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- Welcome to the DU Pro-Choice Group Skinner Admin Mon Jun-11-07 04:30 PM0
- How in-love are you folks with the term "Pro-Choice" ? vets74 Fri Nov-18-11 12:50 PM2
- Protest in Gold River, California silverweb Sat Feb-12-11 03:29 PM0
- Any ideas of anything to do to prevent more incidents like that asshole Gosnell in PA? uppityperson Tue Jan-25-11 07:40 PM2
- Anyone care to weigh in on the status of choice... bliss_eternal Thu Nov-04-10 05:55 PM2
- Contraception could be free under health care law.... bliss_eternal Wed Nov-03-10 07:18 AM0
- 10-year old gives birth in southern Spain... bliss_eternal Wed Nov-03-10 07:13 AM0
- Minor's Right to Medical Privacy uppityperson Sun Oct-31-10 12:42 PM2
- To the Oklahoma Lawmakers. A poem by Lauren Zuniga hippywife Sun Aug-29-10 06:38 AM0
- Time for a break. uppityperson Tue Aug-24-10 05:39 PM4
- Anyone participating in the Target boycott...? bliss_eternal Tue Aug-24-10 02:41 AM0
- Marie Stopes Abortion Ad Airs on British Television ismnotwasm Sat Jul-31-10 07:17 PM1
- Obama picks Kagan for the Supreme Court.... bliss_eternal Mon May-10-10 08:02 PM1
- 10 year old rape victim fuels abortion debate.... bliss_eternal Thu Apr-29-10 10:37 PM5
- New morning-after pill works for up to 5 days ismnotwasm Mon Apr-26-10 07:50 PM4
- OK House overrides abortion restrictions vetoes uppityperson Mon Apr-26-10 07:48 PM0
- Trust Women: The Story of Two American Abortion Doctors uppityperson Fri Apr-23-10 01:29 PM0
- Thank you all for your continuing hard work to keep the choice of a hygienic legal abortion a legal uppityperson Wed Apr-21-10 02:37 AM2
- NARAL on retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens.... bliss_eternal Wed Apr-21-10 02:30 AM0
- I love the Choice group musette_sf Tue Mar-23-10 05:55 PM2
- Mackenzie Phillips : After Abortion,.... bliss_eternal Fri Feb-19-10 12:15 PM6
- Activism Journal 2: Susan B Anthony Anti-Choice Front Group debbierlus Sun Feb-07-10 02:58 PM2
- Meeting in Adams, MA tonight: Organization & Information exposingNational Antichoice Movement in MA debbierlus Tue Jan-26-10 01:23 PM1
- Well, this is bullshit ismnotwasm Sat Jan-23-10 08:04 AM1
- The Susan B Anthony Birth Place Museum - Anti-choice groups co-opting legacy - Activism Journal 1 debbierlus Tue Jan-12-10 08:21 PM0
- Antiabortion pregnancy center figures in state senate race (VA) MountainLaure... Fri Jan-08-10 02:00 AM1
- Anti-Abortion Protestors Stymie Police With Lawsuits ismnotwasm Wed Oct-28-09 04:46 PM0
- Generic of Plan B Approved for Over-the-Counter Distribution ismnotwasm Sat Oct-03-09 10:01 PM1
- Author Irene Vilar Explores Her 'Impossible Motherhood'.... bliss_eternal Sun Sep-27-09 02:41 AM0
- Coercive, Christian Baby Sellers no_hypocrisy Mon Sep-07-09 01:16 PM1
- Oklahoma Judge Strikes Down Restrictive Abortion Law ismnotwasm Wed Aug-26-09 06:45 PM1
- The costs of raising a baby (per bliss_eternal Tue Aug-25-09 09:04 PM1
- ND passed a law making every fertized egg a full legal person. ThomCat Sun Aug-23-09 09:40 PM8
- LA Times: Federal judge upholds 'bubble ordinance'.... bliss_eternal Sat Aug-15-09 03:36 PM1
- FDA Approves 'Plan B' Pill for 17-Year-Olds ismnotwasm Fri Jul-17-09 03:06 AM2
- FDA OKs Single-Dose Plan B Emergency Contraceptive ismnotwasm Fri Jul-17-09 03:04 AM1
- I just got a call from an Anti-Choice group about the Freedom of Choice Act. Ilsa Thu Jun-04-09 10:08 PM3
- Nepal's Supreme Court Orders Expanded Abortion Access ismnotwasm Sun May-24-09 10:33 PM0
- Gallup poll on choice... bliss_eternal Sun May-17-09 10:10 PM2
