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- Hey! Astute observation here. IN THE LAST TWO DAYS Fire1 Fri Apr-16-10 09:45 PM4
- Does anyone know when the "gruesome video" ad will be rotated off DU? DeepModem Mom Fri Apr-16-10 02:35 PM10
- Screams of delight for Michelle Obama in Mexico NYC_SKP Fri Apr-16-10 12:41 PM5
- President captured in an unguarded moment just cruising around keeping his eye on things grantcart Fri Apr-16-10 10:36 AM3
- Pres Obama presented Garth Brooks with the "Grammy on the Hill Award" today~ Cha Fri Apr-16-10 08:35 AM2
- 12,784 Clio the Leo Thu Apr-15-10 08:49 PM4
- "An Incredibly Moving Trip to Haiti" by Dr Jill Biden Cha Thu Apr-15-10 01:09 PM0
- "REMEMBER THOSE TAX CUTS?.... " Cha Thu Apr-15-10 12:45 PM7
- President Obama to debut on Australian TV RFKHumphreyOb... Wed Apr-14-10 10:10 PM2
- Hi BOGgers~ Cha Wed Apr-14-10 01:58 PM14
- The nuclear security summit unveils the Pro Active President grantcart Wed Apr-14-10 01:54 PM1
- It must be sweet being a member of Congress, as opposed to being the "king" CTLawGuy Tue Apr-13-10 08:19 PM4
- The President does not have my support on this.. Peacetrain Tue Apr-13-10 07:28 PM19
- Rachel Maddow must see tonight (Monday) grantcart Tue Apr-13-10 05:01 PM4
- Speaking of Wash's marc theissen urging gop to repeal affordable health care.. Cha Tue Apr-13-10 04:59 PM2
- View from the UK grantcart Mon Apr-12-10 10:53 PM14
- david gregory proudly stands up for mediawhoredom.. Cha Mon Apr-12-10 06:43 PM2
- What the President will be looking for in a Supreme Court nominee grantcart Mon Apr-12-10 04:38 PM12
- ON C-Span - Politics & Civic Engagement: Coffee Party USA FrenchieCat Mon Apr-12-10 04:21 PM3
- It's become clear to me the majority of the opposition to President Obama NJmaverick Sun Apr-11-10 02:50 PM4
- BOG folks, please ensure this link gets widespread distribution stevenleser Sun Apr-11-10 02:15 PM8
- I've just come to the conclusion many DUers don't know much about politics. Drunken Irish... Sun Apr-11-10 12:00 AM11
- A communications expert talks about the blogsphere [View All] NJmaverick Sat Apr-10-10 08:19 PM21
- I think you might appreciate this thread NJmaverick Fri Apr-09-10 01:24 PM1
- Anyone else get a call from the Family Research Council? SemiCharmedQu... Fri Apr-09-10 01:20 PM4
- I've been riding out of cell phone territory all day. What did I miss?? cliffordu Thu Apr-08-10 09:07 PM14
- Nearly 15 months later and I am still dazzled by his brilliance NJmaverick Thu Apr-08-10 04:14 PM13
- Yes Howard its Small Ball grantcart Thu Apr-08-10 04:13 PM12
- Pres. Obama has done more for nuclear arms reduction and sensible policy than any president combined Drunken Irish... Thu Apr-08-10 03:55 PM3
- Finally grantcart Tue Apr-06-10 09:12 PM6
- Anyone here agree 100% Texasgal Mon Apr-05-10 04:23 PM18
- GDP debt by country.. wow.. Peacetrain Mon Apr-05-10 03:52 PM12
- Do you know? TicketyBoo Sun Apr-04-10 11:49 AM0
- Step right up, ladies and gents! Make your bets! Will Glenn Beck cry tonight? SemiCharmedQu... Sun Apr-04-10 11:45 AM12
- Add Barbara Boxer to the "Democratic Traitors" list. Arkana Sat Apr-03-10 11:09 PM6
- Mountaintop Removal CBR Fri Apr-02-10 10:35 PM1
- WTF? The Media is killing us! Talking Taxes! FrenchieCat Fri Apr-02-10 08:31 PM5
- Pres. Obama goes to Afghanistan to speak with troops and people are surprised it was pro the war? Drunken Irish... Thu Apr-01-10 03:52 PM5
- Now THEY Get mad! goclark Thu Apr-01-10 01:39 PM0
