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- Sigh, just when I thought it was safe again POAS Sun Jun-20-10 11:31 AM8
- Accountability, and why it is only for Some! FrenchieCat Sun Jun-20-10 09:48 AM6
- lol, Keith Olbermann said we have accepted help from other countries sandnsea Sat Jun-19-10 05:04 PM17
- "GOP STEPS ON ITS OWN 'SHAKEDOWN' TALKING POINT".. Sucky little Cha Sat Jun-19-10 04:59 PM4
- DU has really jumped the shark and gone officially anti-Obama [View All] Political Tig... Sat Jun-19-10 04:46 PM28
- Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act: Protecting Press Freedoms Worldwide Political Tig... Sat Jun-19-10 04:01 PM1
- Bad day for Halliburton - "Obama to create 'do not pay' list to bar shady contractors" quiet.america... Sat Jun-19-10 02:11 PM9
- Putting an end to the disinformation campaign berni_mccoy Sat Jun-19-10 12:09 PM8
- "How the Dummies Report the News".. youtube on our Cha Sat Jun-19-10 12:49 AM13
- "SOMETIMES, ALL POLITICS REALLY IS LOCAL".. IOW..barton is Cha Fri Jun-18-10 10:56 PM4
- West Wing Week: The "Gator-Cade" episode quiet.america... Fri Jun-18-10 06:11 PM3
- Joe Barton POAS Fri Jun-18-10 05:31 PM16
- Great NYT read on BARTON BACKPEDAL quiet.america... Fri Jun-18-10 04:26 PM4
- "ON THE OFFENSIVE -- AND IN CAMPAIGN MODE" Cha Thu Jun-17-10 10:51 PM3
- quiet.america... Thu Jun-17-10 10:46 PM4
- Video of Rep. Barton's (R-BP Apologist) "shakedown" remarks- TPM/NYT quiet.america... Thu Jun-17-10 02:14 PM4
- I didn't like the speech [View All] grantcart Thu Jun-17-10 01:04 PM35
- Too bad he wasn't more specific POAS Thu Jun-17-10 12:47 PM17
- Barack Obama Campaign Promise: Invest in all types of alternative energy Political Tig... Thu Jun-17-10 05:25 AM2
- Every day I celebrate the fact that President Obama isn't a reflexive reactionary douche-nozzle HughMoran Wed Jun-16-10 11:31 PM4
- Pre-existing pool starts in two weeks sandnsea Wed Jun-16-10 09:48 PM2
- The Point-by-Point on Obama's Address (a Kos must-read) berni_mccoy Wed Jun-16-10 03:30 PM7
- Who is Kenneth Feinberg? Obama's "Pay Czar" who will oversee BP's Cha Wed Jun-16-10 03:17 PM2
- Seriously? berni_mccoy Wed Jun-16-10 03:12 PM2
- In the words of CJ Cregg: "Set fire to the room. Do it now." Arkana Wed Jun-16-10 02:21 PM5
- "BP Hands Over The Cash" Bob Cesca Cha Wed Jun-16-10 02:03 PM4
- Really, I am about to give up demtenjeep Wed Jun-16-10 12:16 PM10
- The gNOp, Mark Kirk, who is vying for Pres Obama Senate seat is caught in another military lie. Cha Wed Jun-16-10 11:44 AM4
- Pres. Obama gives a speech about the Gulf crisis... [View All] Drunken Irish... Wed Jun-16-10 11:14 AM21
- My thoughts on the speech berni_mccoy Wed Jun-16-10 11:11 AM3
- Saying Hello To My Friends berni_mccoy Tue Jun-15-10 10:24 PM16
- Hello, may I join this group? [View All] demtenjeep Tue Jun-15-10 06:22 PM20
- If Skinner or some Admin doesnt' make a statement or a decision soon, I may be gone [View All] demtenjeep Tue Jun-15-10 05:56 PM76
- Common Dreams isn't worthy of using for toilet paper. [View All] Drunken Irish... Tue Jun-15-10 11:38 AM21
- Admin issues new rules to stop employers using HCR as an excuse to stick it to their employees quiet.america... Tue Jun-15-10 11:15 AM6
- McCain is Tweeting Snookie.. Peacetrain Tue Jun-15-10 10:50 AM5
