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- So, Nova Scotia sent Boston another holiday tree.( Sad story, very sweet ending.) No Elephants Sun Nov-18-12 09:33 AM6
- You can have Thanksgiving Dinner at Plimoth Plantation! No Elephants Sun Nov-18-12 09:25 AM2
- Congressional leaders & Wall Street optimistic after Obama meeting re: fiscal cliff. No Elephants Sat Nov-17-12 11:55 AM2
- Petraeus testifies to Congress, saying, "DU2's No Elephants called it." No Elephants Sat Nov-17-12 08:37 AM2
- Has anyone noticed that MSNBC's weekend programming has been changing? No Elephants Sat Nov-17-12 08:22 AM1
- Mitt Romney: Obama Won With 'Gifts' To Blacks, Hispanics, Young Voters No Elephants Sat Nov-17-12 07:24 AM8
- Rut roh. Lobbyists going nuts in D.C. No Elephants Sat Nov-17-12 07:09 AM3
- Ireland probes death of miscarrying woman who sought abortion (allegedly, doctors refused) No Elephants Sat Nov-17-12 07:05 AM11
- My friend from DU3 just had a massive flame-out IRL Leopolds Ghos... Sat Nov-17-12 07:00 AM11
- I wonder how many TV shows Guy Fieri has to go on to complain about his bad review? No Elephants Sat Nov-17-12 06:54 AM1
- British doctors found pro-NHS party (pro-National Health Service Party) No Elephants Sat Nov-17-12 06:46 AM1
- Sometimes, it's NOT good to be the king. No Elephants Sat Nov-17-12 06:35 AM1
- If I use search to find a thread here, how can I kick it? No Elephants Sat Nov-17-12 04:37 AM0
- So, the Colbert Report goes live 1 night every 4 years, Presidential Election Night. No Elephants Sat Nov-17-12 02:46 AM7
- Jobless claims surge in wake of superstorm Sandy No Elephants Sat Nov-17-12 02:38 AM5
- rpannier Sat Nov-17-12 12:53 AM5
- Charlie Crist slams Rick Scott's repressive early voting decision as 'unconscionable' seafan Fri Nov-16-12 07:37 PM4
- I'll say it again: terrorist attack or demostration? = trick (or dumbass) question No Elephants Fri Nov-16-12 07:32 PM2
- 2028: The End of the World As We Know It? formercia Fri Nov-16-12 07:03 PM4
- War looms after Hamas rocket killes 3 Israelis (13 Palestinians dead earlier) No Elephants Fri Nov-16-12 07:00 PM4
- War on Christmas Planning Committee Cronus Protag... Fri Nov-16-12 06:50 PM15
- Sending good thoughts to Contrary1. No Elephants Fri Nov-16-12 02:39 AM3
- For the St Lucie Voter Fraud crowd rpannier Thu Nov-15-12 11:58 AM3
- Tim Russert never would have made the ageist mistake that Luke Russert did. No Elephants Thu Nov-15-12 11:56 AM3
- Strikes, protests hit much of European Union No Elephants Thu Nov-15-12 06:59 AM3
- Three million open jobs in U.S., but who's qualified? (I call bullshit.) No Elephants Thu Nov-15-12 03:47 AM2
- Long Island utility COO resigns amid outrage (should be tarred & feathered) No Elephants Thu Nov-15-12 03:43 AM2
- Poll: If government careens off fiscal cliff, GOP to shoulder blame No Elephants Thu Nov-15-12 03:40 AM2
- Donations to Occupy skyrocketed since Occupy Sandy relief efforts. No Elephants Thu Nov-15-12 02:54 AM5
- It's finally sunk in: Massachusetts will have an all Democratic delegation again. No Elephants Thu Nov-15-12 02:33 AM7
- Israel mulls recognizing Palestinian state (Color me hopeful, but skeptical) No Elephants Wed Nov-14-12 02:57 PM2
- Dixon, Ill. city comptroller to plead guilty to theft from city of $53 million No Elephants Wed Nov-14-12 09:23 AM1
- First Romney threatens Big Bird, now Elmo gets accused of sex with 16 year old. No Elephants Wed Nov-14-12 06:26 AM4
- Texas Petition to Secede Reaches Threshold for Obama Comment No Elephants Tue Nov-13-12 06:45 PM2
- When we say "batshit crazy," please listen No Elephants Tue Nov-13-12 06:40 PM3
- Abby's happy again (like No Elephants!) No Elephants Tue Nov-13-12 06:39 PM2
- JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel is considering resuming its contentious practice of assassinating militant l No Elephants Tue Nov-13-12 09:30 AM1
- Afghanistant Commander Allen involved with Petraeus friend (Kelly)? No Elephants Tue Nov-13-12 09:04 AM2
- The FBI investigated Petraeus. He resigned. Why is the country still obsessing over No Elephants Tue Nov-13-12 09:00 AM1
- Tower of London keys stolen. Another rousing success story for private firms over lazy public employ rpannier Tue Nov-13-12 08:55 AM3
