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- Breaking: Bernie Madoff's son Mark found dead of Apparent Suicide Mira Sat Dec-11-10 10:12 AM4
- Goodbye Elizabeth Stinky The Cl... Sat Dec-11-10 10:10 AM3
- Why people are angry and afraid about this? nadinbrzezins... Sat Dec-11-10 10:06 AM17
- WikiLeaks: Pope refused to cooperate in sex abuse investigation spanone Sat Dec-11-10 09:57 AM3
- Obama asked us madamesilvers... Sat Dec-11-10 09:54 AM5
- presidential dick: In Tapes, Nixon Rails About Jews and Blacks spanone Sat Dec-11-10 09:52 AM6
- Without jobs, the economy will tank anyhow Klukie Sat Dec-11-10 09:50 AM8
- The Little Foxes That Spoil The Vines Me. Sat Dec-11-10 09:34 AM0
- GM wants permission to pay its top 25 execs more (while racheting workers' wages under $14/hr) Hannah Bell Sat Dec-11-10 09:33 AM11
- British student left with brain injury after police attacks on fees protest Hannah Bell Sat Dec-11-10 09:32 AM3
- Please review my latest editorial-homeless families-for spelling,grammar,etc w8liftinglady Sat Dec-11-10 09:22 AM13
- 6 Companies That Haven't Wussed Out of Working with WikiLeaks Violet_Crumbl... Sat Dec-11-10 09:20 AM6
- Robert Scheer: The Man Who Shattered Our Economy Stoic Sat Dec-11-10 09:05 AM2
- Broad Foundation Awards $1 Million to Rocketship for National Expansion of Proven 'Hybrid' Charter proud2BlibKan... Sat Dec-11-10 09:05 AM1
- Slouching Towards Tyranny unhappycamper Sat Dec-11-10 09:02 AM1
- Telling Dick Cheney to Shut the Hell Up ~One of my FAVz Facebook pages! HA! indimuse Sat Dec-11-10 09:01 AM1
- If you are getting unemployent benefits beware... atomic-fly Sat Dec-11-10 09:00 AM3
- Legalizing Internet poker gets push from Harry Reid in lame-duck session spanone Sat Dec-11-10 08:54 AM3
- I think I just heard on Bloomberg that the Estate tax in the tax cut bill covers only 64 people? still_one Sat Dec-11-10 08:52 AM7
- New Rules: You and the IRS this January snappyturtle Sat Dec-11-10 08:51 AM4
- Jimmy Carter: Crisis of Confidence Xicano Sat Dec-11-10 08:47 AM8
- cali Sat Dec-11-10 08:44 AM2
- Yes I'll be voting for Obama in 2012. [View All] cali Sat Dec-11-10 08:42 AM45
- Truth & beauty are much more attractive than cheat and deceit. Voice for Pea... Sat Dec-11-10 08:32 AM3
- A new book by Obama BigBearJohn Sat Dec-11-10 08:31 AM2
- What is Obama's presidency if some tax comprmise isn't reached before repukes control the house? Skip Intro Sat Dec-11-10 08:27 AM9
- "Concessions don't save jobs. Concessions pay (corporate) moving expenses." Hannah Bell Sat Dec-11-10 08:27 AM3
- A funny thing happened to LBJ on the way to renomination. [View All] Smarmie Doofu... Sat Dec-11-10 08:14 AM52
- I keep hearing in many threads how the reason we lost in 2010 was because liberals stayed home. [View All] BzaDem Sat Dec-11-10 08:13 AM80
- Espionage Act: How the Government Can Engage in Serious Aggression Against the People of the United IScreamSunday... Sat Dec-11-10 08:12 AM4
- I just happen to be on a radio show as a representative for the democrats the night WCGreen Sat Dec-11-10 08:03 AM3
- If the President had been out making the same speech Bernie is making today we'd rule ThomWV Sat Dec-11-10 08:02 AM17
- In Tapes, Nixon Rails About Jews and Blacks oberliner Sat Dec-11-10 07:57 AM8
- Of all the wikileaks this is the worst, by far. [View All] Hello_Kitty Sat Dec-11-10 07:26 AM26
- Saudi media fall for Obama Muslim joke cali Sat Dec-11-10 07:23 AM2
- Tom Engelhardt: A Club Med for Recreational Bombing unhappycamper Sat Dec-11-10 07:11 AM0
- Medicare for all SmileyRose Sat Dec-11-10 07:10 AM6
- Seems like we're all but bankrupt and relegated to fight over the crumbs that are left. Skip Intro Sat Dec-11-10 07:08 AM2
- Kathy Kelly: Hunger and Anger in Afghanistan unhappycamper Sat Dec-11-10 07:07 AM0
- There are more filthy rich folks now than at any other moment in history JohnyCanuck Sat Dec-11-10 07:04 AM19
