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- Hey! I have an idea! stop making us pay *twice* for gas and food (ETHANOL) underpants Fri Dec-10-10 06:52 PM4
- Happiness is a Warm . . . COMPUTER snot Fri Dec-10-10 06:50 PM3
- I love Bernie for doing this but..... cali Fri Dec-10-10 06:50 PM0
- Julian Assange's lawyer tells ABC News U.S. spying indictment is imminent for WikiLeaks founder The Straight ... Fri Dec-10-10 06:48 PM16
- DAMN PEOPLE - I don't remember Obama saying....... KansasVoter Fri Dec-10-10 06:48 PM11
- DMV to transwoman: "An abomination leading to hell" KamaAina Fri Dec-10-10 06:48 PM17
- Assange accuser posts tweet encouraging cyber-attacks on Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, for some reason Sapphireprick Fri Dec-10-10 06:48 PM16
- Wikileaks drops major bombshell meegbear Fri Dec-10-10 06:45 PM14
- Mods, I am not sure where laylah Fri Dec-10-10 06:44 PM4
- Sanders: "What are you smoking???" during filibuster... YEAH!!!! stlsaxman Fri Dec-10-10 06:44 PM3
- Did yoy hear Bernie Sanders a few minutes ago? He knows [View All] NNN0LHI Fri Dec-10-10 06:42 PM40
- Bernies Sanders IS Jefferson Smith! ddeclue Fri Dec-10-10 06:33 PM0
- Harper's, 2006: 'Barack Obama Inc.: The birth of a Washington machine' Newsjock Fri Dec-10-10 06:33 PM4
- Barnes & Nobles, Borders bookstores closing left and right [View All] Liberal_in_LA Fri Dec-10-10 06:31 PM33
- Bernie Sanders on the Senate Floor NOW. C-SPAN Link to live coverage [View All] NorthCarolina Fri Dec-10-10 06:30 PM67
- Mr. Sanders goes to Washington cal04 Fri Dec-10-10 06:29 PM10
- Tweety said Boxer was "with the President" on the tax "framework" - anybody gateley Fri Dec-10-10 06:27 PM1
- Does anyone know if there is anyone in the Senate listening to Senator Sanders? Matariki Fri Dec-10-10 06:26 PM9
- Bernie Sanders is trending 4th in the world on Twitter right now. sufrommich Fri Dec-10-10 06:16 PM6
- Sanders: estate tax proposal benefits top 3/10 of 1% jpgray Fri Dec-10-10 06:16 PM3
- I just had a heartfelt talk with Senator Rockefeller's Office - in Support of Bernie ThomWV Fri Dec-10-10 06:11 PM4
- Salon slams Time's FAKE-ASSED "interview" of FAKE-ASSED Sarah Palin (conducted via email) Amerigo Vespu... Fri Dec-10-10 06:09 PM5
- Sanders: Debunking the "Death Tax" meme. FredStembotto... Fri Dec-10-10 06:08 PM2
- In these trying times, two Presidents are now required. Safetykitten Fri Dec-10-10 06:08 PM12
- WTF; Tweety discussing with Ben Nelson of Nebraska repubs blocking everything. Hell, Nelson was a EV_Ares Fri Dec-10-10 06:07 PM8
- When a filibuster is in progress - those who are FOR those tax cuts Hawkeye-X Fri Dec-10-10 06:05 PM6
- Folks coming home from work: Join in the history! FredStembotto... Fri Dec-10-10 06:03 PM1
- Any examples of the Decider calling his daddy to the podium to help sell a bad idea to the unwashed? Amerigo Vespu... Fri Dec-10-10 06:01 PM4
- United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights concerned over government pressure on WikiLeaks Better Believ... Fri Dec-10-10 05:58 PM0
- Hey, Guys! has anyone heard anything from any Log Cabin GOPers yet? MrScorpio Fri Dec-10-10 05:58 PM12
- Franken: FCC should bury net-neutrality proposal unless it is strengthened cal04 Fri Dec-10-10 05:57 PM0
- Wikileaks To Take On Bank Of America...(spoof) BrendaBrick Fri Dec-10-10 05:55 PM3
- Things to be thankful for this Christmas Tesha Fri Dec-10-10 05:55 PM6
- Don't get mad @ Bubba y'all. Obama left him up there. If y'all are mad y'all need [View All] xultar Fri Dec-10-10 05:53 PM57
- Folks just coming home from work: Join in the history! FredStembotto... Fri Dec-10-10 05:52 PM0
- Donnachaidh Fri Dec-10-10 05:52 PM5
- Why is the news giving heavy coverage to Elizabeth Smart & minimal coverage to the Sanders [View All] Hannah Bell Fri Dec-10-10 05:51 PM30
- babsbunny Fri Dec-10-10 05:49 PM4
- Fucking great. Nader is just suggesting that there will be a primary challenger to Obama AND.. [View All] madinmaryland Fri Dec-10-10 05:48 PM77
