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- Welcome to the DU Frugal and Energy Efficient Living Group Skinner Admin Mon Sep-19-05 12:32 PM0
- Solar Tubes and Roof vent..... looking at the savings on the electric bill ejpoeta Fri Dec-02-11 11:07 PM11
- 'It's really a shed with windows': Single mother builds $4,000 home using an old shipping contain Flaxbee Fri Dec-02-11 04:00 PM0
- 50Cents a Watt solar lamanate panels. FedUpWithIt A... Fri Nov-25-11 11:03 AM0
- How to clean your house with a lemon K8-EEE Sun Nov-20-11 07:49 PM3
- elleng Mon Nov-14-11 03:43 AM3
- Looking into adding a wind system to our exsisting solar set up. FedUpWithIt A... Mon Oct-31-11 03:45 PM0
- So we are looking to cut our electric bill.... ejpoeta Tue Oct-11-11 04:59 AM12
- Need some solar advice/help FedUpWithIt A... Mon Sep-05-11 11:04 PM18
- Pilot project turns Rockland yard waste to compost Maine-ah Thu Sep-01-11 04:49 PM0
- Flexible solar panels, 48 volt 124 watt with peel and stick backing txlibdem Fri Aug-19-11 11:44 AM3
- Living off the grid (for the most part) cbayer Fri Aug-12-11 04:27 PM4
- Has anyone tried making over a Quonset Hut to a home? michaz Mon Aug-01-11 05:19 PM6
- What to do with your extra coupons. Le Taz Hot Sun Jul-31-11 08:27 AM2
- Food Dehydrators (cross-post from cooking and baking) lizziegrace Thu Jul-07-11 01:09 PM7
- Can a greenhouse be made livable for people? chillspike Tue Jun-28-11 03:04 PM10
- Recycling A Paper Shredder Kennah Tue Jun-28-11 03:02 PM3
- DIY Solar panels? supernova Tue Jun-28-11 02:58 PM5
- Has anyone experimented w/ piping dryer vents into house in the winter? darkstar Mon Jun-27-11 11:25 AM14
- I had no idea DVRs are such energy hogs... Lisa0825 Sun Jun-19-11 08:59 AM1
- Solar powered below-ground sand bed air conditioner txlibdem Tue May-31-11 07:12 AM0
- Turn your car into a car-share klook Wed May-25-11 06:37 PM0
- How many folks here use woodstoves for home heating? Is it bad for the environment IYO? Crystal Clari... Mon May-16-11 01:29 PM6
- CLEAN AIR ACT DEBATED Thats my opin... Wed Apr-27-11 01:12 PM0
- Check out this home made island - 4 min. video - made of soda pop bottles Mira Tue Apr-12-11 10:14 PM1
- Spring time: more solar and wind experiments anyone? txlibdem Mon Mar-28-11 10:35 AM6
- Earth-bermed/sheltered house daggahead Wed Mar-16-11 01:08 PM3
- I was offered two jobs yesterday!! lizziegrace Fri Mar-04-11 03:03 PM7
- Cable Sienna86 Tue Feb-22-11 07:59 PM17
- We paid off our mortgage n full - what a happy day! old mark Tue Feb-22-11 07:48 PM18
- So about this crude oil issue... DaveJ Thu Feb-17-11 12:55 AM1
- OK, I'm frugal. I spend as little as possible on things for myself. Paper Roses Sun Feb-06-11 01:09 PM8
- Passive solar DIY #2 txlibdem Sat Feb-05-11 03:26 AM6
- Preventing Heat From Sneaking Out of the House elleng Thu Feb-03-11 02:15 AM2
- Duct Tape Lunch Bag Xipe Totec Sat Jan-15-11 04:31 PM2
- Small is beautiful txlibdem Mon Nov-15-10 09:43 PM1
- Eco-fans - X-post from Environment and Energy ConcernedCanu... Mon Nov-15-10 06:30 PM7
- Crosspost FYI: FREE 12 oz coffee Friday mornings in November (Burger King) no purchase necessary rug Fri Nov-05-10 05:27 AM0
- Dumpster diving for coupons? (Or other stuff...) uncommon Tue Nov-02-10 11:54 AM3
- Pellet Stoves? Asking for input. supernova Mon Nov-01-10 05:47 PM16
