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- What ground game? No Elephants Tue Nov-06-12 11:59 PM3
- seafan Tue Nov-06-12 06:08 PM1
- Floridians: NO on all constitutional amendments: YES to retain state Supreme Court Justices seafan Tue Nov-06-12 01:45 PM3
- Attn Floridians: In-person absentee voting allowed on Monday STATEWIDE, at county election offices seafan Mon Nov-05-12 07:14 PM3
- Not doomed to repeat. As FDR took office. No Elephants Mon Nov-05-12 02:32 AM2
- Fall back. Turn back time. No Elephants Sun Nov-04-12 05:35 PM3
- You will not believe this. Rethugs claim grantcart is an activist bully blogger. No Elephants Sun Nov-04-12 05:33 PM7
- Massachusetts Senate and Congressional races, with an aside on Presidential polls. No Elephants Sun Nov-04-12 11:03 AM0
- I live in the New Hampshire (swing state) broadcast area and I feel your pain. No Elephants Sun Nov-04-12 10:51 AM2
- Chances for holding the Senate majority looking good. No Elephants Sun Nov-04-12 10:43 AM2
- Supposedly nonpartisan million puppet march supports PBS. No Elephants Sun Nov-04-12 10:39 AM3
- Contrary1 Sun Nov-04-12 04:29 AM2
- Michigan necrophiliac pastor murders his fiancee's 24 year old daughter No Elephants Sun Nov-04-12 04:22 AM2
- CIA to become a paramilitary force. (As if that hasn't happened already?) No Elephants Sun Nov-04-12 01:42 AM4
- Ex-Bush aide, Matt Latimer: Romney's Delusions of Victory No Elephants Sun Nov-04-12 01:14 AM2
- Two awful stories about security guards. No Elephants Sun Nov-04-12 01:13 AM3
- Happy All Souls Day No Elephants Sat Nov-03-12 08:32 PM4
- 47% think Romney will do a better job of breaking gridlock than Obama (37%) No Elephants Sat Nov-03-12 04:31 PM4
- For rpannier No Elephants Sat Nov-03-12 04:30 PM10
- Just reading facial expressions today, I think internal polls of both campaigns are No Elephants Sat Nov-03-12 08:23 AM4
- Mrs. Greenspan today, picking at the scab of the first debate. No Elephants Sat Nov-03-12 03:11 AM1
- Green Party Presidential nominee arrested again. No Elephants Sat Nov-03-12 02:17 AM4
- Happy All Saints Day. Be good now, hear? It'll get you out of Purgatory faster. No Elephants Sat Nov-03-12 02:11 AM5
- .......... No Elephants Fri Nov-02-12 01:28 PM3
- The Difference Between NOLA and the Jersey Shore. No Elephants Fri Nov-02-12 01:04 PM6
- FL failed charter school spent $366,000 on teachers, $824,000 on principal. Shameful. madfloridian Fri Nov-02-12 11:53 AM3
- So yeaah.... I'm just gonna leave this here. (contains only minor quantities of ponies) Leopolds Ghos... Fri Nov-02-12 11:28 AM15
- Further on the subject of governing by garb. No Elephants Fri Nov-02-12 10:26 AM0
- A petulant Jeb Bush insists: Obama's New Jersey visit "more symbolism than anything else." seafan Fri Nov-02-12 06:36 AM4
- Sheila Bair, former head of the FDIC, is the first Republican who made sense to me. No Elephants Fri Nov-02-12 04:30 AM4
- Another Republican running for Congress (Koster) stuck his foot in his mouth on rape. No Elephants Thu Nov-01-12 06:57 AM3
- Jeb Bush suggests federal government not crucial to storm recovery seafan Thu Nov-01-12 04:53 AM2
- Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Connie Mack join Mitt Romney on the Halloween Tour over Florida today seafan Thu Nov-01-12 04:52 AM1
- What did I ever do to Ariana Huffington? No Elephants Thu Nov-01-12 04:00 AM8
- I just took a fast look at DU 3, then a fast look at Free Republic. No Elephants Wed Oct-31-12 11:58 PM7
- "Aggressive electioneering" at in-person voting sites in NC; "voter history audit" letters appear seafan Wed Oct-31-12 11:26 PM1
- The Aftermath ? kentuck Wed Oct-31-12 11:17 PM4
- Gallup: Congressional approval rating zooms up to 21% in time for elections. No Elephants Wed Oct-31-12 11:10 PM4
- Bank of England director: Occupy was right (YES!) No Elephants Wed Oct-31-12 06:47 PM7