- TN stripped local district of 3.4 million for refusing charter school that asked $1,200 of parents. madfloridian Tue Nov-13-12 08:45 AM2
- Mayor of impoverished French town on day 4 of hunger strike for govt. funds. No Elephants Tue Nov-13-12 07:02 AM0
- I used to feel kind of down when I thought about the Supreme Court eleny Tue Nov-13-12 03:47 AM12
- BBC chief quits over "shoddy journalism" failures No Elephants Mon Nov-12-12 11:32 AM2
- Situation normal, all flubbed up: Canadian admits voting in the U.S. No Elephants Mon Nov-12-12 11:29 AM2
- With election day behind us (except for Willard's sore losing), it's time to start observing No Elephants Mon Nov-12-12 11:25 AM2
- A peek into the Libertarian Mindset: Seasteading formercia Mon Nov-12-12 10:48 AM4
- Veterans' Day. Anyone near San Fransisco or Marin County? No Elephants Mon Nov-12-12 10:26 AM3
- WP spins for Michelle Rhee. Defends her DC schools time with study by her own group. madfloridian Mon Nov-12-12 09:29 AM3
- NOM (National Organization for Marriage) may have fatally shot itself in the foot rpannier Mon Nov-12-12 09:16 AM2
- Popular Wrench Fights a Chinese Rival formercia Sun Nov-11-12 07:33 AM3
- A test to find out if your irony meter is still in good working condition? No Elephants Sun Nov-11-12 05:38 AM4
- Um, yeah, so... almost nobody replies to me on DU3 so I think I'm gonna hang out here instead. Leopolds Ghos... Sun Nov-11-12 03:17 AM17
- The bad election night news (apologies to Annie): Tomorrow is not even a day away. No Elephants Sun Nov-11-12 01:35 AM3
- New England was almost all blue last night. No Elephants Sun Nov-11-12 01:16 AM4
- Not much to say right now, I'm waiting to hear back from someone Leopolds Ghos... Sat Nov-10-12 11:19 PM4
- Can we be honest now about the war on public education? madfloridian Sat Nov-10-12 11:02 PM4
- Was Florida Rendered Irrelevant With This Election? Me. Sat Nov-10-12 10:57 PM6
- On second thought, 50,000,000 French people CAN be wrong. No Elephants Sat Nov-10-12 10:51 PM3
- Maybe, but, then again, with hindsight, maybe not. But, on the third hand, maybe. No Elephants Sat Nov-10-12 10:45 PM3
- So How Many Millions Of Other People's Money Did Rove Flush Down The Toilet? Me. Sat Nov-10-12 12:31 PM3
- The Election is over and DU3 still sucks formercia Sat Nov-10-12 12:27 PM9
- Citing affair, Petraeus resigns; FBI has been investigating his lover. No Elephants Sat Nov-10-12 10:10 AM2
- Eight U.S. House races still undecided No Elephants Sat Nov-10-12 12:06 AM2
- Protest using pots and pans. (I love, love, love it!) No Elephants Sat Nov-10-12 12:05 AM2
- Tim Kaine says no one wants to fall off the fiscal cliff. Lawrence O'Donnell is rooting for a fall No Elephants Fri Nov-09-12 11:46 PM7
- Romney conceds Florida; Floridians embarrassed again; West refuses to concede. No Elephants Fri Nov-09-12 11:39 PM3
- Iran fired on U.S. drone over Gulf: Pentagon No Elephants Fri Nov-09-12 09:57 PM2
- For those who dislike Diane Sawyer No Elephants Fri Nov-09-12 09:56 PM2
- AP sources: Navy SEALs punished for secrets breach No Elephants Fri Nov-09-12 08:48 AM1
- Palm Beach Post says Allen West "wearing out his welcome", calls him "buffoonish". madfloridian Fri Nov-09-12 04:00 AM4
- Jeff Brucculeri, Local Traffic Reporter, Directs Fleeing Romney Supporters To Canada rpannier Fri Nov-09-12 03:36 AM1
- Dem vs. Dem (like Spy vs. Spy, but without the laughs) No Elephants Fri Nov-09-12 03:25 AM2
- Voting In NYC Has Now Become Ridiculously Complicated Me. Fri Nov-09-12 03:14 AM8
- With 100% reporting Allen West behind 2500 votes. Declares legal action against election supervisor madfloridian Thu Nov-08-12 07:35 AM7
- Occupy the polling places today! No Elephants Thu Nov-08-12 02:31 AM5
- Ryan won his Congressional seat. Unreal. No Elephants Wed Nov-07-12 01:31 PM2
- More on governing by garb: Obamas on Election Night 2008 and 2012 No Elephants Wed Nov-07-12 10:51 AM3
- Meme from the RW media: Romney was "gracious" in defeat. Bullshit. No Elephants Wed Nov-07-12 10:49 AM2
- The truth of the matter... kentuck Wed Nov-07-12 01:11 AM3
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