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- As I was saying about the home mortgage interest deduction.... No Elephants Fri Nov-30-12 01:06 AM6
- Man says prayer group leader told him to kill wife No Elephants Thu Nov-29-12 12:28 PM4
- A woman I met through Freecycle here in Indy is breaking my heart... Contrary1 Thu Nov-29-12 07:16 AM7
- Fiscal "cliff"--another reason for Wall Street's mouthpieces to whine about "uncertainty." No Elephants Thu Nov-29-12 02:07 AM4
- Good news and bad news: "BP suspended from new US gov't contracts" No Elephants Thu Nov-29-12 01:03 AM2
- Manning argues that charges be dropped No Elephants Thu Nov-29-12 12:41 AM3
- Here we go: "Obama, Romney to meet at White House Thursday" No Elephants Thu Nov-29-12 12:27 AM3
- Gay conversion therapy--It's not just for "Christian" nutters anymore. No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 05:44 PM2
- Protesters strip down in Boehner's office (Oh, no they di-int!) No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 04:51 PM1
- Egyptian courts suspend work to protest Morsi move No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 04:36 PM1
- 'Two and a Half Men' actor apologizes No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 04:22 PM3
- Ukip: the party that's coming in from the cold rpannier Wed Nov-28-12 10:51 AM3
- French right on verge of collapse as talks fail rpannier Wed Nov-28-12 10:48 AM5
- OK, Maddow laid out the Susan Rice thing and I now get it. No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 10:42 AM2
- U.S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito to run for a W.Va seat in the U.S.Senate. Rockefeller to retire? No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 10:36 AM2
- Finally got my answer on why so many started saying "Bowles Simpson" instead of "Simpson Bowles." No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 10:34 AM2
- Speaking of the fiscal cliff (and who isn't?), No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 10:31 AM2
- Bonds, Clemens, Sosa set to show up on Hall ballot No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 10:10 AM2
- Friedman: Negotiating with Putin, Netanyahu would be easy compared to Chicago Teachers Union. madfloridian Wed Nov-28-12 07:59 AM2
- The fiscal cliff, cutting social safety nets, etc. No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 07:25 AM1
- (Charlie) Sheen Slashes Lohan's IRS bill No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 06:48 AM4
- Some of the 99% finally have lobbyists arguing on their behalf No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 12:24 AM2
- Obama to meet executives, go to Pennsylvania for fiscal push No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 12:05 AM2
- Walmart garment factory fire in Bangladesh No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 12:02 AM2
- Mortgage deduction eyed in deficit talks No Elephants Tue Nov-27-12 11:57 PM2
- U.S. mulls long-term Afghanistan presence (Gee, what a shock.) No Elephants Tue Nov-27-12 11:54 PM8
- FL columnist points out FL absurdities that make our state "unique". Well, weird, really. madfloridian Tue Nov-27-12 04:48 PM2
- Won't Back Down? 20th Century Fox Should gone with Won't Make This. (For Madfloridian) rpannier Tue Nov-27-12 01:02 PM9
- Egyptian minister says end of crisis 'imminent' (i.e., Morsi's power grab)[ No Elephants Tue Nov-27-12 07:12 AM2
- JFK got the Hispanic vote for Democrats on the day he died? No Elephants Tue Nov-27-12 07:09 AM4
- Syrian rebels take airbase in slow progress toward Damascus No Elephants Mon Nov-26-12 01:54 PM5
- Do you know the difference between Accuracy and Precision? formercia Mon Nov-26-12 09:46 AM5
- The Susan Rice thing is on my last nerve. No Elephants Mon Nov-26-12 04:40 AM1
- (Bullshit alert) New Congress: Fewer moderates make deals harder No Elephants Sun Nov-25-12 05:11 PM2
- Truly hairy mid-life crises: chimps and orangs get them too No Elephants Sun Nov-25-12 04:46 PM2
- Stumbled on this. Surprised that an MSNBC anchor would make only $200K a year. No Elephants Sun Nov-25-12 04:38 PM5
