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- Amazon tribe massacre alleged in Venezuela rpannier Mon Sep-03-12 06:07 PM3
- Hard to believe how quickly the years pass. Contrary1 Mon Sep-03-12 06:06 PM7
- Florida legislators aren't fighting fraud, they're perpetrating it seafan Mon Sep-03-12 06:03 PM2
- Michelle Rhee tells teachers to get ready for a battle over reform. Boss Rhee? madfloridian Mon Sep-03-12 11:39 AM6
- Cardinal says Catholic Church '200 years out of date' rpannier Mon Sep-03-12 05:20 AM1
- Pakistani mullah accused of trying to frame girl in blasphemy case rpannier Mon Sep-03-12 05:18 AM1
- Dutch embrace radical left as European dream sours rpannier Mon Sep-03-12 04:57 AM1
- Jon Stewart on Clint Eastwood: "The Old Man And the Seat" Contrary1 Mon Sep-03-12 12:36 AM8
- Michelle Rhee's group to show Parent Trigger movie Won't Back Down at DNC convention. Unforgivable. madfloridian Mon Sep-03-12 12:12 AM11
- When Romney spoke of helping the helpless, silence in the convention hall. No Elephants Sun Sep-02-12 10:27 PM4
- Elizabeth Warren on Chris Christie's RNC keynote speech seafan Sun Sep-02-12 12:43 PM3
- BURN! No Elephants Sat Sep-01-12 01:01 PM8
- for No Elephants Divine Discon... Sat Sep-01-12 03:09 AM6
- Someone, I am not saying who, emailed the Rachael Maddow Show again. No Elephants Sat Sep-01-12 01:56 AM7
- OMG. Literally, OMG. No Elephants Sat Sep-01-12 01:45 AM8
- Didn't take long. Twitter and the Invisible Obama chair. madfloridian Fri Aug-31-12 02:34 PM6
- I think Michael Moore meant to say, "Democrats better GOTV." No Elephants Fri Aug-31-12 05:01 AM0
- Ann Romney was supposed to make Mitt seem relatable and less wooden. No Elephants Fri Aug-31-12 03:36 AM3
- Contrary1 Fri Aug-31-12 03:25 AM3
- seafan Fri Aug-31-12 02:59 AM2
- Ben 'Obama Is The Worst President Ever" Quayle Lost His Primary Me. Fri Aug-31-12 12:44 AM3
- Is the" number of views" column now AWOL, or is it just my screen? No Elephants Fri Aug-31-12 12:34 AM4
- Mitt's record on employment as Governor of Massachusetts. No Elephants Fri Aug-31-12 12:33 AM0
- Egypt leader in Iran: World must back Syria rebels No Elephants Thu Aug-30-12 03:10 PM0
- Two RNC convention-goers throw nuts at CNN camerawoman of color. No Elephants Thu Aug-30-12 02:26 PM2
- 2012 or Never for GOP's White Base seafan Thu Aug-30-12 02:17 PM6
- Borowitz: Ryan Launches Campaign Theme of Lying About Everything Contrary1 Thu Aug-30-12 01:56 PM1
- DU Hatemail - dmr Thu Aug-30-12 01:32 AM8
- A review of "Won't Back Down" from Ed Week. When Mama Ain't Happy... madfloridian Thu Aug-30-12 12:35 AM3
- seafan Wed Aug-29-12 03:57 PM1
- In Arctic, Greenpeace picks new fight with old foe (oil) No Elephants Wed Aug-29-12 11:44 AM0
- SEAL book raises questions about bin Laden's death No Elephants Wed Aug-29-12 11:35 AM0
- Military Terror Plot: Murder Case Uncovers Terror Plot By 'Militia' Within U.S. Military rpannier Wed Aug-29-12 11:01 AM2
- San Francisco 49ers record anti-gay-bullying spot rpannier Wed Aug-29-12 10:56 AM5
- So sad about the Massachusetts delegation. No Elephants Wed Aug-29-12 10:22 AM2
- FL Attorney General Pam Bondi disputes notion that GOP is not pro-women ('But we ALL bundle!') seafan Wed Aug-29-12 10:19 AM1
- Johnson! (Now that Ron Paul's kaput) Cronus Protag... Wed Aug-29-12 10:14 AM1
- Circling the drain: Bush dynasty continues to impact Republican politics seafan Mon Aug-27-12 01:44 PM1
- Because his daughter persevered: Utah Doctor Charged With Drowning, Drugging Wife 5 Years Ago No Elephants Mon Aug-27-12 05:21 AM0
- Primer on Syria, for those who need one and are interested. No Elephants Mon Aug-27-12 05:11 AM0
- WATCHING THE SHOW: Are conventions still relevant? No Elephants Mon Aug-27-12 04:54 AM0
