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- Welcome to the DU Anthropology Group Skinner Admin Mon Jun-11-07 04:33 PM0
- Over 1,000-year-old Maya royal kitchen found in south-east Mexico Judi Lynn Tue Dec-06-11 12:33 PM1
- World's Oldest Ritual Discovered (70k years old) Ignis Sun Nov-27-11 02:01 AM1
- Marcahuamachuco: the next Machu Picchu? Judi Lynn Sun Nov-27-11 01:47 AM0
- Brazil government identifies uncontacted tribe Judi Lynn Tue Sep-27-11 11:57 AM3
- 2,000-year-old palace discovered in Mexico Judi Lynn Fri Sep-02-11 01:17 AM0
- What is war good for? Sparking civilization, suggest archaeology findings from Peru Judi Lynn Mon Jul-25-11 04:57 PM0
- Mexico unearths monolith of Aztec God Judi Lynn Sun Jul-10-11 10:03 PM0
- Transylvania professor seeks 'lost city' in Honduras Judi Lynn Sun Jul-10-11 01:42 AM0
- Mexico finds 2 sculptures of Mayan warriors Judi Lynn Fri Jul-08-11 10:22 AM1
- Archaeologists to raise ancient Egyptian ship Judi Lynn Thu Jul-07-11 04:21 PM2
- Micro-camera explores Maya tomb Judi Lynn Fri Jun-24-11 12:13 AM1
- Tour virtual en Machu Picchu L. Coyote Sun Jun-19-11 04:43 AM5
- Gilcrease to show gold artifacts from Panama Judi Lynn Sun Jun-19-11 04:40 AM0
- Oldest Known Pyramid Tomb in Central America Continues to Fascinate Judi Lynn Mon Jun-13-11 11:15 PM0
- New Mayan sites discovered in the Yucatan Judi Lynn Sat Jun-04-11 10:59 AM0
- Tunnel found under temple in Mexico Judi Lynn Mon May-30-11 03:56 PM0
- An Ancient Watery Underworld Judi Lynn Thu May-26-11 12:44 AM0
- Costa Rica's ancient cultures and prehistory Judi Lynn Thu May-19-11 11:01 AM0
- Archaeologists uncover oldest mine in the Americas Judi Lynn Thu May-19-11 10:01 AM0
- 3-D map of Guatemala's 'Head of stone' confirms size, location of ancient buildings Judi Lynn Wed Apr-13-11 09:22 AM0
- Remnants of nomadic society uncovered in New Mexico Judi Lynn Tue Apr-12-11 06:04 PM2
- Pleistocene carvings found in East Timor intaglio Mon Apr-11-11 10:46 AM2
- Discovery in Guatemala finds oldest royal Mayan tomb (350 B.C.) Judi Lynn Thu Apr-07-11 06:58 AM1
- More enigmatic geoglyphs found in Peru Judi Lynn Mon Feb-28-11 12:23 PM0
- Ancient site forces experts to re-think past Judi Lynn Sun Feb-27-11 07:59 AM1
- Saint Louis Art Museum Presents Breathtaking Exhibition "Fiery Pool: The Maya and the Mythic Sea" Judi Lynn Mon Feb-14-11 12:56 AM0
- Ancient nomadic camps discovered in Mexico Judi Lynn Sat Feb-12-11 01:56 PM0
- Visit Mexican museums, archaeological sites via Google Judi Lynn Sun Jan-30-11 01:12 AM0
- more evidence sw US prehistoric cannibalism - taboo topic Kali Sat Dec-11-10 04:05 PM1
- 8,000 year old human bones found in Argentina Judi Lynn Sat Dec-11-10 04:02 PM0
- 2,700-yr-old pyramid tomb with royal burials, jewels unearthed in Mexico Judi Lynn Fri Nov-19-10 06:51 AM0
- Saint Louis Art Museum Announces Fiery Pool: The Maya and the Mythic Sea Judi Lynn Mon Nov-15-10 08:07 PM0
- Mexico uses robot to explore ancient tunnel Judi Lynn Fri Nov-12-10 06:05 PM2
- ‘Lost’ language found on back of 400-year-old letter Judi Lynn Mon Nov-08-10 06:19 AM2
- New language found in India Judi Lynn Mon Nov-08-10 06:16 AM2
- Researchers upending previous Amazon theory Judi Lynn Mon Nov-08-10 06:09 AM2
- An Ancient Culture in Mountainous Mexico Judi Lynn Mon Nov-08-10 06:08 AM0
- Egypt’s top archaeologist shows off new tomb Judi Lynn Tue Oct-19-10 05:17 PM0
- Possible Geoglyphs Spotted in Peru Judi Lynn Sat Oct-16-10 04:39 PM0
- Dry weather reveals archaeological 'cropmarks' in fields dipsydoodle Sat Sep-11-10 09:39 AM2
