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- Welcome to the DU Asperger's/PDD Group Skinner Admin Wed Dec-06-06 04:05 PM0
- Just found out my son needs braces. Pithlet Sat Dec-10-11 02:26 PM1
- My son with Asperger's SheilaT Fri Nov-18-11 04:17 PM7
- PTSD in ASD families MannyGoldstei... Fri Nov-18-11 03:52 PM4
- If a person has a habit of blurting out insults and sees nothing wrong with it, no_hypocrisy Tue Oct-25-11 07:05 AM3
- 60 Minutes: Apps for Autism cal04 Sat Oct-22-11 02:51 PM0
- NYT: Autistic and Seeking a Place in an Adult World n2doc Fri Sep-30-11 12:24 PM1
- (Calif.) Steinberg Bill to Mandate Autism Treatment Coverage PASSES!!! tpsbmam Tue Sep-13-11 11:25 AM1
- Last one over to DU3 is a rotten egg! KamaAina Thu May-19-11 10:26 PM1
- Are there very high functioning people on the Autistic spectrum [View All] hedgehog Mon May-16-11 04:02 PM21
- I recently found out that I may be an Aspie. devilgrrl Tue May-03-11 03:28 PM2
- elleng Sun Apr-03-11 07:04 PM3
- "Aspie that a bar joke?" AlienGirl Sat Nov-13-10 06:11 PM6
- Interview with Temple Grandin, interesting. 3 hours elleng Mon Oct-11-10 06:55 PM8
- A very 'Grandin' night at the Emmys. Kajsa Fri Oct-08-10 05:56 PM7
- This crime against a child with autism makes me physically ill liberalhistor... Thu Oct-07-10 09:35 PM2
- I'm so glad I found you...I need advice Sweet Freedom Tue Sep-14-10 08:29 AM15
- TEMPLE GRANDIN on C-Span2 NOW! elleng Fri Sep-10-10 09:33 PM0
- iHelp for Autism n2doc Mon Aug-30-10 02:13 PM2
- what would a narcissistic aspie look like? mzteris Tue Aug-03-10 12:53 PM0
- Is there treatment for the social aspects of Asperger's? [View All] Deep13 Wed Jul-14-10 01:57 PM24
- Socially Disconnected from Mainstream Society Jkid Tue Jul-13-10 12:38 AM7
- Ok folks I got a few questions nadinbrzezins... Mon Jun-14-10 09:22 PM3
- n2doc Wed Jun-09-10 10:52 PM2
- My 13 year old autistic son rode a bicycle today. Ilsa Wed Jun-09-10 10:46 PM3
- Article: The level and nature of Autistic Intelligence Odin2005 Wed Jun-09-10 04:17 PM4
- My wonderful son with Asperger's SheilaT Thu May-13-10 10:25 PM3
- The bigots of Autism Speaks attack Ari Ne'eman. Odin2005 Mon May-10-10 09:33 PM3
- Nicholas Taleb blames financial crisis on financial analysts with Asperger's Syndrome? Odin2005 Mon May-10-10 03:44 PM4
- NewScientist: The Advantages of Autism Odin2005 Sun May-09-10 10:53 PM1
- Just curious as to what this group thinks mzteris Thu May-06-10 06:11 PM8
- Odin2005 Tue Mar-02-10 11:16 AM1
- Did anyone here see HBO's 'Temple Grandin'? Kajsa Sun Feb-28-10 01:08 AM6
- Actress Daryl Hannah Says She is Blacklisted by Hollywood (Because of her Asperger's) Odin2005 Sat Feb-27-10 08:21 AM3
- Asperger's, science and creativity. A grandmother brags. Thirtieschild Wed Feb-24-10 10:35 PM2
- Fraud and Liar Andrew Wakefield has the book thrown at him. Odin2005 Sat Feb-13-10 11:47 PM4
- "Neuronazi": definition... Odin2005 Thu Jan-21-10 02:26 PM3
- Autism Spectrum Disorders and religious belief. Odin2005 Tue Jan-05-10 07:47 PM6
- Interesting article: "An Aspie in the City". Odin2005 Sat Jan-02-10 12:58 PM0
- Jenny McCarthy's Son was Never Autistic? Odin2005 Fri Dec-25-09 07:14 PM1
