Kucinich is an old line Harry Truman liberal you might not agree with his politics but he tells you where he stands without equivocation regardless of the party line. The media tries with all their might to marginalize both candidates trying to force tin foil hats on their heads to cull them from the corporate herd.

But listen to C spin for just two hours of callers, the people are begging for honesty, they are sick and tired of used car salesman politicians. With slogans and platitudes that all boil down to more of the same Democans and Republicrats George Bush has torn the scenery from the stage a sunder and people are seeing behind the illusion that neither party is working for the peoples interest but for corporate interests. But the media interests give a hard push to Hillary Huckabee Rudy and Obama who promise this wont hurt the checks in the mail and I wont, well you know the rest.

If you could synthesize Ron Paul and Dennis Kucincih and you would find the campaign soon over the directness of Paul with the sincerity of Kucinich couldnt be stopped. The intellectualism of Dennis with they strength and fighting spirit of Ron and the jig would be up for both parties. Because both men despite their foibles truly care about America and about the American people over and above the corporate interests and because of that the corporate interests see them as enemies to be destroyed, Martin Luthers with hammer and nails headed for their corporate cathedrals.

We are tasked with a greater burden than Lott he only had to find one good man we have to try and find him while the media trys to hide them. The American people are far wiser then its leaders and pundits even though recent circumstances might suggest other wise they know the next President has to be honest and level with them. We will do what ever is asked of us if you give it to us straight and then apply it fairly.

Abraham Lincoln came to the Presidency when the two established parties were lost like today. Elected without a majority he selected members from opposing parties for cabinet positions trying to form a coalition government. South Carolina succeeded on his election and he offered them an olive branch on his inaugural address he made it clear he would sacrifice his own positions to save the union. When however it became clear that the union could not be saved without war he sent for every book in the library of congress on the subject and then read them all.

Lincoln feared if the Union wasnt saved the continent would fracture into many states with petty tyrants alliances and wars. His goal was not the immediate solution or the convenient solution or the best solution for the party or for Lincoln but as he saw it the only solution that was best for America.

He was despised by his own party savaged by his opponents and raped by the media but he was reelected because the American people saw he was an honest man in a difficult position doing the best he could for the American peoples interests. America is at a travis economic military and social America is bleeding and we need a doctor whos not working for the undertaker or the bandage industry or the casket company.

The ultimate irony of the situation is the answer is right in front of the campaigns the people know it but the campaigns refuse to accept it. We need one liners and platitudes mixed with a double helping of euphemisms they insist. We need to say what we say without saying what we said a three bumper bank shot without sinking the eight ball. You know what I think? With the exception of Kunncich and Paul theyre all as dumb as a bag of rocks a small bag. And Paul and Kuccinich might be that dumb as well but I think theyre at least honest about it and Ill take and honest dumb man over a conniving genius even one dumb as a bag of rocks.
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opihimoimoi Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu May-17-07 11:33 AM
Response to Original message
1. Ya got it to do to correct this mess?
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