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- Jon Stewart Blasts Fox News For Claiming Obama Omitted God From Thanksgiving Address - VIDEO Tx4obama Tue Nov-29-11 01:55 PM9
- The Road To 270: its the demographics stupid. DCBob Tue Nov-29-11 12:50 PM8
- Ginger White has 61 text and calls from Cain bigdarryl Tue Nov-29-11 12:35 PM2
- ProSense Tue Nov-29-11 12:03 PM6
- The fruits of liberation MNBrewer Tue Nov-29-11 11:20 AM12
- What in the world is going on at the NLRB? ProSense Tue Nov-29-11 09:41 AM1
- DAMN!!! Herman you make Bill Clinton look like an school kid when it comes to woman bigdarryl Tue Nov-29-11 09:34 AM9
- Mitt Romney aide thinks destroying Newt Gingrich will be easy (updated) ProSense Tue Nov-29-11 09:04 AM8
- This four graphs are worth 4000 words... nmbluesky Tue Nov-29-11 09:04 AM2
- Herman Cain and Ginger Botany Tue Nov-29-11 08:29 AM0
- "Kennedy was fighting The Stupid, too" babylonsister Tue Nov-29-11 04:14 AM2
- TOON: Mitt Romney - Flip-Flopper ellisonz Tue Nov-29-11 04:11 AM2
- Obama now at 84% approval among liberal Democrats [View All] UrbScotty Tue Nov-29-11 04:09 AM103
- Herman Cain Accusation Reporting mr715 Tue Nov-29-11 03:57 AM12
- Tom Toles on Republicans and the debt flpoljunkie Tue Nov-29-11 03:56 AM3
- Social Insurance and Unemployment: Do People Deserve Poverty? ProSense Tue Nov-29-11 03:50 AM5
- Statement by the Press Secretary on President Obama Commemorating World AIDS Day Tx4obama Tue Nov-29-11 03:49 AM1
- From President Obama: On Thanksgiving, Grateful for the Men and Women Who Defend Our Country Tx4obama Tue Nov-29-11 03:47 AM12
- TOON: Forget Waterboarding ellisonz Tue Nov-29-11 03:46 AM7
- Are there too many things to dislike about Newt Gingrich? babylonsister Tue Nov-29-11 03:45 AM5
- Clearly the GOP only has one logical option left... jberryhill Tue Nov-29-11 12:44 AM7
- ProSense Mon Nov-28-11 10:57 PM9
- Barney Frank will not run for re-election in 2012 WI_DEM Mon Nov-28-11 09:49 PM18
- Heads up! Cain affair accuser up next on CNN Happyhippychi... Mon Nov-28-11 09:36 PM5
- White House: If Congress doesn't act, your taxes will go up. Find out how much more you'll pay. [View All] flpoljunkie Mon Nov-28-11 08:54 PM35
- Longshot Republican candidate mulls third-party run (Gary Johnson) ellisonz Mon Nov-28-11 07:39 PM19
- Making out like bandits ProSense Mon Nov-28-11 06:33 PM3
- Breaking on CNN: Third Herman Cain accuser to come forward. AtomicKitten Mon Nov-28-11 06:22 PM14
- TPM: DNC Runs New 'Mitt vs. Mitt' Ad in Swing States flpoljunkie Mon Nov-28-11 06:21 PM6
- She's almost as tall as her mother now...The First Family receive Xmas tree [View All] HipChick Mon Nov-28-11 06:17 PM32
- President Obama: Congress won't be the same without Barney Frank cal04 Mon Nov-28-11 05:57 PM3
- Right wing militias grow from 149 to 824 since Obama's election. Swede Mon Nov-28-11 03:49 PM14
- Krugman: Things to Tax ProSense Mon Nov-28-11 03:30 PM5
- "'Uppity' slur still haunts African-Americans" [View All] Pirate Smile Mon Nov-28-11 03:28 PM44
- babylonsister Mon Nov-28-11 03:21 PM6
- Billionaire Investor Who Compared Taxing The Rich To Nazi Invasions Will Hold Fundraiser For Romney ProSense Mon Nov-28-11 03:15 PM7
- Inequality: A winning issue for Dems in 2012 ProSense Mon Nov-28-11 02:51 PM3
- Cali_Democrat Mon Nov-28-11 02:39 PM1
- Obama and the other Dems. have to make it CLEAR that the economy isn't good yet due to REPUBS.. [View All] jenmito Mon Nov-28-11 02:31 PM21
- Picking a president shouldn't be like picking a golf buddy babylonsister Mon Nov-28-11 01:26 PM3
- Teen tweeter won't apologize to Kan. governor ProSense Mon Nov-28-11 01:02 PM5
- I see there still wasting tax payers money on this MADE UP SCANDLE bigdarryl Mon Nov-28-11 12:31 PM1
