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- More thoughts on The End of Overeating (David Kessler's book) supernova Mon Oct-19-09 07:08 PM9
- What a difference a change in diet makes (Standard American Diet (SAD) vs. Vegan) Systematic Ch... Sun Oct-11-09 09:53 PM18
- Anybody here being treated for type 2 diabetes? hedgehog Tue Sep-29-09 06:08 PM3
- I've lost 91 pounds (pics) Tobin S. Tue Sep-29-09 05:58 PM11
- 'I have the diet for you. elleng Mon Sep-07-09 05:45 PM4
- Citrus-derived Flavonoid Prevents Obesity, Study Suggests steven johnso... Thu Aug-13-09 02:54 PM3
- hi whats the name of the documentary/expose of the food tiddlywinks Tue Aug-04-09 02:30 PM2
- Guess who's mug is all over Sparkpeople today. justgamma Mon Jul-13-09 07:26 PM0
- An update on my weight loss. justgamma Sat Jul-11-09 10:17 PM7
- Time for another update (long overdue as always -- sorry!) Systematic Ch... Sat Jul-04-09 08:14 AM5
- I just tipped the scales at 198.4 Tobin S. Fri Jul-03-09 09:57 AM3
- I'm starting tomorrow... Stump Sun Jun-21-09 07:00 AM7
- 'Shortcuts' Of The Mind Lead To Miscalculations Of Weight And Caloric Intake, Study Finds steven johnso... Thu Jun-18-09 10:23 AM5
- Has anyone been on Medifast and Take Shape for Life? Wapsie B Tue Jun-16-09 11:36 AM1
- "Successful Weight Loss With Dieting Is Linked To Vitamin D Levels" - x tiptoe Thu Jun-11-09 11:32 PM2
- I highly recommend David Kessler's new book. Catshrink Tue Jun-09-09 01:56 PM8
- I'd like to recommend David Kessler's book, too Tobin S. Sun Jun-07-09 05:27 PM6
- I actually turned down the ice cream aisle last night supernova Mon Jun-01-09 04:52 PM2
- Exercise not likely to rev up your metabolism steven johnso... Sat May-30-09 08:02 PM6
- To lose weight, do the math steven johnso... Mon May-25-09 09:38 AM4
- How do you keep to an eating style and not let an SO influence you? supernova Thu May-21-09 07:43 PM8
- This may be one of my last posts here. I just can't handle the bullshit here much longer. Systematic Ch... Sun May-17-09 04:54 PM9
- This is a new one. My father (a retired M.D.) attributes my weight gain to Cushings Syndrome. no_hypocrisy Tue May-12-09 08:56 AM2
- Substitutions. Post 'em if you got 'em! supernova Tue May-12-09 12:54 AM8
- Not much action in this group, but maybe just posting this will help me. Bertha Venati... Mon May-11-09 03:51 AM3
- Plateau's.....I've hit my biggest one, ever.... petersond Sun Apr-26-09 11:28 AM11
- I had to buy new pants. Mollis Sat Apr-25-09 06:29 PM4
- My waist is down supernova Thu Apr-16-09 02:42 PM3
- Some agitprop: I have been struggling for year to regain hedgehog Fri Apr-10-09 07:23 PM1
- Back on track supernova Sun Mar-29-09 08:11 PM4
- I can get into my old regular jeans again supernova Mon Mar-23-09 04:36 PM3
- This GD post about sums up my day today: Systematic Ch... Thu Mar-19-09 10:57 PM5
- I'm on a low fat, low carb, low calorie, uh, eating lifestyle :) Droopy Wed Mar-18-09 09:54 AM16
- Lite, fat-free, sugar-free, etc Lisa0825 Thu Mar-05-09 03:15 PM10
- I'm going to try being a Flexitarian. Lisa0825 Thu Mar-05-09 01:08 PM9
- I fell off the wagon this weekend. supernova Tue Mar-03-09 07:30 PM4
- What I learned in GD yesterday LuckyTheDog Tue Mar-03-09 03:11 PM5
- Back on the wagon... Lisa0825 Mon Mar-02-09 09:58 AM2
- I have quit using sugar and I have a question handmade34 Sun Mar-01-09 05:44 PM4
- I have lost 16 lbs since January 1:) How does one handle people that are concerned your losing lbs? FreeState Sun Mar-01-09 05:40 PM5
- Only about an inch and a quarter away from 35" waist supernova Fri Feb-27-09 02:16 AM4
