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- Elizabeth EDWARDS' s real and last legacy - being a TARGET of despicable PHELPS UTUSN Sat Dec-11-10 12:55 AM17
- Landlady came back into the house today./Also proof she used our phone line. redirish28 Sat Dec-11-10 12:55 AM0
- Quick question... someone explain to me why unemployment can't be extended Capitalocracy Sat Dec-11-10 12:54 AM9
- Joe Liebermann: 'Investigate the NYT'! First they came for Wikileaks! [View All] sabrina 1 Sat Dec-11-10 12:54 AM20
- Highest rate of childhood poverty in the industrialized world??? Wow. Horse with no... Sat Dec-11-10 12:49 AM2
- Military Bans Disks, Threatens Courts-Martial to Stop New Leaks [View All] tekisui Sat Dec-11-10 12:45 AM20
- Repeating a previous post I made: If you have a few bucks to spare... Contrary1 Sat Dec-11-10 12:30 AM4
- Graph: What The Republicans and Obama got with the negotiated tax deal Ruby the Libe... Sat Dec-11-10 12:23 AM13
- One good thing about this week. It's been all about the LEFT!! Hello_Kitty Sat Dec-11-10 12:22 AM1
- "Starve the Beast" n2doc Sat Dec-11-10 12:16 AM3
- Teachers: This One's for YOU... YvonneCa Sat Dec-11-10 12:05 AM9
- Listen to the 15 year old. readmoreoften Sat Dec-11-10 12:01 AM7
- Yes, let's all adopt the Obama plan; it's brilliant! [View All] gratuitous Sat Dec-11-10 12:01 AM66
- If Holder is going to prosecute/persecute Assange... and-justice-f... Sat Dec-11-10 12:00 AM4
- Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! [View All] ralps Fri Dec-10-10 11:59 PM85
- Palin shooting an animal [View All] Iolanthe15 Fri Dec-10-10 11:59 PM28
- Ah... Thurber... WillyT Fri Dec-10-10 11:51 PM6
- Did a second gunman down Sarha's Caribou? [View All] Botany Fri Dec-10-10 11:49 PM20
- Assange's Swedish "Sex Crimes" Accuser Flees to Middle East, May Not Be Cooperating with Police Better Believ... Fri Dec-10-10 11:46 PM15
- If you have a message... Man_with_a_pl... Fri Dec-10-10 11:44 PM1
- The GOP asked me to deliver this message to you. MiddleFingerM... Fri Dec-10-10 11:43 PM8
- Bernie Steps Down ThomWV Fri Dec-10-10 11:38 PM17
- Colombian President Uribe compared Chavez' threat to Hitler's Sapphireprick Fri Dec-10-10 11:38 PM5
- Obama-Republican Deal Could Mean Tax Hike For One In Three Workers laughingliber... Fri Dec-10-10 11:35 PM2
- Bernie Sanders for president!!! proud2BlibKan... Fri Dec-10-10 11:34 PM19
- Want to be popular on the Internet? Be a jerk! IDemo Fri Dec-10-10 11:33 PM11
- Regrettable TalkingDog Fri Dec-10-10 11:33 PM3
- Hope and Change? salinen Fri Dec-10-10 11:33 PM4
- Resistance is NOT futile! Thank you Bernie Sanders. ddeclue Fri Dec-10-10 11:31 PM1
- Totally superficial topic! You have been warned! senseandsensi... Fri Dec-10-10 11:30 PM5
- Is there a place in the modern left for a lone rebel [View All] strawberryfie... Fri Dec-10-10 11:28 PM36
- Bathroom Monologue: I Hate Gay TalkingDog Fri Dec-10-10 11:28 PM14
- Inslee: We're adding $800 billion to our country's deficit without bettering education, gateley Fri Dec-10-10 11:22 PM14
- Obama Summons CEOS to White House for Talk as he Seeks Change: [View All] robinlynne Fri Dec-10-10 11:22 PM45
- The GOP exists to cater to the rich; they would have done anything to extend the Bush tax cuts brentspeak Fri Dec-10-10 11:21 PM5
- Judge prders a daily $125 tattoo coverup for Neo Nazi's murder trial [View All] RamboLiberal Fri Dec-10-10 11:14 PM34
- Now we call our reps. We have our friends call. We march. FredStembotto... Fri Dec-10-10 11:13 PM3
- My reactions when observing "our" national political representatives lately... MiddleFingerM... Fri Dec-10-10 11:04 PM4
- This may not be popular but spare a prayer for John Edwards . [View All] saracat Fri Dec-10-10 11:03 PM136
- Once you've stood in a room with over 100 Congressmen and hollerd "Fuck the President" ThomWV Fri Dec-10-10 11:02 PM12
- Fox News just censured me from their opinion forum [View All] MindandSoul Fri Dec-10-10 10:59 PM56
- How come they never made the GOP do that? Gore1FL Fri Dec-10-10 10:56 PM12
