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- prayers for the firefighters struggling for life, and the families of the 2 slain in NY. Divine Discon... Mon Dec-24-12 06:32 PM0
- I's well after midnight, so, it's Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas. No Elephants Mon Dec-24-12 06:30 PM3
- The Front Page At HuffPo Is CHILLING Me. Mon Dec-24-12 06:26 PM8
- Just occurred to me that trolling on Christmas Eve is not a bad thing. No Elephants Mon Dec-24-12 06:25 PM2
- So the Mayan Apocalypse came and went, and we're still here on DU2 Leopolds Ghos... Mon Dec-24-12 09:19 AM3
- For politicians: "'How-to Manual' for Betraying Seniors and People with Disabilities" madfloridian Mon Dec-24-12 09:17 AM3
- Police: US Sen. Crapo arrested, charged with DUI rpannier Mon Dec-24-12 04:35 AM2
- Kerry will be Secretary of State, so the Brown turd will get another shot at another No Elephants Mon Dec-24-12 01:26 AM3
- Testing bug fix Leopolds Ghos... Mon Dec-24-12 12:07 AM6
- Three good friends: Wayne LaPierre, Marion Hammer and Jeb Bush seafan Sun Dec-23-12 10:59 AM3
- "I'm thinkin' that President Obama put Social Security on the table because he knew Boehner would No Elephants Sun Dec-23-12 08:46 AM6
- Odd definiton of "conservative?" No Elephants Sun Dec-23-12 08:33 AM2
- Hmm, that's odd. Leopolds Ghos... Sat Dec-22-12 11:50 AM2
- Kudos to Charkface blog. Tired warriors in fight for education. madfloridian Sat Dec-22-12 05:42 AM1
- You know I believe that online petitions are dangerous. But Sen. Sanders is asking this time and I No Elephants Sat Dec-22-12 05:36 AM2
- So, the Mayan calendar ends Friday, December 21, 2011 (sort of) No Elephants Fri Dec-21-12 07:43 PM1
- I am assuming that you know about "worrisome" levels of arsenic in rice, but do you know how arsenic No Elephants Fri Dec-21-12 07:37 PM7
- Bork dead. No Elephants Fri Dec-21-12 11:22 AM5
- In rare natural event, mother right whale adopts orphaned calf formercia Fri Dec-21-12 11:18 AM2
- Once again, Sen. Sanders tells the truth and shames the devil. No Elephants Fri Dec-21-12 11:14 AM7
- Pres. Obama held a press conference today. No Elephants Fri Dec-21-12 02:50 AM2
- Rescuing Social Security again...and again...and again. Same song, many verses. madfloridian Fri Dec-21-12 01:20 AM1
- You won't see me making many posts about Sandy Hook for many reasons., No Elephants Thu Dec-20-12 08:29 PM8
- TIME magazine's Man of the Year is President Obama. nt No Elephants Thu Dec-20-12 03:45 AM4
- Swiss Miss? No Elephants Wed Dec-19-12 07:56 PM1
- Guess what? Chained CPI is the bright idea of Third Way, the Dem "policy shop". madfloridian Wed Dec-19-12 07:55 AM4
- Government redistributes wealth upward (Reuters doing a series of articles) No Elephants Wed Dec-19-12 07:51 AM2
- Russia, make up your mind. No Elephants Wed Dec-19-12 07:38 AM2
- Five female polio workers and male volunteer shot dead in Pakistan:; others wounded. No Elephants Wed Dec-19-12 07:37 AM2
- Anyone notice that we started getting error messages again as soon as No Elephants Wed Dec-19-12 03:19 AM0
- Obama's latest concession in fiscal kabuki "negotations" No Elephants Tue Dec-18-12 12:14 PM3
- Senator Daniel Inouye, Medal of Honor winner, dies at 88 No Elephants Tue Dec-18-12 09:16 AM1
- Richard Engel, others, freed unharmed, but at least one rebel shot dead No Elephants Tue Dec-18-12 08:10 AM0
- Speaking of batshit crazy.... No Elephants Tue Dec-18-12 08:04 AM2
- Michelle Rhee offered herself and her group to help Newtown schools. Nervy. madfloridian Tue Dec-18-12 08:02 AM2
- MTP invited 31 pro-gun members of Congress to participate in its discussion yesterday about Sandy No Elephants Mon Dec-17-12 07:08 PM2
- Hillary Clinton faints, has concussion No Elephants Mon Dec-17-12 07:57 AM4
- Judge: administration engaging in illegitimate exercise of executive power in Guantanamo No Elephants Mon Dec-17-12 07:33 AM5
- Now ads for Concealed carry are heartlessly appearing on DU DainBramaged Mon Dec-17-12 05:51 AM2