- I'm finally going to take control of my weight. Mollis Wed Feb-25-09 12:44 PM7
- Help! Just had bloodwork. It's bad. Chol hi, trig hi, even sugar inching up. Need Nay Mon Feb-23-09 03:19 AM2
- Has anyone heard from GentleGiant? justgamma Tue Feb-17-09 09:06 PM7
- Metabolic Profile Systems Weight Loss Droopy Mon Feb-16-09 02:08 PM0
- monthly additional premium for obese State (insured) employees auntAgonist Sun Feb-15-09 03:41 PM2
- I've reached my goal!! justgamma Fri Feb-13-09 01:39 PM6
- Well, I've lost 8 pounds since January by "sneaking up on it." crispini Sun Feb-08-09 11:27 AM5
- Dieting Tip: Appetite spolier supernova Fri Feb-06-09 06:47 PM12
- I can't remember if I've posted this Nutritional Data Link before so auntAgonist Thu Feb-05-09 10:44 AM0
- For those who don't read the GD that often...... petersond Wed Feb-04-09 11:48 PM6
- So, did anyone else see the group of "Skinnies" on 60 Minutes last night? hedgehog Tue Feb-03-09 09:10 PM7
- FDA Warns Consumers Against Dietary Supplement auntAgonist Mon Feb-02-09 11:36 PM1
- Anybody read "Good calories, Bad Calories"? Any reactions? nt [View All] hedgehog Sun Feb-01-09 07:33 AM23
- I finally hit my Weight Watchers goal. Ask me anything. (nt) LuckyTheDog Thu Jan-29-09 11:26 PM16
- I've discovered something weirdly wonderful supernova Mon Jan-26-09 01:14 PM3
- lost 3 lbs the first week on Nutrisystem Rising Phoeni... Sun Jan-25-09 11:53 PM16
- 3 Weeks into the new year ... How's it going folks? auntAgonist Fri Jan-23-09 10:52 PM5
- Progress update supernova Wed Jan-21-09 11:27 AM2
- New year- hopefully a new me. Marrah_G Wed Jan-14-09 11:39 AM2
- LBN: Why Some Foods Are Addictive supernova Wed Jan-14-09 10:36 AM0
- A new year, a new Administration, a new GG WL/M thread! Gentle Giant Wed Jan-14-09 09:39 AM6
- Does anyone here use Medifast and need some free product? Nikki Stone1 Wed Jan-14-09 09:01 AM5
- OK. Mr. ld's aunt gave us a doozy of a Christmas present today- it sucked. BIG TIME. lavenderdiva Sun Jan-11-09 06:49 PM7
- It's January again! And the snake oil salesmen are out to con those desperate to lose lbs! pink-o Sat Jan-10-09 10:35 AM4
- Things that have helped me. justgamma Fri Jan-09-09 04:14 PM1
- Yay!! I'm no longer obese! justgamma Thu Jan-08-09 03:12 PM7
- Anyone here done the rice diet? Goblinmonger Sat Jan-03-09 12:46 AM1
- My "Tour of Las Vegas by Hospital" continues. Same shit, another 35 days. [View All] Gentle Giant Tue Dec-23-08 08:17 PM61
- First the good news: 90 lbs. are gone LuckyTheDog Fri Dec-12-08 08:11 PM6
- Any wild speculation that obesity may be a deficiency disease? hedgehog Thu Dec-11-08 05:08 PM3
- Weight Watchers: Which works best for you: Core or Flex plan? 1Hippiechick Thu Dec-11-08 02:35 PM5
- Question for Low Carb Diet Experts NJCher Mon Nov-24-08 08:51 PM10
- Please get your thyroid checked!! And do research. Perragrande Sun Nov-23-08 01:24 PM4
- Today I started a year-long weight loss study under Dr's supervision [View All] lavenderdiva Thu Nov-20-08 09:22 PM38
- I tipped the scales at 272 today Droopy Sat Nov-15-08 10:39 PM14
- I just spent $30 on transition clothes: 4 pair jeans, 3 pair of pants. Catshrink Sat Nov-15-08 10:36 PM0
- Anyone from OA around? Stuart G Tue Nov-11-08 07:09 PM2
- Anyone here use a bodybugg? AZBlue Tue Nov-11-08 12:50 AM8
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Home » Discuss » DU Groups » Health & Disability » Weight Loss/Maintenance Group | Add to My Forums [?] Donate to DU

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