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- Welcome to the DU Personal Finance and Investing Group Skinner Admin Fri Apr-01-05 02:17 PM0
- About to receive funds from litigation, elleng Fri Dec-09-11 09:34 PM7
- "Shopsafe" type services somewhere other than BofA? guyton Wed Nov-09-11 09:46 AM1
- Advice on finding a "green" CFP, please. Mnemosyne Sun Aug-28-11 01:10 PM3
- Has anyone ever bought an annuity, or had a close relative who did? raccoon Wed Aug-24-11 07:31 AM3
- Where's the action? Jack Sprat Wed Jul-20-11 09:46 PM7
- Filing back taxes? Pool Hall Ace Sat Jul-16-11 08:50 PM2
- Need input. Elderly parents found a "Time Savings Certificate" [View All] glinda Sat Jul-09-11 04:03 PM22
- Tax question re: volunteering expenses Tanuki Fri Jun-03-11 11:26 PM1
- I really need some help understanding shares. foreigncorres... Thu May-05-11 03:31 AM1
- Reverse Mortgage Iolanthe15 Thu Feb-10-11 11:14 PM7
- Gold? Need your wise opinions and input. gateley Sun Feb-06-11 09:56 AM5
- CD's coming due in September SHRED Sat Jan-15-11 11:21 AM3
- Is it safe to get an ARM again? Peregrine Too... Fri Jan-07-11 05:43 PM3
- anyone aware of downsides to ILITs? DrDan Thu Jan-06-11 08:18 PM5
- Bought BZ and ARRS two weeks ago mkultra Tue Jan-04-11 02:34 PM0
- INFO PLEASE. elleng Fri Dec-10-10 07:48 PM3
- I don't know shit, but Skyped with a friend who is self-made and smart. Can you read the transcript? Bonobo Mon Sep-06-10 03:58 PM2
- Pay With Plastic, Risk Your Personal Data steven johnso... Sat Sep-04-10 03:21 AM2
- EV3 to be Acquired by Coviden Dave Caputo Tue Jun-01-10 01:29 PM0
- I'm done with Merrill Lynch, what's a good replacement? supernova Fri May-28-10 12:39 PM1
- Forex trading? wildbilln864 Thu May-27-10 08:31 PM4
- Let's hear your case for shorting AAPL Capn Sunshine Thu May-27-10 08:27 PM0
- Damn. Should Have Bought Health Insurance Stocks Last Week. MannyGoldstei... Wed Mar-24-10 08:25 AM1
- One of my sibs suggested the other day that Merrill Lynch is more into raccoon Thu Mar-18-10 04:21 PM1
- Anybody else think this might be a good time to buy Toyota stocks? raccoon Wed Mar-17-10 07:46 AM5
- I am having trouble with Sched M. Anyone knowledgeable about this? nt rhett o rick Thu Feb-25-10 09:30 AM0
- Do 401k and IRA accounts count towards the $3.5 million estate tax exemption? Hokie Sun Jan-10-10 03:28 PM3
- help with company tax id # historian Sun Dec-27-09 01:54 AM1
- What is the best method of investing in gold? Other than purchasing the metal rhett o rick Mon Dec-07-09 08:13 PM3
- Paying SS and Medicare tax after 65? question ever... Sun Oct-25-09 09:43 PM1
- looking for socially responsible investing info for current economic times nightrain Mon Oct-19-09 09:33 PM2
- A question only the financially naive would ask, but ... warren pease Tue Aug-25-09 11:12 PM2
- The county assessed our home value higher than I thought it would OnionPatch Mon Aug-10-09 11:18 PM2
- What about cash? question ever... Mon Aug-03-09 11:24 PM2
- Useful website for income investors A HERETIC I A... Tue Jul-07-09 10:12 PM2
- Golden Cross slipslidingaw... Tue Jul-07-09 10:10 PM0
- what does a person do if his entrepreneurial idea is bigger... grasswire Thu Jun-18-09 04:07 PM1
- Long Term Losses Used to Offset Capitol Gains in Conversion of IRA to Roth (Poll) rsouviney Tue Jun-09-09 12:59 PM3
