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- I'm marching in the Unity Walk for Parkinson's! MaryBear Sun Apr-08-07 06:00 PM1
- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome GirlinContemp... Wed Apr-04-07 02:44 PM4
- Could I join you for a minute to ask for menu planning help? wakemeupwheni... Mon Mar-26-07 03:22 PM9
- Apparent inguinal hernia popped up this morning - Any advice? slackmaster Mon Mar-26-07 02:49 PM2
- Menopausal belly? laruemtt Sun Mar-25-07 05:17 PM1
- Anyone have attacks where an eye wants to close on it's own? Digit Sun Mar-25-07 12:21 AM0
- Some Apnea Questions Goblinmonger Sat Mar-17-07 03:34 AM17
- I was diagnosed with temporal lobe seizures yesterday. w8liftinglady Tue Mar-13-07 04:09 PM4
- mystery illness -- and i hate doctors -- psoriac arthritis? nashville_bro... Mon Mar-12-07 06:33 PM19
- Iodine uptake test. Endocrinologists are ignorant. murielm99 Sun Mar-11-07 10:27 AM3
- What does it mean to *you* to have a chronic health condition/illness? ncrainbowgrrl Sat Mar-10-07 01:22 PM12
- Damn...the last 24 hours I have had a headache on the right side onecent Sun Mar-04-07 01:14 AM13
- Just got out of the hospital after 4 days and no diagnosis.... and I onecent Fri Feb-23-07 07:57 PM4
- "kid glove treatment" from non- ill folks: Demoralizing? Helpful? What do you think? ncrainbowgrrl Thu Feb-22-07 01:14 PM1
- Anyone know a good disability attorney in California? Ladyhawk Sat Feb-10-07 11:11 PM0
- Anybody else ever have a hard time being sympathetic? LynzM Fri Feb-09-07 12:41 PM19
- who here is looking for something "mysterious and complicated" to be wrong with them? nashville_bro... Wed Feb-07-07 11:46 AM12
- the POLITICIZATION of fibro, chronic fatigue and other "invisible illnesses" nashville_bro... Sun Feb-04-07 06:27 AM9
- My friend is having chemotherapy tomorrow... zanne Sat Feb-03-07 09:44 AM3
- I'm thinking of asking for help, but I don't know whom to ask. Ladyhawk Thu Feb-01-07 11:52 AM5
- acupuncture treatment... melnjones Tue Jan-30-07 12:32 PM5
- Back injuries - surgery Holly_Hobby Sun Jan-28-07 11:42 PM6
- So SICK of jumping through hoops for health care. Ladyhawk Sun Jan-28-07 11:37 PM2
- I'm going to have surgery for urinary incontinence... zanne Sun Jan-28-07 07:18 PM3
- Diabetics - if you forget to take your insulin before a meal, what happens? HypnoToad Sun Jan-28-07 11:40 AM2
- FYI: Wal-Mart has generic prescriptions for $4.00. Reciprocity Sat Jan-27-07 06:56 PM4
- I'm at the end of my rope. Again. Ladyhawk Fri Jan-26-07 01:35 PM2
- I'm ready to give up on doctors hyphenate Tue Jan-23-07 06:30 PM17
- Q. I'm disabled, on SS disability and I am alfredo Tue Jan-23-07 12:31 AM5
- Neuropathy--you too? Can we talk? blondeatlast Mon Jan-22-07 11:25 PM6
- The Last Thing You'd Expect To Hear At The Doctor's Office.... REP Sun Jan-21-07 01:35 PM10
- a Rheumatologist tells why he hates fibro patients... and a reply [View All] nashville_bro... Wed Jan-17-07 02:41 PM25
- Freakin' migraines dropkickpa Mon Jan-15-07 10:49 AM8
- Early diabetes symptoms? HypnoToad Sun Jan-14-07 02:22 PM16
- Also Byetta for weightloss if you have diabetes type 2 siligut Mon Jan-08-07 12:25 PM0
- deciding to be my own damn doctor... melnjones Fri Jan-05-07 12:35 PM5
- A med to help people with DM2 lose weight. [View All] siligut Thu Jan-04-07 02:21 AM20
- electrosensitivity -- do electrical fields make you sick?? nashville_bro... Wed Jan-03-07 09:20 AM7
- Just diagnosed with CHF oxymoron Fri Dec-29-06 03:15 PM7
- I got a migraine for Christ mas dancingAlone Fri Dec-29-06 01:01 PM1
