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- Amendments on FL ballot in November sound disastrous for state. madfloridian Thu Sep-20-12 05:02 AM2
- I keep watching this because it keeps making me laugh. L0oniX Thu Sep-20-12 04:44 AM1
- With all his money, all his alleged CEO talents and 20 years in politics, No Elephants Thu Sep-20-12 04:37 AM1
- Good morning, fellow victims! No Elephants Thu Sep-20-12 04:34 AM1
- "Today, Mitt Romney Lost The Election" (showed us he despises Americans. He said some nasty sh*t) Divine Discon... Wed Sep-19-12 05:26 AM5
- Mitt Romney exposes the Republican id. And it is very, very nasty. seafan Wed Sep-19-12 05:19 AM3
- Romney despises 47% of electorate, in secretly obtained video in Florida. Goodbye, senior vote. seafan Wed Sep-19-12 05:17 AM4
- What ELSE is Romney hiding? No Elephants Wed Sep-19-12 05:09 AM4
- SECRET VIDEO excerpt #2: On Israel, Romney Trashes Two-State Solution seafan Tue Sep-18-12 03:01 PM2
- Laptop problems. No Elephants Tue Sep-18-12 11:22 AM3
- The new right wing meme: "I don't think we are seeing the real Romney." No Elephants Tue Sep-18-12 11:12 AM3
- Maggie Gyllenhaal calls anti-union movie a fairy tale. Admits it is not realistic. madfloridian Tue Sep-18-12 10:11 AM1
- Time to pack it in around here? (Poll) Divine Discon... Mon Sep-17-12 06:47 PM19
- Romney will not release the names of his bundlers. No Elephants Mon Sep-17-12 06:47 AM2
- RW talking point on the Chicago teachers' strike: poor, single working moms scrambling for daycare No Elephants Mon Sep-17-12 06:11 AM6
- Romney: Gene Hackman should play him in a movie Contrary1 Mon Sep-17-12 04:40 AM8
- Al-Qaida calls for more attacks on embassies No Elephants Mon Sep-17-12 02:51 AM2
- Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt No Elephants Mon Sep-17-12 02:30 AM2
- Boston Teachers Union takes out ad against Rahm for his untruths about their contract. madfloridian Sun Sep-16-12 12:21 PM11
- "Listen you draconian puke" [View All] DainBramaged Sun Sep-16-12 08:16 AM40
- Elizabeth Warren changed her ads. I am going to try calling her campaign office No Elephants Sun Sep-16-12 05:50 AM2
- Google says it won't take down anti-Muslim clip No Elephants Sun Sep-16-12 05:36 AM0
- FL RepubliCon Governor Skeletor's latest big waste of time and money Divine Discon... Sun Sep-16-12 05:22 AM2
- Anti-Japan Protests in China Swell, Turn Violent as thousands burn Japanese flags & throw rocks Divine Discon... Sun Sep-16-12 05:14 AM6
- Battleground polls: Is Romney's path to the White House now more difficult? Contrary1 Sun Sep-16-12 04:56 AM5
- Eastwood explains his RNC speech Contrary1 Sun Sep-16-12 04:46 AM2
- Senator Jon Kyl compares embassy statement to blaming a rape victim No Elephants Sun Sep-16-12 04:32 AM4
- Wow! I missed this one: Judge strikes down Wis. law limiting union rights Contrary1 Sun Sep-16-12 03:38 AM5
- To all the pearl-clutching, bigotry-sniffing, finger-wagging Thought Sanitizers on DU... [View All] DainBramaged Sat Sep-15-12 09:13 PM38
- China Calls Mittens Out Me. Fri Sep-14-12 04:49 PM1
- K12 online charter school trying to open in Maine, being investigated in Florida. madfloridian Thu Sep-13-12 01:33 PM2
- What the hell, David Gregory? No Elephants Thu Sep-13-12 03:55 AM2
- Again, Mrs. Greenspan, shut up and listen. And, no "listen" is not the same as waiting for the No Elephants Thu Sep-13-12 03:04 AM4
- Sllippery Willard is disgusting. No Elephants Thu Sep-13-12 02:59 AM6
- Myths About Dealing with the Far Right rpannier Thu Sep-13-12 02:39 AM1
- Warren v. Brown. Control of the Senate may hinge on the outcome of this race, No Elephants Thu Sep-13-12 12:48 AM3
- These people outside the embassy are so very concerned about the image of Islam Cronus Protag... Wed Sep-12-12 08:11 PM0
- What Is Your Description Of A Successful Businessman? Me. Wed Sep-12-12 04:23 PM6
- 9/11/12 Report: Documents Disclose multiple 9/11 Warnings ignored by pResident George W Bush Divine Discon... Wed Sep-12-12 03:48 PM7
