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- Why is the head of the FBI given the prefix "Honorable?" No Elephants Mon Nov-18-13 05:13 AM2
- Speaking of Obamacare: No Elephants Mon Nov-18-13 05:09 AM2
- John F. Kennedy-on peace and nuclear disarmament No Elephants Sun Nov-17-13 10:58 AM3
- How much would single payer cost?- No Elephants Sat Nov-16-13 09:27 AM3
- CNN on the job, proving the Warren Report was correct. No Elephants Fri Nov-15-13 06:36 AM1
- November 13, 2013: Wikileaks releases draft of TPP. No Elephants Fri Nov-15-13 06:34 AM1
- Wiki on U.S. Presidential Assassinations (4 successful, many failed attempts) No Elephants Thu Nov-14-13 08:07 PM2
- ACA total enrollments for October (state exchanges AND federal)= 106,000 No Elephants Thu Nov-14-13 08:02 PM2
- Dry eye surgery being heavily pushed by my local NEWS programs. No Elephants Thu Nov-14-13 07:46 PM2
- Fantastic news for posters! Godwin's law struck down as unconstitutional (and meaningless). No Elephants Thu Nov-14-13 06:36 AM4
- Pope Francis 'is mafia target after campaigning against corruption' rpannier Thu Nov-14-13 06:32 AM3
- Plagiarism, Biden, Obama and Paul. No Elephants Wed Nov-13-13 03:20 PM8
- Two interesting graphs Speck Tater Wed Nov-13-13 10:28 AM3
- But, he donated a million dollars to Obama's re-election campaign anyway. No Elephants Tue Nov-12-13 07:33 AM2
- Veterans' Day, established originally as Armistice Day, to commemorate "the War to End All Wars," No Elephants Tue Nov-12-13 07:31 AM2
- Why you want only unbleached, unbromated flour. No Elephants Tue Nov-12-13 05:11 AM5
- Video of Ted Cruz' daddy....also of Ted being anointed. madfloridian Mon Nov-11-13 10:15 PM4
- MSNBC ads promote fracking with "native" (aka stealth) ads. No Elephants Sat Nov-09-13 06:49 AM3
- Lots of sharp differences between Republicans and Democrats. No Elephants Fri Nov-08-13 07:54 AM2
- MSNBC clueless panel discussion about Obama on cancelled insurance policies. No Elephants Fri Nov-08-13 06:38 AM1
- Cancer vs. heart attack is how one Virginian described the gubernatorial choice. No Elephants Thu Nov-07-13 04:32 AM3
- Boston Mayor just called for Walsh No Elephants Wed Nov-06-13 05:18 AM4
- Major cuts to food stamps going effective today, All Saints Day. No Elephants Wed Nov-06-13 05:14 AM9
- Self-Centered humans... Speck Tater Tue Nov-05-13 09:58 PM2
- Lawyers to earn higher legal aid fees for early guilty pleas rpannier Sat Nov-02-13 01:45 AM2
- ALL female US Senators signed a letter urging Hillary to run for President in 2016 No Elephants Sat Nov-02-13 01:41 AM1
- Today's Meditation No Elephants Sat Nov-02-13 01:32 AM1
- Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the DNC, on Daily Show Wednesday No Elephants Fri Nov-01-13 02:58 AM5
- Interesting! Banned DU3 users can post here in DU2. This post is proof. Speck Tater Fri Nov-01-13 02:13 AM8
- Bill Moyers this weekend-examines the ridiculous JP Morgan settlement No Elephants Fri Nov-01-13 02:06 AM6
- What Joan Walsh actually wrote in Salon. No Elephants Thu Oct-31-13 06:21 AM8
- Scary Jack O'Lantern No Elephants Thu Oct-31-13 05:50 AM2
- Connolly 41, Walsh 39. (Boston Mayor) No Elephants Thu Oct-31-13 05:48 AM3
- Hurray! It's Friday. No Elephants Fri Oct-25-13 12:19 PM1
- Half siblings separated 30 years ago in childhood reunited. No Elephants Fri Oct-25-13 04:07 AM2
- Approval of congress at 40 year low. No Elephants Fri Oct-25-13 04:05 AM2
- More good news: Pope expels Bishop of Bling from diocese No Elephants Wed Oct-23-13 10:21 PM2
- Write a letter for Private Manning. No Elephants Wed Oct-23-13 01:12 PM1
- Well, here's the unmitigated good news. TV pitchman, Kevin Trudeau, jailed for a month. No Elephants Wed Oct-23-13 07:16 AM0
- Capitol building dome to undergo $60 million, two year repair, No Elephants Wed Oct-23-13 06:55 AM0
- Good news: Little evidence Yet that Obamacare costing full-time jobs. No Elephants Wed Oct-23-13 06:48 AM0
