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- Mirren blasts Hollywood for ***** worship [View All] n2doc Sun Dec-12-10 05:40 PM154
- We are WATCHING history folks [View All] nadinbrzezins... Sun Dec-12-10 05:39 PM260
- Memo to the left: Hands off President Obama [View All] bigtree Sun Dec-12-10 05:27 PM149
- Beijing architect lives in egg-shaped house on sidewalk PeaceNikki Sun Dec-12-10 05:25 PM8
- The Professional Left Weekly Podcast: Did we lose the White House without an Election? Amerigo Vespu... Sun Dec-12-10 05:25 PM10
- U.S. Chamber of Commerce applauds President Obama's tax cut and Korea trade deals. [View All] Better Believ... Sun Dec-12-10 05:25 PM43
- In the name of Truth GliderGuider Sun Dec-12-10 05:23 PM0
- Leader of Austrian far right wants to meet members of US tea party movement pampango Sun Dec-12-10 05:23 PM1
- Obama running to the right will shed even more of his support [View All] quinnox Sun Dec-12-10 05:23 PM23
- Rep. Jim McDermott: Obama's Tax Deal Good For Trust Fund Babies, 'Unfair' To The Unemployed Amerigo Vespu... Sun Dec-12-10 05:11 PM4
- Harry Reid, White House working hard to sell out on judicial nominations usregimechang... Sun Dec-12-10 05:07 PM14
- We're not even close to a revolution in this country. [View All] cali Sun Dec-12-10 05:05 PM65
- Sarah Palin visits Haiti under tight guard [View All] RandySF Sun Dec-12-10 04:56 PM31
- Center for American Progress: a strategy for defending Social Security eridani Sun Dec-12-10 04:44 PM1
- Raped, neglected, jailed in Saudi NNN0LHI Sun Dec-12-10 04:44 PM8
- So When One of these Westboro Scumbags Die... [View All] The Doctor. Sun Dec-12-10 04:43 PM38
- "If you can, avoid Queen Street today." - Defense Employee warned before the attacks kpete Sun Dec-12-10 04:41 PM3
- "When you broke my bones I told the school I fell down the stairs." David Zephyr Sun Dec-12-10 04:31 PM8
- Damn it all... Hissyspit Sun Dec-12-10 04:29 PM10
- Were it this simple...(thinking wikileaks and diplomats...) Whoa_Nelly Sun Dec-12-10 04:25 PM1
- Why Are Democratic Leaders Endorsing A Republican Standard? KingOfLostSou... Sun Dec-12-10 04:20 PM11
- Complete transcript of Senator Sanders fillibuster of the tax bill ... slipslidingaw... Sun Dec-12-10 04:18 PM4
- Bank of America will be rewarded for layoffs [View All] Jeffersons Gh... Sun Dec-12-10 04:17 PM21
- if america were the titanic and we had TWICE as many lifevests as passengers, unblock Sun Dec-12-10 04:16 PM5
- Omaha Steve Sun Dec-12-10 04:13 PM3
- surge update: Huge Bomb Kills 6 U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan spanone Sun Dec-12-10 04:12 PM3
- History of Solidarity NNN0LHI Sun Dec-12-10 04:10 PM1
- Back to Basics [View All] WilliamPitt Sun Dec-12-10 04:04 PM24
- Obama and Big Dog on MSNBC now! [View All] jannyk Sun Dec-12-10 04:03 PM95
- Like a faithful, well-trained puppy, Greta Von Xenu follows the Talibunny to Haiti, mic in hand [View All] Amerigo Vespu... Sun Dec-12-10 04:03 PM20
- FYI, Amy Goodman will be on Link TV @ 1pm PT on press freedom. EFerrari Sun Dec-12-10 03:59 PM2
- More good news from the plutocrats: NYC Fire Dept to charge to respond to accidents & car fires [View All] Hannah Bell Sun Dec-12-10 03:57 PM23
- Credit Card Use Down and (it looks like) Out [View All] SoCalDem Sun Dec-12-10 03:56 PM33
- GOP takes aim at environmental laws for 2011 session NNN0LHI Sun Dec-12-10 03:56 PM3
- What does it say about the Democratic party that... [View All] hootinholler Sun Dec-12-10 03:55 PM34
- Bernie Sanders has a radio show LongTomH Sun Dec-12-10 03:43 PM6
- 'Jackass' gets book banned in Mass. The Straight ... Sun Dec-12-10 03:41 PM10
- How much tax revenue could be raised by taxing churches/synagogues/mosques, etc.? bluestateguy Sun Dec-12-10 03:41 PM10
- Girl returns handyman's $2K, apologizes Liberal_in_LA Sun Dec-12-10 03:41 PM3
- Politics and religion have at least one common characteristic . LiberalAndPro... Sun Dec-12-10 03:32 PM6
