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- Rachel Maddow on Ronald Reagan's Failed Trickle Down Voodoo Economics Galraedia Thu Nov-24-11 12:32 PM6
- Keiser Report: Big Bad Banks (E213) stockholmer Thu Nov-24-11 12:00 PM6
- Coolest Trailer Ever: The Young Turks w/ Cenk Uygur on Current TV CherylK Thu Nov-24-11 11:47 AM11
- Former NaphCare Worker at County Jail tells of Incompetent Medical Care Services FarPoint Thu Nov-24-11 11:39 AM2
- Addams Family Thanksgiving JHB Thu Nov-24-11 11:18 AM5
- Slavery Thrives In Chinese Prisons DeSwiss Thu Nov-24-11 10:39 AM8
- Elizabeth Warren Challenges Scott Brown Galraedia Thu Nov-24-11 07:51 AM14
- Mic Check! Ohio Students Interrupt Gas Industry LeighAnn Thu Nov-24-11 07:48 AM10
- Pat Robertson on Macaroni & Cheese "Is that a Black thing?" [View All] wndycty Thu Nov-24-11 07:43 AM28
- Young Turks: CIA Outsmarted by Hezbollah CherylK Thu Nov-24-11 07:34 AM1
- Max Keiser on Europe's Brave New Debt stockholmer Thu Nov-24-11 06:35 AM3
- Speech by pepper spray victim at UC Davis [View All] kas125 Thu Nov-24-11 03:37 AM22
- 'World fears US as a war-hungry drunk' - ex-Senator Donnachaidh Thu Nov-24-11 02:39 AM11
- Why The World Should Celebrate Thanksgiving With America Britethorn Thu Nov-24-11 01:54 AM1
- Medvedev Goes Ballistic: Russian missiles in West's backyard? The Northerne... Thu Nov-24-11 01:10 AM3
- The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans Galraedia Thu Nov-24-11 12:28 AM10
- War Crimes Tribunal Tries Bush, Blair 2011 midnight Wed Nov-23-11 09:55 PM9
- Occupy Somewhere Tuesday_Morni... Wed Nov-23-11 09:52 PM5
- Thom Hartmann: Why JFK's murder still matters thomhartmann Wed Nov-23-11 08:26 PM1
- Max Keiser: Taxpayers pepper-sprayed with...debt marmar Wed Nov-23-11 06:59 PM0
- marmar Wed Nov-23-11 06:57 PM0
- Young Turks: Obama & Occupy Wall Street Police Brutality CherylK Wed Nov-23-11 06:52 PM0
- Marianne Williamson Speaking on the Occupy Movement G_j Wed Nov-23-11 06:51 PM1
- Rachel Maddow: Militarization of police tactics summerintx Wed Nov-23-11 05:36 PM3
- Bill O'Reilly Pleased To Promote More Deaths at OWS Grassy Knoll Wed Nov-23-11 05:28 PM15
- Thom Hartmann: You're better off w/no news than GOP TV's FOX News thomhartmann Wed Nov-23-11 03:53 PM2
- Romney: SLASH MEDICAID To Preserve Defense PORK Segami Wed Nov-23-11 02:37 PM7
- Robert Thurman Speaks at Occupy Wall Street G_j Wed Nov-23-11 02:29 PM1
- Papantonio: Generational Income Gap Is Destroying Young People Financially GoLeft TV Wed Nov-23-11 02:27 PM1
- Native Americans Suffer. America Shops! ccavagnolo Wed Nov-23-11 01:24 PM0
- Thom Hartmann: Occupy the Highway thomhartmann Wed Nov-23-11 01:10 PM0
- TYT: Busted for Injecting Silicone in Butts & Hips The Northerne... Wed Nov-23-11 12:42 PM5
- Thom Hartmann: What Would You Say To Officer Pike thomhartmann Wed Nov-23-11 12:38 PM3
- Paul Krugman and Martin Feldstein discuss supercommittee failure on PBS alp227 Wed Nov-23-11 12:36 PM2
- Supercommittee "Failure" Is a Success for Seniors and the Middle Class jtown1123 Wed Nov-23-11 12:10 PM3
- Thom Hartmann: If a politician lies on corporate TV...did he really lie? thomhartmann Wed Nov-23-11 12:03 PM1
- Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Three and a Half Days L. Coyote Wed Nov-23-11 11:46 AM4
- When the World Outlawed War davidswanson Wed Nov-23-11 11:26 AM1
- WHAT ? Gingrich Promotes Amnesty For Latinos Grassy Knoll Wed Nov-23-11 10:50 AM5
- Obama Tells Occupiers: 'You're The Reason I Ran For Office' [View All] ProSense Wed Nov-23-11 10:45 AM64
- Mitt Romney for Obama 2012 (hilarious!) UrbScotty Wed Nov-23-11 10:27 AM6