- The first rule of Fight Club is never talk about Fight Club. No Elephants Wed Oct-23-13 06:35 AM0
- This is now the pinnacle of network journalism in the United States No Elephants Wed Oct-23-13 06:23 AM0
- Drone victims recount horror of "follow up strikes" aimed at rescuers No Elephants Wed Oct-23-13 04:34 AM2
- Public education privatizers join fight to cut Social Security No Elephants Wed Oct-23-13 04:12 AM3
- State Department Insider's first hand report. No Elephants Tue Oct-22-13 07:29 PM2
- I don't want to brag, but I was ahead of Proops in tearing apart Scalia for No Elephants Tue Oct-22-13 07:01 PM8
- Whistleblower Drake delivers award to Whistleblower Snowden. No Elephants Tue Oct-22-13 08:57 AM0
- IRS Complaint Filed Against Jeb Bush's Ed Reform Foundation (Oct 15, 2013) seafan Tue Oct-22-13 05:14 AM3
- Democrats have been all over media scolding and Republicans have been doing the same. No Elephants Sun Oct-20-13 01:45 AM2
- Glenn Greenwald is leaving the Guardian for new media venture No Elephants Wed Oct-16-13 10:05 AM2
- "FISA Court not a rubber stamp," judge says No Elephants Wed Oct-16-13 09:59 AM3
- Good news for journalists and whistleblowers, courtesy of the late Aaron Swartz No Elephants Wed Oct-16-13 07:15 AM1
- We heart liars and plutocrats. (Pardon the redundancy.) No Elephants Wed Oct-16-13 06:26 AM13
- Let's see what's happened during this manufactured budget crisis No Elephants Wed Oct-16-13 06:07 AM3
- For the children No Elephants Tue Oct-15-13 04:41 PM2
- Scalia, who describes himself as an originalist, said the 14th amendment prohibits No Elephants Tue Oct-15-13 04:17 PM7
- We know about this shutdown and the Clinton Era. In case you were wondering about the others, No Elephants Tue Oct-15-13 04:08 PM2
- I decided to ask DU3 for moral support Leopolds Ghos... Mon Oct-14-13 03:08 AM16
- Just for a second, put down the "red team fan v. blue team fan" prism and look through either No Elephants Mon Oct-14-13 03:04 AM2
- saw a trailer for Capt. Philips, the story of the merchant ship captain from No Elephants Mon Oct-14-13 03:01 AM3
- As usual, people completely ignoring what i post on DU3. Leopolds Ghos... Sat Oct-12-13 03:09 AM10
- In case you were wondering (debt limit) No Elephants Sat Oct-12-13 12:37 AM2
- Pete Seeger shall not be moved. No Elephants Fri Oct-11-13 04:43 AM4
- Whatever you think of the woman who was shot in Washington DC, No Elephants Thu Oct-10-13 11:57 AM5
- Cost of shutdown $200 million a day, by one estimate No Elephants Wed Oct-09-13 06:41 AM13
- Tunisia, D.C., USA No Elephants Wed Oct-09-13 05:23 AM5
- Survivors of troops fallen this month in Afghanistan outraged over shutdown No Elephants Wed Oct-09-13 05:20 AM2
- I have a Republican nephew. No Elephants Wed Oct-09-13 01:18 AM2
- Interesting title for a piece written by a former Democratic Governor of NY No Elephants Wed Oct-09-13 12:49 AM3
- Looks like time to cut "entitlements" again? still? No Elephants Tue Oct-08-13 01:42 PM4
- Conventional wisdom: demonstrations ended the war in Vietnam, also the draft. No Elephants Tue Oct-08-13 12:35 PM5
- Online delays signal strong demand for health care (um, no) No Elephants Sat Oct-05-13 11:10 AM4
- I went all through school without having been required to read the Constitution. No Elephants Fri Oct-04-13 08:01 AM2
- Washington survived the recession--and that's a bad sign: Economist. No Elephants Fri Oct-04-13 07:56 AM2
- Contrary to so much of the verbiage, America is a constitutional republic. No Elephants Fri Oct-04-13 07:36 AM5
- Luke Russert-Democrats got ugly, talking about kids with cancer. No Elephants Fri Oct-04-13 07:16 AM2
- Massachusetts 5th district (Markey's House seat). No Elephants Thu Oct-03-13 09:07 AM5
- Historic speech (China President addressed Indonesian Parliament) No Elephants Thu Oct-03-13 04:58 AM1
- We Can Do It! (Yes, we can?) No Elephants Wed Oct-02-13 05:54 PM5
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