- Coming soon to a TV near you--Republicans pretending to like Romney. No Elephants Mon Aug-27-12 04:40 AM0
- For Me. No Elephants Mon Aug-27-12 01:53 AM7
- Ezra Klein Doesn't Think Romney Is A Racist...Just Privileged Me. Mon Aug-27-12 01:28 AM11
- RNC pushes back convention's start due to the hurricane threat Divine Discon... Sun Aug-26-12 09:17 PM3
- This Week with George What's His Name No Elephants Sun Aug-26-12 10:03 AM0
- Oops! Photo reveals UK police arrest plan for Assange Contrary1 Sun Aug-26-12 06:29 AM1
- Neil Armstrong has died Contrary1 Sun Aug-26-12 05:56 AM2
- The Butterfly. kentuck Sun Aug-26-12 05:50 AM5
- Sadly, the Count has Died rpannier Sun Aug-26-12 05:44 AM3
- Donna Brazile: Romney has embraced the birther movement to avoid his own failings as candidate Divine Discon... Sun Aug-26-12 05:43 AM1
- Trouble Already At Gop Convention Me. Sun Aug-26-12 04:44 AM2
- Romney claims he wants to keep his tax returns private because of donations to the Mormon church. No Elephants Sat Aug-25-12 02:10 PM2
- Romney on his Obama birther insult, "no no not a swipe". Mitt is such a disingenuous jerk. Divine Discon... Sat Aug-25-12 02:41 AM3
- Ron Paul tribute set for GOP convention No Elephants Sat Aug-25-12 02:38 AM0
- Todd Akin is NOT an outlier. He voices the toxic mindset of the entire radical takeover of the GOP. seafan Sat Aug-25-12 02:24 AM3
- Bernanke says Fed has scope to provide more stimulus No Elephants Sat Aug-25-12 01:34 AM0
- Akin's 2011 bill had at least one Democratic co-sponsor, Lipinski of Illinois. No Elephants Sat Aug-25-12 01:14 AM2
- "Legitimate Rape" by the Renegade Raging Grannies Contrary1 Sat Aug-25-12 12:15 AM1
- This seems VERY encouraging. (Egypt's president) No Elephants Fri Aug-24-12 08:59 PM2
- In 31 states a rapist can have parental rights just as other fathers can. madfloridian Fri Aug-24-12 08:32 PM6
- Chicago principals told to report all union activity by teachers. madfloridian Fri Aug-24-12 05:04 PM11
- Video: Jerry Springer on why Obama must be re-elected... Contrary1 Fri Aug-24-12 03:08 PM4
- Another insane anti-abortion candidate tries to backpedal. (running in NH for sheriff). No Elephants Fri Aug-24-12 02:33 AM1
- Brown pulls ahead of Warren 49-44. In same poll, people prefer that Democrats control Senate No Elephants Fri Aug-24-12 12:16 AM4
- Billboard greets RNC guests: Welcome to Tampa, a city run by Democrats seafan Thu Aug-23-12 06:58 AM5
- Rhode Island's trickle down from Schilling loan. No Elephants Thu Aug-23-12 06:54 AM2
- Social Security fixable (Duh!) No Elephants Wed Aug-22-12 08:42 AM3
- Contrary1 Wed Aug-22-12 08:38 AM2
- Please, please, please contact the Today Show. I am begging here. No Elephants Wed Aug-22-12 08:12 AM1
- Some things said on Morning Joe this morning. (Women, especially in purple states, listen up!) No Elephants Wed Aug-22-12 08:05 AM1
- Ron Paul convention delegates deal cut No Elephants Wed Aug-22-12 07:00 AM2
- Legal deadline for Akin to drop out passed last night. No Elephants Wed Aug-22-12 05:52 AM0
- Court throws out EPA clean-air rule No Elephants Wed Aug-22-12 04:26 AM0
- Quite possibly the worst person in the world rpannier Wed Aug-22-12 04:09 AM1
- Lyin' Ryan scorns Obama for defense cuts for which Ryan voted. No Elephants Wed Aug-22-12 04:06 AM0
- Florida GOP Legislature/Rick Scott refuse $4.9 million in federal funds to strengthen parenting seafan Wed Aug-22-12 12:09 AM3
- Obama could just have Assange killed right in the window of the embassy Cronus Protag... Tue Aug-21-12 11:59 PM1
- Ed Reform movie Won't Back Down doesn't do well when compared with real parent trigger events. madfloridian Tue Aug-21-12 11:48 PM5
- Akin: "I misspoke". (A commentary from The Onion News Network) :) Contrary1 Tue Aug-21-12 06:18 AM2
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