- Obama calls for 'fair-minded' abortion debate ismnotwasm Sun May-17-09 10:08 PM0
- 'Personhood' bill defeated in North Dakota Senate Ilsa Sat Apr-18-09 12:56 AM4
- LA Times Editorial--Orange County and Planned Parenthood... bliss_eternal Wed Mar-25-09 12:25 PM1
- With the Economy Down, Vasectomy Rates Are Up.... bliss_eternal Sun Mar-22-09 05:26 AM0
- Abortion reporting bill fails in committee ismnotwasm Thu Mar-05-09 10:40 AM3
- St. Rep. Corte wants to force pregnant women to watch and hear Ilsa Tue Feb-24-09 12:10 AM1
- Bill Limiting Contraceptive Access to Minors Introduced in Maine ismnotwasm Mon Feb-16-09 03:52 PM2
- Obama May Reverse Abortion Policy:CNN bliss_eternal Sat Feb-14-09 06:36 PM6
- Well ,well, a bit of good news for a change ismnotwasm Thu Feb-12-09 04:39 PM1
- Brave New Welfare ismnotwasm Thu Feb-05-09 07:57 PM1
- South Carolina Bill Would Require 24 Hour Waiting Period ismnotwasm Tue Feb-03-09 03:43 AM2
- Bush Declares Sanctity of Life Day. Reposting here as most of DU doesn't care!. saracat Sun Jan-18-09 01:35 PM4
- Priest: No communion for Obama supporters bliss_eternal Sun Jan-18-09 12:40 AM9
- Ill.-- Pharmacists can object to dispensing 'morning-after' pill.... bliss_eternal Sat Jan-03-09 01:09 AM2
- Bush further Taints Legacy by Attacking Birth Control.... bliss_eternal Thu Jan-01-09 02:06 PM1
- Catholics for Choice: Five Inconvenient Truths for Bishops... bliss_eternal Wed Nov-26-08 03:10 AM2
- Catholics for Choice Statement on the Election.... bliss_eternal Tue Nov-25-08 06:47 AM0
- Some abortion foes shifting focus... bliss_eternal Mon Nov-24-08 02:59 AM7
- Anti-abortion groups jolted by election defeats Ilsa Fri Nov-14-08 01:49 AM4
- Head of U.S. bishops says no compromise on abortion... bliss_eternal Mon Nov-10-08 11:17 PM0
- Post election wrap up... bliss_eternal Sun Nov-09-08 06:13 PM1
- California polls via LA Times.... bliss_eternal Wed Nov-05-08 05:10 AM3
- Please post results regarding the choice results... bliss_eternal Wed Nov-05-08 01:21 AM0
- 10% of Curves proceeds goes to anti-choice support... bliss_eternal Tue Nov-04-08 08:22 PM7
- A pathetic, "wtf are you thinking" argument for parental notification bliss_eternal Mon Nov-03-08 07:02 PM2
- Some people on DU think we're melodramatic and off our meds thecatburgler Fri Oct-31-08 10:58 AM4
- A disturbing trend I've noticed among some Young Democrats in my area thecatburgler Sat Oct-25-08 07:39 PM4
- Infertility patients caught in legal, moral, scientific embryo debate bliss_eternal Sat Oct-25-08 07:28 PM1
- Ok, what is UP with South Dakota? ismnotwasm Tue Sep-30-08 10:35 AM1
- Dailykos: "WHY would Palin refuse to fund rape kits. Here's your answer" thecatburgler Fri Sep-19-08 05:52 PM4
- In their own words ismnotwasm Fri Sep-19-08 02:11 AM2
- Abortion-rights groups target Palin bliss_eternal Sun Sep-14-08 01:30 PM6
- Palin's Job: Fire Up and Keep Firing Up Anti-Choicers.... bliss_eternal Tue Sep-09-08 10:38 PM2
- Palin Slashed Funding for Teen Moms bliss_eternal Wed Sep-03-08 02:37 AM0
- bliss_eternal Fri Aug-29-08 04:25 PM1
- Dems' abortion line may soften ismnotwasm Fri Aug-15-08 04:03 PM2
- Birth control is NOT abortion. blueraven95 Thu Aug-14-08 06:23 PM0
- One abortion no threat to mental health : panel bliss_eternal Thu Aug-14-08 02:39 PM2
- Did you know that the Pill breaks up marriages?!? "Science" says so. thecatburgler Wed Aug-13-08 11:56 PM1
- Anti-choicer's warped view on ectopic pregnancy thecatburgler Fri Aug-08-08 07:49 PM3
- Obama speaks to NARAL Pro-Choice America members ismnotwasm Fri Aug-08-08 07:37 PM1
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