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- I've found that it's some of the most liberal Democrats who are spineless when the chips are down. Drunken Irish... Fri Feb-12-10 01:07 PM11
- "The Inconvenient Truth: A Record of Accomplishment the AP Neglected" Cha Fri Feb-12-10 01:04 PM2
- BOG 2010 February Roll Call! [View All] FrenchieCat Thu Feb-11-10 09:19 PM80
- Sometimes I can't stand this place. [View All] Arkana Thu Feb-11-10 05:11 PM38
- I'm taking bets that this jobs bill is the pivot point.... cliffordu Thu Feb-11-10 12:04 PM6
- BOGgers, don't miss this: JeffR Thu Feb-11-10 11:22 AM8
- What Can WE at BOG Do To Support Our President? goclark Thu Feb-11-10 08:50 AM16
- Outstanding article on the need for compromise. grantcart Thu Feb-11-10 04:44 AM0
- You know, the liberal DUers and moderate Democrats have something in common... [View All] Drunken Irish... Thu Feb-11-10 03:08 AM21
- The First Lady Speaks For Me! goclark Wed Feb-10-10 10:32 PM15
- Obama proposes federal climate change agency FrenchieCat Wed Feb-10-10 09:36 PM1
- Gay military rights advocate Lt. Dan Choi Back on Active Duty Cha Wed Feb-10-10 07:35 PM10
- Pretty remarkable that nasty nicknames for President Obama are allowed here. [View All] Drunken Irish... Wed Feb-10-10 04:40 PM24
- Reviews on the "Rumble in Baltimore", aka, Republicans Retreat, aka, "GOP Pants on the Ground"! FrenchieCat Wed Feb-10-10 02:47 PM11
- I am annoyed, but not surprised TheBigotBashe... Wed Feb-10-10 02:37 PM5
- I left this in GDP.. but I need to leave it here also.. GOOD NEWS on Blue Collar jobs Peacetrain Wed Feb-10-10 12:31 PM6
- Fox News Military Analyst Endorses DADT Repeal, Criticizes McCain For Flip-Flopping Cha Wed Feb-10-10 12:10 PM7
- Write a letter to the editor of your paper, I did . How'd I do? Hamlette Wed Feb-10-10 01:02 AM8
- "Congresswoman Donna Edwards Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Undo SCOTUS Ruling"~ Petition Cha Tue Feb-09-10 10:29 PM4
- What is it that Rahm did exactly? FrenchieCat Tue Feb-09-10 06:50 PM16
- Prof Robert P Waton's list of President Obama's accomplishments so far.. [View All] Cha Tue Feb-09-10 11:57 AM22
- "Republicans are angry because they're ignorant?" Cha Mon Feb-08-10 11:35 PM0
- Is it me or has the MA election really pushed President Obama to step up his game NJmaverick Mon Feb-08-10 08:56 PM6
- President Obama graciously invites Republican leaders to publicly discuss health care grantcart Mon Feb-08-10 05:36 PM7
- Rep Murtha has passed on.. RIP Peacetrain Mon Feb-08-10 04:56 PM5
- Dammit I have given it my best.. tried as hard as I can.. but I CANNOT [View All] Peacetrain Mon Feb-08-10 03:01 PM24
- This is a pretty remarkable graph that should be sent out to everyone. Drunken Irish... Mon Feb-08-10 12:36 PM6
- VIDEO: Obama at the DNC HopeOverFear Mon Feb-08-10 12:32 PM3
- Tancredo at Tea Party Convention: "Obama elected by people who couldn't spell "vote"" SemiCharmedQu... Mon Feb-08-10 11:08 AM11
- Michelle on Obama's poll numbers sandnsea Sun Feb-07-10 11:52 PM8
- Since Skinner came out the other day and said what he said Lindsey Sun Feb-07-10 01:01 PM19
- Interesting article :) OneGrassRoot Sun Feb-07-10 12:48 AM14
- Some Republicans who voted against the stimulus "have been all too happy to claim credit for Recover dcsmart Sat Feb-06-10 03:48 PM1
- Did you know that there are two ways to overcome a filibuster and one doesn't need 60 votes. grantcart Fri Feb-05-10 01:23 PM4
- Regarding Specter and the question of trade with China [View All] grantcart Fri Feb-05-10 05:51 AM23
- Any thoughts on Obama's chat with the Dem caucus today? [View All] quiet.america... Fri Feb-05-10 02:03 AM20
- 'We Weren't Born to Follow' . . . Princess Tura... Thu Feb-04-10 11:56 PM6
- Bradblog: The Obama/Democratic Stimulus Worked Number23 Thu Feb-04-10 01:57 PM6