- FL wants to raise property taxes to pay for more charter schools, yet public schools lack resources. madfloridian Sun Nov-25-12 04:21 PM3
- Pope Says Christian Calendar Based on Miscalculation No Elephants Sun Nov-25-12 03:08 PM11
- A bit of Irony for your Pleasure and Entertainment formercia Sun Nov-25-12 12:41 PM2
- Secession Fever Hits Texas Me. Sun Nov-25-12 11:24 AM9
- Happy Thanksgiving to all my DU2 friends. (image heavy) [View All] No Elephants Sun Nov-25-12 11:01 AM24
- So Atlas Shrugged II was a bigger financial flop than the first. That is not what surprised me rpannier Sun Nov-25-12 10:39 AM2
- The Powell Memo No Elephants Sun Nov-25-12 09:41 AM13
- Oy, and Morsi was so promising at the start, too. No Elephants Sat Nov-24-12 05:36 PM4
- Supreme Court to consider workplace harassment rules (and U.S. workers say in unison, "Rut roh,") No Elephants Sat Nov-24-12 12:58 PM3
- 9 more Iraq, Afghan war veterans joining Congress No Elephants Sat Nov-24-12 12:49 PM3
- We Be Doomed as God Talks to Another Modern Day Prophet rpannier Sat Nov-24-12 10:16 AM1
- Happier, healthier holidays 40 ways to get the most out of the season No Elephants Sat Nov-24-12 10:04 AM8
- Study: Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don't Watch Any News Contrary1 Sat Nov-24-12 09:54 AM5
- It's Small Business Saturday. Patronize a small, local business today and as often as you can. No Elephants Sat Nov-24-12 09:49 AM1
- Larry Hagman, dead at 91 from liver cancer. No Elephants Sat Nov-24-12 09:45 AM4
- How did American companies get tax breaks for moving jobs overseas? kentuck Sat Nov-24-12 07:57 AM6
- Food, glorious food. No Elephants Sat Nov-24-12 07:05 AM0
- Susan Rice battles critics as abrasive style takes toll. (snort) No Elephants Sat Nov-24-12 06:59 AM2
- Saudi reforms detour through Vienna faith center No Elephants Sat Nov-24-12 06:51 AM2
- Turd Way attempts another pre-emptive stike. No Elephants Sat Nov-24-12 03:08 AM4
- Shout out to No Elephants... Contrary1 Sat Nov-24-12 02:38 AM11
- Most inappropriate news writing I''ve ever seen. No Elephants Sat Nov-24-12 02:03 AM2
- FDA took 684 days to warn meningitis-linked firm: files No Elephants Sat Nov-24-12 01:57 AM2
- Insight: Red Cross Response to Sandy Fails to Meet Expectations No Elephants Sat Nov-24-12 01:04 AM4
- Boehner: ACA 'on the table' in debt talks No Elephants Sat Nov-24-12 01:03 AM7
- Happy Thanksgiving Everyone Me. Fri Nov-23-12 11:46 PM17
- And in today's financial crooks news: No Elephants Wed Nov-21-12 12:36 PM2
- Rep. Allen West concedes in re-election bid (Tuesday) No Elephants Wed Nov-21-12 08:30 AM3
- Ten allegedly bad mood foods No Elephants Wed Nov-21-12 08:22 AM2
- Wal-Mart steels itself for Black Friday labor showdown No Elephants Wed Nov-21-12 07:58 AM4
- Clash (voice and puppeteer of Elmo, others) resigns Sesame Street. No Elephants Wed Nov-21-12 07:57 AM2
- GOP Senator John McCain Disgracefully Politicizes American Deaths formercia Wed Nov-21-12 07:41 AM1
- Housing starts hit highest in four years No Elephants Wed Nov-21-12 07:39 AM2
- Greenhouse gases hit new record in 2011 - UN's World Meteorological Organization No Elephants Wed Nov-21-12 06:35 AM1
- Thanksgiving, Black Friday and then Shop Small Saturday. No Elephants Tue Nov-20-12 06:33 AM2
- Venice, Fla stone memorial to civilian victimes of 911 misspells "heroes." No Elephants Tue Nov-20-12 06:29 AM5
- The POTUS is not impressed, either. No Elephants Mon Nov-19-12 12:28 PM2
- How Shadow Banks Rule the World No Elephants Mon Nov-19-12 09:10 AM3
- Who in Chicago awarded lucrative school contracts to Rupert Murdoch? madfloridian Mon Nov-19-12 09:08 AM2
- Don't be fooled by statements like "Make the rich pay their 'fair share.'" No Elephants Mon Nov-19-12 06:23 AM3
- Former Giffords aide clinches re-election to her seat (Yeayy! I had heard he lost and No Elephants Mon Nov-19-12 05:39 AM1
- How the SEC Almost Shut Down Wall Street (and not in a good way) No Elephants Sun Nov-18-12 10:20 AM0
- Bill Clinton at it again (allegedly). No Elephants Sun Nov-18-12 09:38 AM6
- "Signature lines are currently turned off due to high traffic." formercia Sun Nov-18-12 09:34 AM3
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