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- Hillary Clinton To Speak At G.W. University Clinton Crusa... Mon Mar-17-08 01:08 PM0
- Rodham Clinton Could Carry Arkansas in 2008 Clinton Crusa... Mon Mar-17-08 01:07 PM0
- New tactic by some O supporters: Post GD topics in GDP. Hoof Hearted Mon Mar-17-08 12:53 PM3
- Obama viewed favorably today by just 47%, down 5 since last Thursday. goldcanyonaz Mon Mar-17-08 12:28 PM3
- ANOTHER rodeodance Mon Mar-17-08 11:48 AM4
- Barack Obama: Wrong About Wright, Wrong for America! goldcanyonaz Mon Mar-17-08 11:48 AM2
- Found this web site Demo5 Mon Mar-17-08 11:30 AM6
- What did Hillary Clinton do about Iraq after Bush invaded? bigtree Mon Mar-17-08 10:53 AM6
- Howard Dean is no hero and I'm sick of people parroting durrrty libby Mon Mar-17-08 10:37 AM0
- So, what are the new Wright fans on DU going to do now that BO disavowed him? robbedvoter Mon Mar-17-08 10:11 AM5
- BO plays the race card - seen on TV today (friend's report): robbedvoter Mon Mar-17-08 10:09 AM6
- IRAQ: Hillary's Remarks at The George Washingon University bigtree Mon Mar-17-08 10:00 AM0
- robbedvoter Mon Mar-17-08 09:52 AM2
- This "full assault" on Hillary comes from the very top of the Obama campaign... Maribelle Mon Mar-17-08 09:49 AM19
- Hillary Clinton, again, today, is planning to raise the heat on Barack Obama on Iraq bigtree Mon Mar-17-08 09:18 AM5
- Bill Clinton does several interviews today durrrty libby Mon Mar-17-08 08:52 AM1
- Hillary coming to Indiana on Thursday Demo5 Mon Mar-17-08 08:18 AM2
- Obama gets only 79% of female Democrats, 65% of Clinton supporters against McCain jackson_dem Mon Mar-17-08 07:24 AM0
- I'm incorrigible maddiejoan Mon Mar-17-08 01:10 AM13
- Obama national co-chair compares Obama to OJ regarding attacking a white woman (after Iowa) jackson_dem Mon Mar-17-08 12:30 AM3
- The damning case against Barack Obama and why he is unelectable in a general election Herman Munste... Mon Mar-17-08 12:10 AM7
- Taxes: Play fair!--this is Obama not releasing his except for one year: rodeodance Mon Mar-17-08 12:08 AM1
- Michelle Obama in Nov. of 2007: vote for Barack because of his color jackson_dem Mon Mar-17-08 12:04 AM5
- Here is what Obama says about his pastor/mentor when not under the political gun jackson_dem Mon Mar-17-08 12:01 AM4
- Quick, Before I Get Deleted Or Locked!: Dinger Sun Mar-16-08 11:14 PM7
- SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE could be interesting tonight. NCarolinawoma... Sun Mar-16-08 10:41 PM4
- Wright: US the same as Al-Qaeda, knew about Pearl Harbor, channels Sister Souljah jackson_dem Sun Mar-16-08 10:36 PM0
- I'm missing Maddie McCall. Does anyone know anything? JohnnyLib2 Sun Mar-16-08 10:24 PM4
- Are YOU on the list? [View All] SaveOurDemocr... Sun Mar-16-08 10:22 PM26
- Obama church compares Wright criticism to MLK's assassination jackson_dem Sun Mar-16-08 10:01 PM2
- K & R while you laugh! Red State Update on Obama's Preacher up in Political Vids - libbygurl Sun Mar-16-08 09:53 PM9
- Let's make it easy for this guy; NastyRiffraff Sun Mar-16-08 09:36 PM4
- Edwards to endorse Clinton? jackson_dem Sun Mar-16-08 09:15 PM19
- Delegate Loophole citizen_jane Sun Mar-16-08 09:03 PM4
- Red State Update (Comedy) susankh4 Sun Mar-16-08 08:22 PM9
- Did the Wright story make the Sunday shows? anamandujano Sun Mar-16-08 07:48 PM7
- Washington Times Obama's call to action (Sundays Editorial) goldcanyonaz Sun Mar-16-08 07:35 PM4
- Which Hillary supporters need stars? [View All] CarolNYC Sun Mar-16-08 07:32 PM24
- Obama Fears Fox citizen_jane Sun Mar-16-08 07:21 PM7
- Petition Clinton Crusa... Sun Mar-16-08 06:29 PM11
- "A bunch of old women lacking the curiosity to even look into Hillary's dismal record" I rodeodance Sun Mar-16-08 06:21 PM6
