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- Any news on Harvey Pekar? Canuckistania... Sun Jul-22-07 05:47 PM3
- Gutsville Mojambo Wed May-30-07 02:42 AM0
- The Immortal Iron Fist Mojambo Sun May-20-07 02:15 PM0
- New Iron Man movie image (original suit) semillama Sat May-19-07 12:37 AM13
- So...who is going to see Spiderman 3?....:) petersond Mon May-07-07 12:08 AM12
- RIP Cap?!? Orrex Sun Apr-29-07 12:06 AM13
- DC vs. DCU or, which supervillain is Bush? Bryan Sat Apr-14-07 07:07 AM6
- 6 years in, Travis Charest's Metabarons is kaput. gatorboy Tue Apr-10-07 08:44 AM0
- The Mighty Avengers #1 Mojambo Mon Apr-02-07 12:54 PM5
- Civil War -running out of gas? semillama Thu Mar-08-07 09:38 AM15
- You'll think that I'm crazy, but... Orrex Wed Feb-14-07 06:19 PM12
- The new animated Iron Man movie... petersond Sat Jan-27-07 01:10 AM0
- I just read my first two books of the year.. petersond Sat Jan-27-07 01:09 AM2
- Stephen Colbert cameo in Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman # 15 Mojambo Tue Jan-23-07 12:37 AM5
- Anybody check out Crossing Midnight or... Redneck Socia... Mon Jan-22-07 07:46 PM1
- Why Have There Been No Great Women Comic-Book Artists? Kire Fri Jan-05-07 02:41 PM14
- Anyone recall The Atom? rug Fri Dec-29-06 06:00 AM4
- Martin Nodell RIP semillama Sat Dec-16-06 01:45 AM1
- Anybody here a fan of Young Avengers? KennedyGuy Mon Nov-27-06 12:36 AM5
- Y-The Last Man, #50 (no spoilers) Redneck Socia... Fri Nov-10-06 11:32 PM2
- Marvel or DC? (Poll) Kire Fri Nov-10-06 05:35 AM16
- Smallville Question - can someone confirm/deny this? *semi spoilerish ?* DanCa Fri Nov-10-06 02:16 AM12
- Anybody read the novel Superman.... WCGreen Thu Nov-09-06 02:41 AM1
- Should Namor have Ankle Wings in the Sub Mariner movie? Kire Mon Nov-06-06 06:43 PM13
- Greatest Wolverine Cover EVER semillama Tue Oct-24-06 03:12 PM4
- Sin City 2 discussion thread Bombtrack Mon Oct-23-06 07:14 PM0
- the spectre or is that "spector" cleofus1 Fri Oct-20-06 06:33 PM0
- Adam West interviewed for PvP podcast TheBaldyMan Wed Oct-11-06 06:00 PM0
- Need some info Orrex Sat Sep-30-06 01:37 AM5
- Anybody else reading Green Arrow? CarbonDate Tue Sep-26-06 05:48 AM0
- Spider Man 3 Posters Kire Tue Sep-12-06 05:08 PM6
- Ultimate Avengers 2 - DanCa Sat Aug-26-06 05:11 AM10
- stiff sketch of the bats cleofus1 Wed Aug-09-06 11:22 PM9
- Anybody digging the "Haunted Tank" Showcase reissue? Dr Fate Wed Aug-09-06 03:44 PM4
- ghost rider by garth ennis cleofus1 Fri Aug-04-06 06:05 AM1
- Marvel Civil war what do you think so far? *Spoilers* DanCa Fri Aug-04-06 12:00 AM18
- For the Adam Hughes fans.... gatorboy Wed Aug-02-06 08:05 PM0
- Lol Marvel Civil War is driving me broke. DanCa Sun Jul-30-06 09:31 PM2
- Marvel character's background help needed. DanCa Tue Jul-25-06 05:54 AM3
- Shooting War - web comic about the near future in Iraq semillama Fri Jul-21-06 11:36 AM0