- Eight labs are testing fish for safety sandnsea Tue Jun-15-10 09:47 AM4
- Keeping the Plan You Like Political Tig... Tue Jun-15-10 12:13 AM3
- Military response to the oil spill sandnsea Tue Jun-15-10 12:10 AM5
- A fitting quote from the movie Ratatouille NJmaverick Mon Jun-14-10 04:13 PM4
- Thank you, BOG. EOM. Raine1967 Mon Jun-14-10 01:55 PM6
- "Whoomp! (There He Isn't) -- Barack Look-Alike LA Sno Speaks Out" Clio the Leo Mon Jun-14-10 12:06 PM3
- I'm sick of only being allowed goclark Mon Jun-14-10 11:29 AM16
- I am afraid Carville maybe one step from pulling a Lieberman Peacetrain Sun Jun-13-10 10:36 PM10
- The DU Barack Obama Group is a Critical DU Asset, IMHO. [View All] NYC_SKP Sun Jun-13-10 05:47 PM55
- NYT account of Obama's meeting w/families who lost loved ones in the oil rig explosion quiet.america... Sun Jun-13-10 01:57 PM3
- I think I'm not going to shut up any more. SeattleGirl Sun Jun-13-10 01:22 PM5
- Time for vacation.. Peacetrain Sat Jun-12-10 11:06 PM7
- "GOP Mayor Of Reno Backs Reid, Calls Angle 'Wild' " Cha Sat Jun-12-10 10:57 PM3
- I think I figured out why there is rage against Obama [View All] Cary Sat Jun-12-10 07:02 PM46
- Hello, cruel world. Robb Sat Jun-12-10 06:57 PM9
- I just have to scream sandnsea Sat Jun-12-10 05:47 PM3
- "The Ongoing Administration-Wide Response to the Deepwater BP Oil Spill: " Cha Fri Jun-11-10 07:29 PM2
- Obama's 'Small Business Lending Fund' approved by House Cmte. quiet.america... Fri Jun-11-10 07:02 PM4
- Wow, I had missed this one -- "Obama to Write Foreword for Mandela Book." quiet.america... Fri Jun-11-10 06:20 PM1
- Glenn and Glen, sittin' in a tree HughMoran Fri Jun-11-10 12:32 PM3
- I was accosted by a Birther in Ireland last week. Very, very weird -- hopefully for him, too Hekate Thu Jun-10-10 10:46 PM8
- " Obama calls for new approach on Gaza blockade" Cha Thu Jun-10-10 09:55 PM0
- the "blinders on" crowd grantcart Thu Jun-10-10 07:22 PM5
- The late Rue McClanahan on Barack Obama RFKHumphreyOb... Thu Jun-10-10 05:53 PM11
- I echo Bernie McCoy's recent statement about the problems around here. [View All] stevenleser Wed Jun-09-10 11:01 PM34
- DU is making me more cynical Cary Wed Jun-09-10 10:58 PM9
- "Top Ten Things Obama Should Have Done About the Oil Spill" Clio the Leo Wed Jun-09-10 09:18 AM9
- I find this ironic Political Tig... Tue Jun-08-10 07:05 PM7
- From Day 1, Dept-by-Dept response to the oil spill. quiet.america... Tue Jun-08-10 04:38 PM6
- Something that won't surprise a number of observers... NYC_SKP Tue Jun-08-10 03:45 PM12
- Why I am proud to stand with the President Political Tig... Tue Jun-08-10 11:18 AM7
- Long Hot Summer Blues RoyGBiv Mon Jun-07-10 10:10 PM12
- Streetcars Are Making a Comeback, Thanks Largely to Obama Peacetrain Mon Jun-07-10 08:29 PM4
- International Whaling Commission new rules sandnsea Mon Jun-07-10 07:20 PM2
- Making us Proud to be Americans again bluestateguy Mon Jun-07-10 06:36 PM1
- Flames be damned NJmaverick Mon Jun-07-10 12:21 PM10
- Obama Katrina claim does not hold water treestar Sat Jun-05-10 07:12 PM2
- Help needed to answer a RW question re: what has Obama done for vets? greenbird Sat Jun-05-10 09:37 AM6
- DU is not fucked. grantcart Fri Jun-04-10 06:12 PM18
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