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- Oh happy day! Lieberman's approval rating Undercurrent Fri Jan-08-10 01:16 PM2
- My thoughts on Afghanistan NJmaverick Fri Jan-08-10 12:02 PM0
- Anti-Obama, Anti-Democratic Party DUers Suck Cary Fri Jan-08-10 03:19 AM9
- Ugh, who's behind the door? Jackeens Fri Jan-08-10 01:58 AM12
- Reject "progressive"? Call ourselves "liberals"? [View All] CTLawGuy Fri Jan-08-10 12:51 AM24
- Has anyone noticed Skinner has changed the welcome message to this group? [View All] NJmaverick Fri Jan-08-10 12:24 AM56
- reporting good news Undercurrent Thu Jan-07-10 11:28 PM8
- The President's talk -- madamesilvers... Thu Jan-07-10 10:52 PM8
- In case anyone is in need of a smile or happy *sigh MerryBlooms Thu Jan-07-10 10:50 PM8
- Here is what we are up against folks Frosty1 Thu Jan-07-10 09:59 PM5
- There is a disturbing article about the New York Fed today, but it demonstrates the hate that still_one Thu Jan-07-10 07:06 PM3
- Is anyone listening? Frosty1 Thu Jan-07-10 04:17 PM2
- Security Review moved to 3:00 pm sandnsea Thu Jan-07-10 03:23 PM5
- Cadillac Hypocrisy berni_mccoy Thu Jan-07-10 02:59 PM1
- The government is going to own the insurance companies. janx Thu Jan-07-10 04:03 AM6
- Longtime DUers or longtime Lurkers WeDidIt Wed Jan-06-10 11:46 PM4
- PETA sure are being, um, subtle with that new ad of theirs. Jackeens Wed Jan-06-10 10:40 PM8
- How Bout A Little Street Theater? janx Wed Jan-06-10 09:24 PM11
- Talking points dcsmart Wed Jan-06-10 07:59 PM3
- This "Obama doesn't fight" meme has me really perplexed. greenbird Wed Jan-06-10 07:10 PM18
- It feels just like its the Primaries again, and yet, we have 3 years to go! [View All] FrenchieCat Wed Jan-06-10 06:40 PM37
- The Excise Tax Myth berni_mccoy Wed Jan-06-10 05:44 PM18
- Yes We Can RoyGBiv Wed Jan-06-10 04:41 PM15
- I am not going to contribute to a single penny to grantcart Wed Jan-06-10 04:40 PM16
- Nance rocks....... [View All] firedupdem Wed Jan-06-10 04:39 PM43
- This group apears to be a hornets nest. [View All] arcadian Wed Jan-06-10 04:38 PM41
- What Pelosi Really Said About Transparency sandnsea Wed Jan-06-10 04:20 PM1
- So Poster X . . . . Cary Wed Jan-06-10 03:59 PM4
- "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Blue_Roses Wed Jan-06-10 03:57 PM3
- Is it time for those who wish the President well to leave DU? (Poll) [View All] Jackeens Wed Jan-06-10 03:56 PM93
- I took a good long look at my avatar today and decided that Blue_Roses Wed Jan-06-10 03:09 PM3
- YES! My work has been recognized! [View All] NJmaverick Wed Jan-06-10 03:06 PM41
- Lest we forget, as we go into this election season. . . Cary Wed Jan-06-10 02:58 PM2
- This was posted in GD. Did you all see it? LiberalAndPro... Wed Jan-06-10 02:53 PM10
- What To Do When You See Threats To The President or Politicians In Person or Online firedupdem Wed Jan-06-10 02:27 PM6
- Teacher Awards, Educate To Innovate, LIVE sandnsea Wed Jan-06-10 02:19 PM3
- if any of you are on facebook, check this out dcsmart Wed Jan-06-10 02:03 PM2
- Okay.. talking to Democrats in real life this morning..My 2010 things to avoid Peacetrain Wed Jan-06-10 01:15 PM8
- Can we do a petition to DU administration? Cary Tue Jan-05-10 11:52 PM10
- Conservative Wingnuttery: Our Ace in the Hole Cary Tue Jan-05-10 08:14 PM4
- You are either on my side, or their side..that is where I am at.. Peacetrain Tue Jan-05-10 05:31 PM9
- Anology- I own and run a Giants football fan site NJmaverick Tue Jan-05-10 05:05 PM15
