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- Two more Obama 2008 campaign promises rated KEPT Tx4obama Fri Nov-04-11 12:23 PM6
- I strongly suggest Pres Obama announce 1 TERMs for the GOPers as they opihimoimoi Fri Nov-04-11 12:21 PM0
- jefferson_dem Fri Nov-04-11 12:20 PM3
- Getting Personal! Pistarkle Fri Nov-04-11 11:50 AM2
- Paul Begala: Perry's Smartest Move Yet? babylonsister Fri Nov-04-11 11:34 AM2
- Chart: Super Committee Dems, GOP Differ On Jobs Swede Fri Nov-04-11 11:05 AM0
- Senate Republicans: No Jobs For You, America (SEIU) ProSense Fri Nov-04-11 10:58 AM1
- "The Neanderthals" have joined OWS,,,,what an indorsement... opihimoimoi Fri Nov-04-11 10:26 AM0
- Why Try to Win When You Can Just Change the Rules? babylonsister Fri Nov-04-11 10:18 AM2
- CNN/RNC: Republicans hit Obama after jobs report ProSense Fri Nov-04-11 10:18 AM10
- Assuming a Romney Repub Nomination, which running mate would make the R ticket most formidable? (Poll) [View All] Skip Intro Fri Nov-04-11 09:37 AM55
- Remember Gary Hart in 1984? Pab Sungenis Fri Nov-04-11 09:36 AM3
- "The October Jobs Report is Better Than You Think " Pirate Smile Fri Nov-04-11 09:32 AM2
- Is this a complete summary of the Republican platform ProSense Fri Nov-04-11 09:16 AM13
- PAUL KRUGMAN: Oligarchy, American Style babylonsister Fri Nov-04-11 08:47 AM1
- Michelle Bachmann: "US turning into banana republic" (She doesn't know she's right.) DetlefK Fri Nov-04-11 08:39 AM2
- I've been sexually harassed many times and I'm DELIGHTED to see Cain twist in the wind Happyhippychi... Fri Nov-04-11 06:30 AM7
- NYT Editorial: Putting Millionaires Before Jobs flpoljunkie Fri Nov-04-11 06:20 AM0
- Pirate Smile Fri Nov-04-11 05:42 AM2
- Email The NRA to Release All Information Concerning Herman Cain winstars Fri Nov-04-11 03:04 AM1
- Pakistani civilian victims vent anger over US drones Cali_Democrat Fri Nov-04-11 02:29 AM6
- President Obama's infrastructure bill fails cloture vote 51-49. [View All] flpoljunkie Thu Nov-03-11 11:36 PM27
- I heard that Dominique Strauss-Kahn is going to run for President of France after all. stevenleser Thu Nov-03-11 09:57 PM4
- Who Is Mitt Romney Conning? DemocratSince... Thu Nov-03-11 09:43 PM11
- Poor woman bigdarryl Thu Nov-03-11 09:31 PM4
- Wow- nothing on DU about the Arizona scandal?? catgirl Thu Nov-03-11 09:22 PM17
- Cain is right, it was Perry, but the GOP bosses will tell Cain to blame liberals Enrique Thu Nov-03-11 09:18 PM7
- Despite Allegations, Cain Leads GOP Field in National Poll Cali_Democrat Thu Nov-03-11 09:02 PM18
- Who Is The Biggest Lunatic On The Republican "Ship Of Lunatics" ? (Poll) DemocratSince... Thu Nov-03-11 08:43 PM13
- If Romney Gets The Nomination What Are The Odds Of A Serious Conservative Third Party Run DemocratSince... Thu Nov-03-11 08:31 PM14
- ProSense Thu Nov-03-11 07:19 PM11
- New Report Finds Vermont Could Save As Much As $1.8 Billion By 2020 From Shifting To Single Payer ProSense Thu Nov-03-11 07:17 PM8
- While His GOP Opponents Are Showing Their Proverbial Asses Our President Is Being Presidential DemocratSince... Thu Nov-03-11 06:36 PM7
- My republican nephew and I politely heckle each other cmd Thu Nov-03-11 06:30 PM2
- The Konservative Crackup Continues-Herman Cain Doubling Down- Perry Is The Leaker DemocratSince... Thu Nov-03-11 05:52 PM5
- PN Poll -Obama 35% -Flip Flopper 26%/ Obama 40%-Governor Good Hair 20%/ Obama -38% -Sugar Cain 24% DemocratSince... Thu Nov-03-11 05:34 PM12
- About the issue of Sexual Harassment... Raine1967 Thu Nov-03-11 04:20 PM12
- The President's Top Lawyers Are All Women ProSense Thu Nov-03-11 04:19 PM10
- Cain's poll #'s will not drop, think about who supports him, #'s will only get stronger. . . wndycty Thu Nov-03-11 04:00 PM10
- Senate Republicans kill the Democrats' infrastructure jobs bill ProSense Thu Nov-03-11 03:26 PM5
- ROFLCOPTER- Freepers Blaming Mitt Romney For Cain Leak DemocratSince... Thu Nov-03-11 02:43 PM13
