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Daveparts Donating Member (854 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-05-07 06:26 PM
Original message

Of all the Idiocy in Iraq of the bungle in Baghdad has been the ability of the administration define its self, to say, It is so. A prime example, there is no war in Iraq there is an ongoing aggression but there is no war. War is a battle between two armies this is an armed robbery and attempted rape this is a crime not a conflict. But time after time after time the administration is allowed to name the heroes and villains and to frame the cast of characters much like Vince McMan in a Hulk Hogan pro wrestling event.

Living in their palace of lies and deceit built on a foundation of false premises gross miscalculations and inaccurate absurdities. Decorated with gingerbread and latticework of half-truths prevarications and falsities. Truth is greeted as an unwelcome stranger in this house for when she comes to the door she has nothing to offer to them, they make their own.

The palace is buttressed with lie upon lie upon lie it is more than just the adjectives and adverbs it is the nouns themselves making reality totally unintelligible. A fantasyland of failure where the truth is negotiable and the numbers are whatever the administration says they are. They start with a solution and then work backwards to prove themselves correct changing the numbers as necessary in the columns as they go. The simplicity of the system gives it its beauty when caught in a lie, lie again and if necessary lie until infinity.

A blizzard of bullshit where the original lie is buried by the drifts of new lies still pouring down obscuring the view of original intentions covering up the old crimes with new crimes. Defining each new escapade as a liberatiation or emancipation complete with barriers checkpoints and free fire zones. All while questioning the patriotism of those who earnestly dont want soldiers to die by those who pontificate but dont really give a tinkers damn either way just another lie just another log on the fire just another frigging body in a bag.

Congress bows and scraps admiring the emperors new clothes unwilling to speak the truth because either they want to play emperor next or powerful forces in the corporate court warn them away with threats of the media Merlins casting spells upon them. Its embarrassing for all concerned, who among us hasnt been put in a ridicules position because of someone else lies. Poor Hilary, she says the war was a mistake but we must continue it, stuck between the lie and her complicity in it what she is saying is in fact, Well I hit my thumb with a hammer and now I must continue to do it. Poor Hilary, an innocent, she is a lamb amongst the wolves she wants so badly to be President she studies Nixon 101 unaware that the textbook is long out of date.

OJ Simpson inked a book deal for a kill and tell all scenario, the public was outraged that a murderer will now profit from his crime. But George Tenets book is greeted as a revelation, Well yes it was all based on lies and well he explains it was everyone else that was lying. I was trying to tell the truth or I didnt know. A lying apologists attempt to jump on the bandwagon to cash in on his role in an on going criminal conspiracy while the bloods still warm. A prosecutor might ask, If you were so willing to lie in the past how can we now accept your testimony as truth especially in light of the fact that now youre being paid for it.

OJs got his Hiesman and Tenets got his medal of freedom both stained in blood and only the money can comfort them now from the painful hidious truth. I wondered reading excerpts of Tenants alibis if Alberto Gonzales didnt get an early copy as the book reads much like his testimony, I wasnt aware of or I didnt know or I wasnt at that meeting. Just another lie just another log on the fire more bodies bags for Iraqi freedom.

Like the riddle inside a mystery wrapped in an enigma this is a lie inside a prevarication wrapped inside a falsehood. Its about oil! Its always been about oil! And its always going to be about oil! Its about killing anyone who gets between them and the oil, rewarding the Quislings and eliminating anyone else. The administration and Congress are both lost as to how to solve this problem because they refuse to admit the reality of where they are standing in the first place. Reality is not a comfortable political situation but then again its not so cozy for mothers father's sons and daughters losing family members either.

The pusillanimous pretenders to power debate what should the political solution be?
One Iraq? Three? Or more? Just more blizzards of bullshit the only battle is for Iraqi oil revenues and nothing more. Once they get control of the oil they care no more about the condition of Iraq than a mugger cares about you after hes got your wallet after all a rapists doesnt send flowers the next day.

Hugo Chavez is decried as a dictator and a mad man when he called oil companies up on the phone and explained, We are going to renegotiate our oil contracts we are going to keep 70% and you are going to get 30% the same deal the Saudis and Kuwaitis have. Now if youre unhappy with this or find it unacceptable in anyway we will buy you out cash on the barrel head!

The Iraqi oil legislation will give the Iraqis 30% of the revenue and the oil companies keep 70% the Iraqis will be required to pay for the overhead and upkeep of the operation. The oil companies will pay no taxes or tariffs and wont be responsible for any environment damage or required to invest any share of the profits back into Iraq. The oil companies will maintain complete control as to when and how much oil can be taken. To call this a fair bargain is to call rape dating

The truth is as ugly as it is brutal; we orchestrated a show trial and put Saddam to death for murdering his own people. Funny isnt it when a Quisling government does as we wish theyre sovereign but when they ask us to stop building walls in Baghdad we pay them no mind. But this murderous reichswehr that has so thoroughly trashed every scared American ideal cant stop themselves now they feel so close. They can smell the crude but not the bodies; they want what they want when they want it. Everything else is detail work after all its not their sons or their money.

But we have an obligation if we ever expect to regain any semblance of control over our government we must put a stop this! An ugly brutal atrocity committed and perpetrated by ambitious greedy men that must be corrected and rectified before we as a nation can again find ourselves and find our self-respect. Tenet doesnt belong on the book circuit he belongs in a court docket for conspiracy to commit war crimes. How happily he tells his story for dollars lets see how the story morphs when he tells it to save his neck.

For although Im personally against the death penalty when it comes to war crimes Ill make an exception. The willingness to deal out death to thousands without a care or concern cannot be overlooked or ignored be it by Germans, Cambodians or yes even American administrations. To look the other way is to make us unworthy of our souls and cowardly to our principles only by swinging their sorry carcasses from the gallows can we make the point of our determination and send a deterrent message to future generations. To those who would put their greed before their humanity and raise themselves above the law will feel the winds of justice below the hangmans knot.

For lost in the blizzard is the fact that there are two crime scenes here not one. The crime of war for profit in Iraq is enough to earn the gallows but I dont seek retribution but renunciation. For the greater crime is theft of the American government and abuse of our ideals and there by dragging our name in the dirt. For by a war crimes trial and subsequent execution we can renounce all that they have done in our names. Like the pulling down of statues through their destruction we can purge our selves and clean ourselves and rid ourselves of the stains they have inflicted upon us. To wake from this nightmare and to be Americans again.

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