- The Kimbell Art Museum Presents "Fiery Pool: The Maya and the Mythic Sea" Judi Lynn Sat Aug-28-10 12:35 PM0
- Archaeologists find new clues why the Maya left Judi Lynn Thu Aug-26-10 03:32 AM0
- High in the Andes, Keeping an Incan Mystery Alive Judi Lynn Tue Aug-17-10 05:32 AM0
- Mexico finds tunnel, possible tombs under ruins Judi Lynn Mon Aug-16-10 08:20 PM1
- Funerary Masks of Six Maya Rulers on View at the National Museum of Anthropology Judi Lynn Mon Aug-16-10 03:21 AM0
- Peru archaeologists find hall for human sacrifice Judi Lynn Thu Jul-22-10 07:39 PM0
- Peru archaeologists find pre-Inca remains Judi Lynn Wed Jul-21-10 03:39 AM0
- Apes, Old World Monkeys May Have Split Later Than Thought Ignis Mon Jul-19-10 09:30 PM3
- Vestiges of a Prehispanic Oven to Melt Copper Found in Zacatecas Judi Lynn Mon Jul-19-10 09:27 PM0
- Guatemalan King's Tomb Yields Mayan Secrets Judi Lynn Thu Jul-15-10 04:22 PM0
- Aztec, Maya were rubber-making masters Judi Lynn Wed Jul-14-10 12:37 PM2
- 'Biggest canal ever built by Romans' discovered Judi Lynn Sun Jul-11-10 03:04 PM0
- Mapping Ancient Civilization, in a Matter of Days Judi Lynn Sat Jul-10-10 05:24 AM0
- Gladiator graveyard discovered in northern England Judi Lynn Thu Jul-08-10 08:51 AM2
- Mexican experts to tunnel for Aztec rulers' tombs Judi Lynn Wed Jun-16-10 07:17 PM0
- Stone Age Color, Glue 'Factory' Found (58,000 yrs ago) cally Mon Jun-07-10 04:49 PM1
- Maya plumbing, first pressurized water feature found in New World Judi Lynn Thu Jun-03-10 05:02 PM0
- Abstracting Atlantis: Scientists Find Evidence of Mayan Underwater City Judi Lynn Thu Jun-03-10 03:50 PM0
- Ancient tomb discovered in Mexico Judi Lynn Mon May-31-10 01:59 AM0
- MEXICO CITY, May 18, 2010 Judi Lynn Mon May-24-10 04:10 AM2
- White explorers couldn't recognise a smile on native symbols Judi Lynn Tue May-18-10 04:13 AM0
- Laser Beams Penetrating Thick Canopy Detect Thousands of New Structures, Show Maya Adept at 'Buildi Judi Lynn Thu May-13-10 01:09 PM4
- Life on the Edge: The Floating Stairs of Peru Judi Lynn Mon May-10-10 09:10 PM2
- Mapping Ancient Civilization, in a Matter of Days Judi Lynn Mon May-10-10 09:08 PM0
- Prehistoric Mummies Poisoned Arsenic-laced water may have killed off coastal peoples in Chile. Judi Lynn Fri May-07-10 04:54 PM2
- Researchers investigate mysterious stone spheres in Costa Rica Judi Lynn Fri May-07-10 04:51 PM2
- How the Maya did their plumbing Judi Lynn Fri May-07-10 03:22 PM0
- Missing link between man and apes found dipsydoodle Sat Apr-03-10 05:45 PM0
- Ancient Corpses Ritually Dug Up, Torn Apart, Reburied Judi Lynn Wed Mar-10-10 03:15 AM0
- Chamber of Egyptian Queen Found Judi Lynn Wed Mar-03-10 04:05 PM0
- Etched ostrich eggs illustrate human sophistication dipsydoodle Tue Mar-02-10 03:07 PM0
- Hunt for the Codex Cardona Adsos Letter Fri Feb-26-10 02:26 PM0
- Circular Aztec temple found in Mexico Judi Lynn Wed Feb-24-10 10:19 PM3
- Ancient Tomb Could Explain Maya Collapse Judi Lynn Thu Jan-28-10 01:22 PM0
- Massive Mayan head found in jungle Judi Lynn Tue Jan-26-10 02:12 AM0
- Discovery Of 'El Dorado' Proves Bolivia's Amazon Is Inhabitable Judi Lynn Fri Jan-08-10 01:50 AM1
- Divers probe Mayan ruins submerged in Guatemala lake Judi Lynn Tue Dec-15-09 03:17 AM2
- Ancient Amazon civilisation laid bare by felled forest Judi Lynn Thu Dec-10-09 03:58 PM0
- Artifacts shed light on the common Maya Judi Lynn Mon Nov-23-09 01:24 PM0
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