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- Portal to mythical Mayan underworld found in Mexico Judi Lynn Thu Aug-28-08 03:53 PM0
- Balkan caves, gorges were pre-Neanderthal haven Judi Lynn Tue Aug-26-08 02:31 PM1
- Remains of cemetery found in Sahara Judi Lynn Thu Aug-14-08 09:09 PM1
- Rare Mummy Found With Strange Artifacts, Tattoo in Peru Judi Lynn Fri Jul-18-08 08:31 PM0
- Ancient ruins found in Bolivia Judi Lynn Thu Jul-17-08 11:29 AM2
- You know you're an anthro geek when... eleny Sun Jul-13-08 10:55 PM7
- Smuggled ancient artifacts returning to Colombia Judi Lynn Tue Jul-08-08 02:53 PM0
- Question: History's Mysteries Tuesday Night June 10, 2008 OhioBlues Sun Jul-06-08 03:41 PM3
- Puerto Rico archeological discovery triggers debate Judi Lynn Tue Jul-01-08 04:15 AM0
- Satellites reveal extent of looting in Iraq semillama Mon Jun-23-08 08:40 PM2
- Uncontacted tribes to the rest of the world--please go away and leave us alone eridani Mon Jun-23-08 12:35 PM2
- Over 100 Peruvian artifacts were recovered abroad Judi Lynn Tue Jun-17-08 03:26 AM0
- Who found Machu Picchu? How a German may have beaten the Americans to lost Inca city Judi Lynn Fri Jun-06-08 03:06 AM2
- Goodyear Discovers 50,000 Year-Old Artifacts in S.C. L. Coyote Mon Jun-02-08 05:46 AM3
- Stonehenge builders had geometry skills to rival Pythagoras L. Coyote Mon Jun-02-08 05:10 AM2
- Vandals in attack on Stonehenge L. Coyote Sun May-25-08 09:42 AM0
- Seaweed confirms Monte Verde village in Chile is among oldest in the Americas Judi Lynn Sun May-11-08 08:12 AM0
- Archaeologists discover Incas temple Judi Lynn Sat May-10-08 05:42 AM7
- 1,000 ancient tombs found in Colombia linked to two little-known civilizations Judi Lynn Sat May-10-08 05:26 AM0
- Floating A Big Idea: Ancient Use Of Rafts To Transport Goods Demonstrated Judi Lynn Tue May-06-08 12:26 AM1
- FILM FESTIVAL: Archaeological Legacy Institute = Hult Center in Eugene, Oregon. L. Coyote Tue Apr-29-08 02:32 PM0
- Human line 'nearly split in two' L. Coyote Fri Apr-25-08 11:19 PM0
- Unlocking Stonehenge's secrets L. Coyote Thu Apr-17-08 07:29 PM2
- OREGON: Oldest Native American Evidence Discovered = fossil feces dated at 14,300 years L. Coyote Tue Apr-15-08 12:45 PM3
- Beacon of liberty, Angola intrigues Florida historians L. Coyote Sun Apr-13-08 12:18 PM0
- DOWN UNDER: Archaeological finds dated to 35,000 years L. Coyote Mon Apr-07-08 09:55 AM0
- 4,000-Year-Old Gold Necklace Found In Peru Judi Lynn Tue Apr-01-08 08:51 PM1
- Siberian, Native American Languages Linked -- A First L. Coyote Mon Mar-31-08 09:52 AM2
- Has anyone gone on a dig in the U.S.? plantwomyn Tue Mar-18-08 08:22 AM3
- You may not have heard this yet! I found it by accident: Judi Lynn Mon Mar-17-08 07:29 PM1
- I need archaeology advice. Neoma Mon Mar-17-08 03:39 PM11
- Do you think ethnic groups have worse or better tempers? Tuesday After... Sun Mar-16-08 07:55 PM2
- Tonight, on the History Channel, if you're interested: Judi Lynn Mon Mar-10-08 07:44 PM0
- Berkeley Anthropology Study on News-Comedy Looking for Participants to Interview. berkeleynewsc... Sat Mar-08-08 10:01 PM1
- Archaeologists find 5,500 year old plaza in Peru Judi Lynn Mon Mar-03-08 11:47 AM1
- Plaza in Peru may be the America's oldest urban site Judi Lynn Wed Feb-27-08 08:55 AM0
- Some Chaco Canyon pics from my recent visit semillama Fri Feb-22-08 07:47 AM8
- Pyramid Complex Discovered in Peru L. Coyote Fri Feb-22-08 05:49 AM1
- Satellites Provide Clues to Ancient Mayan Civilization Judi Lynn Fri Feb-22-08 05:28 AM0
- VIDEO ** Chidambaram ** TAC features ancient but active Indian temple L. Coyote Mon Feb-18-08 08:32 PM0