- ProSense Thu Nov-03-11 02:17 PM3
- Democrats on the Super Committee have no excuse for supporting cuts to Social Security or Medicare [View All] ProSense Thu Nov-03-11 02:11 PM43
- sasha031 Thu Nov-03-11 02:02 PM4
- Why would the Restaurant Assn be willing to rescind the confidentiality agreement? LiberalFighte... Thu Nov-03-11 01:45 PM5
- Dave Weigel: Americans Elect Will Save Our Democracy With Secret Money, Probably From Hedge Funds flpoljunkie Thu Nov-03-11 01:42 PM0
- Will voters buy the idea that GOP is sabotaging economy? ProSense Thu Nov-03-11 01:38 PM8
- babylonsister Thu Nov-03-11 01:34 PM5
- The Referendum That Could Indirectly Bring Down Obama [View All] walerosco Thu Nov-03-11 01:04 PM35
- ProSense Thu Nov-03-11 12:48 PM5
- If we hear the harrassment details Nancy Waterma... Thu Nov-03-11 12:28 PM4
- Obama mocks Congress on motto vote ProSense Thu Nov-03-11 11:51 AM11
- [View All] ellisonz Thu Nov-03-11 11:17 AM23
- Who is sick of the hyped-up, diversionary Perry-Cain crapola stories? (Poll) [View All] valerief Thu Nov-03-11 10:39 AM33
- OMG this is the most FANTASTIC election [View All] Laura PourMeA... Thu Nov-03-11 10:24 AM22
- Hillary Clinton's mother, Dorothy Rodham, dies DemocratSince... Thu Nov-03-11 10:20 AM11
- What was Herman Cain thinking? ProSense Thu Nov-03-11 09:57 AM8
- CBPP: Government Revenues in U.S. Are Low by International Standards ProSense Thu Nov-03-11 09:43 AM0
- I Respect Barack Obama DemocratSince... Thu Nov-03-11 09:36 AM15
- What the hell was up with Rick Perry? ProSense Thu Nov-03-11 09:33 AM6
- Do the GOPers have Presidential Timber? or weak Planks full of rot? opihimoimoi Thu Nov-03-11 09:32 AM8
- Krugman: Inequality Trends In One Picture ProSense Thu Nov-03-11 09:28 AM1
- Herman Cain's Accusers DemocratSince... Thu Nov-03-11 09:20 AM8
- If Mr. President has to give back Corzine money, how much would that be? lonestarnot Thu Nov-03-11 09:09 AM2
- I'm Keeping Count -Witnesses/Accusers Of Cain's Sexual Harassment Up To Six Or Seven DemocratSince... Thu Nov-03-11 09:01 AM17
- Super Committee Going After Your Social Security? That Was the Point. (SS is on the table) [View All] Cali_Democrat Thu Nov-03-11 08:28 AM52
- TPM: AP: Third Woman Complains of Harassment from Herman Cain flpoljunkie Thu Nov-03-11 08:16 AM8
- Letterman: Floozy Rice being interviewed and she is lying again. LiberalFighte... Thu Nov-03-11 07:13 AM3
- I am a HUGE Cheerleader for President Obama - if you disagree then please tell me why.... [View All] Tx4obama Thu Nov-03-11 05:03 AM136
- If you commit sexual harassment and it comes back to bite you when you're running for President Cali_Democrat Wed Nov-02-11 11:24 PM4
- "If she was really being harassed, why did she follow him from job to job?" Empowerer Wed Nov-02-11 11:20 PM6
- Congressman Ellison: Introducing the Same Day Registration and Voter Access Protection Act ProSense Wed Nov-02-11 11:06 PM10
- Cain Says Perry Is Orchestrating a Smear Campaign (NYT) jefferson_dem Wed Nov-02-11 10:53 PM7
- Who is the big winner from the Cain and Perry meltdowns this week? I say Obama. yellowcanine Wed Nov-02-11 10:48 PM2
- How Much Of A Hit Will Cain's Campaign Take For His "Sexual Indicretion"? (Poll) [View All] DemocratSince... Wed Nov-02-11 10:17 PM21
- POLL: Obama approval at 47/49 (was 41/55 last month). +5 over Romney, +16 over Perry, +10 over Cain. [View All] jefferson_dem Wed Nov-02-11 10:01 PM21
- I smell a circular firing squad. sufrommich Wed Nov-02-11 09:22 PM7
- Who has a worse week so far, Cain the harasser or Perry the goof? yellowcanine Wed Nov-02-11 09:21 PM3
- Who's behind the leaking of all the Cain shitstorm? Laura PourMeA... Wed Nov-02-11 08:56 PM15
- Perfect quote to use re: a GOP debate... Sannum Wed Nov-02-11 08:45 PM0
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Home » Discuss » General Discussion: Presidency Donate to DU

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