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- As U.S. assesses Afghan war, Karzai a question mark unhappycamper Mon Dec-13-10 07:21 AM2
- Extending the tax cuts during a time of war SHRED Mon Dec-13-10 07:16 AM10
- Why Elizabeth Edwards Left God Out of Her Last Goodbye [View All] ZombieHorde Mon Dec-13-10 07:08 AM52
- Can we come together with tea baggers on some economic issues? Nope. cali Mon Dec-13-10 06:58 AM2
- Economists' statement opposing the Obama... oops I mean Bush tax cuts pam4water Mon Dec-13-10 06:58 AM3
- Boehner on compromise: "I reject the word" Project Grudg... Mon Dec-13-10 06:55 AM13
- Losing Our Moral Compass in Pursuit of Profit, Efficiency unhappycamper Mon Dec-13-10 06:50 AM1
- Why do so many DUers trust the Russian Times? [View All] SkyDaddy7 Mon Dec-13-10 06:46 AM61
- Bernie ..... in Word Cloud form.... Clio the Leo Mon Dec-13-10 06:41 AM6
- As History Repeats Itself (II) unhappycamper Mon Dec-13-10 06:41 AM2
- More 'police' conduct at the mall: Security guard arrested for concocting story to arrest customer [View All] Bunny Mon Dec-13-10 06:38 AM22
- Boehner took longer to finish his degree than Palin [View All] malaise Mon Dec-13-10 06:35 AM29
- unhappycamper Mon Dec-13-10 06:34 AM0
- Unintended consequences with Classified Information..Example. [View All] Pavulon Mon Dec-13-10 06:23 AM144
- VIDEO - I hope this idea excites all of you as much as it did me. BigBearJohn Mon Dec-13-10 06:22 AM3
- Did Bernie's fillibuster get any play on the Sunday talking heads Slit Skirt Mon Dec-13-10 05:58 AM6
- Pakistan Institute of National Affairs (PINA): Julian Assange should be awarded the Nobel Prize Better Believ... Mon Dec-13-10 05:48 AM2
- Hannah Bell Mon Dec-13-10 05:42 AM13
- Prince Charles and Camilla freak out photo! LOL [View All] Joanne98 Mon Dec-13-10 05:29 AM86
- Tax "compromise" fucks over wind and solar to favor ethanol [View All] eridani Mon Dec-13-10 05:23 AM25
- Photos From The Riot In London & Pic Of Prince Charles & Camilla Reacting As Car Was Attacked [View All] Turborama Mon Dec-13-10 05:17 AM194
- A little snip of the estate tax and we're good to go [View All] bigtree Mon Dec-13-10 05:15 AM24
- 10 years ago today... tjwash Mon Dec-13-10 05:09 AM14
- WTF -Why aren't we hearing more about this bombshell? Nixon, Kissinger and the Soviet Jews [View All] malaise Mon Dec-13-10 04:53 AM29
- Supporting Bernie Sanders Position on Tax cuts - put this in FB status & twitter 2Design Mon Dec-13-10 04:32 AM4
- Religious Right Attacks Elizabeth Edwards' Deism hyphenate Mon Dec-13-10 04:29 AM2
- Goolsbee on MTP-talking about 'dealing with entitlements' as part of deficit reduction [View All] laughingliber... Mon Dec-13-10 03:29 AM53
- SNL that was BRILLIANT!!!! [View All] nadinbrzezins... Mon Dec-13-10 02:33 AM22
- No gain in support from independents for Obama after tax deal. Big hit from left! [View All] Quixote1818 Mon Dec-13-10 01:41 AM31
- Internet 'Kill Switch' Approved By Senate Homeland Security Committee [View All] ProfessionalL... Mon Dec-13-10 01:40 AM206
- This is not your typical mobile home. woo me with s... Mon Dec-13-10 01:32 AM15
- She takes the L out of Palin. Kadie Mon Dec-13-10 01:28 AM16
- Since business people have been claiming they can't hire more because of the insecure tax applegrove Mon Dec-13-10 01:24 AM4
- North Korea campaigned for Eric Clapton performance, cable reveals spanone Mon Dec-13-10 01:18 AM12
- Julian Assange at TED 2010 in July Esra Star Mon Dec-13-10 01:18 AM4
- Only Other Sweden Sex Case Wanted By Interpol Is Citizen Charged w/ Multiple Crimes Against Children Hissyspit Mon Dec-13-10 01:16 AM11
- we are so fucked in Ohio; Gov. to be wants to "market college research" Botany Mon Dec-13-10 01:13 AM13
- Christine Whitman: Palin's self-serving quitting thing might get in the way of a Presidential run Amerigo Vespu... Mon Dec-13-10 01:08 AM4
- Defense Employee warned friend before the bomb TalkingDog Mon Dec-13-10 01:02 AM13
- Prominent pilot lied about being an M.D. Newsjock Mon Dec-13-10 12:54 AM10
