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- WHO!!! I never heard of this lady bigdarryl Tue Nov-22-11 07:32 PM6
- The panel on MSNBC's Now with Alex Wagner SUCK!!! LiberalFighte... Tue Nov-22-11 06:43 PM7
- Does the pledge to Norquist trump a congressperson's oath? [View All] marias23 Tue Nov-22-11 05:29 PM20
- Sharpton on the GOP:"They got blueberry pie all over their faces!" Empowerer Tue Nov-22-11 05:24 PM12
- TOON: The Pledge ellisonz Tue Nov-22-11 04:48 PM0
- "Wow" babylonsister Tue Nov-22-11 04:09 PM6
- ProSense Tue Nov-22-11 03:50 PM0
- Tx4obama Tue Nov-22-11 03:41 PM8
- Someone just turned up the heat: hedgehog Tue Nov-22-11 03:15 PM5
- Would it be wrong next year to target conservatives with adds showing how Romney is DuaneBidoux Tue Nov-22-11 03:01 PM4
- GOPers OPERATION WEAKEN OBAMA is a Big Fail...many GOPer Fence sitters Bailin..some eating crow even opihimoimoi Tue Nov-22-11 02:24 PM4
- BAWAWAWAWA-Decision Points On Sale At The Library For $1.00 DemocratSince... Tue Nov-22-11 01:47 PM5
- South Carolina GOP poll: Surging Newt leads by nearly 2-1 WI_DEM Tue Nov-22-11 01:42 PM3
- Romney lays out attack in open letter to Obama ProSense Tue Nov-22-11 01:39 PM8
- occcupy has propelled the USA as far as, if not past France reggie the do... Tue Nov-22-11 01:33 PM3
- Some Newton Leroy Gingrich Fun Facts Botany Tue Nov-22-11 01:31 PM15
- Excelling abroad babylonsister Tue Nov-22-11 01:22 PM1
- __________________ will have more votes than Romney... (Poll) Lost-in-FL Tue Nov-22-11 01:19 PM5
- babylonsister Tue Nov-22-11 01:17 PM7
- GOP primary poll: Newt Gingrich strong, smart and lacking in character Douglas Carpe... Tue Nov-22-11 12:29 PM1
- Where does the money behind Grover come from? It must be really hedgehog Tue Nov-22-11 11:21 AM3
- Birthers Attempt To Remove Obama From New Hampshire Primary (Obama wins 5-0) [View All] Tx4obama Tue Nov-22-11 11:10 AM21
- Cain: I'll Overturn Supreme Court If They Strike DOMA Down [View All] ProSense Tue Nov-22-11 11:05 AM45
- Companies Lay Off Workers While Spending Billions On Share Buybacks To Enrich Executives ProSense Tue Nov-22-11 10:56 AM1
- You Can't Fight The Stupid babylonsister Tue Nov-22-11 10:06 AM9
- WSJ editorial thanks Grover Norquist for supercommittee failing ProSense Tue Nov-22-11 10:01 AM3
- Gallup Poll-Serial Adulterer/22% Serial Flip Flopper 21% Serial Sexual Assaulter 16% DemocratSince... Tue Nov-22-11 09:40 AM8
- Fake Democratic pollsters have stupid idea DemocratSince... Tue Nov-22-11 09:39 AM19
- $70 Billion Surplus As U.S. Closes Books on 1998 those were the days... Historic NY Tue Nov-22-11 09:30 AM3
- Why should we consider advice from business leaders on correcting economic problems? LiberalFighte... Tue Nov-22-11 09:17 AM9
- Romney campaign: out-of-context, truncated quote "clearly addressed the issue of Obama's language" Amerigo Vespu... Tue Nov-22-11 09:10 AM0
- MSNBC POLL: Who is to blame for deficit panel failure? nmbluesky Tue Nov-22-11 08:55 AM7
- Super Committee Releases Statement On Failure To Reach Agreement ProSense Tue Nov-22-11 08:53 AM7
- Obama issues multiple pardons for marijuana-related sentences jefferson_dem Tue Nov-22-11 08:35 AM1
- Kerry: Norquist Is The '13th Member' Of Super Committee Without Being There ProSense Tue Nov-22-11 08:32 AM19
- The WHY - Why the rise of Newt? underpants Tue Nov-22-11 08:29 AM12
- FYI - Obama not triangulating - blamed Republicans. Pirate Smile Tue Nov-22-11 07:36 AM8
- Boeing considering leaving Wichita greymattermom Tue Nov-22-11 07:22 AM0
- Democrats Consolidating Hispanic Vote Early babylonsister Tue Nov-22-11 07:02 AM7
- Real Class Cigar11 Tue Nov-22-11 06:32 AM14
- Newt takes the public out of public parks while slamming OWS liberal N pro... Tue Nov-22-11 06:31 AM16
- Easy rebuttal to Newt "Hire students as janitors". No Newt. Get jobs for their parents and let the yellowcanine Tue Nov-22-11 06:09 AM10
