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- Pennsylvania becomes major battleground for Obama in 2012 [View All] alp227 Fri Dec-02-11 04:43 PM50
- I hope that Mrs. Cain has some really close friends who will Raven Fri Dec-02-11 04:28 PM5
- Jonathan Capehart made a funny Laura PourMeA... Fri Dec-02-11 03:32 PM7
- Why Did Scott Brown Filibuster The Payroll Tax Cut? ProSense Fri Dec-02-11 02:39 PM4
- Obama hits Republicans for protecting the rich ProSense Fri Dec-02-11 02:33 PM6
- Mitt Romney's growing unpopularity with Republicans ProSense Fri Dec-02-11 02:32 PM2
- TOON: GOP Wants a Prayer ellisonz Fri Dec-02-11 02:23 PM0
- The stinking media and pundits are trying to DOWN PLAY the unemployment dropping bigdarryl Fri Dec-02-11 02:21 PM5
- Mitt Romney issues an immediate statement nmbluesky Fri Dec-02-11 01:41 PM12
- Pelosi Statement on November Jobs Report ("21st consecutive month of private sector job growth") ProSense Fri Dec-02-11 01:30 PM7
- Tx4obama Fri Dec-02-11 01:12 PM12
- On MSNBC Buddy Roemer trying his best ...but no cigars opihimoimoi Fri Dec-02-11 12:26 PM0
- I don't know or care if it's true if Bachmann's husband is gay but... TlalocW Fri Dec-02-11 12:22 PM5
- Bill Clinton then President Obama speaking NOW on New Energy Saving Program jenmito Fri Dec-02-11 11:32 AM0
- Help Newt help America! yellowcanine Fri Dec-02-11 11:08 AM5
- Has Newt released his grades from college and grad school? Raven Fri Dec-02-11 11:01 AM3
- GOP Basic PRINCIPLES..... Lie Cheat Steal, 24/7 all year opihimoimoi Fri Dec-02-11 11:00 AM0
- jefferson_dem Fri Dec-02-11 10:57 AM2
- Hey Newt, there are other people who don't know how to work: Ilsa Fri Dec-02-11 10:53 AM1
- ProSense Fri Dec-02-11 10:31 AM9
- (self delete) denem Fri Dec-02-11 10:14 AM0
- Must Read: Frank Luntz teaching Republicans how to respond to OWS flpoljunkie Fri Dec-02-11 10:05 AM10
- Carl Levin Bucks White House On Detainee Provisions Purveyor Fri Dec-02-11 10:02 AM8
- Senators reach compromise on detainee language in defense bill (Feinstein amendment 99-1) Tx4obama Fri Dec-02-11 09:49 AM5
- Why all the GOP debates??? "free media coverage" they are going cheap with free TV underpants Fri Dec-02-11 09:02 AM11
- babylonsister Fri Dec-02-11 08:52 AM1
- How would Barack Obama fare against Newt Gingrich? [View All] boxman15 Fri Dec-02-11 08:45 AM57
- He shakes his head quietly as he passes by with two elementary school age children in tow. [View All] struggle4prog... Fri Dec-02-11 08:23 AM72
- National Christmas Tree lighting kicks off holidays - SLIDESHOW Tx4obama Fri Dec-02-11 05:25 AM2
- Transcript - Remarks by the President at Lighting of the National Christmas Tree Tx4obama Fri Dec-02-11 03:24 AM3
- Remarks by Vice President Biden at Event to Honor U.S. and Iraqi Servicemembers (Pics) ellisonz Fri Dec-02-11 02:45 AM2
- I bet Saturday Nights GOP debate will be a NEWT ATTACK!!! Logical Fri Dec-02-11 01:55 AM7
- Michelle Bachman Vice President picks roguevalley Fri Dec-02-11 01:45 AM3
- Is it prophetic or pathetic? underpants Fri Dec-02-11 12:33 AM6
- Better Believ... Fri Dec-02-11 12:24 AM11
- Playboy playmates Barbi twins: Obama abandoned the horses RamboLiberal Fri Dec-02-11 12:16 AM3
- [View All] Cali_Democrat Fri Dec-02-11 12:08 AM35
- A Gut-Check Moment for Mr. Obama Cali_Democrat Thu Dec-01-11 11:55 PM9
- Why is it when polling comes out with a democrat ahead of a rethug it's considered a DEAD HEAT!!! bigdarryl Thu Dec-01-11 11:51 PM4
- Michele Bachmann verbally bullies teenagers asking about LGBT equality ruggerson Thu Dec-01-11 11:47 PM10
- Question; Barack Obama will win next year because... [View All] center rising Thu Dec-01-11 11:30 PM58
