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- Haven't been online a lot today but looks pretty toxic. JoeIsOneOfUs Sat Nov-22-08 10:09 PM15
- Nice article about Joe on his b-day. He really is a nice genuine man. Jennicut Fri Nov-21-08 09:56 PM9
- Beau Biden Ships Out to Iraq Today JoeIsOneOfUs Thu Nov-20-08 10:16 PM3
- You've got to see this! tsegat01 Thu Nov-20-08 09:20 PM15
- Update on sending birthday cupcakes DesertedRose Thu Nov-20-08 03:16 PM18
- LOL Biden! [View All] tsegat01 Thu Nov-20-08 12:28 PM22
- Here's the cupcake photo link The Village I... Thu Nov-20-08 11:32 AM16
- Breaking News!!! Just heard on CNN - - - - pirhana Thu Nov-20-08 03:53 AM8
- ahem. DesertedRose Wed Nov-19-08 09:00 PM13
- OK, Debi and other Facebook folks JoeIsOneOfUs Wed Nov-19-08 07:34 PM2
- Beau doesn't want the job. pirhana Wed Nov-19-08 06:57 PM4
- Biden's birthday in 3 days!! JoeIsOneOfUs Wed Nov-19-08 06:55 PM18
- In case you missed it, a really good article linked in this thread. CrispyQGirl Wed Nov-19-08 04:52 PM2
- Santa - I've been an awfully good girl this year - please bring me: pirhana Wed Nov-19-08 04:09 PM16
- Ha, ha, ha............. tsegat01 Wed Nov-19-08 02:16 PM7
- Opening up a can of worms here.... [View All] Debi Wed Nov-19-08 01:43 AM33
- Biden has been busy --- pirhana Wed Nov-19-08 01:02 AM2
- Gosh I STILL love Amerca.... 48percenter Tue Nov-18-08 08:08 PM7
- Someone just sent me this video tsegat01 Mon Nov-17-08 01:43 PM3
- Biden clan reunites for Beau's R&R gateley Mon Nov-17-08 12:19 PM6
- Got this in my Google Biden Alerts -- gateley Mon Nov-17-08 12:15 PM14
- tsegat post HERE so everybody is sure to see your new sig line! nt gateley Mon Nov-17-08 11:59 AM10
- OT elleng Mon Nov-17-08 12:18 AM7
- Rumors from DE ~~~~ pirhana Sun Nov-16-08 10:13 PM4
- Opening skit of Joe on SNL tonight! gateley Sun Nov-16-08 04:40 PM13
- Biden proving to be hands-on No. 2 (AP few days ago) JoeIsOneOfUs Sun Nov-16-08 02:56 PM4
- I'm a bit relieved that we know what Biden's job will be JoeIsOneOfUs Sat Nov-15-08 06:49 PM3
- psssst -- pirhana Sat Nov-15-08 04:22 PM4
- Nostalgia Time, I whipped out my Xmas music... 48percenter Sat Nov-15-08 02:32 AM4
- Slightly OT: First ever Inaugural Peace Ball (DC) DesertedRose Fri Nov-14-08 05:44 PM1
- ROFL DesertedRose Fri Nov-14-08 05:33 PM3
- Jean Biden slideshow on HuffPost JoeIsOneOfUs Fri Nov-14-08 04:50 PM10
- Countdown link for Biden - Cheney visit JoeIsOneOfUs Fri Nov-14-08 03:38 PM2
- Amtrak is happy that their loyal customer is going to be in the WH. pirhana Fri Nov-14-08 03:13 PM9
- Pics of Bidens at the Naval Observatory gateley Thu Nov-13-08 11:26 PM10
- Did you see/hear that Joe chose his Chief of Staff? gateley Thu Nov-13-08 11:17 PM6
- Ew. Joe and Jill are going to meet with Cheney and his wife tomorrow at the gateley Thu Nov-13-08 03:46 PM16
- article on Biden (and Kerry) in Pakistan press about restoring judges JoeIsOneOfUs Thu Nov-13-08 11:20 AM2
- OK, check out my new siggie photo 48percenter Thu Nov-13-08 05:20 AM15
- So - what do you guys think Biden's new role will be in an Obama administration? pirhana Thu Nov-13-08 12:16 AM17
