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- And there goes Markos under the bus. berni_mccoy Wed Mar-10-10 11:19 PM18
- Nice pic album of our President and pals... NYC_SKP Wed Mar-10-10 10:22 PM3
- Kos is at least being consistent. TheBigotBashe... Wed Mar-10-10 10:19 PM2
- Has Kucinich weighed in on Grayson's PO/Medicare bill? Moosepoop Wed Mar-10-10 08:22 PM10
- Bobbie Jo just donated a star to me!!! DevonRex Wed Mar-10-10 06:35 PM7
- The attacks on Rahm stink of the "Jewish conspiracy" canard CTLawGuy Wed Mar-10-10 06:08 PM14
- I do hope Dennis runs in 2012... Drunken Irish... Wed Mar-10-10 05:59 PM14
- Kucinich followers are desperate berni_mccoy Wed Mar-10-10 02:47 PM11
- Labor set to fight WITH Pres. Obama on healthcare. Drunken Irish... Wed Mar-10-10 02:42 PM3
- We Can't Wait - Today's Number -- "8" quiet.america... Wed Mar-10-10 01:05 PM1
- Fight the Fear ..Kicking Ass The Democratic Party's Blog.. Cha Wed Mar-10-10 12:35 PM4
- WE CAN'T WAIT - 1,115 - WH finally gets its game on in the message war quiet.america... Wed Mar-10-10 12:31 PM8
- You know, since Dennis Kucinich is so great and has so much power... Drunken Irish... Wed Mar-10-10 11:50 AM4
- What happened to DU? [View All] Hamlette Wed Mar-10-10 10:59 AM28
- I'm a racist homophobe. [View All] Drunken Irish... Wed Mar-10-10 10:04 AM21
- The legislative accomplishments of Sir Dennis Kucinich. [View All] Drunken Irish... Wed Mar-10-10 09:24 AM39
- I think we need to keep in mind that this was a BITTER primary [View All] CTLawGuy Tue Mar-09-10 11:16 PM29
- Help me out here ... RoyGBiv Tue Mar-09-10 03:32 PM8
- 2 years ago those howling the loudest about HCR, including Kuch [View All] Peacetrain Tue Mar-09-10 01:51 PM29
- "MAKE US DO THIS" Senator Al Franken~ Cha Tue Mar-09-10 12:19 PM2
- "Jesus Christ, Mike Allen, Reconciliation Is NOT THAT COMPLICATED" by Jon Chait Cha Tue Mar-09-10 12:16 PM2
- There is no Racism JI7 Tue Mar-09-10 09:29 AM4
- "STUPAK HAPPENS TO BE WRONG" Worth exposing bart stupak Cha Tue Mar-09-10 07:03 AM9
- Clinton/Obama Drunken Irish... Tue Mar-09-10 12:31 AM11
- When a poster at DU refers to our president as "Mr. Obama" do you find this disturbing? nevergiveup Mon Mar-08-10 11:19 PM12
- The worst sin [View All] grantcart Mon Mar-08-10 06:55 PM32
- Marcia Angell on Bill Moyers show Uzybone Mon Mar-08-10 04:58 PM2
- There are a certain collection of posters who post Gallup results when they least favor Obama... Drunken Irish... Mon Mar-08-10 04:54 PM1
- DU is becoming nearly intolerable for me [View All] berni_mccoy Mon Mar-08-10 04:06 PM31
- Whew! I'm both exhausted and exhilarated! johnaries Mon Mar-08-10 01:49 AM4
- Have any of you seen this Facebook page? TicketyBoo Mon Mar-08-10 01:16 AM5
- Why do they ~ goclark Sun Mar-07-10 09:14 PM10
- Forewarned madamesilvers... Sun Mar-07-10 06:40 PM5
- Some (very cautiously) positive news on the Middle East front... Princess Tura... Sun Mar-07-10 06:07 PM5
- NYT: If Reform Fails (succinct view of HCR from the NYT) quiet.america... Sun Mar-07-10 03:44 PM3
- I learned something today: Never insult Hugo Chavez. Arkana Sun Mar-07-10 02:43 PM15
- Double standards again. TheBigotBashe... Sat Mar-06-10 08:53 PM3
- Obama Job rating - CBS Poll - Call for Action from KOS - It's been freeped big time. OregonBlue Sat Mar-06-10 07:48 PM8
- I find it ironic that people that repeatedly write, post or publish inaccurate, deceptive or NJmaverick Sat Mar-06-10 06:12 PM13
- Lol! Naderites having a tough time lately berni_mccoy Sat Mar-06-10 04:14 PM19