- A different kind of battle for Wikileaks on the horizon, rival site to open soon ck4829 Fri Dec-10-10 10:52 PM18
- I'm going to work a 12 hour shift today to make do.... atomic-fly Fri Dec-10-10 10:52 PM12
- Ratings: In the 25-54 Demo KO, Maddow & O' Donnell doing damn good RamboLiberal Fri Dec-10-10 10:51 PM2
- The thing about Bernie - He's really easy to listen to. jillan Fri Dec-10-10 10:42 PM2
- Julian Assange Distances Himself From Cyber Attacks Better Believ... Fri Dec-10-10 10:36 PM6
- I respect President Clinton but I have trouble with his comments about how he hates deficits but yet [View All] EV_Ares Fri Dec-10-10 10:35 PM21
- AOL news columnist says we should "thank the rich". Erose999 Fri Dec-10-10 10:34 PM19
- Imagine If This Tax Cut Shit Storm Had Been Blowing Last January stopbush Fri Dec-10-10 10:33 PM2
- DADT repeal fails to pass Senate. Let's hear it for fierce advocacy. Pssst: Gays, just wait a bit. Stinky The Cl... Fri Dec-10-10 10:31 PM18
- Did those of you clamoring for the Obama deal check with Jim DeMint first? WhaTHellsgoin... Fri Dec-10-10 10:31 PM13
- Today's "home prices falling" news is sad. So was a former $750K median home price in Silicon Valley Amerigo Vespu... Fri Dec-10-10 10:26 PM15
- Anybody Care To Help Discuss The Political Problems With The Tax Deal ??? WillyT Fri Dec-10-10 10:20 PM8
- Estate Tax Bill Introduced, Containing More Pleasant Surprises for the Rich Better Believ... Fri Dec-10-10 10:18 PM5
- Should I buy a gun? [View All] WilliamPitt Fri Dec-10-10 10:15 PM40
- Facebook: Bernie Sanders post (about an hour ago) L. Coyote Fri Dec-10-10 10:14 PM6
- Before Super Bowl Comes, Dallas Expands Its Ban On Panhandling The Straight ... Fri Dec-10-10 10:07 PM14
- Computer worm attack Jeffersons Gh... Fri Dec-10-10 10:00 PM8
- Where we are coming from nadinbrzezins... Fri Dec-10-10 09:58 PM2
- Intense Randi Rhodes Radio Moment. byronius Fri Dec-10-10 09:55 PM6
- This is THE question the Big Dog needs to answer Donnachaidh Fri Dec-10-10 09:55 PM16
- Obama episode of 'MythBusters' draws 2.2 million viewers usregimechang... Fri Dec-10-10 09:53 PM4
- BTW - Historically Speaking... Bernie Sanders Did NOT Have To Resort To Reading The Phonebook !!! WillyT Fri Dec-10-10 09:52 PM6
- The Democrats need to start framing tax policy more in terms of flat "tax credits." coti Fri Dec-10-10 09:48 PM1
- i keep seeing "F" the left meme in the media and on FB and other places. ddeclue Fri Dec-10-10 09:47 PM4
- Say what you must, but this fella and Simpson were especially hand-picked for this hatchet indepat Fri Dec-10-10 09:44 PM4
- Wait...Sanders yielded the floor. Is it over? Roland99 Fri Dec-10-10 09:42 PM16
- If the publics main focus in life was making sure the rich don't get their tax cuts we'd have won dkf Fri Dec-10-10 09:40 PM1
- New York Times Editorial: Obama's tax cut deal is a win for Republicans and their obstructionism [View All] Better Believ... Fri Dec-10-10 09:38 PM21
- MSM-Assange really is their new Saddam Hussein and WikiLeaks their new WMD. kpete Fri Dec-10-10 09:38 PM1
- Isn't Bill Clinton a dog whistling racist, race baiter? [View All] boston bean Fri Dec-10-10 09:35 PM41
- how an old du'er feels at the end of this week..... spanone Fri Dec-10-10 09:34 PM4
- Sanders' speech is working. He should keep going until his body gives out. coti Fri Dec-10-10 09:34 PM10
- Julian Assange's Life Exposes Rush Limbaugh's Anti-Government Schick for the Fraud It Always Was. [View All] David Zephyr Fri Dec-10-10 09:34 PM27
- Ich bin ein Vermonter. [View All] Jackpine Radi... Fri Dec-10-10 09:33 PM29
- What ever happens, we are fucked. We've been used [View All] madinmaryland Fri Dec-10-10 09:32 PM27
- Latest WikiLeaks Cables: Pope's offer to Anglicans risked 'violence against Catholics' Better Believ... Fri Dec-10-10 09:31 PM0
- babsbunny Fri Dec-10-10 09:26 PM2
- Have you seen this? Agent Mike must be awful busy googling wikileaks: [View All] mikelgb Fri Dec-10-10 09:25 PM22
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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