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- Democracy and Socialism Emanuele Saccarelli Part II marmar Sat Nov-26-11 09:07 PM0
- Democracy and Socialism - Emanuele Saccarelli - Part I marmar Sat Nov-26-11 09:06 PM0
- New Nixon Tapes Reveal Details of Meeting With Anti-War Activists alp227 Sat Nov-26-11 08:58 PM8
- Mike Tyson parodies Herman Cain's 'Imagine There's No Pizza' alp227 Sat Nov-26-11 08:57 PM5
- Sweden Anders Borg Named FT's Top European Finance Minister - (second highest tax rate in the world) vxzdqwea Sat Nov-26-11 08:24 PM8
- Young Turks: Muslim Terrorists & Right Wing Extremists - Bigger Threat Is... CherylK Sat Nov-26-11 07:26 PM4
- Black Friday gets Mic Checked unapatriciate... Sat Nov-26-11 06:32 PM8
- MIC CHECK! Government Corruption of 2011 wundermaus Sat Nov-26-11 06:26 PM12
- Noam Chomsky on Libya, Israel & GOP Presidential Candidates' 'Utterly Outlandish' Positions Douglas Carpe... Sat Nov-26-11 06:00 PM2
- Roger Ailes' Secret Nixon-Era Blueprint for Fox News Galraedia Sat Nov-26-11 05:51 PM17
- That an't working. Ichingcarpent... Sat Nov-26-11 05:27 PM2
- Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line Ichingcarpent... Sat Nov-26-11 04:31 PM4
- So OWS Is Leaderless? Bull Shit! Here's One! And He's Clearly A Good One Better Believ... Sat Nov-26-11 04:24 PM7
- Murdoch: Breaking the Spell?: BBC PANORAMA Pryderi Sat Nov-26-11 04:22 PM1
- President Obama's Egypt Speech, Edited for America! votesparks Sat Nov-26-11 03:54 PM8
- TDPS: Republicans Don't Know About Africa celtics23 Sat Nov-26-11 03:06 PM1
- For What It's Worth bondwooley Sat Nov-26-11 02:31 PM7
- Jimmy Fallon Show Band Plays 'Lyin' Ass Bitch' To Intro Michele Bachmann [View All] thelordofhell Sat Nov-26-11 01:39 PM92
- Hitler Reacts to Pepper Spray Meme uppityperson Sat Nov-26-11 01:31 PM13
- AMERICA: The Greatest? votesparks Sat Nov-26-11 01:19 PM7
- Libertarian Lies Galraedia Sat Nov-26-11 01:04 PM6
- Capital Account: Eric Fry on the Impending Defaults of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal marmar Sat Nov-26-11 11:44 AM4
- Deployed troops heading home share their 3 words: Are_grits_gro... Sat Nov-26-11 09:56 AM3
- Author Takes Fresh Look at Shaping of U.S. Cultural, Political Landscape alp227 Sat Nov-26-11 08:27 AM3
- After Tsunami, Japanese Coastal Town Struggles to Recover alp227 Sat Nov-26-11 02:30 AM1
- Raw Video: White House Christmas Tree Arrives Tx4obama Sat Nov-26-11 01:44 AM3
- Nebraska's corn-fuelled 'gold rush' alp227 Sat Nov-26-11 01:34 AM0
- Detroit Tackles Dropout Crisis By Engaging Students, Parents alp227 Sat Nov-26-11 01:10 AM0
- Young Turks: Fire Jimmy Fallon! Glenn Beck on Michele Bachmann Fiasco CherylK Fri Nov-25-11 11:16 PM10
- OPD Starts "The Thanksgiving Potty Police-Riot of 2011" Devil_Fish Fri Nov-25-11 10:05 PM3
- AMAZING video of a journalist not taking crap from NYPD [View All] kas125 Fri Nov-25-11 09:55 PM47
- Economist David Korten's take on Occupy Wall St Douglas Carpe... Fri Nov-25-11 09:46 PM2
- Anonymous: Message To The Freedom Fighters Of The World . . . [View All] sce56 Fri Nov-25-11 09:11 PM28
- Happy Thanksgiving - GOP Style! bondwooley Fri Nov-25-11 08:29 PM13
- TYT: U.S. War w/ Iran if Herman Cain Becomes President? vxzdqwea Fri Nov-25-11 07:31 PM1
- TYT: Iran & Nuclear Weapons: IAEA Questionable Report vxzdqwea Fri Nov-25-11 07:24 PM1
- Occupy Thanksgiving: A Message of Hope, Redemption, and avaistheone1 Fri Nov-25-11 07:20 PM0
- Where Have All The Banksters Gone? DeSwiss Fri Nov-25-11 06:07 PM7
- Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Communists at Occupy Wall Street (Part 3) vxzdqwea Fri Nov-25-11 06:04 PM5