- Remember this? March 2009 Hersh: Cheney left a stay-behind? lamp_shade Tue Jan-05-10 03:55 PM14
- Nato needs to investigate and clarify the issues on the deaths in Kunar grantcart Tue Jan-05-10 02:51 PM14
- Michelle Obama on Food Network Iron Chef tonight~8pm-10pm~ [View All] Cha Tue Jan-05-10 09:18 AM26
- Issues with GD and GDP Texasgal Tue Jan-05-10 08:54 AM4
- I think we need a change in our mission statement. Barack Obama is now the President of the United [View All] DevonRex Mon Jan-04-10 10:36 PM29
- Hi! Drunken Irish... Mon Jan-04-10 09:37 PM14
- I notice several "locks" here in the Obama Group today -- [View All] DeepModem Mom Mon Jan-04-10 09:22 PM43
- An example of DU trivialization . . land mines grantcart Mon Jan-04-10 08:01 PM13
- Can we have a separate SOTU thread for this group? Arkana Mon Jan-04-10 07:36 PM8
- An FYI for the BOG: DU Discussion Forum Rules, Basic and Detailed DeepModem Mom Mon Jan-04-10 07:28 PM5
- We are over 100 people strong, new comers please check in [View All] NJmaverick Mon Jan-04-10 06:48 PM92
- Here it is folks, It's 2010 and it's election year Hutzpa Mon Jan-04-10 05:39 PM4
- Keep this in mind grantcart Mon Jan-04-10 03:49 PM6
- Fatigue challenging 'tireless' president azmouse Mon Jan-04-10 03:48 PM11
- Whew, I made it. So glad to see all of you people I've missed the [View All] monmouth Mon Jan-04-10 11:56 AM32
- Obama losing his base [View All] angee_is_mad Mon Jan-04-10 09:49 AM20
- Reading stuff on HuffPo about lackluster predictions from economists Cary Mon Jan-04-10 09:36 AM2
- Why did I clear my ignore list sandnsea Mon Jan-04-10 08:48 AM12
- So, what is a former dedicated Clinton supporter doing here? [View All] JohnnyLib2 Mon Jan-04-10 08:39 AM30
- Some people are getting suckered in big time.. Peacetrain Mon Jan-04-10 05:15 AM5
- "CNN (The Most Trusted . .haha): Blacks no longer thrilled with President Obama" grantcart Mon Jan-04-10 01:00 AM14
- This backlash against our President was predicted a year ago HopeOverFear Sun Jan-03-10 10:36 PM14
- Outlook improves for 2010 economy - dems will begin to reap rewards... old mark Sun Jan-03-10 09:47 PM14
- How many active DU posters are there? Cary Sun Jan-03-10 08:21 PM6
- A video from MSNBC for anyone who might have missed it. rebel with a ... Sun Jan-03-10 05:23 PM7
- Need help understanding this: Bob Herbert's HCR op ed Undercurrent Sun Jan-03-10 04:10 PM7
- Like everything else..we wait those guys out and we are going to win Peacetrain Sun Jan-03-10 04:07 PM5
- A timely quote from a remarkable woman Frosty1 Sun Jan-03-10 03:43 PM4
- So I created a new poll thread WeDidIt Sun Jan-03-10 03:33 PM7
- No US combat deaths in Iraq in December grantcart Sun Jan-03-10 12:47 AM3
- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year RoyGBiv Sat Jan-02-10 11:12 PM13
- Mensheviks grantcart Sat Jan-02-10 10:36 PM13
- Labor chief moves on job safety, workers' rights Diamonique Sat Jan-02-10 06:38 PM4
- I am curious how this question will be answered NJmaverick Sat Jan-02-10 01:23 PM7
- Sometimes you just gotta laugh LiberalAndPro... Sat Jan-02-10 12:19 PM2
- Booman sets Cenk Uygur straight on a few things angee_is_mad Fri Jan-01-10 09:37 PM8
- It's easy to blame and hate, it's a whole lot harder to support and be constructive NJmaverick Fri Jan-01-10 08:49 PM7
- Anyone watching Rachel Maddow? She is absolutely ripping SeattleGirl Fri Jan-01-10 04:49 PM9
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