- Sanders - Letters From Home WiffenPoof Fri Dec-10-10 05:47 PM2
- They REALLY, REALLY Want These Tax Cuts... New Compromise With Sweeteners... [View All] WillyT Fri Dec-10-10 05:47 PM29
- Blue Dog Bubba and Trickle Down Barry boomerbust Fri Dec-10-10 05:45 PM4
- Another tax deal ticking bomb: State aid excluded Donnachaidh Fri Dec-10-10 05:45 PM0
- Excellent! Bernie, just read Thom's book(s) if you run out of things to say! Duer 157099 Fri Dec-10-10 05:45 PM2
- Third Way says we don't get it...says takes more courage to anger your "friends" [View All] madfloridian Fri Dec-10-10 05:42 PM60
- Holy Hell. Clinton says "Read Krauthammer. He's Brilliant" [View All] tishaLA Fri Dec-10-10 05:39 PM24
- For those using twitter -- Bernie Sanders hash tag - #filibernie Donnachaidh Fri Dec-10-10 05:38 PM8
- Amerigo Vespu... Fri Dec-10-10 05:38 PM0
- Bernie Sanders filibustering the Obama/Republican tax scheme NOW! LIVE! [View All] gibby2433 Fri Dec-10-10 05:37 PM30
- - new Canadian website that allows citizens to rate local police officers alp227 Fri Dec-10-10 05:36 PM3
- Site of the Day -- Donnachaidh Fri Dec-10-10 05:36 PM1
- Obama-Republican Deal Could Mean Tax Hike For One In Three Workers Donnachaidh Fri Dec-10-10 05:34 PM12
- POLL @ WA POST: Bernie Sanders: Waste of time or proving a point? [View All] L. Coyote Fri Dec-10-10 05:34 PM30
- The Media is Being Exposed Today As Well EmeraldCityGr... Fri Dec-10-10 05:34 PM3
- Tweet sasha031 Fri Dec-10-10 05:32 PM3
- Suing Your Readers for Spite and Profit ProudDad Fri Dec-10-10 05:31 PM3
- I am worried for the future of this country. It took Google six hours to mention Sanders Filibuster Mike 03 Fri Dec-10-10 05:30 PM7
- Obama's mythical great Social Security compromise, by the numbers (Medicare, too!) - OpenLeft WillyT Fri Dec-10-10 05:29 PM19
- What would you do? redirish28 Fri Dec-10-10 05:28 PM4
- Our Debt to China = USA Mirroring China's Policies. No More Empty Chairs. glinda Fri Dec-10-10 05:28 PM0
- Bravo to Bernie Sanders and Kudos to Sherrod Brown and Mary Landrieu Mike 03 Fri Dec-10-10 05:28 PM5
- A Letter from Anonymous (9 Dec 2010) [View All] Catherina Fri Dec-10-10 05:28 PM91
- I'm enjoying the fight among Dems malaise Fri Dec-10-10 05:27 PM11
- Clinton is advising Obama. In 2000 he thought deregulation of Wall Street was the way to go. Better Believ... Fri Dec-10-10 05:27 PM7
- Re: the Filibuster - don't take this the wrong way, but what will this accomplish? brooklynite Fri Dec-10-10 05:26 PM9
- If fighting wins votes why did Alan Grayson lose? [View All] dkf Fri Dec-10-10 05:20 PM34
- The Rude Pundit - Note to Conservative Christians: Your God Is Kind of a Dick meegbear Fri Dec-10-10 05:20 PM4
- Draft Bernie Sanders [View All] libmom74 Fri Dec-10-10 05:18 PM21
- KO: IAW president read the tea leaves on Obama in 2008 [View All] WhaTHellsgoin... Fri Dec-10-10 05:15 PM31
- I was thinking about the fact that the poorest households truedelphi Fri Dec-10-10 05:15 PM14
- Strategies emerging for lame-duck passage of DADT repeal bigtree Fri Dec-10-10 05:15 PM1
- The House is going to pass a permanent extension of the Bush tax cuts in 2012 Better Believ... Fri Dec-10-10 05:13 PM4
- UK petrol price soars to record high ($7.31/gallon) Newsjock Fri Dec-10-10 05:12 PM6
- Amelia Earhart's finger bone recovered? foxfeet Fri Dec-10-10 05:11 PM7
- Bernie Sanders bumper stickers? shireen Fri Dec-10-10 05:10 PM9
- "Weekend At Bernies" is the headline at Huffington Post with monmouth Fri Dec-10-10 05:03 PM2
- Shouldn't the ReBPublicans be absolutely mortified of giving welfare to those blondeatlast Fri Dec-10-10 05:02 PM6
- Ku Klux Klan is okay, Wikileaks is bad, says Mastercard and Visa MrObama Fri Dec-10-10 05:02 PM1
- Will Julian Assange win the Nobel Peace Prize? MiddleFingerM... Fri Dec-10-10 05:02 PM6
- Are we not allowed to get angry anymore? [View All] Klukie Fri Dec-10-10 05:01 PM62
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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