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- wndycty Fri Nov-11-11 11:11 PM11
- The Coronation Of Mitt Romney By GOP Elites Is Really A Big F U To The Tea Party DemocratSince... Fri Nov-11-11 11:10 PM18
- Bachmann calls on Obama to apologize to Israel [View All] oberliner Fri Nov-11-11 11:07 PM52
- Obama to begin 9-day Asia-Pacific trip with economic conference ellisonz Fri Nov-11-11 09:57 PM4
- What percent of the 1% are job creators? (Poll) onehandle Fri Nov-11-11 09:52 PM9
- Look good at President Obama and Mrs Obama nmbluesky Fri Nov-11-11 08:17 PM4
- WTF! Rosa Luxembur... Fri Nov-11-11 06:47 PM2
- Presidential Candidates Explained Through Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheets Fozzledick Fri Nov-11-11 06:39 PM1
- GOPer Presidential Wannabees answers to Series Questions Are so LAME and INEPT it boggles the MIND opihimoimoi Fri Nov-11-11 06:06 PM4
- And the identity of the real Republican frontrunner is ... unknown ProSense Fri Nov-11-11 05:30 PM5
- This H. Cain NRA episode is over. [View All] win_in_06 Fri Nov-11-11 05:06 PM21
- Investigator:Cain was NOT lying in Press Conference bigdarryl Fri Nov-11-11 04:46 PM6
- Riddle: Which 2012 hopeful is it? veganlush Fri Nov-11-11 03:15 PM3
- Us vs Them. Pugs vs Libs. Rich vs Poor. OWS vs TP. You vs Me. NightOwwl Fri Nov-11-11 02:53 PM11
- Bill Clinton, President for Eight Years, Still Not Totally Familiar With Filibuster [View All] Pirate Smile Fri Nov-11-11 02:48 PM61
- Do You Think "Herb" Cain Is Sane? (Poll) [View All] DemocratSince... Fri Nov-11-11 02:29 PM46
- Republicans have a foreign policy problem ProSense Fri Nov-11-11 02:26 PM4
- ProSense Fri Nov-11-11 01:49 PM12
- Herman "Herb" Cain Disrespects Anita Hill DemocratSince... Fri Nov-11-11 01:00 PM7
- Cain caught on tape making a JOKE about Anita Hill bigdarryl Fri Nov-11-11 12:40 PM0
- If elected, Romney says he would "prepare for war" against Iran Cali_Democrat Fri Nov-11-11 12:36 PM15
- To be fair, how many women has Herman Cain NOT groped? [View All] yellowcanine Fri Nov-11-11 11:43 AM21
- DemocratSince... Fri Nov-11-11 11:26 AM11
- Virtual Tie In GOP Race-Serial Sexual Abuser-18%Serial Flip Flopper 15%/Serial Philanderer 15% DemocratSince... Fri Nov-11-11 10:10 AM0
- is it time for Sanders/Nader 2012? CarrieLynne Fri Nov-11-11 10:04 AM15
- Princess Nancy? blueclown Fri Nov-11-11 09:50 AM19
- The President needs a Super Majority in both Congress and Senate [View All] Hutzpa Fri Nov-11-11 05:43 AM46
- For Obama, an Asian agenda with an eye on home dkf Fri Nov-11-11 05:02 AM0
- Perry Retools With New Campaign Song rug Fri Nov-11-11 03:34 AM4
- Is Perry the "Oops President"? LiberalFighte... Fri Nov-11-11 03:22 AM15
- The Penn State sexual assault scandal knocked Cain's story out of the media bigdarryl Thu Nov-10-11 11:42 PM5
- Sandusky is a registered Republican. love0bama-4ev... Thu Nov-10-11 11:32 PM6
- Watch The Excruciating Agony As Rick Perry Gets Confused, Forgets His Own Plan Mid-Sentence [View All] ProSense Thu Nov-10-11 10:55 PM33
- Second Cain's accuser is also a registered Republican! Karen Kraushaar love0bama-4ev... Thu Nov-10-11 10:02 PM2
- Perry explains brain freeze as "everyone makes mistakes." Says it "humanizes" him. yellowcanine Thu Nov-10-11 09:30 PM11
- The "oops heard around the world," Cain on his non-harassment ratio and Romney on his "constancy." ProSense Thu Nov-10-11 09:04 PM3
- OH GOD!!! Big Ed again with this Jim Moore bigdarryl Thu Nov-10-11 08:58 PM3
- Reuters: Keystone XL Pipeline: State Department Expected To Announce Pursuit Of New Route flpoljunkie Thu Nov-10-11 07:43 PM4
- NYT: Michigan Debate Fact Check: Regulation and Housing Crisis (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac lies) flpoljunkie Thu Nov-10-11 07:26 PM3
- Quinnipiac Poll: Obama vs. Romney tight races in FL, OH, PA WI_DEM Thu Nov-10-11 06:37 PM2
- DemocratSince... Thu Nov-10-11 06:26 PM1