- Rahm posed with children as he attacked teachers' union. That's "in your face" stuff. madfloridian Wed Sep-12-12 03:42 PM3
- Anti-Islam filmmaker in hiding after protests No Elephants Wed Sep-12-12 03:40 PM1
- In 7 years on DU, culminating in DU2, [View All] intheflow Wed Sep-12-12 03:33 PM32
- Posting at DU2 only? (Poll) NYC_SKP Wed Sep-12-12 03:28 PM6
- For Enthusiast No Elephants Wed Sep-12-12 12:45 PM10
- In case anyone was wondering, Kennedy won the Democratic primary. No Elephants Wed Sep-12-12 04:47 AM0
- Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas No Elephants Wed Sep-12-12 04:19 AM0
- Feds: Pipe wall in refinery fire was thin as penny No Elephants Wed Sep-12-12 04:12 AM0
- Went out to lunch yesterday with a friend wearing this No Elephants Wed Sep-12-12 03:24 AM0
- Here is just one example among many as to why Chicago teachers are striking. madfloridian Tue Sep-11-12 08:06 AM1
- Arith-me-tic ! kentuck Mon Sep-10-12 10:32 AM5
- If you missed the Daily Show last night, you owe it to America, if not yourself, No Elephants Mon Sep-10-12 03:28 AM2
- AP Exclusive: Private school vaccine opt-outs rise No Elephants Mon Sep-10-12 03:05 AM0
- Shell begins petroleum drilling off Alaska coast No Elephants Mon Sep-10-12 02:59 AM0
- Comfortable shoes, anyone? Chicago teachers to strike after talks fail No Elephants Mon Sep-10-12 02:54 AM0
- Border Patrol halts Mexico flights No Elephants Mon Sep-10-12 02:42 AM0
- Has the format of DU2 posts changed? No Elephants Mon Sep-10-12 02:05 AM14
- Parent Trigger is the "Parent Tricker"..not the "coup" they expect it to be. madfloridian Sun Sep-09-12 11:16 PM0
- You owe it to yourself to see Frontline: Money, Power and Wall Street. No Elephants Sun Sep-09-12 02:29 AM0
- Principals struggle to be heard on education reform. Ignored like teachers mostly. madfloridian Sun Sep-09-12 02:18 AM1
- TEST NYC_SKP Fri Sep-07-12 09:28 PM1
- Choosing brands that use fewer chemicals. No Elephants Fri Sep-07-12 08:57 PM2
- Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist: Here's why I'm backing Barack Obama seafan Fri Sep-07-12 12:26 PM14
- Shut up and Listen, Mrs. Greenspan: A Life Lesson from Senator Barbara Boxer. No Elephants Fri Sep-07-12 04:22 AM3
- Romney got no convention bounce. I bet Obama will, though. Tune in next week. No Elephants Fri Sep-07-12 04:10 AM0
- A Day of Protests, Spared of Confrontations (Convention) Fourth day of protests No Elephants Fri Sep-07-12 03:29 AM1
- Democrats may not be perfect, but their noses are a LOT smaller than Republicans; noses. No Elephants Fri Sep-07-12 03:26 AM3
- Congresswoman Yvette Clark seems like a lovely person, but was embarrassing on Colbert. No Elephants Thu Sep-06-12 05:55 AM0
- Pakistan evicts Save the Children foreign staff (aftermath of the Ben Laden assassination?) No Elephants Thu Sep-06-12 04:43 AM0
- Transcript of Bill Clinton's speech lbrtbell Thu Sep-06-12 04:27 AM2
- Do the Eastwood. (It's the weekend. Come and play) No Elephants Thu Sep-06-12 04:12 AM3
- Rep. Emanuel Cleaver gave the most inspired speech I have heard in a long while... kentuck Thu Sep-06-12 03:25 AM3
- What else happened at the Convention last night? (technically, this morning) No Elephants Thu Sep-06-12 12:28 AM0
- Heard this a.m. Romney's bailout of his Bain partners cost the FDIC, aka, taxpayers, $30 million. No Elephants Thu Sep-06-12 12:00 AM2
- Wise words from...4chan?!? lbrtbell Wed Sep-05-12 11:38 PM4
- Straddling Liberalism and Conservatism (Fr. Groeschel) No Elephants Wed Sep-05-12 12:42 PM3
- She did it again. No "oops" about it, either. No Elephants Wed Sep-05-12 11:04 AM1
- Me. Wed Sep-05-12 04:23 AM2
- Parent Trigger law based on false premise that teachers don't care about students. madfloridian Tue Sep-04-12 11:46 AM2
- 'Green Mile' actor Michael Clarke Duncan dead at age 54 Contrary1 Tue Sep-04-12 03:38 AM2
- There has been a change... ellisonz Mon Sep-03-12 06:08 PM6
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