- Chinese Woman Sentenced to One Year of Hard Labor for Tweet NNN0LHI Sun Dec-12-10 03:31 PM0
- Here, have some holiday f***ing cheer... onager Sun Dec-12-10 03:30 PM3
- The line between ideology and pragmatism is blurring. LLStarks Sun Dec-12-10 03:24 PM6
- Homeland Security 's Trusted Traveler Program Lets Mexicans Skip Airport Security dixiegrrrrl Sun Dec-12-10 03:24 PM5
- Afghanistan's President Karzai signs deal on gas pipeline project unhappycamper Sun Dec-12-10 03:19 PM18
- I used to call myself a "conservative" Democrat ... [View All] dawg Sun Dec-12-10 03:15 PM55
- Of everything in this Republican Tax Bill - what is the one thing that pisses you off the most - [View All] jillan Sun Dec-12-10 03:08 PM42
- Nigeria To Charge Cheney In Pipeline Bribery Scandal babsbunny Sun Dec-12-10 03:04 PM2
- Breakthrough Discovery on the Causes of Autism RandySF Sun Dec-12-10 03:03 PM14
- As the 150th anniversary of the War of 1862 approaches in 2012, the conversation around the genocide annm4peace Sun Dec-12-10 03:03 PM1
- To Get You Into the Holiday Spirit -- The 2010 White House Holiday Tour! -- (**PICTURE HEAVY**) [View All] Skinner Admin Sun Dec-12-10 03:02 PM68
- Robert Reich: Why Bill Clinton's...view of tax cuts should be disregarded hlthe2b Sun Dec-12-10 02:58 PM3
- [View All] highplainsdem Sun Dec-12-10 02:55 PM58
- Here's the newest internet kill switch story: this is juicy... originalpckel... Sun Dec-12-10 02:51 PM11
- GOP majority wants to end NC charter school cap NNN0LHI Sun Dec-12-10 02:51 PM1
- Where have America's middle-class jobs gone? NNN0LHI Sun Dec-12-10 02:42 PM12
- The Presidency: Republican beasts, or Democratic collaborators Cyrano Sun Dec-12-10 02:42 PM0
- Dean: Tax Deal: 'A Short-Term Washington Fix' Filled With Easy Promises hlthe2b Sun Dec-12-10 02:36 PM2
- teachers got sold down the river in the tax deal [View All] dsc Sun Dec-12-10 02:35 PM24
- Can't wait for Dan RATHER's book, due in Spring. UTUSN Sun Dec-12-10 02:30 PM6
- So what are we going to do about it? [View All] Cyrano Sun Dec-12-10 02:28 PM33
- Congressional Record of Sanders' speech Recursion Sun Dec-12-10 02:27 PM4
- Breastfeeding a six year old: horrifying or loving bond? [View All] Liberal_in_LA Sun Dec-12-10 02:27 PM414
- Being Subpeonaed by the FBI for Visiting Israel and Palestine annm4peace Sun Dec-12-10 02:25 PM8
- cal04 Sun Dec-12-10 02:22 PM1
- Obama's leadership sets the tone n2doc Sun Dec-12-10 02:21 PM0
- The Way Things Work: Obama's devotion to bloodless, risk-free, backroom policymaking portends doom. [View All] DirkGently Sun Dec-12-10 02:20 PM121
- WikiLeaks' advocates compare 'hacktivism' to 1960's civil protests [View All] Joanne98 Sun Dec-12-10 02:15 PM38
- Howie Kurtz on Elizabeth Edwards: "Didn't she use her husband's fame for her platform?" Dennis Donova... Sun Dec-12-10 02:12 PM3
- DU, ban me if needed, but if you "Abstain" instead of voting for Obama, you are a fucking idiot! [View All] KansasVoter Sun Dec-12-10 02:09 PM89
- Grasshopper Or Ant? Me. Sun Dec-12-10 02:09 PM4
- 30 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke [View All] ThatPoetGuy Sun Dec-12-10 02:09 PM25
- Payroll Tax Holiday a Poor Stimulus Idea....from 2009 spanone Sun Dec-12-10 02:06 PM6
- tomorrow, almost a republican-free sunday morning alp227 Sun Dec-12-10 02:04 PM4
- Toon: How could things in Haiti get any worse? n2doc Sun Dec-12-10 02:04 PM5
- Massive Cold Front Hitting Florida Tomorrow DemocratSince... Sun Dec-12-10 02:02 PM14
- U.S. Army wargaming "large-scale economic breakdown" inside the USA [View All] Truth2Tell Sun Dec-12-10 02:02 PM67
- Free Assange protest photos........ Joanne98 Sun Dec-12-10 02:02 PM7
- War in Context - Visa, MC happy to send donations to the Ku Klux Klan Richard D Sun Dec-12-10 02:00 PM6
- Bottom line -- with this "tax cut" pass or not? Paula Sims Sun Dec-12-10 01:59 PM2
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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