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- Obama rumor is:; murbley40 Tue Sep-09-08 12:21 PM2
- Corona -- gateley Tue Sep-09-08 08:52 AM6
- Hey Crispy -- gateley Tue Sep-09-08 08:30 AM4
- You guys, the oddest thing happened here in Clayton (and surrounding gateley Mon Sep-08-08 11:50 PM18
- In response to the excessive handwringing in GDP... 48percenter Mon Sep-08-08 10:41 PM4
- Holy Shit! Biden ROCKED WI! He's using "Get Up!" so I posted that vid again -- gateley Mon Sep-08-08 09:37 PM6
- Did you guys see Obama's new TV spot? gateley Mon Sep-08-08 07:23 PM0
- I'll be spending most of my time in here 48percenter Mon Sep-08-08 04:14 PM7
- A clip from Joe in Montana - gateley Mon Sep-08-08 01:55 PM6
- Wanted to make sure everyone saw this.... 1corona4u Mon Sep-08-08 09:00 AM1
- Biden going to Green Bay WI and Des Moines IA Monday JoeIsOneOfUs Mon Sep-08-08 02:06 AM1
- Has Meet the Press aired yet on the East Coast? If so, how did Joe do? gateley Sun Sep-07-08 11:47 PM13
- This blog entry deserves its own thread. LMAO!! 48percenter Sun Sep-07-08 08:16 PM12
- Our own Stlsaxman posted a video tsegat01 Sun Sep-07-08 07:32 PM1
- This is calling out for us... gateley Sun Sep-07-08 04:50 PM0
- Looking for dirt on Biden and not finding much! Debi Sun Sep-07-08 03:39 PM6
- Biden going to Montana Sunday afternoon (after MTP I guess) JoeIsOneOfUs Sun Sep-07-08 01:41 PM1
- Have the Obama/Biden stickers made it to local Dem offices yet? 48percenter Sun Sep-07-08 10:46 AM13
- Interesting exchange this evening. livvy Sun Sep-07-08 07:53 AM9
- You guys, I just posted Bill Maher's show in Political Videos -- six parts. gateley Sun Sep-07-08 02:38 AM6
- awesome video in the forum on bipartisanship JoeIsOneOfUs Sat Sep-06-08 02:58 PM1
- Bill Maher: "Joey the Shark?" The Village I... Sat Sep-06-08 12:26 PM6
- After reading some of those posts over in GD-P We're gonna have to change the name of this group Debi Sat Sep-06-08 12:08 PM17
- Biden going to Des Moines on Monday afternoon! JoeIsOneOfUs Sat Sep-06-08 11:56 AM1
- Biden photos JoeIsOneOfUs Sat Sep-06-08 11:06 AM0
- Ok, I have a question.... 1corona4u Sat Sep-06-08 10:10 AM13
- Heading out to get my emergency supplies gateley Sat Sep-06-08 09:36 AM17
- Hey 48 -- Obama/Biden goodies at Obama/Biden's site -- gateley Sat Sep-06-08 07:04 AM1
- Joe will be on Meet the Press this Sunday tsegat01 Sat Sep-06-08 01:59 AM11
- Road Blog: Joe Biden in Virginia JoeIsOneOfUs Sat Sep-06-08 01:37 AM4
- Holy eye contact! Have you guys seen this pic? The Village I... Fri Sep-05-08 11:42 PM3
- I think most of us saw this, but if you didn't, this is some of Joe's best JoeIsOneOfUs Fri Sep-05-08 08:00 PM0
- You guys -- Jill Biden is on cnn live (stream) NOW -- gateley Fri Sep-05-08 07:00 PM14
- Isn't it fabulous to see our Joe in all these town halls 48percenter Fri Sep-05-08 03:33 PM2
- GREAT video[s] elleng Fri Sep-05-08 12:17 PM6
- "THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!" DesertedRose Fri Sep-05-08 02:01 AM9
- Joe, it's MAGLEV train in China: CNN 48percenter Fri Sep-05-08 01:23 AM2
- Joe on TODAY -- today! gateley Fri Sep-05-08 12:21 AM3
