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- Positive vibrations for bleever Sun Aug-24-08 02:54 AM3
- Heyyyyy! What happened to our bonus Countdown at 8 pm?????? BerryBush Sat Aug-23-08 06:18 PM3
- This made my day, was traveling from the grocery store with yy4me Sat Aug-23-08 11:48 AM3
- KOEB Meeting 8/22/08 Best. Tease. Ever. Edition [View All] BerryBush Sat Aug-23-08 03:56 AM101
- A song to match the current mood of DU. BerryBush Fri Aug-22-08 06:59 PM1
- KOEB 8-21-08 - Hey, it's my birthday, where is everyone edition [View All] SharonRB Fri Aug-22-08 12:35 PM123
- Big Congrats to Rachel & Some Thoughts On Why She And Olbermann Are So Important ihavenobias Thu Aug-21-08 10:08 PM2
- SharonRB! I'm calling you out! Mabus Thu Aug-21-08 07:40 PM14
- dupe - go to Sharon's Birthday Party! RevCheesehead Thu Aug-21-08 07:11 PM0
- KOEB meeting -Is it Joe, is he the guy 8/19/08 Edition [View All] bunny planet Thu Aug-21-08 05:16 PM149
- KOEB Meeting 8/20/08 So Who The Hell Is It?? Edition [View All] BerryBush Wed Aug-20-08 09:47 PM76
- Link to video of the Town Hall Forum in Seattle: SeattleGirl Wed Aug-20-08 07:09 PM6
- I just might have to watch the CNN special on McSame and Obama SharonRB Wed Aug-20-08 06:57 PM0
- I'm going nuts! Since I dropped the super expensive cable yy4me Wed Aug-20-08 06:55 PM1
- RIP, Stephanie Tubbs Jones BerryBush Wed Aug-20-08 06:31 PM0
- For a man with ego to burn... Cassandra Wed Aug-20-08 02:47 AM2
- Hey guys!!! mohinoaklawni... Tue Aug-19-08 07:42 PM2
- OMG! Rachel IS getting her own show!!! Keith let the cat outta the bag. SeattleGirl Tue Aug-19-08 06:59 PM7
- Keef leaks news of Rachel getting her own show! bleever Tue Aug-19-08 04:28 PM0
- I am home from Maui. CC Mon Aug-18-08 08:58 PM8
- KOEB Meeting 8/18/08 YEAAAA! Keith's Here! Cone of Silence and Cross in the Dirt Edition [View All] BerryBush Mon Aug-18-08 08:23 PM105
- I'm home WolverineDG Mon Aug-18-08 08:18 PM3
- Home from the Town Hall Forum, featuring Rachel, Randi & Mama Steph! SeattleGirl Mon Aug-18-08 06:56 PM17
- I'm still among the living WolverineDG Mon Aug-18-08 06:53 PM5
- H'okay, busy watching Olympics and Cardinals (win).... Gogi Sun Aug-17-08 08:31 AM1
- Just heard from Wolvie--she's resting up. BerryBush Sun Aug-17-08 06:57 AM1
- KOEB Meeting 8/15/08 Keith Still AWOL Edition [View All] BerryBush Sat Aug-16-08 01:56 PM70
- Stephanie Miller to "do" Larry King tonight Botany Thu Aug-14-08 11:49 PM7
- KOEB 8-14-08 -- Where the Hell is Keith edition? [View All] SharonRB Thu Aug-14-08 08:54 PM144
- Escape to Gull Bay--Botany rescues DG WolverineDG Thu Aug-14-08 08:42 PM3
- KOEB 8/13/08 Rush Is a Hole Edition [View All] BerryBush Wed Aug-13-08 08:13 PM95
- dupe Patsy Stone Wed Aug-13-08 07:06 PM0
- Benny Lava Botany Tue Aug-12-08 11:25 PM0
- KOEB Meeting 8/12/08 Finally, The Suit! Edition [View All] BerryBush Tue Aug-12-08 09:38 PM97
- KOEB Meeting 8/11/08 Please Let's Talk About Something Besides John Edwards Tonight Edition [View All] BerryBush Mon Aug-11-08 08:54 PM109
- Dan Patrick's remark that made me laugh to tears this morning. BerryBush Mon Aug-11-08 06:12 PM0
- I gotta laugh at my cats. BerryBush Sun Aug-10-08 04:33 PM5
- KOEB Meeting 8/8/08 Why Can't Men Keep It In Their Pants? Edition [View All] BerryBush Sun Aug-10-08 10:15 AM79
- No Clooney after all SharonRB Sat Aug-09-08 11:31 PM1
- And yet no one gave a damn (& in fact they cheered) when this happened to the FLDS WolverineDG Sat Aug-09-08 11:26 PM1
- Damn! No 10:00 show tonight SharonRB Sat Aug-09-08 09:31 AM2