- They can't make me show support for the Trinity United Church of Christ, can they? MassDemm Sun Mar-16-08 06:19 PM1
- Wash. Post: 'Pelosi's Delegate Stance Boosts Obama' - March 15, Sat, 5:02 pm [View All] libbygurl Sun Mar-16-08 06:01 PM29
- *Breaking ABC News *** Clinton Supporters Give up posting at Daily Kos*** rodeodance Sun Mar-16-08 05:55 PM16
- Straight out of the Clinton Bullies' playbook...--***MORE FLAMEBAIT rodeodance Sun Mar-16-08 05:50 PM7
- Hillary Clinton Tells Sunshine Week She's 'Committed to Restoring Open Government' bigtree Sun Mar-16-08 05:31 PM2
- blaming Hillary camp for this mess! [View All] rodeodance Sun Mar-16-08 05:07 PM28
- The unity candidates supporters strike again: SaveOurDemocr... Sun Mar-16-08 04:37 PM1
- PLEASE remark on this SEXIST bullshit in GD-P. PLEASE! [View All] goldcanyonaz Sun Mar-16-08 04:02 PM27
- Lynching post---I [View All] rodeodance Sun Mar-16-08 03:01 PM20
- Just What Did Obama Know About Wright's Past Sermons? jackson_dem Sun Mar-16-08 02:29 PM10
- Hillary Clinton to Bush: Hands Off the EPA Ozone Limits bigtree Sun Mar-16-08 02:21 PM1
- Two days away from GD:P and I can't go back in. It's a cesspool of Hillary haters. elixir Sun Mar-16-08 01:36 PM7
- Here's my appreciation for a bold personal statement in GD-P. JohnnyLib2 Sun Mar-16-08 01:35 PM15
- Check out where the rest of the Clinton Bullies' talking points come from... rodeodance Sun Mar-16-08 12:34 PM2
- Hats Off The The Mods HERE! [View All] Dinger Sun Mar-16-08 12:28 PM20
- Why I want Hillary to be President XanaDUer Sun Mar-16-08 12:00 PM7
- If you were a UCC official.... susankh4 Sun Mar-16-08 11:59 AM1
- Does anybody have... citizen_jane Sun Mar-16-08 11:37 AM5
- Obamba in attendance as Wright refers to "white arrogance" and the "U.S. of White America" rodeodance Sun Mar-16-08 11:20 AM11
- Hillary Clinton Responds to Tibetan Unrest bigtree Sun Mar-16-08 09:41 AM3
- My two positive Hill stories for today: susankh4 Sun Mar-16-08 08:37 AM0
- Politics of Dopes: Barack Obama, Empty Suit by Ted Rall jackson_dem Sun Mar-16-08 08:12 AM1
- Obama loses 7% lead in Rasmussen Tracking Poll in 1 Day Herman Munste... Sun Mar-16-08 08:07 AM10
- First hand account - Hillary at the Scranton St. Pat's parade... [View All] CarolNYC Sun Mar-16-08 06:48 AM24
- Obama supporters want Hillary to bail Obama out. Where the F*** was he in S.C.? [View All] goldcanyonaz Sun Mar-16-08 06:45 AM52
- Under the radar: Hillary building strong operations in May 6th Indiana and North Carolina primaries Herman Munste... Sun Mar-16-08 05:50 AM0
- Ozbama citizen_jane Sun Mar-16-08 03:09 AM10
- Why Obama is a LIAR-The Jeremiah Wright Connection goldcanyonaz Sun Mar-16-08 01:25 AM6
- Hillary Clinton Leads St. Patrick's Day Parades in Pittsburgh and Scranton bigtree Sun Mar-16-08 01:24 AM9
- OMG!! Now they're blaming "The Clinton's" for AIDS NastyRiffraff Sun Mar-16-08 12:42 AM11
- Latest Polls LadyVT Sun Mar-16-08 12:21 AM11
- Obama is using the Trent Lott defense: "I didn't know! (even though I supported the org for years)" jackson_dem Sun Mar-16-08 12:08 AM0
- Great photos here: wlucinda Sat Mar-15-08 11:40 PM0
- Obama and William Ayers BlackVelvet04 Sat Mar-15-08 11:27 PM3
- Idea of woman president: 'This is big-time change'-Pittsbgh Post-Gazette libbygurl Sat Mar-15-08 10:16 PM1
- Obama electability argument. RIP jackson_dem Sat Mar-15-08 10:13 PM0
- "Obama support riding on racism" - Opinion piece in a Ugandan newspaper qnr Sat Mar-15-08 10:00 PM12
- Because I'm white I'm privileged... xmas74 Sat Mar-15-08 09:53 PM7
- help please BlackVelvet04 Sat Mar-15-08 09:41 PM3
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