- Biden live on right now (3pm EST) JoeIsOneOfUs Thu Sep-04-08 03:43 PM5
- Biden video and photos from Sarasota JoeIsOneOfUs Thu Sep-04-08 02:02 PM2
- If anyone's still up! tsegat01 Thu Sep-04-08 09:42 AM2
- Need some help KingOfLostSou... Thu Sep-04-08 09:41 AM2
- Who are you people JoeIsOneOfUs Thu Sep-04-08 08:36 AM16
- I'm really worried about this board... 1corona4u Thu Sep-04-08 02:02 AM8
- Help O-Joe, please. elleng Thu Sep-04-08 01:51 AM15
- KO corrected Huckabee on this: elleng Thu Sep-04-08 12:20 AM0
- another source on Biden's vote totals JoeIsOneOfUs Wed Sep-03-08 11:36 PM0
- Hey - I just remembered that Joe won the VP sweeps poll on MSNBC -- gateley Wed Sep-03-08 07:41 PM4
- Great local interview with Joe Biden 1corona4u Wed Sep-03-08 07:20 PM3
- Seen these pics The Village I... Wed Sep-03-08 06:21 PM6
- I'd like your opinion on this totally unimportant and stupid question. (Poll) gateley Wed Sep-03-08 06:20 PM15
- I can't believe how stupid people are.... [View All] 1corona4u Wed Sep-03-08 05:58 PM25
- Great little interview with Joe that Corona posted gateley Wed Sep-03-08 12:07 PM0
- LOL DesertedRose Wed Sep-03-08 11:56 AM1
- So ~ if the candidate's kids are off limits - pirhana Wed Sep-03-08 10:48 AM2
- How is John Kerry different than John McCain? Blappy Wed Sep-03-08 10:21 AM10
- I GOT MY BALLOT!! WOOHOO 48percenter Wed Sep-03-08 10:15 AM4
- Biden's Town Hall Meeting in Deerfield Beach, FL (I'm lookin' for Corona in the crowd!) gateley Wed Sep-03-08 07:32 AM8
- LOOK at this! gateley Tue Sep-02-08 07:28 PM2
- that's our guy JoeIsOneOfUs Tue Sep-02-08 07:03 PM3
- Another reason to hate Karl Rove Debi Tue Sep-02-08 06:12 PM4
- article on Biden's Scranton roots JoeIsOneOfUs Tue Sep-02-08 01:15 AM0
- OMG, it's crazy out there!! 1corona4u Tue Sep-02-08 12:36 AM4
- Am I the only one that thinks Palin is going to come out of this ok? 1corona4u Mon Sep-01-08 11:36 PM5
- Heads up - there is a rw smear going around about Joe, and of course pirhana Mon Sep-01-08 10:46 PM9
- posted Obama site link about Joe in his Scranton backyard! JoeIsOneOfUs Mon Sep-01-08 09:36 PM0
- Biden off to Florida tomorrow! JoeIsOneOfUs Mon Sep-01-08 08:41 PM4
- Fightin' words! gateley Mon Sep-01-08 07:52 PM1
- Joe lowkey in Scranton JoeIsOneOfUs Mon Sep-01-08 07:47 PM1
- I am soooooo excited!!!! 1corona4u Mon Sep-01-08 06:23 PM8
- No Joe in Detroit today, but I did get some great shots of Obama. livvy Mon Sep-01-08 04:48 PM3
- Enjoy! pirhana Mon Sep-01-08 04:47 PM2
- Obama/Biden on 60 minutes! Debi Mon Sep-01-08 01:25 PM6
- Someone in GD just called Biden a pirhana Mon Sep-01-08 01:13 PM4
- Joe and O elleng Mon Sep-01-08 01:12 PM6
- My request to all of you..... [View All] bobbolink Mon Sep-01-08 12:31 PM48
- Posted this at 'Editorials +.' elleng Mon Sep-01-08 07:51 AM4
- (Speechwriter) Neil Kinnock welcomes (plagiarist) Joe Biden nomination Kire Sun Aug-31-08 10:56 PM4
- Anybody have a few minutes to do something constructive today? pirhana Sun Aug-31-08 10:54 PM3
- Joe + on 60 minutes: elleng Sun Aug-31-08 10:34 PM0
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