- Eve Of Destruction, Barry Mc Guire.. Stuart G Wed Nov-23-11 10:11 AM3
- Pavement - No More Kings Ian David Wed Nov-23-11 09:17 AM3
- Abraham, Martin and John * Marvin Gaye Taverner Wed Nov-23-11 09:04 AM1
- Bangers in the Dome Moe Shinola Wed Nov-23-11 08:59 AM2
- AFSCME knock Newt with Hard Knock Life ad wndycty Wed Nov-23-11 06:49 AM2
- Cop pushes protester off a ledge at Occupy Dallas Fire Walk Wit... Wed Nov-23-11 05:26 AM1
- Fearing Downturn, Chinese Regime to Invest $1.7 Trillion DeSwiss Wed Nov-23-11 02:40 AM4
- A Conservative Alternative to 'The View'? Gato Moteado Wed Nov-23-11 02:30 AM6
- UK Channel 4 News: Egyptian army agrees to form civilian government alp227 Wed Nov-23-11 02:08 AM0
- Countdown with K.O. / Worst Persons: Joe Walsh, Newt Gingrich, Michael Bloomberg, Raymond W. Kelly Amerigo Vespu... Wed Nov-23-11 01:09 AM6
- Max Keiser interviewed by Lauren Lyster on maxkeiser Wed Nov-23-11 12:20 AM1
- Really Newt? Omaha Steve Wed Nov-23-11 12:09 AM1
- OWS protesters interrupt Obama's speech The Northerne... Tue Nov-22-11 11:18 PM18
- How To Get The Young Turks on Current TV CherylK Tue Nov-22-11 11:06 PM1
- Fox News' Megyn Kelly "Pepper Spray? No Biggie!" Sam Seder style MarkCharles Tue Nov-22-11 10:20 PM10
- Thom Hartmann: Daily Take: OWS - The Whole World was Literally Watching thomhartmann Tue Nov-22-11 10:19 PM5
- Occupy Wall St - The Revolution Is Love WillyT Tue Nov-22-11 09:39 PM0
- Mitt Romney In His Own Words (And By His Own Standard) ProSense Tue Nov-22-11 09:23 PM2
- (Fox News) Juan Williams gets hushed for stating support for OWS principles. [View All] Courtesy Flus... Tue Nov-22-11 09:04 PM41
- JFK: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. doublethink Tue Nov-22-11 08:58 PM13
- Orly Taitz vs NH Ballot Law Commission Obama Birth ashling Tue Nov-22-11 08:23 PM2
- UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident, Four Perspectives avaistheone1 Tue Nov-22-11 08:18 PM2
- FOX: Pepper Spray Is a Food Product-Defends Cops Grassy Knoll Tue Nov-22-11 08:09 PM19
- Bill Maher Uses A Christmas Carol To Slam The Republican's Holiday Hypocrisy Galraedia Tue Nov-22-11 08:08 PM8
- Thanksgiving memories (2008) underpants Tue Nov-22-11 07:45 PM1
- Obama getting Mic Checked by OWS [View All] andyrowe Tue Nov-22-11 07:27 PM23
- Scott Walker: He's Not Working For Us hue Tue Nov-22-11 07:15 PM2
- Awesome Ad By Newt Gingrich On Why Child Labor Laws Are Stupid matthewf Tue Nov-22-11 07:04 PM8
- Thom Hartmann: Press chooses ''take a bath'' not child labor thomhartmann Tue Nov-22-11 06:45 PM2
- Occupy Wall Street Giving Cops a Teach-In - Awesome Video Made by 14 year old! darth marth Tue Nov-22-11 06:39 PM11
- Damning video of Nov. 17 Seattle #Occupiers being pepper-sprayed while on the sidewalk Fire Walk Wit... Tue Nov-22-11 06:13 PM2
- Protect Yourself from FBI Manipulation (w/attorney Harvey Silverglate) swag Tue Nov-22-11 05:42 PM0
- Young Turks: Super Committee Fails - Good News? CherylK Tue Nov-22-11 05:24 PM4
- Young Turks: Herman Cain Vs Obama on Marijuana CherylK Tue Nov-22-11 05:20 PM8
- Are The Young Turks Staying Online? CherylK Tue Nov-22-11 04:48 PM3
- Damning Video Tape that Shows That the UC Davis Police Chief Lied About Pepper Spraying [View All] kpete Tue Nov-22-11 04:22 PM53
- Forbidden Fruit: 'Threatening Iran spurs nuke weapon bid' The Northerne... Tue Nov-22-11 04:13 PM0
- Exclusive Unseen Livestream Footage of the OWS Raid FluxRostrum Tue Nov-22-11 04:05 PM0
- Papantonio: Places To Occupy Next GoLeft TV Tue Nov-22-11 04:02 PM1
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