- so if you had some $$ to invest mzteris Sun May-17-09 06:19 PM5
- About the McClellan Oscillator and Summation Index slipslidingaw... Wed May-13-09 10:48 PM4
- Good description of patterns... slipslidingaw... Sat May-09-09 11:34 AM0
- Looking for opinions regarding personal finance matters. Droopy Sun May-03-09 08:14 PM1
- Are municipal bond funds a safe haven now? Jack Sprat Wed Apr-29-09 09:29 PM2
- Should I refinance my home now? OnionPatch Mon Apr-20-09 10:44 PM2
- Update...Stock Market Video Trend Analysis 3/30/09 slipslidingaw... Tue Mar-31-09 12:32 AM0
- A few worthwhile charts here... slipslidingaw... Tue Mar-24-09 03:44 PM0
- Interesting chart - "If I am wrong, she will still love me" slipslidingaw... Wed Mar-18-09 10:10 AM1
- Trust TurboTax? question ever... Tue Mar-17-09 05:30 PM0
- Short or Intermediate Term Treasurey? question ever... Sat Mar-14-09 02:33 PM2
- To rollover or not to rollover? Chalco Sat Mar-14-09 07:15 AM9
- Some Historical Bear Market Perspective slipslidingaw... Wed Mar-11-09 08:42 AM0
- Stock markets: Relief rally or new bull? slipslidingaw... Wed Mar-11-09 08:25 AM0
- Bullish Looking Charts: S&P 500, Nasdaq, BKX, Gold slipslidingaw... Wed Mar-11-09 08:07 AM4
- Ever heard of AnnInLa Tue Mar-10-09 06:50 PM0
- Derivatives - Notional value vs. actual or cash value... slipslidingaw... Wed Mar-04-09 12:39 PM0
- Inside Day - Pause in Trend slipslidingaw... Sun Mar-01-09 06:24 AM3
- 8 really, really scary predictions slipslidingaw... Sat Feb-28-09 12:44 PM3
- Futures Trader goes crazy Berserker Fri Feb-27-09 07:14 PM0
- Mapping S&P 500 Performance, Since 1871 slipslidingaw... Mon Feb-09-09 08:39 PM0
- Treasury Market and Mortgage Rates slipslidingaw... Fri Feb-06-09 02:04 AM0
- National Debt Clocks and Savings Clocks slipslidingaw... Fri Feb-06-09 02:02 AM0
- Tax question - Suze Orman Save Yourself account $100 bonus wildflowergar... Wed Jan-28-09 09:17 AM1
- How important is it to correct dates on a credit report? question ever... Thu Jan-15-09 11:25 PM0
- 'The Ascent of Money' slipslidingaw... Wed Jan-14-09 10:15 PM0
- mortgage rates mzteris Mon Dec-22-08 01:59 AM2
- Semi-Annual U.S. Economic Outlook: Collapsing On Schedule slipslidingaw... Tue Dec-16-08 07:53 PM0
- S&P Returns and the Remarkable Case of 2008 slipslidingaw... Wed Dec-10-08 12:51 PM0
- I have worked for the state for some years now, and paid into the state retirement system. raccoon Tue Dec-09-08 09:20 AM0
- My ML statement came in the mail yesterday and I'm scared to open it. raccoon Tue Dec-09-08 09:17 AM0
- Video - Stages of the market slipslidingaw... Tue Dec-02-08 09:52 PM0
- Some interesting charts... slipslidingaw... Tue Dec-02-08 10:04 AM0
- On the recession, from September 2007... slipslidingaw... Mon Dec-01-08 10:08 PM0
- Stock Market Trend Analysis 11/20/08 slipslidingaw... Fri Nov-21-08 12:37 AM0
- Other bear markets... slipslidingaw... Wed Nov-19-08 08:56 PM0
- raccoon Fri Nov-14-08 02:41 PM4
- Fibonacci Calculator slipslidingaw... Thu Nov-13-08 08:04 PM0
- A November Low Forming? slipslidingaw... Thu Nov-13-08 08:01 PM0
- Converting to Roth IRA? question ever... Mon Oct-27-08 05:49 PM4
- A crash like the one in 1929, a worldwide economic slump, raccoon Mon Oct-13-08 04:54 AM9
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