- WH FACT SHEET: The Beginning of the End of AIDS Tx4obama Thu Dec-01-11 11:28 PM2
- DU'ers don't forget this on Monday at 7:00 PM bigdarryl Thu Dec-01-11 11:19 PM5
- ProSense Thu Dec-01-11 11:18 PM2
- Transcript of Obama's speech at the Jack Rosen fundraiser ... slipslidingaw... Thu Dec-01-11 11:00 PM3
- Rocky Anderson likely to run for president of the United States [View All] Freddie Stubb... Thu Dec-01-11 10:10 PM38
- Bachmann: I Would Close Our (Non-Existent) Embassy In Iran ProSense Thu Dec-01-11 09:54 PM11
- Rocky Anderson introduces the Justice Party... [View All] polichick Thu Dec-01-11 09:51 PM137
- Ginger White will be interviewed at 10:00PM on MSNBC bigdarryl Thu Dec-01-11 08:50 PM1
- ProSense Thu Dec-01-11 08:33 PM2
- This morning's Morning Joe, best frame on Newt yet Nancy Waterma... Thu Dec-01-11 08:23 PM11
- "They are also ruining the reputation of the United States." babylonsister Thu Dec-01-11 08:11 PM13
- Political Wire: PPP latest poll shows Gingrich Crushing Romney in Florida flpoljunkie Thu Dec-01-11 07:50 PM2
- Eric Cantor floats year-end trigger bargain Cali_Democrat Thu Dec-01-11 07:44 PM11
- IS OBAMA COMPETITIVE IN KANSAS: SUSA has Romney leading by single digits & Obama beating Grinch WI_DEM Thu Dec-01-11 06:37 PM8
- Newt - just now on Hannity- on 1st divorce in the hospital- "I was immature" - he was 37 years old [View All] underpants Thu Dec-01-11 06:13 PM23
- Huge labor win at Boeing - thanks to Obama Administration babylonsister Thu Dec-01-11 06:00 PM15
- ProSense Thu Dec-01-11 05:54 PM4
- So Newt Gringrich is a citizen not a LOBBYIST? Rosa Luxembur... Thu Dec-01-11 05:37 PM5
- Guess who Ann Coulter is DATING you will be SHOCKED!!! [View All] bigdarryl Thu Dec-01-11 05:32 PM40
- Toles TOON: Mitt-mas ellisonz Thu Dec-01-11 04:54 PM3
- Herman Cain and the liberal media conspiracy caduceus111 Thu Dec-01-11 04:42 PM0
- Gingrich Will Meet Trump WI_DEM Thu Dec-01-11 04:04 PM10
- TOON: The Ballad of Herman Cain ellisonz Thu Dec-01-11 03:53 PM2
- TOON: The New Nixon ellisonz Thu Dec-01-11 03:45 PM0
- Harkin Says Obama "Silent Cheering" for Gingrich WI_DEM Thu Dec-01-11 03:24 PM4
- Poll: 56 Percent Of Americans Believe Health Reform Includes A Public Option [View All] ProSense Thu Dec-01-11 02:49 PM29
- Question about Michele Bachmann's status please. PearliePoo2 Thu Dec-01-11 02:44 PM13
- Freeperland split on whether Newt is an acceptable candidate stevenleser Thu Dec-01-11 02:11 PM6
- (self delete) denem Thu Dec-01-11 01:47 PM1
- Biden: No Sign Iran Attack On UK Embassy Was Orchestrated Purveyor Thu Dec-01-11 01:34 PM1
- Team Bachmann says Iran embassy comment was 'hypothetical' Enrique Thu Dec-01-11 01:34 PM12
- Oops... babylonsister Thu Dec-01-11 12:54 PM0
- The other economic policy set to expire babylonsister Thu Dec-01-11 12:14 PM1
- Challenge: Blame Barack Obama for This mess: denem Thu Dec-01-11 11:57 AM12
- Questioning Pres Obamas LEADERSHIP??? The GOPer noise machine has been active questioning Obamas opihimoimoi Thu Dec-01-11 11:29 AM6
- A number of polls in key states now seem to show Romney collapsing and Newt grabbing up support. Mayberry Mach... Thu Dec-01-11 11:24 AM8
- I'm a little tired of Cain and media pointing out that women he exploited had "financial problems" [View All] EffieBlack Thu Dec-01-11 11:11 AM24
- Scott Brown's new bill wants to cut regulation for IPOs - he really is the opposite of Warren karynnj Thu Dec-01-11 10:03 AM1
- Guy Whitey Co... Thu Dec-01-11 10:02 AM0
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Home » Discuss » General Discussion: Presidency Donate to DU

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