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- Labor history Oct 17 "Salt of the Earth" strike begins, 12 NYC firefighters die, Billings released Omaha Steve Mon Oct-17-11 07:34 PM0
- Remember PATCO? Omaha Steve Mon Oct-17-11 05:17 PM0
- Rumors.... and just as a union campaign is going on. ejpoeta Mon Oct-17-11 08:49 AM0
- First Mexican trucking firm allowed over all U.S. roads flunks (Teamsters blew the whistle at border Omaha Steve Mon Oct-17-11 08:31 AM9
- Skid loader accident kills 1 Omaha Steve Mon Oct-17-11 07:28 AM2
- U.S. Teachers Among Lowest Paid and Most Overworked in World Modern School Mon Oct-17-11 05:52 AM2
- Labor history Oct 16 Marie Antoinette beheaded, John Brown raid on Harpers Ferry, Speech by FDR Omaha Steve Sun Oct-16-11 06:41 PM2
- Jobs, not cuts! Unions join Occupy Chicago Omaha Steve Sun Oct-16-11 06:18 PM2
- Omaha Steve Sun Oct-16-11 06:15 PM0
- Omaha Steve Sat Oct-15-11 07:24 PM1
- Labor history Oct 14 Only 35 years old, he was the youngest person ever to receive the award Omaha Steve Sat Oct-15-11 06:45 PM0
- Occupy Wall Street Wins Labor's Love Omaha Steve Thu Oct-13-11 11:39 PM1
- Automatic Union Recognition When Bosses Misbehave, Or Just A Little Red Tape? Modern School Thu Oct-13-11 09:14 PM0
- The Impending Demise of Unions Modern School Thu Oct-13-11 09:13 PM0
- Unions Play Major Role in 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests Omaha Steve Thu Oct-13-11 08:50 PM0
- Labor history Oct 13 Two million children were in the U.S. workforce, boycott all German-made produc Omaha Steve Thu Oct-13-11 08:28 PM0
- Omaha Steve Thu Oct-13-11 08:19 PM0
- Unions Occupy Main Street Omaha Steve Thu Oct-13-11 08:09 PM2
- Omaha Steve Wed Oct-12-11 07:08 PM0
- Unions look for solidarity with Occupy Columbus protesters in labor-beleaguered Ohio struggle4prog... Wed Oct-12-11 06:03 AM1
- On WWE and Organized Labor Blue_Tires Tue Oct-11-11 10:29 PM1
- Labor history Oct 11 uniting all miners, regardless of skill or ethnic background - 1873, more Omaha Steve Tue Oct-11-11 07:08 PM0
- Peru says Cerro Verde must respect strike or pay fine struggle4prog... Tue Oct-11-11 06:24 PM0
- Oil workers suspend strike (Nigeria) struggle4prog... Tue Oct-11-11 06:23 PM0
- German govt seeks talks to avert air traffic strike struggle4prog... Tue Oct-11-11 06:22 PM0
- CA gets new law allowing union elections to be certified if growers demosincebirt... Tue Oct-11-11 02:47 PM0
- Labor history Oct 10, 18,000 Mexican and Mexican-American workers strike 4 killed 6 wounded Omaha Steve Mon Oct-10-11 06:44 PM0
- NEW site: Occupy Wall Street - Unions Omaha Steve Mon Oct-10-11 01:35 PM3
- Congress To Vote On Free-Trade Pacts Wed SHRED Mon Oct-10-11 10:28 AM2
- Labor history Oct 8 Poland bans solidarity, 30 firefighters injured Chicago fire, Guevara executed Omaha Steve Sun Oct-09-11 11:47 AM2
- Labor history Oct 9 Mary Heaton Vorse was born, United Hebrew Trades is organized, win 9 day strike Omaha Steve Sun Oct-09-11 10:40 AM0
- Omaha Steve Sun Oct-09-11 10:29 AM0
- Labor history Oct 6, 1,700 female flight attendants win 18-year, $37 million suit, 69-day strike Omaha Steve Sun Oct-09-11 10:24 AM0
- Labor history Oct 5 Ray Kroc born, turns into a bloody riot, win a $22.4 million settlement, more Omaha Steve Sun Oct-09-11 10:20 AM0
- Labor history Oct 4 Truman orders the U.S. Navy to seize oil refineries, Work begins on Mt. Rushmore Omaha Steve Sun Oct-09-11 10:14 AM0
- Omaha Steve Sun Oct-09-11 10:03 AM0
- (NEW site) Labor History Links Omaha Steve Sun Oct-09-11 10:00 AM0
- UAW summons leaders; may signal Chrysler deal Omaha Steve Sun Oct-09-11 09:36 AM0
- Labor joins protest movement at Westlake Park (Seattle) struggle4prog... Fri Oct-07-11 06:44 PM0