- Keith is on The Soup again!!! BerryBush Sat Aug-09-08 09:12 AM0
- Mass disillusionment...not only for us, but for Keith. Again. BerryBush Sat Aug-09-08 08:53 AM7
- KOEB Meeting: 08/07/08 -- If Pakistan Can Impeach Musharraf... Edition [View All] Patsy Stone Fri Aug-08-08 05:43 PM152
- dupe BerryBush Thu Aug-07-08 06:58 PM0
- To my EDV friends .... must see video .... pass 'em on too Botany Thu Aug-07-08 06:58 PM0
- KOEB Meeting: 08/06/08 -- Deflating McCain Edition [View All] Patsy Stone Wed Aug-06-08 08:32 PM74
- Stephanie Miller to "do" Larry King tonight Botany Wed Aug-06-08 06:57 PM1
- I'm HERE!! WolverineDG Wed Aug-06-08 09:20 AM6
- KOEB Meeting 08/05/08 I Fear NO MAN When I Have the Truth On My Side Edition [View All] BerryBush Tue Aug-05-08 08:11 PM121
- KOEB Meeting: 08/05/08 -- Go Inflate Your Tires Edition [View All] Patsy Stone Tue Aug-05-08 05:26 PM142
- So, the Cheese gets another season of Brett Favre. BerryBush Mon Aug-04-08 08:27 PM5
- Hey everyone - Wolvie is in the hospital! RevCheesehead Mon Aug-04-08 07:16 PM6
- Oh, Rev!! WTF?!?: Ari Fleischer hired as consultant to Green Bay Packers Patsy Stone Mon Aug-04-08 07:04 PM4
- Olbermann speaks (or rather writes) about Dana Millbank: SeattleGirl Mon Aug-04-08 06:57 PM2
- KOEB Meeting 08/01/08 I'm More Than Qualified to Be President Edition [View All] BerryBush Sat Aug-02-08 08:32 PM125
- KOEB Meeting 7/31/08 Play Baseball Cards, Not Race Cards Edition [View All] BerryBush Thu Jul-31-08 11:07 PM102
- Grades for the 7/30/08 thread Botany Thu Jul-31-08 10:45 PM4
- Pic of Rachel and her partner, Susan SeattleGirl Thu Jul-31-08 03:51 AM0
- 7/30/08 Bring on da funk bring on da snark KOEB [View All] Botany Thu Jul-31-08 12:47 AM89
- delete/dupe BerryBush Wed Jul-30-08 07:10 PM7
- dupe Patsy Stone Wed Jul-30-08 07:00 PM0
- Obama and Claire McCaskill will be in Union (MO) for a six o'clock... Gogi Wed Jul-30-08 05:51 PM1
- KOEB Meeting: 07/29/08 -- No Talking Points Edition [View All] Patsy Stone Wed Jul-30-08 12:48 AM199
- KOEB 7-28-08 -- Forget About Pollin' Edition. [View All] bleever Mon Jul-28-08 10:35 PM138
- Keith was hysterical on The Soup! BerryBush Mon Jul-28-08 06:38 PM7
- KOEB Meeting -- 7-25-08 -- Getting cozy with Sarkozy Edition. [View All] bleever Mon Jul-28-08 06:08 PM136
- KOEB Meeting: 07/24/08 -- Barack's Got a Berlin Buzz On Edition [View All] Patsy Stone Sun Jul-27-08 02:31 AM72
- I just brought Miss Kitty's ashes home. SeattleGirl Sun Jul-27-08 12:42 AM8
- Y'all will have to carry on without me tonight....... SeattleGirl Thu Jul-24-08 10:37 PM6
- KOEB - 7-23-08 - McSame in the Cheese aisle edition [View All] SharonRB Thu Jul-24-08 07:16 PM66
- Calling Wolvie SharonRB Thu Jul-24-08 06:45 PM12
- So, I hear Joey Scars called Keith "ignorant" and "too stupid to be on TV." BerryBush Wed Jul-23-08 06:35 PM0
- Um, not sure what to think of this one.... WolverineDG Wed Jul-23-08 06:32 PM2
- KOEB 7-22-08 - McCain would rather lose an election than lose the war edition [View All] SharonRB Wed Jul-23-08 06:36 AM205
- A collection of articles about Keith from the TV Critics' Association tour BerryBush Wed Jul-23-08 06:26 AM0
- Dear God, [View All] RevCheesehead Tue Jul-22-08 11:32 PM23
- Football Day In America DeepModem Mom Tue Jul-22-08 11:31 PM0
- Things didn't work out. (And yes, this is off topic, so sue me.) [View All] SeattleGirl Tue Jul-22-08 09:28 PM32
- dupe/I jumped on the other thread! BerryBush Tue Jul-22-08 07:06 PM3
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