- Obama appoints autistic rights activist Ari Ne'eman to National Council on Disability. Odin2005 Thu Dec-17-09 08:55 PM0
- X-post to Lounge: Parrot teaches boy of 4 to talk Odin2005 Mon Dec-14-09 12:21 AM3
- Autism Society invites submissions for on-line art exhibit Left coast li... Fri Dec-04-09 04:16 PM1
- Programs aim to help children with mild cases of autism. elleng Thu Dec-03-09 12:40 AM2
- Positively Autistic. Odin2005 Tue Dec-01-09 07:42 PM5
- Autism Treatment Works in Kids as Young as 18 Mos. elleng Mon Nov-30-09 03:47 AM0
- The Autism Acceptance Project Odin2005 Sat Nov-28-09 11:22 PM0
- I'm sick of the anti-vax jerks using my AS as an excuse to dismiss my criticisms of the BS. Odin2005 Tue Nov-24-09 12:09 AM3
- YouTube Video about an Autistic Alaskan Scientist Odin2005 Sat Nov-21-09 11:12 PM0
- Yet another Aspie moment - the burger stand sketch TrogL Thu Nov-19-09 02:02 PM3
- Wow, talk about bigotry against Aspie parents. Odin2005 Thu Nov-19-09 01:44 PM6
- PETA is slime: "Relaunches Got Autism Campaign" Odin2005 Thu Nov-19-09 01:40 PM1
- I do not "suffer from Autism". Odin2005 Thu Nov-19-09 01:38 PM1
- Survey: Bullies prey on autistic kids Odin2005 Thu Nov-19-09 01:37 PM3
- Treat autism with marijuana: one woman's story Left coast li... Fri Nov-06-09 07:58 PM3
- Wonderful pro-Neurodiversity picture I found. Odin2005 Tue Nov-03-09 09:45 AM1
- Autism and Empathy Odin2005 Thu Oct-29-09 07:43 PM2
- I started a blog. Odin2005 Wed Oct-28-09 09:31 PM3
- Was thinking earlier about all the poor families elleng Wed Oct-28-09 09:37 AM1
- Digital products bring creative help to autistic students Left coast li... Sat Oct-24-09 11:41 AM3
- Time: For the First Time, a Census of Autistic Adults (There is no "Epidemic") Odin2005 Fri Oct-23-09 08:56 AM2
- Parenting Special Needs - FREE on-line magazine Left coast li... Sat Oct-03-09 01:19 PM2
- Terrific "inclusion" program visits schools Left coast li... Thu Sep-24-09 02:16 PM1
- Sometimes you need to spell it out. Kajsa Wed Sep-23-09 08:45 AM6
- Therapeutic Horse riding Left coast li... Sat Sep-19-09 11:20 AM8
- Let's see if an analogy will work TrogL Fri Sep-18-09 07:49 PM5
- Nutritionally treat Autism? Left coast li... Fri Sep-18-09 12:15 PM8
- What causes autism? [View All] lumberjack_je... Thu Sep-17-09 06:56 PM34
- Rejection by the "family". Kajsa Wed Sep-16-09 07:19 PM10
- I think that since a lot of what Aspie stuff has to deal with the brain sakabatou Fri Sep-11-09 04:39 PM2
- Has anyone here tried Neurofeedback? Left coast li... Fri Sep-11-09 01:16 PM3
- I hate the start of school goddess40 Sun Aug-30-09 11:45 AM6
- Wow, my autistic sensory sensitivities to tobacco smoke are "hateful diatribes" to a smoking DUer Odin2005 Thu Aug-27-09 08:15 AM4
- Busted as an Aspie TrogL Wed Aug-19-09 11:42 AM2
- elleng Sun Aug-09-09 11:27 AM3
- A2 milk. Within 3 or 4 days parents of autistic children claim to see the effects KCabotDullesM... Fri Aug-07-09 11:05 PM8
- Learning from Aspergers elleng Thu Jul-30-09 09:28 PM0
- LOL, Aspie Moment, LOL!!! Odin2005 Tue Jul-28-09 11:40 AM1
- Person with autism running for NJ Assembly seat (cross-post from GD) KamaAina Mon Jul-20-09 06:07 PM7
- Odin2005 Thu Jul-16-09 08:46 PM0
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