- Leader Reid slams "Tea Party extremists and millionaire lobbyists like Grover Norquist..." jefferson_dem Tue Nov-22-11 03:23 AM12
- Newt Gingrich's Lowest Moment (Poll) [View All] DemocratSince... Mon Nov-21-11 11:28 PM23
- DU, help create "Newt Gingrich: The File." Send in links to stories concerning controversies skip fox Mon Nov-21-11 10:40 PM2
- Mitt's campaign called tonight. Then Newt's. I am so popular rurallib Mon Nov-21-11 10:13 PM2
- Bachmann: ''Why is it that the big decisions always get made by the Supreme Court?...'' Tx4obama Mon Nov-21-11 09:41 PM17
- ProSense Mon Nov-21-11 08:58 PM6
- Senator Sanders: Finally ProSense Mon Nov-21-11 08:27 PM8
- The Daily Dish: Why Obama Still Matters dennis4868 Mon Nov-21-11 08:16 PM7
- Whoever got me the star ,Thank You!!!! Albee? orpupilofnatu... Mon Nov-21-11 07:59 PM0
- Krugman: Failure Is Good (super committee) [View All] ProSense Mon Nov-21-11 07:04 PM41
- [View All] ProSense Mon Nov-21-11 06:52 PM28
- ProSense Mon Nov-21-11 06:19 PM10
- Chris Mathews on Barack & Michelle Obama: "They don't look happy-like they enjoy the presidency." [View All] jenmito Mon Nov-21-11 05:37 PM86
- Republicans for the millionaires, Obama for the millions ProSense Mon Nov-21-11 05:12 PM5
- What Romney has been"steadfast about-what he has refused to bend on,where he has never flip-flopped" Pirate Smile Mon Nov-21-11 04:05 PM14
- Obama opts for local garb in Indonesia (Dialup Warning, Pic Heavy) [View All] Turborama Mon Nov-21-11 03:42 PM35
- Perry on Hannity says Obama"grew up in a privileged way"decries mentality"that he's the smartest guy [View All] Pirate Smile Mon Nov-21-11 03:16 PM31
- Schoen & Caddell shovel more idiocy in Op-Ed: President Obama should step aside and let Hillary run. [View All] jefferson_dem Mon Nov-21-11 03:11 PM69
- What Was Michelle Bachmann's Biggest Gaffe? (Poll) DemocratSince... Mon Nov-21-11 03:09 PM15
- My Suspicion: Sarah Palin will cause an upset! [View All] vaberella Mon Nov-21-11 02:30 PM30
- Romney Admits He Destroyed Government Records To Keep Them From Political Opponents ProSense Mon Nov-21-11 02:19 PM7
- GOPers Remind me of CULT MEMBERS in search of a new LEADER opihimoimoi Mon Nov-21-11 01:51 PM8
- The GOP Presidential Field reflects a GENERIC Mind Mode...Knowledge base stuck on Generic opihimoimoi Mon Nov-21-11 01:44 PM2
- ProSense Mon Nov-21-11 01:19 PM3
- Today's Gallup Tracking Poll has Obama at 45%/47% approval/disapproval: jenmito Mon Nov-21-11 12:36 PM19
- USA Today/Gallup poll: Former Freddie Mac lobbyist Newt Gingrich leads Republican field ProSense Mon Nov-21-11 12:35 PM6
- Rick Santorum Asks U.S. Populace If He's Still Running For President n2doc Mon Nov-21-11 12:33 PM6
- Romney Calls On Obama To Undo Triggered Military Cuts, Reduce Funding To Medicaid ProSense Mon Nov-21-11 12:23 PM5
- [View All] AtomicKitten Mon Nov-21-11 12:17 PM27
- Robert Shrum: The brainless use of pop psychology to diss Obama dennis4868 Mon Nov-21-11 11:24 AM1
- GOPer BULLYISM Big FAIL..NOT getting their way as they thought they would opihimoimoi Mon Nov-21-11 11:07 AM0
- [View All] dennis4868 Mon Nov-21-11 10:42 AM164
- Krugman: Fairy Tales ProSense Mon Nov-21-11 10:28 AM2
- Ezra Klein blog: Who earns capital gains income? The 0.1 percent, mostly. flpoljunkie Mon Nov-21-11 10:17 AM0
- Economic inequality kills babies. Really. urgk Mon Nov-21-11 10:14 AM2
- babylonsister Mon Nov-21-11 09:39 AM4
- W.H. with the '99 percent'-ers: Pres. Obama said he "sympathizes with protesters' broad grievances" [View All] ClarkUSA Mon Nov-21-11 09:35 AM140
- SF Chronicle - "Romney avoids specifics on debt supercommittee" - TomCADem Mon Nov-21-11 09:34 AM5
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Home » Discuss » General Discussion: Presidency Donate to DU

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