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- Biggest Joke From Republican Debate: Romney Threatening Iran Cali_Democrat Mon Nov-14-11 02:07 PM2
- GOP lawmakers out of step with Americans on jobs plan, Obama says babylonsister Mon Nov-14-11 01:52 PM5
- Rick Perry, Herman Cain, And The Soft Bigotry Of Low Expectations DemocratSince... Mon Nov-14-11 01:40 PM0
- Trade Deficit in U.S. Was Probably Little Changed in September brentspeak Mon Nov-14-11 01:26 PM2
- CBS was a disgrace last night dsc Mon Nov-14-11 01:05 PM19
- Obama Expresses 'Disappointment' on French Palestinian Vote oberliner Mon Nov-14-11 12:17 PM9
- The only person to publicly defend Cain? - His wife liberal N pro... Mon Nov-14-11 12:08 PM7
- The Republican Civil War Has Begun [View All] Obamakarma Mon Nov-14-11 11:56 AM65
- babylonsister Mon Nov-14-11 10:22 AM3
- Tom Toles on Rick Perry flpoljunkie Mon Nov-14-11 09:29 AM5
- Tom Toles on the Dems and the Supercommittee flpoljunkie Mon Nov-14-11 09:19 AM0
- Occupy the Republican Party? babylonsister Mon Nov-14-11 08:40 AM0
- Paul Krugman: Vouchers for Veterans babylonsister Mon Nov-14-11 08:33 AM0
- Spotlight Fixed on Geithner, a Man Obama Fought to Keep alp227 Mon Nov-14-11 06:59 AM5
- Rick Perry: Cut Foreign Aid 'To Zero,' Even For Israel [View All] oberliner Mon Nov-14-11 06:34 AM26
- (Brian Terry's) Parents blame Eric Holder for son's death alp227 Mon Nov-14-11 06:12 AM10
- Interesting comment by General Colin Powell on Pierce Morgan. teddy51 Mon Nov-14-11 05:13 AM14
- Herman Cain's implosion re-opens the door for Rick Perry [View All] PDittie Mon Nov-14-11 02:30 AM34
- Perry's Camp Emails 'Clarification' On Perry's Israel Response [View All] ProSense Mon Nov-14-11 01:55 AM30
- Full text of President Obama's remarks at the Hale Koa Hotel Luau ellisonz Mon Nov-14-11 01:39 AM7
- Obama hears from Occupy Wall Street Onlooker Mon Nov-14-11 01:28 AM11
- First Openly Gay Court of Appeals Nominee Asks Obama To Withdraw Nomination [View All] ruggerson Mon Nov-14-11 12:56 AM31
- Here's a link to a GREAT summary of tonight's GOP debate: Summary and Winners & Losers Tx4obama Sun Nov-13-11 11:37 PM12
- When will the Republican debates abate? struggle4prog... Sun Nov-13-11 11:35 PM3
- FWIW, people who don't frequent GD are missing an important announcement uppityperson Sun Nov-13-11 10:38 PM3
- Self delete - question was answered on the livestream. nt gateley Sun Nov-13-11 08:59 PM1
- This is NOT okay: clowns upset with Rick Perry comparisons flamingdem Sun Nov-13-11 08:42 PM6
- Obama Warns Super Committee [View All] ProSense Sun Nov-13-11 07:50 PM36
- When Is A Debate Moderator Going To Stand Up To Newt Gingrich DemocratSince... Sun Nov-13-11 03:21 PM7
- Is Newt Gingrich tied up with Opus Dei? hedgehog Sun Nov-13-11 03:08 PM12
- Perry keeps reminding me of the Chimp aint_no_life_... Sun Nov-13-11 02:36 PM3
- 34 miners dead in Michele Bachmanns pro-growth paradise, China Enrique Sun Nov-13-11 01:41 PM2
- Cain says God persuaded him to run for president [View All] ProSense Sun Nov-13-11 12:28 PM21
- The next GOP debate - Tuesday, November 22, 2011 on CNN Tx4obama Sun Nov-13-11 11:44 AM10
- Bachmann: Obama Favors American Protesters Over Israel ProSense Sun Nov-13-11 11:40 AM10
- Alien Invasion Not Imminent, White House Says [View All] onehandle Sun Nov-13-11 11:29 AM25
- What you won't hear at tonight's GOP foreign policy debate: Obama's successes Tx4obama Sun Nov-13-11 10:54 AM3
- "...aggressive government action prevented a nightmare." [View All] babylonsister Sun Nov-13-11 10:23 AM30
- Why Do Republicans Think Herman Cain Can Wrest African American Voters From President Obama? [View All] DemocratSince... Sun Nov-13-11 10:07 AM64
- Obama-Baez, a winning ticket for sustainable life as we know it? azul Sun Nov-13-11 10:04 AM8