- I stood with about 2,000 other North Carolinians at Elizabeth Edwards' funeral (pics) [View All] Lex Mon Dec-13-10 12:53 AM47
- Prince: 'The Internet's Completely Over' [View All] DainBramaged Mon Dec-13-10 12:42 AM24
- "RNC Chairman Steele to Announce He Won't Run for Second Term as Chairman" Clio the Leo Mon Dec-13-10 12:41 AM10
- Resistance is Futile. kentuck Mon Dec-13-10 12:40 AM5
- Sherrod Brown: "No Deal Mr. President" [View All] sabrina 1 Mon Dec-13-10 12:31 AM75
- Soros Warns America May be on Verge of Dictatorial Democracy - Fox/Beck [View All] RhodaA Mon Dec-13-10 12:26 AM20
- Just a simple request. Elizabeth Edwards requested that attacks on John be ceased [View All] saracat Mon Dec-13-10 12:14 AM102
- A Pearl Harbor the Love Story right on TNT nadinbrzezins... Mon Dec-13-10 12:13 AM6
- Harold Ford Jr Can Go Cheney Himself KingOfLostSou... Mon Dec-13-10 12:09 AM12
- How the World Searched with Google's 2010 Zeitgeist tabatha Mon Dec-13-10 12:06 AM0
- Here is a message to DU from Tyra Banks. LoZoccolo Mon Dec-13-10 12:04 AM2
- Obama's judicial pick seen as snub to TN congressional Dems spanone Mon Dec-13-10 12:00 AM6
- Obama or Boner? (Poll) [View All] unkachuck Sun Dec-12-10 11:48 PM20
- Is there a full transcript of the Bernie Sanders thunderbolt available? WilliamPitt Sun Dec-12-10 11:43 PM10
- Why would Obama support extending the Bush tax cuts now even though Democrats opposed them in 2001? BzaDem Sun Dec-12-10 11:39 PM14
- Who benefits from the Bush tax cuts? unapatriciate... Sun Dec-12-10 11:37 PM14
- It HAD to be Greta in Haiti, and only Greta Whoa_Nelly Sun Dec-12-10 11:36 PM5
- STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! Jeffersons Gh... Sun Dec-12-10 11:31 PM7
- Ohio wonders if Patriot Preparatory Academy is the same as Liberty Christian Academy. [View All] madfloridian Sun Dec-12-10 11:30 PM23
- Here is something about revolutions... [View All] nadinbrzezins... Sun Dec-12-10 11:26 PM126
- Done!1 Quitter's boobs&sick smile, Greta's salivating, it's ALL here!1 What it's ALL about!1 UTUSN Sun Dec-12-10 11:22 PM3
- Can you imagine calculating and preparing Payroll Tax Returns next year... PBS Poll-435 Sun Dec-12-10 11:18 PM12
- Rep. Michael Capuano on taking the President with him to buy a car [View All] andym Sun Dec-12-10 11:11 PM28
- Who here thinks the Middle Class create the most jobs? [View All] RegieRocker Sun Dec-12-10 11:01 PM99
- Business lobby braces for new world under Gov. Jerry Brown Newsjock Sun Dec-12-10 10:54 PM3
- The Liberals lead the lynch mob... [View All] ProudDad Sun Dec-12-10 10:51 PM46
- Breyer going off the deep end? -..__... Sun Dec-12-10 10:46 PM0
- Mayor Bloomberg Says Obama's Democratic Base Should `Suck It Up' on Tax-Cut Deal [View All] Better Believ... Sun Dec-12-10 10:43 PM39
- Wall of Peace Against Westboro Baptist Church (Elizabeth Edwards funeral) [View All] mmonk Sun Dec-12-10 10:41 PM56
- Mother Jones: From Starbucks to Microsoft: a sampling of what US inmates make, and for whom NNN0LHI Sun Dec-12-10 10:32 PM15
- Obama Family with children dressed as elves during a reception for Christmas in Washington-pics [View All] Kadie Sun Dec-12-10 10:30 PM22
- Blizzards transcend politics. MinneapolisMa... Sun Dec-12-10 10:29 PM16
- This was posted on the VA Employment Commission's website today: SCRUBDASHRUB Sun Dec-12-10 10:23 PM2
- *Breaking- Holbrooke's condition upgraded to stable-NBC [View All] elleng Sun Dec-12-10 10:20 PM23
- We must support the President's plan to help the economy and the poor [View All] hfojvt Sun Dec-12-10 10:20 PM47
- Thank you Bernie Sanders thread. [View All] JackRiddler Sun Dec-12-10 10:06 PM242
- The "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" is as good as it gets. [View All] Botany Sun Dec-12-10 10:05 PM21
- You can buy this KKK cutie with your credit card-but just try and donate to wikileaks.... kpete Sun Dec-12-10 10:03 PM15
- So is Obama a closet conservative or poor negotiator? [View All] Still a Democ... Sun Dec-12-10 10:01 PM24
- So,if the tax cuts expire... [View All] butterfly77 Sun Dec-12-10 09:50 PM30
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