- Faux News: Republicans Uncertain Over Who Should Challenge Obama in 2012 Born_A_Truman Thu Feb-04-10 01:16 PM6
- "The President under fire from his own party" HopeOverFear Thu Feb-04-10 11:07 AM5
- I'd be interested to hear thoughts on my analogy re. President Obama's strategy against the GOP Turborama Thu Feb-04-10 09:57 AM7
- DADT HEARING by Steve Benen~ Cha Wed Feb-03-10 04:02 PM4
- I have to say, that the last ten minutes of the SOTU, Blue_Roses Wed Feb-03-10 12:57 PM9
- Wyclef Jean(speaking some Creole) intros Mary J Blige & Andrea Bocelli singing Bridge Over Troubled Cha Wed Feb-03-10 12:51 PM11
- Nice video angee_is_mad Wed Feb-03-10 11:55 AM6
- Nashua Remarks sandnsea Tue Feb-02-10 08:53 PM3
- Rachel Maddow is giving out information others are ignoring [View All] rebel with a ... Tue Feb-02-10 01:54 PM36
- Before I post an op in GD or GDP.. straighten me out if I am wrong Peacetrain Tue Feb-02-10 01:15 PM8
- "Your Interview with the President" on right now. Live Obama Q&A: quiet.america... Tue Feb-02-10 11:06 AM3
- Daily Show on Obama's Q and A: "It's like he could see their talking points in bullet time" SemiCharmedQu... Tue Feb-02-10 01:35 AM6
- Really Helpful Interactive Map of the Budget tekisui Mon Feb-01-10 11:43 PM3
- "MOVING FORWARD ON DADT REPEAL" Cha Mon Feb-01-10 09:56 PM3
- Obama Budget Reflects Progress & Change sandnsea Mon Feb-01-10 09:50 PM6
- According to Rachel, so many people wanted to see Obama slap the Republicans around last night they SemiCharmedQu... Mon Feb-01-10 09:27 PM5
- Some DUers refuse to acknowlege that racism is the source of some of the opposition to Obama HopeOverFear Mon Feb-01-10 08:33 PM7
- Ah Keith - here's why they sent up the balloon on the "budget freeze" grantcart Mon Feb-01-10 07:35 PM4
- Joe Conason speaks for me! ginnyinWI Mon Feb-01-10 07:29 PM3
- OMB Budget Outline sandnsea Mon Feb-01-10 06:29 PM3
- (cough) Robb Mon Feb-01-10 04:45 PM12
- It's safe to come out now..... Clio the Leo Mon Feb-01-10 12:39 PM19
- Obama Budget Remarks sandnsea Mon Feb-01-10 11:55 AM0
- Volcker NYT Op-Ed: Look out, big banks. Change is coming FrenchieCat Mon Feb-01-10 04:11 AM2
- No one can ever argue that Obama = Bush ever again. Arkana Sun Jan-31-10 10:17 PM7
- The Pres. had headphones on and was commentating on the monmouth Sun Jan-31-10 08:00 PM6
- I wonder how many people had to change their plans for 2012 grantcart Sun Jan-31-10 07:22 PM5
- Colbert Report on the Faux State of the Union Address: Alternate Universe White President SemiCharmedQu... Sun Jan-31-10 06:47 PM1
- Strange silence from the House Democrats after the drubbing... cliffordu Sun Jan-31-10 03:48 PM8
- Sometimes you need to reach out and embrace those that you disagree with grantcart Sun Jan-31-10 03:06 PM8
- Bill O'Reily compares south side of Chicago to Haiti SemiCharmedQu... Sat Jan-30-10 11:25 PM4
- Ooh boy, budget cuts announcement sandnsea Sat Jan-30-10 11:07 PM5
- OMG I think I know what Obama's doing. HopeOverFear Sat Jan-30-10 08:19 PM6
- HUGE Win for Obama and Democrats: "Economy in U.S. Grew at 5.7% Pace, Most in Six Years" quiet.america... Sat Jan-30-10 08:14 PM4
- "Obama goes to gop lions' Den & mauls the lions" Cha Sat Jan-30-10 01:38 PM3
- Photos Obama at Republican Congressional Caucus Meeting grantcart Sat Jan-30-10 01:27 PM10
- Submit Questions For Obama Youtube Interview sandnsea Sat Jan-30-10 01:03 PM2
- The biggest impact from today's Republican retreat will be on the media. grantcart Sat Jan-30-10 11:38 AM9
- WAPO: A very productive Congress, despite what the approval ratings say FrenchieCat Sat Jan-30-10 11:36 AM2
- Obama also created a Financial Advisory Council today sandnsea Sat Jan-30-10 11:26 AM2
- Question.,..Is Dylan Ratigan far right or so far left he is now in the far right? Peacetrain Sat Jan-30-10 10:50 AM6
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