- The NAACP Image Awards Show was fantastic! goclark Sat Mar-06-10 01:14 PM18
- Guys, would like to share with you the speech that cemented my confidence in candidate Obama quiet.america... Sat Mar-06-10 08:52 AM7
- People aren't even fact checking anymore. An article is posted about the Rhode Island school issue [View All] berni_mccoy Fri Mar-05-10 10:51 PM25
- How much longer... goclark Fri Mar-05-10 06:24 PM2
- Racism exists and President Obama is not immune to it's effects NJmaverick Fri Mar-05-10 01:49 PM12
- Are there any lawyers here or someone with connections to the DNC? TheBigotBashe... Thu Mar-04-10 10:32 PM2
- If you have a better idea.. share it! Peacetrain Thu Mar-04-10 08:46 PM4
- I was going to leave this in GD, but thought better of it... Peacetrain Thu Mar-04-10 06:42 PM6
- A Most Excellent Piece on Afghanistan in GD berni_mccoy Thu Mar-04-10 05:09 PM2
- It's called CHERRY PICKING folks. Bobbie Jo Thu Mar-04-10 03:29 PM4
- "WHITE HOUSE SUMMONS WAFFLERS".. I talked to my Blue Dog's rep today.. Cha Thu Mar-04-10 03:17 PM3
- I've never seen this kind of News Coverage in the US for a Presidential visit! Ever! FrenchieCat Thu Mar-04-10 12:53 PM8
- The Patriot Act passed The House 315 to 97, and the Senate by a Voice Vote = Veto Proof FrenchieCat Thu Mar-04-10 09:15 AM18
- Just for kicks, text character images of Barack Obama: NYC_SKP Thu Mar-04-10 02:31 AM5
- If Obama were smart... CTLawGuy Thu Mar-04-10 02:29 AM17
- The moon must be full in GDP tonight CTLawGuy Thu Mar-04-10 02:13 AM8
- Does this cartoon remind anyone of DU? NJmaverick Wed Mar-03-10 10:47 PM19
- Saving this recipe for when HCR passes Peacetrain Wed Mar-03-10 09:44 PM7
- Why can't they just admit they were wrong? [View All] NJmaverick Wed Mar-03-10 06:42 PM23
- "McCain's Reconciliation Flip-Flop" More Exposure of mcpalin's Cha Wed Mar-03-10 11:14 AM2
- It's become a realization many on the left are no different than Rush Limbaugh. Drunken Irish... Tue Mar-02-10 06:10 PM5
- A demonstration - General Discussion v. General Discussion: Presidency Pirate Smile Tue Mar-02-10 03:53 PM6
- SemiCharmedQu... Tue Mar-02-10 04:00 AM12
- LOL @ people who think they're clever sarcastically using "now that's change we can believe in!" Drunken Irish... Tue Mar-02-10 12:27 AM8
- The whole LBJ/Civil Rights Act of 1964 comparison with today's healthcare bill needs to die today. Drunken Irish... Mon Mar-01-10 06:36 AM7
- "Desiree Rogers leaving White House" Salon~ Cha Sun Feb-28-10 02:54 PM8
- Graph of Bush Deficits CBBP sandnsea Sat Feb-27-10 11:54 PM2
- Photos from the Health Care Summit mr1956 Sat Feb-27-10 08:16 PM2
- "If public option advocates want to prove Gibbs wrong, now's their chance." Cha Sat Feb-27-10 11:00 AM9
- Obama weighs hoops match with Sen. Brown Born_A_Truman Fri Feb-26-10 10:17 PM6
- BED BUG ALERT! [View All] Peacetrain Fri Feb-26-10 02:34 PM26
- Obama names Fiscal Commission sandnsea Fri Feb-26-10 01:13 PM1
- Daily Show was covered HCR conference today-It was good! SemiCharmedQu... Fri Feb-26-10 01:10 PM2
- At halftime, not sure this Summit was a good idea. You can't work with this breed of Republicans. DeepModem Mom Thu Feb-25-10 08:50 PM13
- Skinner has an update on the moderation situation [View All] NJmaverick Thu Feb-25-10 02:47 PM23
- "DEM MODERATES TIRE OF GOP TACTICS...." Cha Thu Feb-25-10 02:04 PM4
- So, how big do we love Anthony Weiner?! madamesilvers... Thu Feb-25-10 01:52 PM10
- I think the anti-Obama crowd sense the positive direction is headed in NJmaverick Thu Feb-25-10 11:32 AM15
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