- teacher suffered miscarriage breaking up classroom fight Kaleva Sat Dec-11-10 07:03 AM8
- GOPers See 'Great Opportunity' For Afghanistan War Skeptic In 2012 unhappycamper Sat Dec-11-10 07:03 AM2
- If Congress really cared about the deficit, shouldn't they let the tax cuts expire? Dulcinea Sat Dec-11-10 06:56 AM10
- You say you want a revolution? IDemo Sat Dec-11-10 06:45 AM17
- I don't get it. Is Mr. Sanders somehow continuing to speak this morning? Ghost Dog Sat Dec-11-10 06:31 AM12
- Validate me. Or, tell me to go to sleep. Or, whatever... HCE SuiGeneri... Sat Dec-11-10 06:28 AM11
- Here's the way it works..if you don't vote for Democrats... OmahaBlueDog Sat Dec-11-10 06:07 AM7
- Even now in heaven there were angels carrying savage weapons Swede Sat Dec-11-10 05:46 AM3
- The words "purist position" and "sanctimonious" today were painful. [View All] madfloridian Sat Dec-11-10 05:34 AM168
- Fun Civics Thread for Political Junkies. I'll start. Where do revenue bills originate? nt PBS Poll-435 Sat Dec-11-10 05:30 AM18
- 'Both sides are gonna have to eat some things they don't like' Contrary1 Sat Dec-11-10 04:49 AM7
- Obama Administration Blocks Legal Aid for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure [View All] Better Believ... Sat Dec-11-10 04:21 AM129
- Where is Howard Dean? mikehiggins Sat Dec-11-10 04:04 AM13
- Mark Zuckerberg to Donate Most of His Wealth to Charity No Passaran Sat Dec-11-10 03:44 AM19
- Curious question? If, hypothetically, Wikileaks revealed the U.S. attacked itself on 9/11 go west young... Sat Dec-11-10 03:43 AM0
- What would happen if a third party came into being and ran on a [View All] mmonk Sat Dec-11-10 03:32 AM48
- Bug Man Accused Of Stealing From Clients Since '83 musette_sf Sat Dec-11-10 03:18 AM7
- Better Believ... Sat Dec-11-10 03:17 AM5
- Australian statement of support for Julian Assange to appear in NYT next week Violet_Crumbl... Sat Dec-11-10 03:15 AM14
- Why did Julian Assange turn himself in? [View All] berni_mccoy Sat Dec-11-10 03:08 AM66
- US life expectancy fell in 2008 Hannah Bell Sat Dec-11-10 03:05 AM2
- Who is this Representative Ensley ? aquart Sat Dec-11-10 03:00 AM12
- Human rights groups expose gross abuse of Mexican orphans and disabled Hannah Bell Sat Dec-11-10 02:56 AM2
- Horrific: Bing plans to end water, sewer, public safety services to 1/3 of Detroit [View All] Hannah Bell Sat Dec-11-10 02:51 AM50
- Payroll tax cuts = Obama's second assault on Social Security eridani Sat Dec-11-10 02:43 AM6
- Alexander Hamilton - James Madison - Thomas Paine libertypirate Sat Dec-11-10 02:11 AM4
- Holy crap - the UPS Guy is now working at the WhiteHouse jillan Sat Dec-11-10 02:02 AM3
- Obama's tax-cut deal is becoming a Christmas tree tinseled with gifts for lobbyists and lawmakers somone Sat Dec-11-10 01:58 AM4
- Estate tax plan would benefit wealthy even more (WP) somone Sat Dec-11-10 01:58 AM0
- Questions: Gun Safety, Hunting and Sarah Palin.... xocet Sat Dec-11-10 01:53 AM9
- Palin's hunting trip necessary to "fill her freezer". Cost of the meat worked out to $141 per lb. [View All] JBoy Sat Dec-11-10 01:51 AM37
- Malloy listeners: What was that thing about 'unemployment loans'? Newsjock Sat Dec-11-10 01:50 AM4
- "Chancellor" Cathy Black Needs To Visit a School Hannah Bell Sat Dec-11-10 01:49 AM0
- With Filibuster, C-SPAN Has A Hit On Its Hands sasha031 Sat Dec-11-10 01:27 AM15
- C-Span 2 - Bernie rerun!! jillan Sat Dec-11-10 01:23 AM3
- So, what now? [View All] Kablooie Sat Dec-11-10 01:23 AM25
- Bernie Sanders is a cluster bomb of truth! upi402 Sat Dec-11-10 01:17 AM3
- The payroll tax holiday -- a direct transfer of payroll taxes to the general fund [View All] JDPriestly Sat Dec-11-10 01:14 AM29
- So Palin is going to Haiti [View All] sharp_stick Sat Dec-11-10 01:07 AM28
- I Would Also Like To Recognize Sherrod Brown And Mary Landrieu... WillyT Sat Dec-11-10 01:01 AM18
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