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- Hellooooo - cnn right now - anybody home jillan Mon Feb-02-09 11:19 PM6
- Some nice pics of Joe and the family from 1986 Jennicut Mon Feb-02-09 12:29 PM9
- Biden's Superbowl guest list - jillan Sun Feb-01-09 01:24 PM2
- Joe's YouTube video on his new task force Muttocracy Sat Jan-31-09 10:56 PM7
- Erin Medicott has joined our facebook group :) jillan Sat Jan-31-09 02:19 AM3
- For my fellow JBSG Facebook friends.....a Letter to the Editor of my local newspaper Debi Sat Jan-31-09 02:17 AM15
- video interview Joe elleng Sat Jan-31-09 12:27 AM5
- NYT article on Ted Kaufman 1/30 Muttocracy Fri Jan-30-09 11:49 PM7
- Check it out - jillan Fri Jan-30-09 10:00 PM2
- You guys have got to see this - it is hysterical - about Blago jillan Fri Jan-30-09 01:27 PM4
- Joe is going to Germany in Feb. Jennicut Fri Jan-30-09 02:46 AM6
- some of you might like Sen. Whitehouse's floor speech Muttocracy Thu Jan-29-09 11:36 AM3
- "Cheney/Biden differences are visibly clear" jillan Thu Jan-29-09 11:32 AM9
- Help me, I never get anything done anymore, I am a FACEBOOK addict... [View All] Eurobabe Thu Jan-29-09 11:26 AM23
- great photo of Biden family in parade Muttocracy Thu Jan-29-09 11:23 AM2
- Newsweek said, Joe is getting a Blackberry too! PatSeg Thu Jan-29-09 11:13 AM4
- I made a group on Facebook. [View All] livvy Wed Jan-28-09 10:38 PM20
- Biden apologized to Roberts Muttocracy Wed Jan-28-09 05:03 PM3
- Hey everyone, Jill found a new job, teaching in VA Jennicut Wed Jan-28-09 09:04 AM5
- Biden alert - anyone around? jillan Tue Jan-27-09 04:34 PM8
- Cnn - jerks jerks jerks. jillan Tue Jan-27-09 01:34 AM11
- Check in here if you are a member of facebook. jillan Mon Jan-26-09 06:05 PM11
- If this story is true - you gotta love this woman - jillan Mon Jan-26-09 05:32 PM11
- JBSG "formerly known as (name change amnesty results)" for the Terminally Confused [View All] Eurobabe Mon Jan-26-09 04:11 PM20
- I need to get this off my chest. [View All] Bellator Mon Jan-26-09 12:10 PM28
- Froward69 almost became "96" Froward69 Mon Jan-26-09 10:09 AM6
- On Face the Nation today Joe said he can't get his Mom to move to Washington Jennicut Sun Jan-25-09 09:31 PM5
- Look who I found who used to run the Biden campaign blog... Muttocracy Sun Jan-25-09 09:05 PM1
- What??? No shark tie? Debi Sun Jan-25-09 08:43 PM8
- Biden on CBS on Sunday: JoeIsOneOfUs Sun Jan-25-09 04:44 PM13
- omg - I did it. [View All] jillan Sun Jan-25-09 02:25 PM47
- Ha - check out this pic. jillan Sun Jan-25-09 01:59 PM5
- My 'Biden Boys' at inaugural festivities (stolen from someone's facebook account..heh) Debi Sun Jan-25-09 08:27 AM12
- Hello? Is there anybody in there? [View All] WheelWalker Sun Jan-25-09 02:05 AM20
- JoeIs - how do you feel about Kirsten Gillibrand taking Hillary's seat? pirhana Sat Jan-24-09 03:52 PM9
- Get your Biden fix here! pirhana Sat Jan-24-09 01:35 PM18
- DR is now AR AspenRose Sat Jan-24-09 10:56 AM12
- great line i'd like to share: elleng Sat Jan-24-09 08:51 AM9
- Adorable picture of Barack and Michelle Eurobabe Sat Jan-24-09 03:28 AM12