- Oshkosh Corp reaches tentative agreement with union Scuba Fri Oct-07-11 10:40 AM4
- SEIU Members- maybe you can explain- why the support of Republicans? w8liftinglady Thu Oct-06-11 03:40 PM4
- Mn AFL-CIO Occupy Wall Street in Minnesota (action on Friday 11-7-11) Omaha Steve Thu Oct-06-11 01:21 PM0
- Quarry fined for safety violation ($7,000 for 1 death to be appealed) Omaha Steve Thu Oct-06-11 06:06 AM0
- Occupy Everything And Then? Modern School Thu Oct-06-11 02:03 AM1
- Unions Standing With (And On) Wall Street Protesters Modern School Wed Oct-05-11 11:09 PM0
- Steve Jobs Bashes Teachers Unions SHRED Wed Oct-05-11 07:42 PM14
- sasha031 Wed Oct-05-11 07:37 PM1
- OrwellwasRigh... Wed Oct-05-11 06:46 PM0
- 3rd Attempt to unionize my hubby's work..... ejpoeta Wed Oct-05-11 05:37 AM10
- After AA's bankruptcy scare, voila, VP Flight reveals "offer" cpamomfromtex... Tue Oct-04-11 09:10 PM0
- Labor history Oct 3, 164 high school students go on strike over scab coal, Woody Guthrie dies, more Omaha Steve Mon Oct-03-11 06:38 PM2
- Labor history Sept 30 Mother Jones organizes the wives of striking miners, Police clubbed strikers Omaha Steve Mon Oct-03-11 03:03 AM2
- Lockout and raiding by another union pnorman Sun Oct-02-11 10:59 PM4
- Labor history Oct 2, 500,000 demanding pensions and better wages, Starbucks union busting, FDR,more Omaha Steve Sun Oct-02-11 07:55 PM3
- Omaha Steve Sun Oct-02-11 07:30 PM1
- Omaha Steve Sun Oct-02-11 06:50 PM0
- Labor history September 27 Striking workers starving children, Joe McCarthy, Triangle strike, more Omaha Steve Sun Oct-02-11 06:43 PM1
- Labor history Sept 29, 3 members of the United Mine Workers of America were shot to death by the RMP Omaha Steve Sun Oct-02-11 06:27 PM1
- Stop These Trade Deals Omaha Steve Sat Oct-01-11 05:29 PM9
- "Unions should be eradicated" WhiteTara Sat Oct-01-11 11:21 AM11
- Interns, Unpaid by a Studio, File Suit Renew Deal Fri Sep-30-11 11:08 AM2
- Strike Wave 2011 Continues: Cal State Faculty Seek Strike Authorization Modern School Thu Sep-29-11 10:32 PM0
- So how far out are pension plans usually funded? DebJ Thu Sep-29-11 07:48 PM5
- ILWU Sues Longview City and Police For Excessive Force Modern School Wed Sep-28-11 10:57 PM1
- Job Search Omaha Steve Wed Sep-28-11 07:44 PM3
- Hospital Bosses Kill Patient To Prove A Point Modern School Tue Sep-27-11 04:52 PM1
- Commenting Trolls want Columbia-style violence against unions in the USA. Crowman1979 Tue Sep-27-11 02:01 PM6
- American's Jobs Heroes Award Goes to. cyclezealot Tue Sep-27-11 05:36 AM0
- AFL-CIO President Trumka sends list of killed Colombian labor leaders to Obama cal04 Mon Sep-26-11 03:46 PM4
- groovedaddy Mon Sep-26-11 01:42 PM3
- Old Saturn Plant Could Get a Second Chance (contract saves jobs headed to Mexico) Omaha Steve Sun Sep-25-11 12:35 PM3
- Modern School Sat Sep-24-11 08:59 AM2
- Modern School Fri Sep-23-11 12:31 AM2
- Labor history Seot 22, 350,000 workers demand union recognition, 400,000 steelworkers strike, more! Omaha Steve Thu Sep-22-11 08:17 PM1
- Labor hstory Sept 21 Militia sent to Leadville, Co, Mother Jones leads a march of miners' children, Omaha Steve Thu Sep-22-11 08:11 PM2
- Labor history Sept 19 Chinese coal miners forced out, 400,000 to 500,000 unionists converge on D.C. Omaha Steve Thu Sep-22-11 05:41 PM1
- Labor history Sept 20 Upton Sinclair born author of "The Jungle", John Henry born a slave, more Omaha Steve Thu Sep-22-11 05:36 PM1
- Unions Breathe Easier After GOP Assault On NLRB Fails Omaha Steve Thu Sep-22-11 05:15 PM1
- Tyson Settles for $32 Million in Unpaid Meatpacking Wages Omaha Steve Thu Sep-22-11 05:09 PM0
- Omaha Steve Thu Sep-22-11 05:04 PM1
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