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- This Saturday could be the day that the Republicans really feel the outrage of the public rpannier Wed Oct-02-13 05:33 AM2
- I wish the ladies of The View would care about facts as much as they want us to care No Elephants Wed Oct-02-13 01:38 AM5
- It's deja vu all over again. No Elephants Wed Oct-02-13 01:20 AM2
- American Exceptionalism at it's Finest on Display rpannier Tue Oct-01-13 09:33 AM2
- I am grateful to Ted Cruz No Elephants Mon Sep-30-13 09:17 AM2
- Given my many rants about the deficiencies of the mainstream media, it's no surprise that I No Elephants Mon Sep-30-13 08:03 AM7
- "Hundreds" protest Obamacare in Washington, D.C. No Elephants Sat Sep-28-13 02:16 PM5
- Memory Lane No Elephants Sat Sep-28-13 11:42 AM2
- Vatican asks minor victims of pedophile priest to be patient. No Elephants Sat Sep-28-13 11:39 AM2
- Interesting post from a former Sixty Minutes producer about Carter and No Elephants Sat Sep-28-13 10:51 AM1
- Breaking: Liberal scientists confirm yet again that humans causing global warming. No Elephants Sat Sep-28-13 06:26 AM2
- Greek far-right leader arrested; warrants for more No Elephants Sat Sep-28-13 06:09 AM2
- George HW Bush served as witness at a gay wedding rpannier Sat Sep-28-13 04:37 AM2
- Thinking of Mad Floridian No Elephants Sat Sep-28-13 04:25 AM6
- Boston Mayoral preliminary election results---not as bad as I thought. No Elephants Thu Sep-26-13 01:19 PM4
- Davis did a lot better with her filibuster in the Texas legislature than Cruz did with his in the No Elephants Thu Sep-26-13 01:06 PM2
- A baker's dozen of Mayoral candidates on the line today. No Elephants Wed Sep-25-13 04:13 AM3
- instruction manuals instead of literature: Arne Duncan on Colbert Report 9/17/13 No Elephants Tue Sep-24-13 01:33 PM2
- Movie Night--The Federal Reserve No Elephants Tue Sep-24-13 12:04 PM4
- You would not believe the aroma No Elephants Sun Sep-22-13 02:02 PM4
- Maddow laying groundwork for war again. No Elephants Sun Sep-22-13 01:55 PM8
- Do too many kids go to college? No Elephants Sun Sep-22-13 01:43 PM2
- My laptop seems to be getting warmer than usual. [View All] No Elephants Sat Sep-21-13 05:42 PM21
- Unleashed and Unaccountable: FBI abuses of authority No Elephants Sat Sep-21-13 05:39 PM4
- I posted a thread about an upcoming showing of a movie about the article I was going to post. Leopolds Ghos... Sat Sep-21-13 05:33 PM4
- Which of these things is not like the others? No Elephants Fri Sep-20-13 05:31 PM2
- Belated Happy Labor Day No Elephants Fri Sep-20-13 05:25 PM2
- MSNBC loves it some war and some Hillary. No Elephants Wed Sep-18-13 12:35 PM2
- MSNBC beating drum for war. No Elephants Thu Sep-12-13 05:04 PM6
- Countries don't have "friends" - they have "interests". kentuck Wed Sep-11-13 03:06 AM6
- Senate Hawks Drafting New AUMF No Elephants Wed Sep-11-13 02:07 AM2
- After a great job on Manning, Kevin Gosztola has turned to bombing Syria. No Elephants Wed Sep-11-13 02:06 AM5
- So I went to a fan convention & We caused an earthquake (1.9 richter scale) in the convention hall. Leopolds Ghos... Tue Sep-10-13 03:51 PM10
- Please, Louise. No Elephants Tue Sep-10-13 02:55 PM8
- Do you suppose that robots ever dance The Human? No Elephants Tue Sep-10-13 10:36 AM3
- So I think ever since I told people on DU3 I was a brony, they won't reply to my political posts. [View All] Leopolds Ghos... Tue Sep-10-13 10:35 AM23
- The Happy News (?) No Elephants Mon Sep-09-13 11:03 AM2
- There's a politician for ya! No Elephants Mon Sep-09-13 03:24 AM4
- Rachel Maddow's show Thursday took another turn. No Elephants Mon Sep-09-13 01:42 AM2
