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- Oh, for crap's sake. Goldman's Gupta got 2 years out of a possible 20. No Elephants Fri Oct-26-12 03:16 AM1
- Mourdock's Dem opponent is pro-life and a co-sponsor of the "forcible" rape bill. No Elephants Fri Oct-26-12 03:06 AM3
- Emails show White House told within 2 hours of Benghazi attack that militants claimed responsiblity. No Elephants Thu Oct-25-12 02:50 AM3
- Ex-Goldman director Gupta awaits sentence in insider case No Elephants Wed Oct-24-12 01:51 PM2
- When I find myself stressed out, visiting with Matt Harding helps Contrary1 Wed Oct-24-12 10:15 AM2
- Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for POTUS, has sued over her exclusion from Presidential No Elephants Tue Oct-23-12 11:40 AM2
- Democratic Party Platform 2012-provisions on faith No Elephants Tue Oct-23-12 11:28 AM2
- The Republicans are batshit crazy. Why is this election so close? No Elephants Tue Oct-23-12 11:15 AM7
- OMG, the other DU is broken. NYC_SKP Tue Oct-23-12 11:13 AM10
- Commander Etch a Sketch lost the foreign policy debate big time. No Elephants Tue Oct-23-12 06:35 AM2
- Greg Smith, former VP of Goldman Sachs, says unethical behavior endangers firm's future. No Elephants Tue Oct-23-12 12:39 AM2
- 5 to 9% of McCain voters switching to Obama. No Elephants Tue Oct-23-12 12:36 AM2
- Swing States 2008 and 2012 No Elephants Mon Oct-22-12 01:05 PM0
- Terrifying story of how Romney treated a woman in life and death need of abortion. madfloridian Mon Oct-22-12 04:13 AM2
- Issa Releases Documents That Endangers Libyans Working With The US Me. Mon Oct-22-12 03:41 AM3
- Carville Admits Obama Was Right Me. Mon Oct-22-12 03:28 AM1
- What should be the Democrats' strategy in the last two weeks of campaign? kentuck Sat Oct-20-12 12:23 AM3
- Mormon tourists flocking to Massachusetts (no pun intended). No Elephants Fri Oct-19-12 11:03 PM5
- Police chiefs, prosecutors, clergy, etc. helped Scouts cover up molestation claims for a century. No Elephants Fri Oct-19-12 04:06 PM2
- madfloridian Fri Oct-19-12 01:39 PM5
- The last liberal. No Elephants Fri Oct-19-12 06:58 AM3
- Just wondering: Why is everyone saying "Bowles-Simpson" now, instead of Simpson Bowles? No Elephants Fri Oct-19-12 06:24 AM3
- Best lines of the Al Smith roast were Obama's. No Elephants Fri Oct-19-12 03:56 AM0
- Google (and Samsung) to sell laptop for $249 No Elephants Fri Oct-19-12 01:07 AM0
- Average debt up again for new college grads No Elephants Fri Oct-19-12 12:23 AM2
- Class warfare: Police fire teargas at Greek anti-austerity protest No Elephants Fri Oct-19-12 12:07 AM4
- Rovian "Rat fucking" at MSMBC: A new low from Willie Geist and even more so from Chuck Todd No Elephants Thu Oct-18-12 11:58 PM4
- Class warfare: Police fire teargas at Greek anti-austerity protest No Elephants Thu Oct-18-12 08:19 AM0
- Five key topics not (yet?) covered in Presidential or VP debates. No Elephants Thu Oct-18-12 07:37 AM0
- National Farce; National Disgrace No Elephants Thu Oct-18-12 06:52 AM3
- George Will: By far the best Presidential debate I've seen." No Elephants Thu Oct-18-12 06:33 AM3
- GAG! 1st it was ads for Rick Scott being a "good boy" & now we get Connie was a "good kid". Divine Discon... Thu Oct-18-12 06:25 AM2
- Charter school operator says so easy to get 4.5 mil from foreign sources. No questions asked. madfloridian Thu Oct-18-12 04:33 AM3
- More millions of U.S. tax dollars down the green tubes. No Elephants Wed Oct-17-12 06:04 PM0
- My Book about the Myriad Problems and Potential for Fraud with our Election System Time for chan... Wed Oct-17-12 11:50 AM5
- Was it terrorism or reaction to a video? Dumb question, Willard. No Elephants Wed Oct-17-12 11:46 AM2
- MSNBC's Undecided No Elephants Wed Oct-17-12 11:45 AM2
- Green Party Presidential and Vice Presidential Nominees Arrested Yesterday No Elephants Wed Oct-17-12 06:54 AM1
- Perceptive write-up comparing Biden and Obama debate styles. madfloridian Tue Oct-16-12 01:24 PM7
- Our media is even slimier than I imagined. No Elephants Mon Oct-15-12 03:25 AM2