- You know it is not just OWS that may have gotten all Americans curious about applegrove Sun Nov-13-11 08:34 AM2
- Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Sherrod Brown comment on Ohio vote ProSense Sun Nov-13-11 04:41 AM5
- This is how the debate will go tonight NOMOREDRUGWAR Sun Nov-13-11 01:06 AM14
- ProSense Sun Nov-13-11 12:20 AM15
- Sister Sarah called for Attorney General Holder to resign today!! [View All] Major Hogwash Sat Nov-12-11 11:02 PM21
- Cain lost ground tonight; Perry and Gingrich gained Nancy Waterma... Sat Nov-12-11 10:58 PM10
- Tx4obama Sat Nov-12-11 10:57 PM16
- I love how the the debate candidates line up according to poll numbers aaaaaa5a Sat Nov-12-11 10:51 PM9
- The last 30 minutes of the debate is being live streamed on the link below .... Tx4obama Sat Nov-12-11 09:40 PM14
- Just saw the GOP debate. Meeker Morgan Sat Nov-12-11 09:38 PM0
- A Presidential debate in primetime on a major broadcast network and.......... aaaaaa5a Sat Nov-12-11 09:31 PM7
- Perry: Foreign Aid dollars for every country will start at 0 dollars. LiberalFighte... Sat Nov-12-11 09:24 PM6
- The next GOP debate - Saturday November 12, 2011- on CBS Tx4obama Sat Nov-12-11 08:45 PM15
- Obama's Defense Secretary warns that defense cuts could lead to attacks on the United States [View All] Cali_Democrat Sat Nov-12-11 08:07 PM37
- Herman Cain -- affirmative action beneficiary? NOMOREDRUGWAR Sat Nov-12-11 07:41 PM16
- Which one of the GOP empty suits will be the first chieftain Sat Nov-12-11 07:33 PM1
- Rick Perry makes obscene reference, talking about Herman Cain controversy Enrique Sat Nov-12-11 06:48 PM19
- Remarks by the President on Veterans Day ellisonz Sat Nov-12-11 06:33 PM2
- On Payroll Tax Cut, Obama Administration Plotting Year-End Showdown Tx4obama Sat Nov-12-11 05:57 PM7
- ProSense Sat Nov-12-11 05:12 PM4
- Cain has a new Facebook page: Occupy the White House 2012 proud2BlibKan... Sat Nov-12-11 04:47 PM7
- GALLUP: Obama 43 (+4), Generic GOP 42 (-3). jefferson_dem Sat Nov-12-11 03:15 PM7
- Newt Gingrich Is Coming On in Florida [View All] oberliner Sat Nov-12-11 03:12 PM70
- ROFLCOPTER- "Herb" Cain Says He Wants Be Secretary Of Defense In A GOP Administration DemocratSince... Sat Nov-12-11 01:38 PM7
- Conservative WaPo blog lights up Gingrich on his lies about lobbying for Freddie Mac banned from K... Sat Nov-12-11 12:46 PM6
- babylonsister Sat Nov-12-11 12:11 PM6
- Some times the cream rises to the top randr Sat Nov-12-11 11:58 AM5
- ExxonMobil & Goldman Sachs: a winning ticket for the GOP in 2012 ThinkerFeeler Sat Nov-12-11 11:33 AM2
- McClatchy Poll-Serial Flip Flopper 23% Serial Philanderer 19%/Serial Sexual Harasser/Assaulter 17% DemocratSince... Sat Nov-12-11 10:57 AM6
- Chapel Hill Mayor invited by Pres Obama to attend tonight's game UNC v Michigan State mnhtnbb Sat Nov-12-11 08:02 AM9
- Positive economic news [View All] ProSense Sat Nov-12-11 07:50 AM26
- If Sarah Palin Had Run, She Would Have Easily Won The Nomination [View All] Yavin4 Sat Nov-12-11 07:38 AM26
- Please watch Mich. St vs N.C on Carrier Classic nmbluesky Sat Nov-12-11 02:32 AM13
- [View All] ProSense Sat Nov-12-11 01:42 AM24
- CBS News Poll GOP for president nmbluesky Sat Nov-12-11 01:13 AM9
- Romney eyes vouchers for veterans ProSense Sat Nov-12-11 01:11 AM6
- Is Intelligent Republican An Oxymoron? [View All] DemocratSince... Sat Nov-12-11 01:01 AM26
- what channel will show the Pres. debate tomorrow Saturday, please? love0bama-4ev... Sat Nov-12-11 12:21 AM11
- Mike Tyson does a hilarious Herman Cain impersonation Electric Monk Fri Nov-11-11 11:37 PM10
- Greg Sargent: Elizabeth Warren response to Crossroads ad: Sorry, not backing down [View All] flpoljunkie Fri Nov-11-11 11:12 PM20
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Home » Discuss » General Discussion: Presidency Donate to DU

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