- Memo from Geithner to Summers. (Don't read this post if you are down. It won't help! ) No Elephants Mon Sep-09-13 12:24 AM3
- Oh, Great. In committee, Senator Markey voted Present on Syria. No Elephants Mon Sep-09-13 12:18 AM4
- "My constituents didn't hear the intelligence I heard." No Elephants Sun Sep-08-13 11:35 PM4
- Operation Ranch Hand rpannier Sun Sep-08-13 11:21 PM2
- Could be worse, I suppose. He could have called her an empty vagina. No Elephants Sat Sep-07-13 02:20 PM4
- Everyone on Morning Joe saying this morning the votes are there for bombing. No Elephants Sat Sep-07-13 04:26 AM2
- The Flip Side No Elephants Fri Sep-06-13 09:41 PM5
- Rachel Maddow making a case why other nations should join us re: Syria No Elephants Fri Sep-06-13 12:11 AM2
- # Syrian Chemical Deaths: 355. Doctors Without Borders. No Elephants Wed Sep-04-13 10:45 PM4
- Mamma Mia! No Elephants Wed Sep-04-13 09:10 AM3
- Barack Obama has the constitutional opportunity to fulfill his destiny. kentuck Wed Sep-04-13 09:06 AM5
- Geez, Louise. No Elephants Wed Sep-04-13 08:58 AM3
- I believe that contacting government to say how you feel about an issue No Elephants Tue Sep-03-13 08:27 PM2
- The AUMF that Obama seeks is quite broad. No Elephants Tue Sep-03-13 10:48 AM2
- Ah, Syria, Part 2 No Elephants Mon Sep-02-13 02:09 PM1
- You can't go home again. No Elephants Mon Sep-02-13 02:05 PM5
- How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Barry Goldwater. No Elephants Mon Sep-02-13 03:13 AM4
- FBM Divine Discon... Sun Sep-01-13 05:08 PM4
- Please remind me: Whose idea was the sequester again? No Elephants Sun Sep-01-13 09:29 AM3
- Ah, Syria No Elephants Sun Sep-01-13 04:20 AM3
- Wow. One of our candidates for Mayor said that he does not No Elephants Fri Aug-30-13 08:35 AM9
- Parliament rejects PM's request to censure Syria for use of chemical weapons. No Elephants Fri Aug-30-13 06:43 AM3
- Please send a card or note to Chelsea Manning. (as Bradley Manning has asked to be called) No Elephants Thu Aug-29-13 09:44 AM6
- I am not an economist. I have never even played one on TV. No Elephants Thu Aug-29-13 09:42 AM3
- Was there ever any doubt? No Elephants Thu Aug-29-13 09:32 AM2
- Secretary of War, Secretary of (snort) Defense, Secretary of Peace. No Elephants Thu Aug-29-13 01:14 AM5
- Matt Damon and Ben Affleck hosting fundraiser for Cory Booker No Elephants Thu Aug-29-13 01:03 AM0
- Hey, DIA, where have you been all my life? No Elephants Wed Aug-28-13 03:32 AM4
- Republicans: Crazy talk and more crazy talk No Elephants Tue Aug-27-13 09:51 AM2
- Help the Hungry. (Reprinted with permission.) No Elephants Tue Aug-27-13 09:51 AM3
- Quote from barry Goldwater rpannier Tue Aug-27-13 09:50 AM6
- Obama says struggling over whether to intervene in Syria No Elephants Tue Aug-27-13 04:09 AM5
- My Third Truman Speech Post--Immigrants No Elephants Tue Aug-27-13 04:01 AM9
- Republicans and the Founding Fathers speak from beyond. Tea Party watch out rpannier Tue Aug-27-13 03:22 AM3
- Lord, I hope not! No Elephants Tue Aug-27-13 03:16 AM1
- Remember that 2008 FISA vote that Obama promised to fix after he became President? No Elephants Thu Aug-22-13 03:31 AM2
- Center for Constitutional Rights speaks out about Manning. No Elephants Wed Aug-21-13 03:01 PM0
- Glenn Greenwald's life partner detained at Heathrow; electronic equipment seized. No Elephants Wed Aug-21-13 02:57 PM8
- Blue Moon tonight, Al Roker sez there will not be another for 3 years No Elephants Wed Aug-21-13 12:07 PM4
- CIA Admits Role In 1953 Iran Coup Against Democratically-Elected Prime Minister No Elephants Tue Aug-20-13 09:16 PM2
- Birth and the Presidency No Elephants Tue Aug-20-13 10:39 AM4
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