- Another Romney lie--he worked with the Massachusetts legislature. No Elephants Sun Oct-14-12 09:37 PM3
- "The weakest recovery since the Great Depression" No Elephants Sun Oct-14-12 02:05 PM1
- Portman on This Week this morning: No Elephants Sun Oct-14-12 02:00 PM3
- Mother Jones has the full transcript of Romney's 47% speech No Elephants Sat Oct-13-12 02:29 AM1
- A Modest Proposal About Presidential Debates-A new rule No Elephants Sat Oct-13-12 02:24 AM1
- Speaking of the Sermon on the Mount... No Elephants Fri Oct-12-12 11:11 PM2
- Couple of questions--there are no wrong answers. Just your own feelings and opinions. No Elephants Fri Oct-12-12 03:46 PM1
- The Supreme Court Economy. kentuck Fri Oct-12-12 12:32 PM4
- I like Martin Bashir, but his "city on a hill spot that MSNBC has been running is fact-deprived. No Elephants Fri Oct-12-12 10:34 AM1
- Social Security raise next year may be tiny No Elephants Fri Oct-12-12 12:30 AM2
- Blasphemy charges dropped against boys (ages 9 and 10) No Elephants Thu Oct-11-12 11:35 AM0
- U.S. manufacturers just cannot catch a break: Mexican meth, heroin, coke and mj No Elephants Thu Oct-11-12 11:32 AM2
- U.S. panel "urges" end to secret DNA testing (maybe YOU were tested?) No Elephants Thu Oct-11-12 08:09 AM2
- Akansas Legislative Candidate, Endorses Death Penalty For Rebellious Children Me. Thu Oct-11-12 08:03 AM6
- U.S. Sues Wells Fargo, Accusing It of Lying About Mortgages No Elephants Thu Oct-11-12 07:42 AM1
- Obama: "too polite" on "bad" debate night No Elephants Thu Oct-11-12 06:20 AM2
- 4 Nigerian fishers and farmers file possibly precedent-setting lawsuit against Royal Dutch Shell No Elephants Thu Oct-11-12 06:15 AM2
- Polls see easy election win for Netanyahu, Israeli right No Elephants Thu Oct-11-12 05:57 AM1
- US foreclosure filings hit 5-year low in September No Elephants Thu Oct-11-12 05:37 AM1
- Please remember, only purple state polls matter. For Presidents, the national popular vote is No Elephants Thu Oct-11-12 05:32 AM3
- "That's not leadership - that's salesmanship!" - President Obama kentuck Thu Oct-11-12 02:18 AM5
- How about "Discovers' Day," not Explorers' Day or Columbus Day? No Elephants Thu Oct-11-12 01:32 AM6
- Neither Party is Perfect. kentuck Thu Oct-11-12 01:18 AM5
- Ladies & Gents...Please Sign The Petition For Reproductive Rights Me. Thu Oct-11-12 01:14 AM1
- Just want to say that I think it's funny that people are still asking questions in the No Elephants Wed Oct-10-12 07:27 AM1
- "Charters do not outperform unionized schools "...Ben Jorasky, Chicago Reader. madfloridian Wed Oct-10-12 06:11 AM1
- Romney: US should be more assertive on world stage No Elephants Tue Oct-09-12 10:54 AM1
- Two interesting, yet unsettling political videos. No Elephants Tue Oct-09-12 05:57 AM1
- "We've always been at war with Eastasia:" Report: Afghanistan won't be ready in '14 No Elephants Mon Oct-08-12 10:26 AM0
- At least he is probably not gay. No Elephants Mon Oct-08-12 09:58 AM0
- Romney's 10-point Socialist agenda widely applauded after he wins second debate with Obama... kentuck Mon Oct-08-12 08:41 AM3
- Hooray! Zero Deficit! No Elephants Mon Oct-08-12 08:33 AM2
- Etch a Sketch Mitt! Shake for new positions! Divine Discon... Mon Oct-08-12 08:20 AM12
- Chickens, Roost? No Elephants Mon Oct-08-12 08:16 AM2
- Chinese investing 90 million in FL charter schools by next year. Remain anonymous. madfloridian Sun Oct-07-12 12:02 PM8
- Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz talks to Charlie Rose No Elephants Sat Oct-06-12 02:23 PM5
- As obvious as ABC. No Elephants Sat Oct-06-12 12:40 PM5
- VATICAN CITY (AP) -- A verdict in the case of the pope's butler accused of leaking papal documents No Elephants Sat Oct-06-12 12:04 PM2
- "Laws and women are there to be raped, " says Spain's one-week wonder. No Elephants Sat Oct-06-12 11:48 AM2
- Election Day exit polls axed in 19 states (Rut roh.) No Elephants Sat Oct-06-12 05:35 AM3
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