- BAE closure in Texas to add 75 jobs in Fort Wayne LiberalFighte... Thu Nov-10-11 05:36 PM0
- OH POLL: Obama up big. +9 over Mitt, +11 over Cain, +13 over Newt -- An extremely unified Dem base. jefferson_dem Thu Nov-10-11 05:23 PM18
- Sign of the times - the Tea Party lost big in the town elections yesterday. hedgehog Thu Nov-10-11 05:20 PM9
- Reasons that Romney is not a flip-flopper, according to Romney: jenmito Thu Nov-10-11 05:01 PM4
- did anybody ask Herman Cain at the debate... WI_DEM Thu Nov-10-11 04:12 PM8
- jefferson_dem Thu Nov-10-11 03:04 PM7
- No comparison! tblue Thu Nov-10-11 02:46 PM7
- CHART OF THE DAY: The Regressive Tax Plan Super Committee Dems Shot Down ProSense Thu Nov-10-11 02:37 PM1
- New Document Summarizes Recent Democratic Super Committee Offer ProSense Thu Nov-10-11 02:30 PM2
- How the media play along with RW lunacy: Chrismas tree tax ProSense Thu Nov-10-11 01:47 PM19
- TOM THE DANCING BUG: Look What Happens When You Over-Tax the Job-Creators Like Hollingsworth Hound! onehandle Thu Nov-10-11 01:31 PM2
- Does anyone else not trust John Kasich to try some other means to shit on Unions? teddy51 Thu Nov-10-11 01:26 PM14
- Rove-founded group again blanketing airwaves with falsehoods, distortions, and sleaze ProSense Thu Nov-10-11 01:01 PM4
- Mitt Romney Job Creator Botany Thu Nov-10-11 12:11 PM2
- The GOP Field sunnybrook Thu Nov-10-11 11:57 AM2
- "Rick Perry Wet His Pants On The Last Days Of School." DemocratSince... Thu Nov-10-11 11:47 AM3
- Gov. Christie's efforts to boost GOP's chances in legislative elections fall short ProSense Thu Nov-10-11 11:28 AM5
- Romney: "My friends in Ohio are fighting to defend crucial reforms...I stand with John R. Kasich..." [View All] jefferson_dem Thu Nov-10-11 09:58 AM24
- Do You Want Herman Cain To Be The Republican Nominee (Poll) DemocratSince... Thu Nov-10-11 09:52 AM18
- Clearly, Rick Perry is running as the perfect combination of St. Ronnie & Little Boots! hedgehog Thu Nov-10-11 09:15 AM0
- NYT: Michigan Debate Fact Check: Regulation and Business (Regulatory Burden Lies) flpoljunkie Thu Nov-10-11 07:30 AM0
- Mitch McConnell: Obama jobs bill was designed to make Republicans look bad for rejecting it [View All] ProSense Thu Nov-10-11 06:10 AM49
- Perry tonight had the biggest epic fail I've seen from any presidential candidate ButterflyBloo... Thu Nov-10-11 05:58 AM10
- On Wednesday, November 9, 2011, the President signed into law ............... Tx4obama Thu Nov-10-11 02:12 AM0
- Romney, Whose Net Worth Is $250 Million, Whines That He Makes Less Than Federal Employees ProSense Wed Nov-09-11 11:55 PM18
- Paterno and his cohorts had a choice. Evergreen Eme... Wed Nov-09-11 11:39 PM0
- for Black Voter. nmbluesky Wed Nov-09-11 11:38 PM6
- Democrats Said to Call Republican Tax Plan a Windfall for Rich ProSense Wed Nov-09-11 11:36 PM4
- Herman Cain did NOT agree to take a lie detector test (ay yi yi) jsmirman Wed Nov-09-11 11:03 PM12
- Major Win For Obama... babylonsister Wed Nov-09-11 10:24 PM18
- I watch outfront CNN Obama lied about Osama Bin Laden nmbluesky Wed Nov-09-11 10:09 PM19
- Obama campaign seizes on Ohio labor victory to pummel Mitt Romney ProSense Wed Nov-09-11 10:08 PM6
- The Corporate Media won't say it, but WE should! Mitt Romney and John Boehner LOST!! Liberal_Stalw... Wed Nov-09-11 09:35 PM12
- Tonight's debate: my wife says Bachmann is having a hot flash. JohnnyLib2 Wed Nov-09-11 09:21 PM7
- Cain successfully playing the victim card bigdarryl Wed Nov-09-11 09:21 PM3
- Time, Channel Repuke Debate? Laura PourMeA... Wed Nov-09-11 08:15 PM6
- Ohio Issue 3 Health Care Option Amend. [View All] nmbluesky Wed Nov-09-11 08:03 PM29
- [View All] jefferson_dem Wed Nov-09-11 07:36 PM35
- Like Joe Madison predicted ALL are blonde white and blue eyed [View All] bigdarryl Wed Nov-09-11 07:27 PM25
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Home » Discuss » General Discussion: Presidency Donate to DU

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