- " Rocky Mountain Drilling Lawsuit: Decision To Close Loophole That Allowed Feds To Bypass.. Cha Thu Apr-01-10 10:29 AM1
- While I disagree with this drilling decision, I knew it was coming.. Uzybone Thu Apr-01-10 08:44 AM6
- Congrats!, NYC_SKP, on becoming a moderator. [View All] quiet.america... Wed Mar-31-10 09:17 PM38
- For those that might be baffled by the President's moves NJmaverick Wed Mar-31-10 03:17 PM1
- "ALL PART OF THE PLAN" Cha Wed Mar-31-10 02:25 PM1
- Health Care Reform Weekly Web Chat Kind of Blue Wed Mar-31-10 01:43 PM8
- Been in central Iowa for a few days, and it is looking good here! Peacetrain Wed Mar-31-10 12:55 PM11
- Excellent read on Obama's theory of politics and government. Hamlette Wed Mar-31-10 12:19 PM9
- " President Obama strikes classy tone on the most important night .. Cha Wed Mar-31-10 12:18 PM9
- "ENSIGN FEELS SORRY FOR HIMSELF" Cha Wed Mar-31-10 01:58 AM3
- This asshole needs more exposure.. Cha Tue Mar-30-10 05:14 PM11
- " Barack Obama has told US forces on his first visit to Afghanistan".. Cha Tue Mar-30-10 04:06 PM1
- "THE EFFECTS OF AN EXTRAORDINARY CON.... " Cha Tue Mar-30-10 12:09 PM7
- "The lack of class and leadership continues." Jackeens Mon Mar-29-10 04:38 PM8
- Obama Transcends Ideology by Riling Both Flanks NJmaverick Mon Mar-29-10 03:14 PM8
- "ODD VOICES FACING THE NATION" Cha Mon Mar-29-10 01:14 PM0
- A quote from Aeschylus, who apparently saw GD coming a LONG time ago. JeffR Mon Mar-29-10 12:36 PM6
- Why were so many quick to label Pres. Obama Jimmy Carter Part II prior to the healthcare vote? Drunken Irish... Mon Mar-29-10 12:09 PM13
- I asked a question about Body Armor goclark Mon Mar-29-10 11:44 AM3
- Well, that was informative......... Jackeens Mon Mar-29-10 02:40 AM5
- watching the session on cspan, quite exciting Hamlette Sun Mar-28-10 03:01 PM4
- Remember when Cindy Sheehan wanted to oust Nancy Pelosi? Drunken Irish... Sun Mar-28-10 12:28 PM6
- Lawrence O'Donnell said Cantor was taking a page from Rove's handbook -- DeepModem Mom Sun Mar-28-10 12:55 AM6
- Activism 2010 - Do something small but Start this WeekEnd! FrenchieCat Sat Mar-27-10 06:48 PM5
- Scott Brown:HACK .. "I JUST DON'T GET SCOTT BROWN" Cha Sat Mar-27-10 12:42 AM6
- Every Call Counts - Crossposted from GD RoyGBiv Fri Mar-26-10 09:45 AM6
- "Media falsely claim Obama and staff are "exempt" from health care reform" Cha Fri Mar-26-10 05:42 AM1
- Collect online evidence of right-wing glee... Kind of Blue Fri Mar-26-10 05:10 AM3
- dumb, dumb, dumb, Blue_Roses Thu Mar-25-10 10:46 PM4
- Posting this in the let everyone know how [View All] Cha Thu Mar-25-10 09:16 PM32
- "Members of Congress Receiving Death Threats; Congresswoman Blames Sarah Palin's 'Rhetoric'" Cha Thu Mar-25-10 05:58 PM2
- Hey guys, don't forget Pres. Obama LIVE at 2pm today in Iowa. [View All] quiet.america... Thu Mar-25-10 04:42 PM53
- GOP: We demand that Obama and the Democrats use the state ins. exchanges in 2014 SemiCharmedQu... Thu Mar-25-10 04:40 PM7
- White Powder sent to Anthony Weiners Office goclark Thu Mar-25-10 04:35 PM4
- Question: It says that in the first year of HCR, kids can stay on their parent's HC until they turn SemiCharmedQu... Thu Mar-25-10 03:43 PM8
- Rahm put a "little something extra" in my pay envelope today... NYC_SKP Thu Mar-25-10 03:39 PM10
- Great (short) read from Brownstein on Obama's HCR fight: how he did it and why Hamlette Thu Mar-25-10 02:36 PM6
- For Your Use! FrenchieCat Thu Mar-25-10 01:58 PM6
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