- Did Michelle Rhee win debate after all? Site will now take right wing petitions. madfloridian Wed Oct-31-12 06:08 PM5
- For months, pundit said Romney could not get to 270 w/o Ohio, so guess what they say now, with No Elephants Wed Oct-31-12 11:01 AM2
- For Leopold's Ghost [View All] No Elephants Wed Oct-31-12 10:54 AM22
- Now that Sandy is tearing up the Eastern seaboard, I decided to go No Elephants Wed Oct-31-12 08:22 AM8
- Scott Brown's latest lie. Mesothelioma No Elephants Wed Oct-31-12 07:43 AM4
- October Surprise. Romney admitted fraud, etc. under oath---and no one cares. No Elephants Wed Oct-31-12 07:41 AM8
- Allegedly gay friendly Lebanon and "virginity tests" for gays--human rights watch. No Elephants Wed Oct-31-12 07:38 AM5
- Yo Peeps Whats Hanging! snooper2 Wed Oct-31-12 07:31 AM1
- MONEY: Obama, Democrats, Romney and Republicans. It's good to be ca-ching! No Elephants Wed Oct-31-12 07:17 AM0
- Occupy sign: "Smash your TV; read a book; form your own opinion." No Elephants Wed Oct-31-12 06:41 AM3
- COUNTDOWN to NOVEMBER: I'm Sorry I've been Out of Touch, You Guys -- Leopolds Ghos... Wed Oct-31-12 06:37 AM11
- How they do--ruthless. No Elephants Tue Oct-30-12 08:05 PM4
- UBS to fire 10,000 bankers. No Elephants Tue Oct-30-12 07:57 PM2
- No Elephants Tue Oct-30-12 07:56 PM2
- California ballot initiatives yield the best laws money can buy--literally. No Elephants Tue Oct-30-12 03:17 PM1
- I think candidates, Presidents, whomever, trying to influence us subliminally with garb is No Elephants Tue Oct-30-12 03:00 AM2
- Members of Chinese terrorist group go to Syria to aid rebels. No Elephants Tue Oct-30-12 02:57 AM2
- "People understand power outtages." No Elephants Tue Oct-30-12 02:38 AM4
- My latest beef with This Week with George Steph. No Elephants Tue Oct-30-12 02:31 AM4
- Sandy is scaring me. That is all. nt No Elephants Tue Oct-30-12 02:30 AM3
- Texas GOP platform: Even worse than you imagined lbrtbell Sun Oct-28-12 09:18 PM4
- More profiling from Bloomberg's police department. No Elephants Sun Oct-28-12 11:14 AM2
- Alleged cannibal cop seemed normal. No Elephants Sun Oct-28-12 08:08 AM1
- Speaking of pollsters, what do you expect from one named "Mason Dixon?" No Elephants Sun Oct-28-12 08:00 AM1
- Nominee for dumbest headline ever: No Elephants Sun Oct-28-12 07:55 AM1
- Deleted-Dupe No Elephants Sat Oct-27-12 09:09 PM3
- On Romney and Political Debates No Elephants Sat Oct-27-12 07:03 AM3
- Romney acted like he was reserved to knowing he wasn't going to do very well tonight Divine Discon... Sat Oct-27-12 06:27 AM2
- Big Lie: Lincoln was a moderate President, as was JFK. No Elephants Sat Oct-27-12 06:19 AM8
- Moran Gets Caught in Maroon's Sting. No Elephants Sat Oct-27-12 05:43 AM2
- Sen. Portman (R) says losing in Ohio will probably be it for Romney campaign Divine Discon... Sat Oct-27-12 05:15 AM6
- Two Billion dollars have been spent so far on the 2012 Presidential campaign. No Elephants Sat Oct-27-12 04:51 AM2
- here in FL, I'm seeing more pro-Obama and anti-Romney ads than anti-Obama ads as of right now. Divine Discon... Sat Oct-27-12 04:17 AM3
- Why Jon Keller is repulsive and the Warren campaign should never have allowed him to moderate. No Elephants Sat Oct-27-12 03:15 AM4
- Republican Simpson and Democrat Bowles attack Dem, endorse her Teabagger opponent. No Elephants Sat Oct-27-12 12:18 AM3
- AP Poll. Gender gap gone for BOTH Romney and Obama No Elephants Fri Oct-26-12 05:30 PM3
- Stop laughing at tinfoil hats, y'all! Oldest known playable recording (1878) restored. No Elephants Fri Oct-26-12 05:18 PM4
- Is Everyone On Vacation? [View All] Me. Fri Oct-26-12 01:51 PM34
- 2nd third party debate planned No Elephants Fri Oct-26-12 03:52 AM2
- Sunshine, Lance Armstrong and voting No Elephants Fri Oct-26-12 03:33 AM1
- Obama: Ayn Rand Is For Misunderstood Teenagers madfloridian Fri Oct-26-12 03:30 AM5
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