- Encounter Between Oil Prospectors & Isolated Tribe Judi Lynn Sat Feb-16-08 10:03 PM1
- For DU'ers interested in the area around Machu Picchu: Residents Protest Proposed Hotels Near Machu Judi Lynn Thu Feb-14-08 01:31 PM1
- THE HINDU News: Remains of ancient city unearthed = "around 2500 years old" L. Coyote Wed Feb-13-08 06:04 AM1
- Egypt's oldest farming site discovered Judi Lynn Wed Feb-13-08 06:00 AM0
- A hard trek to the lost Incan city of Choquequirao Judi Lynn Sun Feb-10-08 11:50 AM6
- Cambodia - The temples and the trees IMAGES slow connect warning! L. Coyote Sun Feb-10-08 09:26 AM0
- Did a Tsunami Wipe Out a Cradle of Western Civilization? L. Coyote Fri Feb-01-08 08:42 PM0
- Manco Pata = Ancient "Lost City" Discovered in Peru L. Coyote Thu Jan-31-08 03:26 PM2
- Ancient iron ore mine is found in Peru Judi Lynn Thu Jan-31-08 02:36 PM2
- Ruins of 7,000-year-old city found in Egypt oasis eleny Wed Jan-30-08 02:00 PM0
- Ancient Native bones found at UCSD = "perhaps the oldest skeletal remains found..." L. Coyote Wed Jan-30-08 11:09 AM1
- China hails "greatest discovery since Peking Man" L. Coyote Sat Jan-26-08 06:59 PM0
- Clues from the mists of time (Peru's ancient 'cloud warriors,' Chachapoya mountaintop site) Judi Lynn Thu Jan-24-08 11:56 AM1
- Researchers find old Mexico time capsule Judi Lynn Thu Jan-17-08 05:20 AM0
- Ancient pyramid found in central Mexico City Judi Lynn Thu Jan-03-08 02:43 PM1
- First humans 'lived at southern tip of Africa' L. Coyote Wed Dec-26-07 05:57 PM2
- Newgrange Winter Solstice 2007 will be live online L. Coyote Fri Dec-14-07 11:08 PM0
- Scientists Get Rare Look at Dinosaur Soft Tissue KC2 Wed Dec-12-07 04:57 PM4
- Fungus Once Again Threatens French Cave Paintings Judi Lynn Sat Dec-08-07 06:40 PM0
- Roman Throne Discovered in Italian Ruins Judi Lynn Tue Dec-04-07 07:53 PM0
- COLOMBIA: The Chibcha Culture - Forgotten, But Still Alive Judi Lynn Sun Dec-02-07 06:07 AM0
- A movie to avoid in 2008 unless you want your head to explode: semillama Mon Nov-26-07 08:35 PM3
- "... early humans displayed key elements of modern behavior as far back as 165,000 years." L. Coyote Sat Nov-17-07 09:29 PM0
- Ancient Peru temple, mural excavated Judi Lynn Mon Nov-12-07 07:06 PM1
- Zombies in Archaeology semillama Thu Nov-08-07 03:53 PM0
- Italy regains looted ancient treasures Judi Lynn Wed Nov-07-07 03:44 AM0
- Archaeologist uncovers 11,000-year-old frescos, artefacts in Syria L. Coyote Sat Nov-03-07 04:30 AM1
- Canal Linking Ancient Egypt Quarry to Nile Found L. Coyote Sun Oct-28-07 06:14 PM0
- Google Earth updates Bend of the Boyne with hi-res aerial images L. Coyote Sun Oct-28-07 08:50 AM2
- A little-known language survives in Colombia Judi Lynn Sun Oct-28-07 08:44 AM1
- GUATEMALA: Mayan Manuscript Returned (In Replica) Judi Lynn Sat Oct-27-07 03:55 PM0
- Ancient boats surface as lake dries Judi Lynn Wed Oct-10-07 04:57 PM1
- Chinese farmers grew rice 7,700 years ago Judi Lynn Wed Oct-03-07 02:45 PM5
- HUGE News: Basalt tools in Tahiti from Hawaii = 4,000 km ancient voyage L. Coyote Mon Oct-01-07 08:38 AM1
- Vanity Fair: Out of Africa FLDem5 Fri Sep-28-07 09:30 PM13
- GD cross-post: Anthropologists as counter-insurgents Jed Dilligan Fri Sep-28-07 05:08 PM0
- 80 Ancient "Cloud Warrior" Skeletons Found in Peru Fort Judi Lynn Fri Sep-28-07 03:15 AM0
- A posting of interest over at General Discussion eleny Mon Sep-24-07 04:01 PM0
- Has there ever been a human society without the double standard? raccoon Mon Sep-24-07 01:59 PM3
- Yale to return Peruvian artefacts (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Mon Sep-17-07 09:39 AM0
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