- Historically,GOP cand endorsed by the UL have over-performed their preendorsement polls by 11 points Pirate Smile Mon Nov-28-11 11:49 AM4
- MSNBC's Mika On Newt's Surge: "Republicans Clearly Don't Want To Win" babylonsister Mon Nov-28-11 11:45 AM4
- NYT: AP: Senate Democrats to Back Obama Payroll Tax Cut flpoljunkie Mon Nov-28-11 11:45 AM4
- OFA volunteers "stole in under cover of night & stayed, undetected...'It was very scary'"says NC GOP [View All] Pirate Smile Mon Nov-28-11 10:23 AM29
- Statement by VP Biden on Anniversary of International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women Tx4obama Mon Nov-28-11 07:06 AM1
- Fucking Obama, the Fucking Nerve of This Man. I've Fucking Had it. [View All] NYC_SKP Mon Nov-28-11 04:28 AM57
- ProSense Mon Nov-28-11 01:53 AM3
- U.S. to spend 6 BILLION!!! on Iraq in 2012 I though we had no money bigdarryl Sun Nov-27-11 11:39 PM14
- Obama/GOP "free trade" pact with S. Korea expected to severly damage US's textile industry brentspeak Sun Nov-27-11 10:49 PM6
- Next Stop on the GOP Crazy Train: 'Newtsville' babylonsister Sun Nov-27-11 10:35 PM2
- Ezra Klein: The incredible deal Republicans have accidentally offered the Democrats [View All] Pirate Smile Sun Nov-27-11 10:18 PM105
- New York Magazine: When Did Liberals Become So Unreasonable? [View All] dennis4868 Sun Nov-27-11 09:43 PM132
- TV Attack Ads Aim at Obama Early and Often alp227 Sun Nov-27-11 08:46 PM3
- babylonsister Sun Nov-27-11 06:55 PM9
- TOON: Stink ellisonz Sun Nov-27-11 06:18 PM2
- Barack Obama stepping aside to let Hillary Clinton run is "rediculous" -- Neera Tanden [View All] DCBob Sun Nov-27-11 05:06 PM30
- Union Leader newspaper backs Gingrich. Mass Sun Nov-27-11 03:42 PM6
- Best Picture ever you seen. nmbluesky Sun Nov-27-11 03:25 PM19
- Pirate Smile Sun Nov-27-11 02:56 PM11
- I'm terrible, but I shamelessly teased my conservative relatives after the debate [View All] Aerows Sun Nov-27-11 11:55 AM57
- Al Sharpton's brilliant smackdown of Limbaugh and NASCAR's treatment of Michelle Obama: [View All] Empowerer Sun Nov-27-11 10:39 AM44
- The Republican Civil War II Obamakarma Sun Nov-27-11 10:04 AM10
- The supercommittee failed because Republicans refused to compromise ellisonz Sun Nov-27-11 09:06 AM14
- OWS and the Power of Creative Protest pnorman Sun Nov-27-11 08:37 AM1
- Reasons not to cheer the trigger jpgray Sun Nov-27-11 07:09 AM17
- "I am ObamaCare" [View All] Pirate Smile Sun Nov-27-11 02:31 AM24
- What the trigger will cut. Mass Sun Nov-27-11 02:07 AM18
- List of Republicans, including John McCain, who voted for the trigger ProSense Sun Nov-27-11 12:44 AM5
- The old Newt vs. the new Newt Dover Sat Nov-26-11 11:09 PM1
- Michele Bachmann on Fallon's show.... [View All] vaberella Sat Nov-26-11 10:27 PM26
- Pakistan demands US vacate air base used for drone attacks! Cali_Democrat Sat Nov-26-11 09:59 PM5
- The Mighty GOP PARTY has been imploding down to a measely "oops" opihimoimoi Sat Nov-26-11 08:11 PM12
- Check out Elliot Ackerman (of Americans Elect) on Hardball. He's a slippery character: jenmito Sat Nov-26-11 04:33 PM4
- How on earth...? ProSense Sat Nov-26-11 03:02 PM7
- What are your thoughts on the third party organization called Americans Elect Dover Sat Nov-26-11 02:47 PM15
- Michele Bachmann pitches in at 'traditional' Republican values forum ProSense Sat Nov-26-11 12:24 PM1
- alp227 Sat Nov-26-11 11:29 AM15
- Tom Wicker's incredible 11/22/63 Kennedy assassination dispatch. Pirate Smile Sat Nov-26-11 10:02 AM1
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Home » Discuss » General Discussion: Presidency Donate to DU

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