- Need help idenifying a comic book hero. I was born in 1951, but schmuls Thu Jul-13-06 01:33 AM9
- X-Men 3: post rants or raves hear. SPOILERS semillama Wed Jul-12-06 01:15 PM8
- Extremely cool upcoming comics releases: Spider Jerusa... Wed Jul-12-06 10:31 AM8
- The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters Kire Tue Jul-11-06 12:49 AM8
- Superman Returns Thread petersond Thu Jul-06-06 06:45 AM12
- The Externals semillama Mon Jul-03-06 02:02 PM4
- DC Comics Resurrects Batwoman As Lesbian Kire Sun Jun-25-06 04:18 AM2
- Favourite comic book anti-hero? (Poll) Spider Jerusa... Sat Jun-24-06 11:30 PM10
- Anyone watch the Avengers movie last night..... WCGreen Thu Jun-15-06 11:14 PM1
- Superheroes Take On Gay Marriage, Death Penalty, War... Kire Wed Jun-14-06 02:31 PM1
- Sister Mary Dracula - Animation & Graphic Novel yellerpup Sun May-14-06 10:47 AM0
- some of my favorite covers... cleofus1 Wed May-10-06 03:36 AM0
- Your top ten comics: DanCa Wed May-03-06 07:02 PM13
- Whoo hoo! DC Super Heroes Toy line! petersond Wed Apr-26-06 11:17 PM0
- Suburban LA County Pulls Manga Text from Libraries ('Obscene Comics') PatGund Tue Apr-18-06 07:33 PM1
- another great cover! cleofus1 Tue Apr-18-06 07:21 AM0
- The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny Kire Tue Apr-11-06 10:21 PM0
- Constatine the Movie... petersond Tue Mar-21-06 06:05 AM2
- "Calvin and Hobbes" was such an exuberant, strange and metaphysical realm Kire Wed Mar-15-06 11:04 AM1
- Who would you cast for as-yet-unmade superhero movies? [View All] Commie Pinko ... Fri Mar-10-06 01:44 AM22
- Superman Returns - I get vertigo when I watch the trailer. Kire Wed Mar-08-06 12:11 AM7
- Rant on why I dont care much for Frank Miller Dr Fate Mon Mar-06-06 02:29 PM13
- Marvel Civil War .... DanCa Thu Mar-02-06 05:57 PM0
- Ultimate Avengers movie * may include spoilers* DanCa Tue Feb-28-06 04:50 AM4
- Justice League Unlimited - question DanCa Tue Feb-28-06 01:20 AM3
- Anyone reading DMZ Redneck Socia... Sun Feb-26-06 12:51 AM3
- SUPERMAN: RED SON Kire Sun Feb-19-06 04:26 PM5
- Warren Ellis' Nextwave semillama Sun Jan-29-06 02:42 PM1
- Alex Ross's "Justice" Dr Fate Sun Jan-08-06 11:15 PM5
- GI Joe vs. Transformers: The Art of War Kire Sat Jan-07-06 03:31 PM0
- It's Venom and Sandman for Spiderman 3! According to Kirsten Dunst. Kire Fri Dec-30-05 01:58 AM7
- howard chaykin's challengers of the unkown! cleofus1 Sat Dec-24-05 06:26 PM1
- X3: Kelsey Grammer is Hank McCoy Kire Wed Dec-21-05 05:00 AM12
- Ghost Rider Revealed Kire Wed Dec-21-05 04:55 AM0
- hawkgirl! cleofus1 Wed Dec-14-05 04:31 AM2
- grant morrison and frank quitely cleofus1 Tue Dec-13-05 04:08 AM0
- bondage baby, bondage cleofus1 Mon Nov-28-05 08:38 PM5
- Any Swamp Things fans here? LoveOHBlues Wed Nov-16-05 06:02 PM2
- House of M -talk about a shake up! semillama Fri Nov-04-05 10:31 AM2
- kick ass covers cleofus1 Tue Nov-01-05 02:23 PM2
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