- Nice article on Joe -- gateley Wed Nov-12-08 08:01 PM2
- How's everyone's addiction going? CrispyQGirl Wed Nov-12-08 07:01 PM12
- Really funny! tsegat01 Wed Nov-12-08 06:24 PM4
- just hearing a Hardball rerun - Matthews saying Biden takes more media knocks than anyone JoeIsOneOfUs Wed Nov-12-08 01:21 PM3
- I heard where Joe gave a Veteran's Day presentation in Delaware, and said gateley Wed Nov-12-08 01:15 PM12
- Oh my god. pirhana Tue Nov-11-08 11:01 PM19
- Photos from Election night, Bidens included 48percenter Tue Nov-11-08 09:39 PM1
- NYT small bit on Bidens' move [View All] JoeIsOneOfUs Tue Nov-11-08 09:32 PM29
- check out Univ of DE homepage JoeIsOneOfUs Tue Nov-11-08 09:20 PM3
- Meet Celtic and Capri pirhana Tue Nov-11-08 09:11 PM6
- Biden still working with foreign leaders. pirhana Tue Nov-11-08 09:01 PM4
- Delaware Online article about the VP mansion JoeIsOneOfUs Tue Nov-11-08 08:58 PM5
- Best LOL of the week! tsegat01 Tue Nov-11-08 08:56 PM4
- --Just wondering, is Liberty dead in this country, or did it ever exist?-- (Poll) 1corona4u Mon Nov-10-08 08:26 PM7
- Beau Biden watched dad's victory on laptop in Texas JoeIsOneOfUs Mon Nov-10-08 03:49 PM15
- LONG article about how the MSM discounted Biden and only focused on the gateley Mon Nov-10-08 09:52 AM6
- Imagine going down to the gym, and running into Joe.. pirhana Mon Nov-10-08 12:08 AM12
- for Debi JoeIsOneOfUs Sun Nov-09-08 01:25 PM2
- Just saw a clip of the "economy meeting" Obama is holding today. Joe is on his right. gateley Sun Nov-09-08 09:40 AM6
- How's this for an interesting rumor of who will replace Biden's Senate seat...... pirhana Sun Nov-09-08 09:37 AM2
- *sigh* [View All] Debi Sat Nov-08-08 07:33 PM22
- Big Ladies High Five to all of you! bobbolink Sat Nov-08-08 05:51 PM8
- I just sent a news tip to CNN. pirhana Sat Nov-08-08 05:33 PM6
- CrispyQ - Jill Biden loves Halloween too: JoeIsOneOfUs Sat Nov-08-08 05:28 PM12
- Check out this photo -- it'll make you go Awwwww. nt gateley Sat Nov-08-08 05:26 PM7
- The presser coming up (I heard about 11:30 Pacific) -- gateley Fri Nov-07-08 10:13 PM7
- Biden photos and local news! JoeIsOneOfUs Fri Nov-07-08 02:43 PM5
- Hey Pirhana! DesertedRose Fri Nov-07-08 02:35 PM8
- Biden Shows Cub Scouts Around His Plane JoeIsOneOfUs Fri Nov-07-08 02:09 PM11
- Joe Biden's on the Phone - Really! JoeIsOneOfUs Fri Nov-07-08 11:44 AM4
- Hellllo Bidneites! I may be spending less time on here.... [View All] 48percenter Fri Nov-07-08 11:17 AM27
- hehe - pirhana Thu Nov-06-08 08:20 PM1
- Online Office of the Presiden-Elect is Open - JoeIsOneOfUs Thu Nov-06-08 05:16 PM2
- F them! pirhana Thu Nov-06-08 04:12 PM4
- Behind every good President is a cupcake. pirhana Thu Nov-06-08 04:11 PM2
- Shamelessy pushing my own thread. CrispyQGirl Thu Nov-06-08 04:06 PM3
- Biden to attend quirky Delaware political event JoeIsOneOfUs Thu Nov-06-08 04:00 PM3
- Election as VP illuminates stellar career JoeIsOneOfUs Thu Nov-06-08 03:38 PM5
- Congratulations to the Biden Group! TayTay Thu Nov-06-08 01:15 PM9
- Rumors about Delaware's next Senator? NI4NI Thu Nov-06-08 10:51 AM4
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