- I'm thinking I'm beginning to fall apart. I'm tired of feeling like I am onecent Wed Dec-27-06 11:55 AM4
- Residual guilt over illnesses due to being raised Republican / fundy. Ladyhawk Thu Dec-14-06 02:38 PM6
- anyone know of any OTC meds for cluster headaches? kmlewis Wed Dec-06-06 05:29 PM9
- Does anyone here wear a medical ID? I have a couple of questions... ncrainbowgrrl Mon Nov-27-06 02:40 PM4
- Pilates can aid some with Parkinson's flamingyouth Sun Nov-26-06 04:55 PM2
- Cardiac ablation murielm99 Mon Nov-06-06 02:04 PM5
- Are NSAIDS recommended to prevent flares of auto-immune disorders? hedgehog Mon Nov-06-06 01:55 PM1
- Any DUers that are dieticians? cat_girl25 Sun Nov-05-06 06:54 PM5
- Here is a nice meditation for relief of pain Maraya1969 Sat Nov-04-06 10:25 AM2
- I just came from the Urologist's office. zanne Sat Nov-04-06 04:22 AM4
- Fibromyalgia and CFS sufferers Pharaoh Wed Nov-01-06 11:36 PM18
- Kinda scared about an upcoming surgery [View All] Pharaoh Wed Nov-01-06 12:53 PM21
- Dental crossroads HeeBGBz Tue Oct-31-06 03:13 PM5
- My dad was just diagnosed w/dry macular degeneration, and we're babylonsister Fri Oct-27-06 02:57 PM7
- HONcode Toolbar: search engine and checker of the accreditation status IanDB1 Fri Oct-27-06 01:41 PM1
- Does anybody here take Isosorbide? zanne Fri Oct-13-06 01:40 PM3
- New MS drug treatment shows promise.... fudge stripe ... Thu Oct-05-06 07:56 AM8
- The freaking pain--a rant about fibro and everything else hyphenate Fri Sep-29-06 12:09 AM6
- New research on diabetes Warpy Sun Sep-24-06 03:39 PM0
- A couple of questions, if I may hyphenate Fri Sep-22-06 07:13 PM3
- Does anybody here get neuralgia? zanne Sun Sep-17-06 06:49 PM3
- Ouch-my head hurts. (sorta bad poetry/rant) ncrainbowgrrl Fri Sep-15-06 05:28 PM3
- Anybody with Urinary retention? Pharaoh Thu Sep-14-06 05:35 PM10
- i'm in the hospital -- don't they need to control my pain? nashville_bro... Mon Sep-11-06 11:34 AM6
- Question for Diabetics bertha katzen... Thu Sep-07-06 09:46 PM5
- The promise of Energy Psychology for healing and pain IChing Fri Sep-01-06 09:23 PM2
- Does anyone else here suffer from fibromyalgia and have difficulities with BlueStorm Fri Sep-01-06 04:02 PM14
- One Long Night (a migraine ER experience)- a poem. ncrainbowgrrl Sun Aug-27-06 10:20 PM2
- Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease today. Liberty Belle Sun Aug-20-06 11:16 PM2
- I guess people on dialysis won't be able to fly anymore. cat_girl25 Sat Aug-19-06 12:45 AM1
- Chronic pain is driving me batty! [View All] Susang Sat Aug-19-06 12:40 AM30
- Insulin and going hypo hyphenate Fri Aug-18-06 08:24 PM1
- Poor blood circulation - what OTC drugs exist that can help? HypnoToad Wed Aug-16-06 10:57 PM11
- i found a pain control system that works very good for me.. sam sarrha Sun Aug-13-06 05:47 PM4
- flares, canniboids, pain and memory nashville_bro... Sun Aug-13-06 05:32 PM6
- Anyone been dealing with a sinus infection of late? SCRUBDASHRUB Sat Jul-29-06 10:55 AM9
- a personal note on chronic illness -- you are alone nashville_bro... Sat Jul-29-06 04:44 AM13
- Modified Colonoscopy Prep for Active Crohn's? REP Fri Jul-28-06 03:40 AM0
- Is it possible for a diabetic test kit to go wrong? HypnoToad Tue Jul-25-06 10:47 PM8
- feeling like a guinea pig mopinko Mon Jul-24-06 08:45 AM10
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Home » Discuss » DU Groups » Health & Disability » Chronic Health Conditions Discussion and Support Group | Add to My Forums [?] Donate to DU

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