- Anyone hear this??? elleng Fri Jan-23-09 09:46 PM15
- Okay, I am officially....Eurobabe Eurobabe Fri Jan-23-09 04:30 PM15
- Oh - this is so sad. Biden's homeboy was at the inauguration, but couldn't get in. pirhana Fri Jan-23-09 12:42 PM1
- HuffPost: Bidens' Inauguration Night PDA (they're just jealous!!) Eurobabe Fri Jan-23-09 12:15 PM4
- Okay, I changed my name PatSeg Fri Jan-23-09 02:29 AM7
- Silver Foxtail The Village I... Fri Jan-23-09 01:07 AM4
- Joe disses Roberts for flub. funny. nyc 4 Biden Thu Jan-22-09 11:52 PM7
- Politico...bwahahaha Debi Thu Jan-22-09 05:45 PM6
- Did you guys ever see this? pirhana Thu Jan-22-09 05:40 PM2
- Tad Devine defended Joe on MSNBC PatSeg Thu Jan-22-09 05:37 PM2
- I am soooo excited that Obama picked Holbrooke to be in charge of Pakistan/Afghanistan. pirhana Thu Jan-22-09 04:18 PM0
- Well the press loved Jill's gown pirhana Wed Jan-21-09 08:01 PM5
- Here's some gossip for you... pirhana Wed Jan-21-09 07:56 PM2
- Biden alert - if anyone is around. pirhana Wed Jan-21-09 05:07 PM6
- C-SPAN Inaug ball events, how far in is Joe 48percenter Wed Jan-21-09 02:53 PM2
- HUNTER ALERT! At the parade!! DesertedRose Wed Jan-21-09 08:32 AM5
- So are the networks not even going to show Joe and Jill at the balls? pirhana Wed Jan-21-09 04:57 AM11
- Guess what my hubby did today? pirhana Wed Jan-21-09 04:44 AM5
- Watched C-Span all day and the parade and now my husband officially has a crush on Jill Jennicut Tue Jan-20-09 09:29 PM3
- I hope you guys are listening to Reid's toast to Biden. pirhana Tue Jan-20-09 08:43 PM1
- BIDEN BIDEN, elleng Tue Jan-20-09 07:45 PM10
- Just posted at HuffPo about Jilly's NON-GAFFE! elleng Tue Jan-20-09 07:36 PM8
- Pardon my ignorance - but pirhana Tue Jan-20-09 04:47 PM10
- Joe's mama with Dodd and Joe's brother elleng Tue Jan-20-09 02:51 PM2
- Joe's mom at the capitol, in whchair. elleng Tue Jan-20-09 02:36 PM5
- "...and the Vice President!" pirhana Tue Jan-20-09 02:35 PM0
- Biden!!!!! pirhana Tue Jan-20-09 02:19 PM8
- And they're OFF! 48percenter Tue Jan-20-09 02:19 PM3
- I must admit - pirhana Tue Jan-20-09 11:27 AM1
- Poor Jilly - she is riding over with Lynne - pirhana Tue Jan-20-09 10:59 AM3
- The Bidens volunteer on National Service Day [DIALUP warning] elleng Tue Jan-20-09 10:23 AM2
- Joe + have entered St. John's church. elleng Tue Jan-20-09 10:18 AM1
- Cute Hunter Pic JoeIsOneOfUs Tue Jan-20-09 08:03 AM16
- I just watched Joe and "Jilly" on Oprah! tsegat01 Tue Jan-20-09 03:43 AM12
- In the spirit of new inauguration, new year, and all that, JoeIsOneOfUs Tue Jan-20-09 01:52 AM0
- Anyone know where Joe is volunteering today? pirhana Mon Jan-19-09 11:43 PM6
- Well - I guess Obama won't be giving Jill any more hot kisses... pirhana Mon Jan-19-09 10:44 PM10
- Anyone seen any Biden Ball photos? 48percenter Mon Jan-19-09 08:32 PM2
- Tomorrow's schedule - pirhana Mon Jan-19-09 07:50 PM0
- Anybody know anyway to watch the Biden dinner tonite? pirhana Mon Jan-19-09 07:34 PM2
- So my friend's sister is at the Biden Party tonight!! WOOHOO 48percenter Mon Jan-19-09 04:44 PM9
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