- Win A Nissan Leaf Kennah Fri Oct-29-10 02:35 PM0
- Food for thought: Americans Waste 40% of Their Food Flaxbee Fri Oct-29-10 02:27 PM4
- Water saver @ Costco sybster1000 Fri Oct-29-10 02:00 PM7
- Passive solar DIY txlibdem Sun Oct-24-10 06:43 PM4
- Hemlock polysilicon plant in TN sybster1000 Sun Oct-24-10 04:40 AM1
- Make your own rain barrels inexpensively LaurenG Sat Oct-23-10 10:13 AM3
- Getting my first oil delivery of the season tomorrow lizziegrace Fri Oct-22-10 06:26 PM7
- Why are alt energy supplies STILL so Farking expensive!!? supernova Sun Oct-17-10 09:47 AM9
- Anyone using (or know much about) Google's Powermeter? Inchworm Tue Oct-12-10 01:38 PM1
- Be prepared for a power outage catgirl Thu Sep-30-10 05:02 PM11
- totally confused on gas rates -- can anyone help? Donnachaidh Mon Sep-27-10 01:10 PM2
- Warning on privately owned energy companies - We got a mailer from Shipley old mark Mon Sep-27-10 01:00 PM0
- Need advice on getting really GOOD flashlight (s). dixiegrrrrl Sun Sep-12-10 06:41 AM12
- Twenty Uses For Baking Soda mzteris Tue Sep-07-10 01:08 PM1
- Reduce and recycle - The Ringleader Program WillParkinson Fri Sep-03-10 08:31 PM0
- Anyone have experience with heat water to water heat exchangers? tk2kewl Thu Aug-26-10 09:14 AM0
- Turn ugly dresses into nice ones for $1 mzteris Sun Aug-22-10 03:21 PM1
- Simpler Times Lager -- If you're looking for good beer on a budget phantom power Fri Aug-20-10 05:47 PM0
- Looking for a DIY dishwasher detergent supernova Tue Aug-10-10 02:53 PM3
- Anyone know how to clean an old lampshade? Paper Roses Tue Aug-03-10 04:21 PM17
- Those little "Off" brand mosquito repellants with fan and belt hook: morningglory Sun Jul-25-10 11:14 AM0
- Palin compares self to Shakespeare, invents new word "refudiate" spotbird Sun Jul-18-10 04:35 PM0
- "It's so modern! There's not a gothic arch to be seen..." supernova Wed Jul-14-10 09:26 AM0
- Has anyone tried Cool-n-Save? Lisa0825 Fri Jul-09-10 04:22 PM17
- I'm going to try making my own laundry detergent lizziegrace Thu Jul-08-10 08:14 AM19
- Looking into buying solar shingles when we redo the roof in the next year. ejpoeta Wed Jul-07-10 08:49 PM2
- Any recommendations for a solar generator? wildeyed Sat Jun-19-10 11:20 AM0
- marmar Mon May-24-10 01:05 PM4
- Back-to-the-landers - here's a deal. pengillian101 Tue May-18-10 04:30 PM2
- Interesting article about silica gel paks AwakeAtLast Fri Apr-30-10 09:48 PM0
- Finishing out an existing concrete block building on the cheap.. Fumesucker Sun Apr-25-10 09:58 PM3
- Earth Day Freebies undergroundno... Thu Apr-22-10 04:23 AM0
- Re: Saving energy... I have to ask supernova Tue Apr-20-10 02:39 PM12
- Plastic Bag Crochet Recycle! Recycle! Recycle! Ideas for crochet projects using plastic grocery bags pengillian101 Sun Apr-18-10 12:18 PM2
- Window Farms. Kind of Blue Sun Apr-04-10 07:44 PM2
- What's the simplest, cheapest site to use to file taxes online? rhiannon55 Sat Mar-27-10 10:35 AM2
- Soda free safeinOhio Thu Mar-25-10 07:04 PM13
- A "green deals and giveaways" site... GoCubsGo Wed Mar-17-10 06:33 PM1
- The numbers are in safeinOhio Sun Feb-28-10 06:39 PM7
- Article about Envelope Budgeting in GD... lildreamer316 Tue Feb-23-10 05:51 PM0
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