- Taxes on big gifts slated to soar-Many scramble to transfer wealth No Elephants Sun Dec-16-12 02:49 PM2
- Gang supposedly plans massive cyber attacks on many banks come spring No Elephants Sun Dec-16-12 02:47 PM1
- 2 congressmen caught up in ethics probes No Elephants Sun Dec-16-12 02:45 PM2
- Egypt Islamists claim majority in vote on charter No Elephants Sun Dec-16-12 02:07 PM1
- Nation's mean streak started in 2000 when Bush used rightwing extremists to get elected. madfloridian Sun Dec-16-12 02:03 PM4
- Gun Nut Family - CLEARLY! His mom loved guns calling one "big & beautiful" & taught him to shoot Divine Discon... Sun Dec-16-12 01:18 PM2
- Jeb Bush hatchet man Tony Bennett (thrown out of Indiana) appointed as FL's "Education Commissioner" seafan Sun Dec-16-12 11:13 AM4
- Prince of Wales defends tax status No Elephants Sun Dec-16-12 06:22 AM0
- the gun-lust lobby culture claims 26 innocents at a CT school today :'( Divine Discon... Sun Dec-16-12 04:36 AM2
- No Elephants Sun Dec-16-12 04:03 AM6
- Senator Sessions wants to put food stamps on the table. No Elephants Sat Dec-15-12 05:37 PM5
- No Elephants Sat Dec-15-12 11:35 AM4
- Poll: Crist top Dem in '14 Fla. gov's race No Elephants Sat Dec-15-12 04:51 AM2
- There's harm in the false centrism of Third Way policies. madfloridian Sat Dec-15-12 04:46 AM11
- Most states not setting up health exchanges under Obamacare, leaving it to the feds. No Elephants Sat Dec-15-12 04:39 AM2
- Former head of Countrywide has no regrets, despite billions in losses and many foreclosures. No Elephants Sat Dec-15-12 04:35 AM2
- Jon Stewart's prescience No Elephants Sat Dec-15-12 04:31 AM2
- Israeli foreign minister quits after indictment No Elephants Sat Dec-15-12 03:01 AM1
- Kerry, Hagel front-runners to lead State, Defense No Elephants Sat Dec-15-12 02:26 AM1
- "obviously not well", "troubled", his mother, "rigid" - comments from shooter's relatives Divine Discon... Sat Dec-15-12 01:17 AM2
- I enjoy Colbert, but this don't impress me much. No Elephants Sat Dec-15-12 01:16 AM3
- Consumer prices post first drop in six months No Elephants Fri Dec-14-12 09:51 AM0
- Pentagon to send missiles, 400 troops to Turkey No Elephants Fri Dec-14-12 09:33 AM0
- Strauss-Kahn settles suit with hotel maid No Elephants Fri Dec-14-12 09:29 AM3
- Chinese exceptionalism?: China files most patent applications No Elephants Fri Dec-14-12 09:25 AM5
- Reportedly, Obama will nominate Republican Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. No Elephants Fri Dec-14-12 09:22 AM2
- Drink Ingredient Gets a Look formercia Fri Dec-14-12 09:20 AM3
- Skanky Scalia dishonestly demeans equal human rights to marriage. No Elephants Fri Dec-14-12 09:13 AM6
- The roots of global anti-Americanism No Elephants Thu Dec-13-12 11:52 AM5
- Rick Snyder's Twitter name @onetoughnerd. Plans to privatize education in guise of reform. madfloridian Thu Dec-13-12 05:11 AM1
- The big union fight in Michigan explained No Elephants Thu Dec-13-12 01:25 AM2
- Hanky Panky Bernanke may revamp bond buying program No Elephants Thu Dec-13-12 01:15 AM2
- Michigan becomes right to work state. No Elephants Thu Dec-13-12 01:07 AM2
- Big powers to recognize Syrian opposition No Elephants Thu Dec-13-12 12:53 AM2
- Happy Hanukkah! (4th night--began 12/8) No Elephants Wed Dec-12-12 11:59 AM6
- If we did the horrific financial crimes that HSBC has admitted to, we'd go away for a very long time Divine Discon... Wed Dec-12-12 03:21 AM4
- FL private school owner has 4th failing school. Gets state voucher money with no oversight. madfloridian Wed Dec-12-12 03:16 AM1
- Top 25 healthiest states in the U.S. No Elephants Wed Dec-12-12 03:13 AM1
- Voter disdain spreads as 'fiscal cliff' looms No Elephants Wed Dec-12-12 02:40 AM2
- Syria Half million refugess (and counting). Rebels and army battle near Damascus. No Elephants Wed Dec-12-12 02:40 AM2
- U.S. congratulates Ghanaian president No Elephants Wed Dec-12-12 02:38 AM2
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