- TDPS: Goldline charged with fraud, personally called David Pakman to kill story exposing them celtics23 Fri Nov-25-11 05:53 PM3
- Alan Grayson on the Super Committee alp227 Fri Nov-25-11 05:20 PM3
- Keiser Report: Corruptify! (E214) stockholmer Fri Nov-25-11 05:18 PM3
- Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Communists at Occupy Wall Street (P2) - How Liberal are you? vxzdqwea Fri Nov-25-11 05:13 PM2
- Young Turks: Fox News Viewers Vs Daily Show Viewers: Poll CherylK Fri Nov-25-11 04:46 PM3
- French Bloodthirst: Sarkozy wants Syria vxzdqwea Fri Nov-25-11 04:36 PM4
- OBAMA HATES GOD? (And Star Trek?) MarkCharles Fri Nov-25-11 04:35 PM6
- Occupy Oakland - Video of Arrests at Thanksgiving Protest vxzdqwea Fri Nov-25-11 04:23 PM2
- Video: Fireworks over Cairo as thousands occupy Tahrir vxzdqwea Fri Nov-25-11 04:09 PM1
- Anonymous: Operation Horizon - Dec. 17th Fire Walk Wit... Fri Nov-25-11 03:53 PM6
- Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia tribunal November 22 2011 Huey P. Long Fri Nov-25-11 03:33 PM0
- Romney: Deceive America Raven Lunatic Fri Nov-25-11 03:22 PM9
- Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia tribunal [View All] G_j Fri Nov-25-11 02:15 PM31
- JONI MITCHELL SHINE xchrom Fri Nov-25-11 02:03 PM2
- Gaddafi son needs surgery on gangrenous fingers tabatha Fri Nov-25-11 11:38 AM4
- Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Serves Thanksgiving Meal Amerigo Vespu... Fri Nov-25-11 11:13 AM7
- TDPS: Jesse Ventura: "Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura can cause some serious trouble for the two parties" [View All] celtics23 Fri Nov-25-11 10:28 AM20
- Economist Steve Keen on BBC's Hardtalk: Bankrupt banks, Nationalise financial system stockholmer Fri Nov-25-11 10:05 AM10
- Conviction politicians Donnachaidh Fri Nov-25-11 10:03 AM0
- The Chris Christie Show MarkCharles Fri Nov-25-11 09:27 AM0
- Gay Marriage at Thanksgiving; A Response to Bigotry MarkCharles Fri Nov-25-11 09:01 AM6
- World pins hopes on Black Friday xchrom Fri Nov-25-11 08:45 AM0
- Occupy LA addresses the President Fire Walk Wit... Fri Nov-25-11 07:22 AM1
- Your Turkey may be a Muslim Terrorist greenman3610 Fri Nov-25-11 02:07 AM8
- Did Native Americans Discover Europe First? alfredo Fri Nov-25-11 01:48 AM10
- ..H2O TEAM tabatha Fri Nov-25-11 12:57 AM1
- In Memoriam: John Fitzgerald Kennedy doublethink Fri Nov-25-11 12:39 AM18
- Mother with Baby Protests After Police Raid Occupy Denver, Destroy Kitchen Hissyspit Fri Nov-25-11 12:06 AM1
- Goverment Moving To Make It Illegal To Video Police Without Permission! [View All] lovuian Fri Nov-25-11 12:03 AM30
- Troll Claims Responsibility For Taking Down MOX News Channels! WhoIsNumberNo... Thu Nov-24-11 08:41 PM3
- Kimmel Kartoon - Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and GOP Debate Politicalboi Thu Nov-24-11 07:47 PM14
- RSA Animate - The Secret Powers of Time bloomington-l... Thu Nov-24-11 06:49 PM3
- Neil Degrasse Tyson Discussing Religion in the Classroom - Fantastic discocrisco01 Thu Nov-24-11 03:31 PM2
- Rev. Al Sharpton's Turkey Tips UrbScotty Thu Nov-24-11 03:25 PM0
- Weekly Address: On Thanksgiving, Grateful for the Men and Women Who Defend Our Country cal04 Thu Nov-24-11 03:17 PM14
- Newt's Campaign Commercial unapatriciate... Thu Nov-24-11 03:10 PM0
- Warning: HydroVolcanic Explosion sce56 Thu Nov-24-11 02:32 PM8
- Congress Insider Trading independentsr... Thu Nov-24-11 01:49 PM4
- The OWS Will Fail - Here's Why [View All] walerosco Thu Nov-24-11 01:26 PM27
- Zintan calls for fair detainee trials tabatha Thu Nov-24-11 12:46 PM0
- A Surprise Call From The First Lady MarkCharles Thu Nov-24-11 12:42 PM5
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